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S.C.S Chapter 193: The Base’s Gate


In these two days, Fujitora had a very good time. Zick and others who also liked to gamble also enjoyed themselves.

To be honest, although Fujitora was addicted to gambling, his luck was not that good. So the people gambling with him felt embarrassed because this uncle kept on losing.

But fortunately, in order to make Fujitora happy, when he loses all his money, Ian would lend him another sum of money.

When they came out of the King’s casino, Ian exchanged all the chips he had won into Berries. Because the King was willing to admit defeat, Ian’s 2.4 million Berries had tripled to 7.2 million. With this capital, he now has more than 10 million Berries, so by giving some money to Fujitora, he was just handing red envelopes to his crew. (Red envelope: In China, a red envelope or a red packet is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions!)

Fujitora had been so happy this period and enjoyed himself so much that he didn’t even feel the two days passing, and very soon, they were getting close to the location of the G5 branch.

At this time, he couldn’t help thinking, ‘maybe staying in the ship of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group isn’t a bad choice after all?’

The base of the G5 branch was not a secret base. Because the Marines were responsible for maintaining the law and order at sea, it often receives reports from ordinary people. If it was a secret base, how could they reach it for help?

However, due to the bad behavior of the G5 branch, let alone pirates were very afraid of them, even ordinary people were so terrified of them. Unless they have to, they won’t get close to the base of the G5 branch.

This also led to the fact that there were no ships in the offshore of the island where the G5 branch was located.

Ian was sitting in front of Fujitora, holding a map, and discussing it with him.

According to the King’s account, it was a Commodore of the G5 branch who caught him at that time and forced him to open a casino to make money for him. Ian estimated that this excessive Commodore was not very strong. However, there was another powerful officer in the G5 branch, that is, the Base Commander, Vice Admiral Vergo.

Vergo was known as “A gentleman officer different from the rest of G-5”. This means that his acting style was completely different from that of the barbaric and violent marine soldiers of the G5 branch.

However, only Ian knew that Vergo was actually a member of the Donquixote Pirates. He was just a spy in the Marines, but he was deeply trusted by the Marines and obtained the rank of a vice admiral.

Ian can’t say who is stronger or weaker between the other two vice admirals, Momonga and Doberman, and Vergo. However, if he remembers correctly, Vergo’s Haoshoku Haki was quite powerful and can already achieve the point where he covers his whole body Busoshoku Haki!

The King once planned to use his fruit ability and sneak into the G5 branch to rescue his companion. However, he did not implement his plan for the time being because he was worried about getting caught by Vergo. So based on his memory, the King drew a general sketch of the G5 branch, which was the one in Ian’s hand at this time.

Originally, Ian didn’t want to interfere in these affairs. He didn’t know the King at all, so he didn’t need to break into the notorious G5 branch for such a person, but for Fujitora’s sake, he had to accompany him.

Ian was also wondering about trying to sneak in silently, such as stunning a soldier and steal in his clothes, but then, he changed his mind.

“Well, uncle Issho, considering that your blindness is such an inconvenient here, you should simply attract the Marines’ attention in the front gate, while I go in and help you save these people. What do you think?” Ian asked Fujitora.

“How can I attract the attention of the Marines?” Fujitora asked.

“Fight them!” Ian said with a smile: “Your strength is very significant, so the Marines of the G5 branch won’t hurt you. The bigger the fuss you make, the more empty their base would be!”

Fujitora nodded and said, “That’s true, but why do I feel that something is wrong?”

“What’s wrong!?” Ian patted Fujitora on the shoulder and said: “Look, it’s our duty to help you, but you should take care of the main task. If you think that you need assistance facing the marines, let me know and I will ask for some volunteers?”

Fujitora felt that his words were a bit weird, but he understood it anyway, and felt that Ian was saying something reasonable, so he nodded and accepted his task.

At this moment, Ian secretly snickered in his heart.

Since Fujitora doesn’t mind becoming a pirate, Ian intended to fulfill such a thing and make him fight directly with the marine soldiers of the G5 branch. Even if he will be merciful with them, those soldiers will inevitably be injured. Such provocations to the dignity of the Marines will certainly make Fujitora wanted by the government.

Ian really wanted to see if Fujitora became a pirate and wanted by the marines, will he be appointed to the admiral rank by the time of the World Military Draft!

And one more thing, if Fujitora really becomes a pirate, will the chances of pulling him into the crew become much greater?

For a while, Ian felt that he was having so much fun thinking about this matter.

After the discussion, Ian asked the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group to stay on the ship, a little farther away from the island, and wait for them to complete the mission, then they have to come and pick them up. After all, this naval base has 3 long towers and many cannons, and Ian didn’t want his ship to be discovered and bombarded.

Afterward, Ian and Fujitora put down a small boat and slowly rowed towards the marine base.

While on the boat, Fujitora said to Ian anxiously: “It’s true, that I have the power to protect myself, but Brother Ian, you are going to be fine after entering the base alone to save these people, right?”

In the two days on the ship, Fujitora really didn’t see Ian’s true power, so he was a little worried about him.

“No need to worry!” Ian comforted him. “Although I am not as good as you, I still have no problem dealing with a Vice Admiral.”

Hearing what Ian said, Fujitora was also a little surprised. Although he had heard of the arsonist of Marijoa, he didn’t know much about what happened there. After all, his current identity was just a traveler, and he didn’t have any good sources of information. He only heard about the man in black only from some pirates.

Therefore, he never thought that Ian, the young man in front of him was also a ruthless person.

“In that case, I’m relieved!” Fujitora said: “I will firmly attract the attention of the Marines.”

When the boat was about to reach the shore, Ian said to Fujitora: “I’ll go from the other side, uncle. Keep rowing forward!”

Seeing Fujitora nodding, Ian jumped into the sea and swam towards the other side of the coast.

Although Fujitora could not see him, he was able to perceive Ian’s movements through his Kenbunshoku Haki. After confirming that he had landed, Fujitora disembarked and explored the ground with his own sword, and slowly walked towards the location of the marine base.

When he approached the gate, he was discovered. A yawning guard with a crooked Marine hat glanced at him slantingly, and then yelled at him impatiently: “Hey, Blind man! This is a marine base, if you don’t want to get into trouble, get out of here!”

Fujitora smiled slightly and said, “I want to ask the officers about something in the G5 branch!”

However, the marine guard didn’t even listen to a word he said, pulled the musket next to him, and shot a bullet near Fujitora’s foot, then he said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, we don’t care, get out of here quickly, or I won’t be polite anymore!”

“I’m just a civilian. I can’t even ask the officers about something?” Fujitora opened his eyes, revealing his pale eyes and some anger.

The Marine guard, who had no idea who he was facing, became more and more impatient and yelled: “What civilians, I’m starting to think that you are actually a pirate!? Huuh, If you don’t go now, I’ll arrest you! “

Fujitora shook his head and said: “Sure enough, it is as rumored, brutal and unreasonable!”

He also recognized that what Ian said to him was right. It was impossible to reason with the people of the G5 branch. So Fujitora stopped talking nonsense, drew out his sword and waved laterally at the guard.

“Gravity Blade: Fierce Tiger ” (Gravito: Moko!)



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