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S.C.S Chapter 190: God’s will


Hearing this, the King was shocked, knowing that Fujitora was willing to help him save his companions.

Although he didn’t know how powerful Fujitora was, because Fujitora never showed any of his strength, but it was the first time that the king heard someone is willing to help him, so he couldn’t help but to say excitedly to Ian: “Mr. Ian, please don’t worry, as long as he can rescue my companions, you can take away all the money in the casino, you have my word!”

Originally, the King also had a boat, which could be given to Fujitora, but the problem was that Fujitora is a blind man. The King wasn’t sure if Fujitora alone could do a thing with his boat. And the King himself can’t leave the island because there were people from G5 on the island watching him. Not to mention, he was not sure whether Fujitora will succeed. If this old man fails, he will be punished for everything…

So he had to only find someone to give Fujitora a ride.

Ian gave him a blank look. He thought Ian was a real pirate and tried to impress him with money. But the problem was, Ian’s mind was not thinking about money at all!

He pretended to think for a while and kept rubbing his chin, then he said, “Well, uncle Issho, since you have no problem becoming a pirate, why don’t you join my Pirate Group? My pirate regiment is missing a deputy captain!” (T/N: too soon…)

Ian originally thought that this should make sense, but what he didn’t expect was that Fujitora shook his head and said, “Thank you for your kindness, Brother Ian, although I don’t mind being a pirate, it doesn’t mean that I don’t mind becoming a pirate in any group!”

This was very clear, becoming a pirate alone was determined by his own free will, but getting on another person’s ship and joining his pirate group was another thing for Fujitora.

Naturally, Ian could understand his meaning. Fujitora was not at ease. He does not understand the nature of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. He was afraid that he might accidentally join a vicious Pirate Group.

Thinking of this, Ian smiled, it doesn’t matter much, isn’t this just because of his lack of understanding? This is easy to solve.

Anyway, the important thing was just to know that he doesn’t mind being a pirate.

So, he turned his eyes to the dice cup that fell on the ground, bent down to pick it up, and said, “Uncle Issho, don’t refuse such an offer this quickly. Let’s make a decision in a different way.”

“Huh, a different way?” Fujitora was slightly confused.

“Yes, this method is called God’s Will!” Ian threw the dice into the dice cup, and made a ticking sound for Fujitora, and said: “Let’s make a bet, if you win, then I will escort you to the G5 branch, and my pirate group and I will help you save those people together, and I won’t charge you a penny for the whole thing!”

“What if I lose?” Fujitora asked with great interest.

“If you lose, we will still help you save those people, but after that, you will stay on my boat for a month!” Ian said with a smile: “First, I want you to help me with something. Second, I really want you to be my deputy captain. During this month, you can observe my crew carefully. If the time is up and you still don’t want to join, then I won’t force you to stay. I will send you away!”

It was obvious that Ian’s words have satisfied Fujitora’s curiosity.

He has always been addicted to gambling. When dealing with a real bet, he never uses his ability to manipulate the results. He likes to call it God’s will.

Ian was so eager for his matter, so he also said the phrase “God’s will”, which immediately aroused Fujitora’s appetite.

And most importantly, Ian also explained what he needs to do even if he wins, Issho has to only stay on his ship for a month, which was not a big loss for Fujitora.

“That’s it, then I can accept this bet!” Fujitora laughed.

“Nice!” Ian gave him a thumbs up, then turned to look at the King and said, “You are going to be the witness, but you’d better not interfere with your ability, or I will have to kill you!”

The king quickly covered his mouth with his hands, shaking his head repeatedly to indicate that he would not interfere.

As a result, Ian took the dice cup and started shaking it. He wasn’t a professional player, so he didn’t know how to shake it properly. The king and Fujitora were both amused and could not help laughing at him.

Ian shook it for a long time. During that time, he was thinking, should I do something that can assure my victory?

After all, making Fujitora one of his pirates would be a great help to him.

But after thinking about it, Ian found that he didn’t have any good cheating methods. Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki was too powerful. His every move was in his perception.

However, there aren’t any useful cards in his deck that could help him in this case. What can Ian think of at present was the card of “Twisted Fate” from League of Legends. Maybe his passive skill “Loaded Dice” can help him. However, the problem was that all the cards in this game were four-star cards, and Ian has not drawn many of them so far.

Even if he has enough diamonds to obtain this card right now, it’s already too late, Ian thought for a while, and simply let go of this idea.

Fortunately for him, it’s not a life or death matter, he simply left everything to God’s will and gambled upright with Fujitora.

Suddenly he stopped shaking his arm, Ian pressed the dice cup on the ground!

“Uncle Issho, what’s your bet!” Ian said with a smile, “This time I’m only dealing, you’re going to bet on odds and evens!”

With a hint of excitement, Fujitora rubbed his hands, thought for a moment, and said, “I’ll bet on pairs!”

“All right, let’s go!” Ian imitated the croupier of the casino, and then suddenly lifted the dice cup.

Not only Ian, but even the King couldn’t help but get closer and read the number of dice.

Seeing the number of three dice, Ian was stunned.

“What’s the result?” Fujitora asked eagerly.

Ian didn’t answer him in a hurry and said, “Uncle Issho, if I say that I did shake out a pair, would you believe it?”

“If you did shake out a pair, then I won. I believe it naturally!” Fujitora said.

“But if I said, I didn’t roll out a pair, would you believe it?” Ian asked again.

Fujitora was taken aback when he heard these words, but then he reacted and said, “Did you shake out another leopard?”

Yes, Ian did roll out a leopard this time. Three red dots were so conspicuously placed at the bottom of the dice cup. That’s why Ian was stunned. Today, he obtained so many leopards in the casino, which was basically caused by Fujitora’s ability. Therefore, at the moment when he saw the leopard, he was dazzled.

He thought Fujitora had become accustomed to it naturally, and he had done something with this dice again.

Fujitora turned his head to the direction where the King was. The king covered his mouth and did not dare to speak, but he nodded repeatedly, indicating that what Ian said was true, and he had not interfered with any illusion ability.

Since he said before that he was just the dealer, then by getting the leopard, this means that Fujitora did not win, and it means that the dealer won the bet.

“God’s will!” Fujitora sighed, but then he laughed again and said, “Brother Ian, it seems that I have to stay on your ship for a while.”

Fujitora happily accepted the result. Ian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Powerful figures must be respected. Ian was worried that Fujitora could not accept the result and conflict with him. Now after seeing his expression, Ian was relieved.

“Uncle Issho, I’m a man of my word!” Ian said, “After a month, you can decide by yourself whatever to go or stay…”

Staying for a month was not only an opportunity for Fujitora to observe his pirate group, but also an opportunity for Ian to observe Fujitora. It was Ian’s intention to make Fujitora his deputy captain, but whether Fujitora was suitable or not. Ian had to confirm that this was the right decision for his pirate group…

The reason for saying this was that Ian isn’t sure that he can surpass Fujitora right now. Although his strength still has room for improvement, it takes time after all, but Fujitora was at his peak, which could cause the strong to follow the weak, and that was very unusual and uncomfortable in a pirate group.

As a result, since Fujitora has no objection to this, Ian should also fulfill his promise to escort Fujitora to the base of the G5 branch.

After asking about the numbers and names of the King’s companions, the two went out of the VIP room together. Ian found Zick and the others, asked them to stop playing, and prepare themselves.

Zick and the others played very well and had a good time, and some of them didn’t want to leave, but Ian told them: “Don’t worry, we are coming back so soon!” After that, they were even happier.



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