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S.C.S Chapter 192: Proficiency Booster


Besides staying on his ship for a month, this was Ian’s shameless favor when he made the bets.

Weight-bearing exercises were a very common way of physical exercise. Long-term and unremitting adherence to heavy-lifting exercises will make the body’s muscles become more developed, which brings greater strength, faster dashing speed, and so on.

However, this kind of exercise was not all-round, just like a person lifting dumbbells with both hands, only his arms’ muscles will be trained.

In order to achieve a comprehensive exercise effect, people must have a variety of exercising methods.

However, Fujitora’s gravity suppression effect was different. As long as he was under this ability, no matter what kind of exercise he does, it will affect his whole body.

Especially his heart, blood vessels, all the organs of his body, as well as his whole skeletal system… Which can’t be enhanced by ordinary weight-bearing exercises.

Ian had previously guessed that if he could find a way to make Fujitora use his devil fruit ability to help him exercise, it might lead to a rapid increase in Physical Skill proficiency.

After verifying it now, Ian found that he was totally right.

Because the Physical Skill talent was achieved after getting trained by Rayleigh in a later period, so the growth rate of physical proficiency has been unable to keep up with the other two basic skills. Ian has always felt a headache about how to improve it quickly. Now, with Fujitora’s help, everything can be solved.

Ian was very clear that the improvement of his Physical Skill talent was not only related to the overall improvement of his own attributes, but also affects his ability to control the exceeded amount of Nen he could obtain.

When he first used Hiei’s skill, the Evil Eye Expert, the soaring amount of Nen was totally out of his control, which made him feel a strong headache and almost lose control. Although with the improvement of his Nen skill talent, this situation was gradually getting better, but it has not been completely eliminated, which made Ian suspect that this may also be related to his Physical Skill talent.

However, his current Physical Skill talent was only on the intermediate level, and he still didn’t notice any effect for the time being.

This was also the reason why he doesn’t dare to absorb the power of the black dragon wave at the moment. He was afraid that his body won’t bear it.

Fujitora was going to stay on his boat only for a month. After that, Ian doesn’t know if he will accept the invitation and stay with them. So, Ian had to make good use of this period, and with Fujitora’s help, he planned to improve his basic skills as soon as possible.

After confirming with the physical skills, Ian also tried to improve his Swordsmanship and Nen skills. He found that under the influence of such gravity suppression, the proficiency of these basic skills was improving faster than what he imagined!

In particular, when Ian pulled out the Devil’s Blade Yamato, used the Sword of the Darkness Flame skill, attaching flames to his blade, and practiced sword-swinging, with that done, he was able to exercise and increase the proficiency of the three basic skills at the same time!

‘What the Heck!’ Ian felt so excited…

The more advanced these skills were the higher the proficiency requirements. If he relies on basic training and upgrades them one by one to the Grandmaster level, he estimated that it will take him at least eight months to a year to achieve his goal, but under Fujitora’s ability, the time will be greatly shortened!

One month! If Fujitora agreed to help him and gave him the opportunity to use this ability on Ian, letting him exercise day and night, then in one month, Ian was confident that he would fill all the required proficiency of these basic skills!

Thinking of this possibility, Ian couldn’t help being so excited that Fujitora instantly became a genie in his eyes, wishing to hold him and kiss him hard…!

Uncle, you are actually a proficiency booster, right!?

Ian was practicing excitedly there, but Fujitora had a stunned expression on his face…

Before, he just thought that Ian wanted to feel the power of his devil fruit, and he didn’t expect that Ian would start to exercise directly under the pressure of his gravity.

How… How did I get myself into this….

With this surprise, Fujitora couldn’t help but stop his own ability afterward…

“No…Don’t stop, uncle Issho!” Ian gasped for breath. In just a few minutes, he actually started to sweat slightly. Indeed, training under such gravity was really tough. Yeah, usually, he starts to break a sweat only after swimming for more than ten kilometers.

Feeling this unique exercise effect, Ian was refreshed. As a result, Fujitora canceled the suppression of his gravity. ‘What are you thinking about, little brother!?’

It was just that he’s gasping like this and saying “don’t stop”, it sounds confusing… ‘What was he doing, I thought he was gesturing to me…’

Hearing Ian’s request, Fujitora was a little dazed. Gravity suppression has always been one of the methods he used in combat. He didn’t expect that he would be used a tool for training, so this made Fujitora feel that he was being used, isn’t this a wrong thing to do with a guest?

“Please, uncle Issho!” Ian placed his hands together in front of his head, and said to Fujitora while bowing: “This kind of exercise is really effective for me, please, can you help me!”

Fujitora scratched his head and said, “You asked me to stay on your boat for a month. Wouldn’t it be that you just wanted to use my ability to exercise!?”

“Yeah, this was the favor I asked you about, you have such a powerful and useful ability, and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity!” Ian replied with honesty.

Fujitora staggered when he heard it, and almost fell on the deck.

At this time, he wanted to slap his face so hard. He had to stay by Ian’s side and maintain his ability for a whole f**king month!?

‘Can someone please kill me and set me free from this misery…’

Even if Ian wasn’t going to train for 24 hours, and he would only exercise for four or five hours a day, that’s also terrible. Fujitora thought that he would get Alzheimer’s disease from this period…

At this moment, Fujitora had a cold sweat on his forehead, he now felt that he was really on a pirate ship… (T/N: the worst kind xD … making him do penal labor!)

However, even though he was thinking like this, Fujitora still admires Ian very much. He himself has felt the effect of his own abilities, he knew that under the pressure of gravity, people will feel so uncomfortable. The experience of rapid heartbeat and blood spurting will cause great damage to the human body. If it was another person, it may be too late to save him by this point, but Ian, this little brother, has turned out to be very different. He was partial and tried to get stronger using such ability!?

As expected, he was already bold enough to set the Holy Land on fire and rescue so many slaves.

Although knowing that it might be boring to stay by Ian’s side while he practices, Fujitora agreed to assist him. For the diligent young people, Fujitora was very happy to help.

The most important thing was that Fujitora really thinks that Ian was very interested. Although he was in a pirate group, this Pirate Group was not the kind he imagined would turn out. On the contrary, this Pirate Group was established by a bunch of slaves who escaped from Marijoa. Ian’s sense of justice has been recognized and appreciated by Fujitora.

Without further ado, after Fujitora promised to help him in his practice, Ian immediately started his own exercise. However, he did not intend to let Fujitora stay on his side like this. He called out all the members who liked to gamble on his crew to the deck, and asked them to take turns in accompanying Fujitora and gamble together!

This time Fujitora was finally relieved. He only needs to hold his own sword to activate the gravity ability against the area where Ian was located. Ian had to stay in this area to exercise, and Fujitora kept playing dice with the members of the Dragon hunters.

How long Ian works out won’t bother him now, because he was gambling with the others for the whole time!

Plus, no one there would dare to lie or cheat. With Ian’s explanation, everyone treated Fujitora as their deputy captain. Not only did they accompany him while gambling, but Matthew also kept delivering delicious snacks and drinks, which made Fujitora enjoy every moment on the ship…

After getting along with each other for a long time, everyone found that the uncle was really good-natured. When he was gambling, his expression was very interesting. He yelled like a child and was totally addicted to the fun of gambling.

The journey to the G5 branch base took about two days. The chart was provided by the king, and with Margaret as the navigator, Ian didn’t have to worry about a thing, so he focused completely on exercising.

In fact, he didn’t know how much gravity Fujitora was exerting on him. He only knew that training under such gravity was quite effective for him. (T/N: Imagine if Fujitora gets mad while gambling and crushes Ian accidentally XD)

Now, the proficiency of his physical skill talent was more than half-done in the intermediate level. He was really striving to upgrade it to the advanced level in these two days.

In this way, he will finally be able to use Iori’s other skills! Because the three skills of Iori’s card requires the advanced-level of Physical skills.

Well, at that time, will the skills of Iori be displayed with Ian’s sword, or will they only be used as the original version? (T/N: Huh, that’s interesting because Iori uses his bare hands in these abilities…)

Ian was already looking forward to it…



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