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S.C.S Chapter 194: Vergo


In the beginning, the marine guard wondered why Fujitora waved his sword at him from such a distance, but as Fujitora slashed out, a huge force came from his side!

The guard felt a strong pressure and flew out to the right. He felt as if he was in a storm, and his whole body was out of control.

When he finally landed on the ground, he felt pain all over his body.

Struggling to get up, he just wanted to yell at Fujitora angrily. However, when he saw the gate of the marine base behind him, his eyes popped out!

Fujitora’s Gravity Blade wasn’t aimed at the guard. Although the guard was rude and aggressive, Fujitora didn’t want to vent his anger on a weak guard. He was just giving him a lesson. At first, Fujitora’s target was the gate of the marine base.

Under his Gravity Blade, the gate of the G5 branch base has been crushed down and destroyed. Meanwhile, the walls on both sides of the gate have also been crushed for about tens of meters and turned into piles of bricks and gravel.

The dust was rising all over the sky. The place swept by the gravity blade seems to have suffered a strong earthquake. If there were buildings and houses near the gate of the base, the damage would have been more serious.

Fujitora coughed twice and then walked forward while exploring the path with his cane.

It was only at this time that the stunned guard finally came to his senses. After shivering for a while, he took out a whistle, put it in his mouth, and blew it desperately.

Naturally, this was a signal of an enemy attack. In principle, after hearing the whistle, the marines in the base would appear immediately. However, the problem was that this was the G5 branch, the Marines there were more like a pirate group, and they will never act like real soldiers. After blowing the whistle for a long time, he saw several figures scurrying out of the base!

Fujitora naturally sensed these people through his Kenbunshoku Haki, and he couldn’t help but shake his head lightly. He has heard many things about the G5 branch base before, but he thought that they were just rumors.

However, the combat effectiveness of the G5 branch was not that weak. When more people came out later, dozens of mortars and rocket launchers were aimed at Fujitora from a distance.

Most of the soldiers of the G5 branch were tall, strong, and ferocious. Their fighting spirit was quite strong. Although they saw the damage caused by Fujitora when he came in, they were not flustered at all. An officer fiercely shouted to Fujitora, “Who are you!? How dare you break into the G5 base? “

Fujitora closed his eyes and said, “I came here looking for the Base Commander!”

“Why are you looking for him?” The captain asked.

“I have nothing to do with him, I just want him to close the casino on Gramberg Island!” Fujitora said: “Because, if the casino continues to exist, the people there will suffer for eternity…”

The captain was stunned when he heard that, then he rolled his eyes and roared: “What a bloody casino! Our branch has nothing to do with this? They are legally operating, and we have no right to interfere. You, blind man, is simply making trouble for nothing. Go on! Catch him!”

Needless to say, this captain was also involved in the casino’s operation. How could he listen to Fujitora?

After receiving the captain’s order, the soldiers of the G5 branch immediately screamed and fired a large number of shells at Fujitora. For them, the so-called “Catch him” was simply meaning “kill him”.

They can’t wait to see the scene of this blind man getting blasted to pieces. It’s good entertainment, much better than boiling a pirate!

However, when the large amount of shells and bullets flew towards Fujitora, they all stopped, and then floated in the air mysteriously.

weightlessness! Since Fujitora can increase gravity, he can naturally also reduce it. How can an object that has no weight fly far?

The people of the G5 branch were shocked by this strange scene. Before they could react, they suddenly saw the bullets and shells falling from the mid-air and hitting the ground.

Then, these Marines only felt a sense of heaviness.

This pressure feeling was getting more and more ferocious, some people have been unable to hold on, directly lying on the ground. They only felt that their bones were getting crushed!

“I’m… being crushed!”

With the screams of everyone, the ground under their feet, with a radius of several hundred meters, suddenly collapsed!

Boom! A huge hole was formed in an instant. The Marines on the field fell directly to the dark hole. At the bottom of the pit, the people there were still suppressed by the huge gravity, and they were bleeding a lot…

“What the Hell!”

The playground of the G5 base was almost gone due to this huge hole.

For a monster like Fujitora, the number advantage they had didn’t play any role at all.

The continuous loud noises finally alarmed the Marine soldiers in the entire base. The officers at all levels began to appear with more soldiers, but when they saw the tragedy in their base, they all gasped.

“Quick! Go and report this to the Vice-Admiral, Vergo!”

“It’s an official attack! Turn all the fortress cannons, aim them at this side!”

In a flurry, hundreds of soldiers gradually poured out from the base, surrounding Fujitora.

“Oh, there are so many people. It seems that I’ve been sent to deal with so much trouble, why did you do that to me, Brother Ian!” Fujitora slapped his forehead with a bitter smile.

Ian didn’t know what Fujitora thinks. He was squatting on the roof of a house in the middle of the base, looking down at a group of Marines rushing towards the main gate of the base.

In his opinion, it was wise to let Fujitora go to the main gate and attract their main defense. He was not worried that Fujitora would not be able to hold on. He had not seen such a big move from him such as a meteorite rushing down from the sky.

For Fujitora, there was nothing that can’t be solved by one meteorite. If there was, then two will do the job!

The Marines in the base have been drawn out. So, Ian was naturally more relaxed. He was looking for the location of the prisoners in the base by following the sketch of the King.

The people at the G5 base were really lawless. According to the rules and regulations, all the pirates caught by the Marines should be handed to the court. After being convicted by Enies Lobby’s judges, also known as the Judicial Island, they will be imprisoned in the Impel Down according to the size of their crimes. However, Ian has seen several gallows along his way up, with rows of skeletons hanging on them, while their tattered clothes were drifting in the wind.

Needless to say, these were all pirates who were lynched to death by the G5 branch…

Although most of the pirates may have deserved their crimes, it was still wrong to execute them directly without trial…

‘Ah, I forget! Enies Lobby is also presumed to be corrupted, and 100% of the people who goes there will be convicted. The so-called trial procedure has existed only in papers…’

Ian didn’t know whether Smoker will apply now to be transferred here in the future. If so, he didn’t know how Smoker would react after facing such a group of lawless men…

Thinking of Smoker, Ian suddenly missed the East Blue a bit! ‘I don’t know if Johnny and Yosaku are still working as pirate hunters under my banner?’

Shaking his head, Ian put these things behind him and concentrated on running around the base, looking for places that can hold prisoners.

Ian kept jumping back and forth on the roofs, looking around for a building that fits the image of a prison.

However, the more he looked for it, the more confused he gets. There seems to be no prison in this base!

At this moment, Ian suddenly felt a gust of wind coming to his head. Without even thinking about it, he immediately somersaulted backward.

With a thud, there was an explosion in the position where he was just squatting.

This explosion was not caused by a shell, but… a long bamboo stick!

It is reasonable to say that a thin bamboo stick was unlikely to have an explosive effect, but Ian knows very well that this was caused by the attachment of Haki to this bamboo stick.

He looked up and saw the man who threw it at him.

It was a guy wearing sunglasses and a lattice-shaped coat. Who else would it be if it wasn’t the Base Commander of the G5 branch, Vergo?

It was obvious that Fujitora was showing his terrifying power at the main entrance, but Vergo unexpectedly appeared here. He floated in the air, using Goppo (Moonwalk), looking down at Ian. He just shot his bamboo stick towards him.

Seeing that Ian had spotted him, Vergo stopped hovering in mid-air, and fell straight down, standing where Ian was squatting.

He took out the bamboo stick inserted on the roof of the house and said coldly, “I was worried about rats coming in, so I had to take a look, and I was totally right.”

Ian looked at Vergo speechlessly. His style of appearance was indeed impressive. But after seeing a jelly pudding on his cheek, Ian felt that his aura was destroyed…

This guy was eating jelly pudding before coming out, right?!!!

‘Can someone tell me how to stick a piece of slippery jelly on my cheek and not let it fall off!?’

However, Vergo didn’t seem to realize what was on his face. He held the green bamboo stick in his hand, pointed at Ian, and asked, “Who are you? What are you planning to do in the G5 branch? Is the man at the main gate your partner? “

Ian felt that his bad luck was still stuck in him. He didn’t expect Vergo to be so shrewd. All the Marine soldiers reported to him about Fujitora’s appearance, but instead of going to the main gate, he ran in the interior of the base and found himself a sneaker.

“All right.” Ian shrugged and said, “Vice Admiral, Vergo, can you tell me where you keep the captured pirates?”

“Did you come here looking for some prisoners?” Vergo was a little surprised, and then shook his head regretfully, “It’s a pity that there is no prison in the G5 branch. All the pirates caught have been executed!”

Upon hearing this, Ian’s face suddenly became gloomy, because Vergo’s answer didn’t seem to be a lie.

So, did all of King’s companions have been killed just after he opened the casino? (T/N: Please, consider supporting me on patreon, the next chapter is 2 in 1 and took me a lot of time and effort to translate it! Thanks)



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