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S.C.S Chapter 191: Replacing Doroni with Issho


Ian’s ship set sail, as usual, only this time there was a new passenger on board.

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group can naturally see that Fujitora was a blind man, so they were very curious about how and why their captain Ian brought such a man on board.

Because they didn’t know Fujitora, everyone on the ship seemed to be a little silent and didn’t talk much.

The composition of the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group was quite special, because all the members on board were slaves rescued by Ian from Marijoa. They have shared a common experience with each other, so they can tolerate each other even if they were of different races and different personalities. However, because their identities were still very sensitive, when such an outsider was suddenly added to the ship, the communication between the members became less, for fear of what could be heard by Fujitora.

This was a kind of vigilance from them…

Margaret found an opportunity to come close to Ian, and whispered: “Captain, who is this uncle?”

Ian understood their worries, so he simply clapped his hands to gather all the people around and introduced him to the rest: “This is uncle Issho. I’ve met him at the casino. His strength is very astonishing. He will stay on our ship for a month, and he may become the Deputy Captain of our small pirate group. So we all have to respect him.”

After hearing Ian’s words, everyone looked at Fujitora strangely.

Captain what are you talking about, this uncle is a blind man, so how could he become the deputy captain? Captain Ian is joking, isn’t he!? He can’t be serious, right?

Ian rescued them all from Marijoa, and also fought with the Admiral Aokiji. Plus when Ian was experimenting with his various skills on the ship, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group saw everything. They admired Ian’s strength. Now, suddenly, they found that Ian was praising this uncle so much and wanted him to be his vice-captain. Now, suddenly, they found that Ian had such high esteem for this old man and wanted him so badly to be the deputy captain. This alone shocked everyone onboard…

Even Fujitora didn’t expect that Ian would say such a thing in front of his crew.

“Brother Ian, I didn’t show any of my strength in front of you! Why do you think so highly of me?” Fujitora asked strangely.

Ian smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry about this, it’s a special feature of mine! Uncle Issho, correct me if I guessed wrong, your strength should be comparable to that of a marine admiral, right?”

The crew of the Dragon Hunter pirate group, hearing this, immediately gasped!

A Freaking Admiral!? This blind uncle turned out to be at the same level as an Admiral!?

What the Heck! Captain Ian, you really can’t fail to amaze us!

Everyone first glanced at Fujitora in fear, then looked at Ian with excited eyes.

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, after following Ian, have seen the appearance of two Shichibukai, one was the Knight of the Sea (Kaikyō) Jinbe and the other was the famous Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock. Both of them seemed to have an intimate relationship with their captain, so they have been very excited for a long time.

In fact, since this period, Ian has seen three Shichibukai in succession, but when Uncle Kuma appeared, they didn’t see him.

Now, this broken captain went casually to an unknown island, and encountered a person who can compete with an Admiral!?

If he wants to describe the feelings of the members of the Dragon hunter pirates at the moment, it’s probably not much different from the feeling when the clown Buggy rescued those prisoners in the Impel Down, and made them directly join his crew!

Hearing Ian’s evaluation of him, Fujitora was even more surprised. Fujitora was shocked, he was only a civilian now, and he never thought that one day someone would compare him to an admiral.

Fujitora was just an old man who wanders around a lot. Because he was blind, he was often treated coldly and got a lot of discrimination. Although he was bearish about these experiences, when he heard Ian’s announcement on him, Fujitora’s heart felt warm…

The sincerity in Ian’s words cannot be concealed, and Fujitora could feel the respect in his tone!

With a smile, Fujitora raised his cane and said to the people around: “My name is Issho, and as you can see I’m a blind man, so during the next month, I may have to trouble you all!”

Fujitora’s modesty has won everyone’s heart instantly. They heard Ian saying that this uncle actually has the strength of a Marine admiral, and everyone was worried that this uncle was not easy to get along with. Now, after seeing this scene, they were relieved.

“Matthew, bring out your best dishes and treat our guest!” Ian said to his chef.

“Oh… Hai… Hai… captain!” Matthew replied slowly and turned to the galley.

The rest of the crew was also disbanded, each one of them went on his way, leaving a room for Ian to communicate with Fujitora.

“Brother Ian, it seems that your crew is quite different from other Pirate Groups!” Fujitora sat on the deck and chatted with Ian, face to face: “Although it’s still a Pirate Group, I don’t feel too much ferocity in them…”

Ian took a bottle of Sake, poured out two cups, handed one cup to Fujitora, and said with a smile, “To be honest, our Pirate Group, the dragon Hunters has just been established for about ten days. My partners were not originally pirates, they were just a bunch of poor slaves…”

“Huh!?” Fujitora said in surprise, “Slaves?”

“Yes, indeed, they were all slaves of the Celestial Dragons!” Ian nodded. “I saved them from Marijoa, and because they were pursued by the Marines, they decided to follow me, seeking shelter…”

Fujitora suddenly raised his head, and said in surprise: “The holy land, Marijoa!? You… Little brother, are you the man in black that everyone is talking about in the last period!?”

“Yup! It’s me!” Ian smiled slightly, “Because I killed a Celestial Dragon while I was there, we decided to call our Pirate Group ‘the dragon hunters’!”

“No wonder!” Fujitora shook his head and sighed with empathy, then he bowed his head and said to Ian: “My respect little brother, I admire your kind deeds!”

“Uncle, do you think I did the right thing?” Ian asked him with a smile.

“Yes!” Fujitora admitted with great enthusiasm: “I have always believed that the privileges granted by the world government to the Celestial Dragons are too much. Now, these privileges have caused the Celestial Dragons to get out of control. Their existence has become cancer in this world.”

Ian didn’t feel surprised by Fujitora’s remarks. With his clear distinction between good and evil, it would be impossible for him to even like the existence of such folk.

After saying this, Fujitora continued: “Brother Ian, now the Marines are offering a bounty of 500 million Berries to capture you, but your identity does not seem to be exposed yet. Since you trust me so much and told me about your identity frankly, then I promise you that I won’t tell a soul on this earth about you, so please rest assured.”

“Well, of course, I trust you, after all…!” Ian clinked the cups, drank all his Sake in one sip, then said: “if you become my deputy captain, then I don’t have to worry about it.”

Fujitora laughed and said, “It seems that you are very confident that the old is going to join your group!”

“Of course, I’m confident!” Ian replied with a smile.

Yes, he was very emboldened. Fujitora, a monster with the strength of an admiral, would be game-changing if he joins Ian’s group, even if he was stronger than Ian that won’t be a long term problem, because Ian has this confidence, he knows that as long as he gives himself enough time to develop, he can reach the same power as Fujitora, and then naturally, there would be no overtaking claims between two people of the same level…

“Right, uncle, you are surely a Devil Fruit User. What kind of abilities does it give you?” Ian asked. Although he knew it from the beginning, he still had to ask.

“I ate the fruit of gravity, which allows me to create and manipulate gravitational forces!” Fujitora said.

“Gravity?” Ian touched his chin and thought for a while, and said, “Can your gravity be applied on people?”

“Of course, but it’s not just for people!” Fujitora explained.

Ian stood up and said to Fujitora, “Can you apply your power on me, I want to feel it?”

“Of course!” Fujitora also stood up with him, took out his own sword, and gently placed the blade on Ian’s shoulder.

The next second, a feeling of heaviness suddenly struck, and Ian suddenly felt that his body became a lot heavier.

This kind of force was different from that when he carries Doroni during exercises. While trying with Doroni, his weight was only applied to a certain part of Ian’s body. For example, when doing push-ups with Doroni on his back, his weight was only concentrated on Ian’s back. However, Fujitora’s gravity suppression skill was much different. The pressure was spread throughout Ian’s whole body, including his blood and bones, Ian was really “under a huge pressure!”

At this time, the pressure that Ian felt wasn’t at its peak, because Fujitora was just testing it on him.

Ian tried to move his hands and feet, and found that he was able to adapt to this force, so he asked Fujitora, “Can you make it a little bit heavier?”

Fujitora said in surprise, “Little brother, I still can add more pressure, but can you bear it?”

Fujitora was very skilled in using his abilities. Gravity and weight are two different concepts. Too much weight could overwhelm a person, which could cause muscle damage, but gravity is a different thing. Too much gravity will increase the pressure on the heart and blood vessels, and could even make them burst!

Assuming that a person weighs is 100 kilograms (220 pounds), he can probably lift an object of 300 kilograms, but he may not be able to withstand doubling the gravity.

Ian estimated this himself, and thought that there should be no problem, so he said, “Add a little bit more.”

Fujitora didn’t say anything after that, the output of his ability increased, and its effect was felt by Ian.

With the stronger gravity, Ian did almost fall down, but he still gritted his teeth and held on, adjusting his breathing according to the breathing method he learned from Rayleigh, so that his body could get an adequate supply of oxygen.

Then, Ian leaned down and wanted to try the push-up exercises under the pressure of this gravity.

Ian was immediately pleased with this test. His conjecture was right. When performing physical exercises under the gravity suppression, the proficiency of physical training skills went up so fast!



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