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S.C.S Chapter 195: An Elite Vice Admiral


“Is that true?” Ian asked Vergo incredulously.

Vergo shook his head and said: “Although I don’t know who you are, there is really no need to lie about this matter. The G5 branch never keeps prisoners!”

Ian’s face darkened. He didn’t expect that things would turn out like this.

From the time he landed on Gramberg Island, Ian’s original intention was to provide his ship with some supplies. Then, after listening to Zick and finding out that there was a casino on the island, he wanted to gain some money.

If Fujitora hadn’t appeared there, Ian might not ask the King about his story. He would just force his way into the casino, make a fortune, and leave the place empty. Naturally, by doing that things would be solved there and no troubles would follow him.

But life is always full of all kinds of events, Fujitora mysteriously appeared behind him, and accidentally cooperated with Ian.

Facing an extremely powerful man like Fujitora, Ian naturally had his own thoughts about such a guy, but he has to pay a price to execute his ideas. In front of Fujitora, he can’t just attack the King and take everything. After all, Fujitora’s sense of justice was stronger than Ian’s. If Ian went with his original plan, maybe he would have to face Fujitora by then.

Fujitora planned directly to help the King, and Ian had to act and follow this plan, but what he didn’t expect that this trip would be for nothing.

Those pirate companions of the King have long been executed…

Ian didn’t feel much for the King’s companions, but, he still felt that it was an injustice thing. Although as pirates, it’s not necessarily that these people really did something harmful to others. The arrest was understandable, but without trial, they were killed by the Marines of the G5 branch. This was really unjust.

If Fujitora learns this news, he might be very disappointed. He came here with good intentions and did not even hesitate to offend the Marines, but in the end, it was all for nothing. “I don’t know how uncle Issho would react after this?”

Since going out to the sea, Ian has seen many dark sides of this world. Whether it was the Celestial Dragons, world government, or Marines, it seems that power has blinded them and made them get out of control.

There was no need to talk about many wicked deeds the Celestial Dragons have done. The privileges given to them by the world government were preposterous.

The same was true for the World Government itself, the 100% rate of guilty people in the judicial island, the Buster Calls, etc… all indicating their rotten side.

The Marines were much better, after all, there are people like Hina, Smoker, Garp, Aokiji, who really have a great sense of justice. However, they alone can not represent the entire department.

800 years, the world government has been in control of the world for this whole period, but there wasn’t any organization checking the balance of their power. It is because of the lack of effective supervision, they have become dangerous, and the tendency of dictatorship was very obvious.

The situation of the G5 branch was still the only case, but if they continue to develop in this way, more and more branches like G5 will appear. It was clear that the work style of this branch was no different from that of the pirates, but they were still hanging the justice banner of the marines.

“This is unjust! Deceiving the whole world!” Ian couldn’t help but sighed and blurted out.

Vergo couldn’t understand Ian’s thoughts, so he was puzzled when Ian suddenly said such a thing.

“What are you talking about?” Vergo asked him.

Ian looked at him. Because he knew Vergo’s true identity, Ian even suspected that the reason why the G5 branch developed into the current style of conduct was probably the result of Vergo’s connivance.

However, none of this has anything to do with Ian. Since Vergo told him that there was no prison in this place, Ian didn’t intend to stay here any longer.

He had to rush to the main gate and inform Fujitora about this matter.

However, Ian’s intention to leave seemed to be seen by Vergo. Just as Ian wanted to turn around and leave, Vergo’s figure suddenly disappeared, then reappeared in front of Ian, blocking his way.

“Are you also a pirate?” The green bamboo stick in Vergo’s right hand tapped the palm of his left hand and said, “Since you have come to this marine base on your own, do you think that leaving it would be so easy?”

“Get out of my away! I don’t have time to chat with you!” Ian shook his head.

“You want to find your companion? Don’t bother, neither you nor him can escape now!” Vergo said.

Ian looked at him strangely and said, “Really!?” o.O

It seems that Vergo came directly to the interior of the base, and did not go to see the guy at the main gate. If he had been there, he might not have said that.

Huh! Imagine leaving a Monster like Fujitora with this rat called vice-admiral. Ian couldn’t help giggling after thinking about such a funny thing.

“……!” Perhaps it was the ridicule in Ian’s eyes. Vergo saw it clearly, so he went silent for a while, and suddenly the bamboo stick in his hand was violently directed towards Ian.

Here we go!

Vergo used the bamboo stick as his main weapon. This blow came quickly and urgently, and it directly hit Ian’s chest.

However, he might be treating the intruder, Ian, as a weak pirate. There was no Haki on his green bamboo stick when he carried out the attack.

Seeing this scene, Ian immediately drew out the Devil’s Blade Yamato and wanted to cut off his weapon!

Seeing the black color on the blade, Vergo was shocked and knew that he was careless. The guy in front of him was someone who was capable of using Haki! But his attack has been launched at the moment, and it was difficult to stop.

Ian made a vertical swing from the top of the green bamboo stick. He wanted to chop Vergo’s weapon in half. He was about to succeed, but unexpectedly the bamboo stick that was thrust forward suddenly went down and avoided Ian’s slash.

This made Ian stunned for a moment, but then he reacted. Vergo’s stick was actually different from casual weapons. The green bamboo is very soft at all!

Although his moves were just like the ancient martial art movements, Vergo took advantage of the soft characteristics of green bamboo, and with a shake of his wrist, he swung his weapon down.

Ian has encountered many opponents who use swords during his journey. And now, he suddenly encountered Vergo who uses a special weapon like this, which was really uncomfortable.

After avoiding Ian’s chopping attack, Vergo took the opportunity to deceive him and approached Ian.

He was originally holding the bamboo stick from the edge, but when he relaxed his wrist a little, he stretched it forward to grasp the middle part of the bamboo stick, which shortened the length of his weapon!

Ian was almost face-to-face with him at the moment, and his sword seemed a little long, but it can’t shrink back like the other!

In that case, an inch longer could make the weapon stronger but slower, and an inch shorter could also make the weapon faster and more dangerous. Vergo suddenly shortened the length of his weapon, which means that he can make a move before Ian.

At this time, the green bamboo stick that has moved toward Ian’s chest again, not only did it became black with Busoshoku Kōka, but it was also spinning rapidly!

“Demon Bamboo-Gun!”

This move was Vergo’s attack method combining one of Six Powers (Rokushiki)’s Shigan (Finger Pistol) and his own weapon, green bamboo. Ian’s sword was halfway to strike him, but Vergo’s attack had already hit him.

A strong force, extending along the edge of the bamboo stick, slammed Ian’s chest fiercely.

Ugh! Ian couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He was blasted tens of meters away by Vergo, hit the wall of the building behind him, and then he directly wrecked out a huge hole in the wall.

The crushed rubble fall down and covered Ian’s lying body. Amidst the dust, Ian coughed.

Well, there was a big difference between the stick attack method and swordsmanship. Ian was unprepared and couldn’t defend himself. He just took the whole blow of Vergo. At the moment, he was lying on the ground and felt a very sharp pain in his chest, as if someone had pierced a hole in his chest. He was so damaged that he could hardly breathe.

After taking a hard breath using Rayleigh’s breathing method, Ian finally felt slightly better. He stood up and jumped out of the hole in the wall. Then he looked down and saw that where he was hit by Vergo, his clothes were torn. His shirt had a huge circle torn from its middle. In that area, there was a black bruise.

His bones were not broken, but the strength of that blow penetrated into his flesh, and damaged Ian’s lungs.

Ian was very upset. These Vice Admirals were indeed very powerful. In his previous fight with Momonga and Doberman, Ian has been hit a lot by Rankyaku (Tempest Kick). Now his opponent, Vergo, has injured badly as well.

Anyway, these Vice Admirals shouldn’t be underestimated.

While Ian was checking his injury, Vergo had already rushed up again, holding his bamboo stick in both hands, and struck towards Ian’s head from the top.

Ian dodged in a hurry, Vergo’s bamboo stick was slammed directly on the ground, and the huge strength of his blow made a large crack on the cement ground.

The light of Yamato’s blade flashed, and Ian slashed at Vergo from the side. However, Vergo raised his right hand, and blocked Ian’s slash with his wrist, making a clanging noise…

His coat was cut in that area, but Ian’s blade did not hurt him. Under Vergo’s torn coat, the black skin on his wrist was revealed.

It was Vergo’s Haki: Busoshoku Kōka (Hardening). With the sharpness of Yamato’s blade, Ian couldn’t cut through Vergo’s wrist even when he wrapped his sword with Busoshoku Haki.

Ian was not convinced, raised his hand again, and slashed horizontally towards Vergo’s ribs. In general, it was usually the weakest part of the human body.

However, Vergo’s left hand, holding the bamboo stick, whipped Ian.

Vergo had no problem attacking with his left hand, but Ian was swinging his sword, using both hands. He can only quickly change the trajectory of the blade, block Vergo’s attack, and then take the opportunity to jump a few steps away.

After that, Vergo straightened up, looked at the torn part of his clothes on his right hand, and with a pull, he ripped the rest of his coat, revealing his muscular body.

His upper body has been completely hardened with Haki. It looks like his whole body was covered with a black halo, which was very frightening.

With a sudden kick under his feet, the ground was cracked by Vergo’s powerful explosive force. With the help of this impact, Vergo instantly came to Ian, and the bamboo stick cleaved towards him.

Ian raised his sword to block, but unexpectedly, Vergo stopped halfway, released his right hand, and slammed Ian’s abdomen.

Ian’s stomach was convulsed by his punch, and he almost retched, but he gritted his teeth and stood firm, waved the Devil’s Blade Yamato, and cut Vergo’s belly!

However, the sound he heard was a kind of noise that would only be made when two metals rub against each other, Clang…

Iron Body (Tekkai)!? This word flashed through Ian’s mind for an instant.

‘F*ck , Busoshoku Kōka plus the Tekkai! No wonder why I can’t hurt him! Is this the strength of an Elite Vice Admiral?’

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