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S.C.S Chapter 196: Cry, scream, then die (2 in 1)


Ian’s slash was ineffective, but Vergo took advantage of this situation to counterattack. The distance between him and Ian was quite close at this time. He suddenly stretched out his right hand, grabbed Ian’s head, pulled him even closer, then lifted his left knee furiously, and hit Ian’s abdomen directly.

Although Ian had already covered his belly with Busoshoku Haki when Vergo lifted his knee to resist this blow, he was still blown away by the tremendous force.

“That was useless!” Vergo watched Ian struggling to get up, and said: “Although you can use Busoshoku Haki, your level is far too low from mine!”

This is true. Vergo was at least in his late thirties. He seems to only have one kind of Haki, Busoshoku Haki. Although it seems to be monotonous, it also allows him to focus on the cultivation of this type. In terms of Busoshoku level, his was quite powerful in the entire department. Ian, who awakened his Haki not long ago, won’t be able to resist the blow of such an opponent!?

However… after hearing what he said, Ian smiled and said, “Really?”

Ian held the Devil’s Blade Yamato in his right hand, and waved his left hand violently towards the ground. Then a spiky ball of purple flames was launched against the ground and slid towards Vergo at a very fast speed.

108 Shiki • Yami Barai (Dark Thrust)

Looking at the rushing flames, Vergo was startled and immediately jumped up, and with a front flip, he leaped towards Ian.

However, Ian also moved at this time, exerting force under his feet, lunging violently.

Virgo’s front flip was originally intended to take the opportunity to attack Ian, but Ian’s forward charge caused him to come below Virgo while he was still in mid-air.

The Devil’s Blade Yamato in his right hand was swiped above Ian’s head, drawing an arc, and crossing Vergo’s body.

When Vergo landed, Ian went down, too, and the two stood back to back.

There was a smell of blood in the air. Vergo looked down and found a wound in his waist. Although the wound was long, it wasn’t deep. It was a light injury, but the blood didn’t stop flowing out.

“I’m actually wounded!?”

Turning around, Vergo looked at Ian in surprise, only to find that there was a flame burning around his blade. The flame wasn’t fluttering, but seemed to be solid, forming a sharp tip on the outside of the blade.

The reason why Ian had difficulty breaking through Vergo’s body defenses before was because he used Tekkai plus his Haki. However, after launching the Dark Thrust, Vergo was forced to jump, so he could not maintain the Tekkai (Iron Body).

Well now, Ian has also figured out everything about the Six Powers of Marines. He has encountered many marine officers who can use these skills. Of course, he has discovered their weaknesses after hard research. The Tekkai hardens the users’ muscles to the level of steel, in order to nullify damage taken from any attack. So under normal circumstances, it can only be activated when the use was standing on the ground, however, when Virgo jumped up, the Tekkai could no longer be maintained.

And not only did Ian broke his Iron Body with the Dark Thrust, but he also used the Sword of the Darkness Flame to gain a stronger chopping ability, so this blow injured Vergo.

However, this was the only thing that can be done to Virgo’s remarkable defenses. The sharpness of the sword became more effective with bursting flames, but it did only make him suffer a light injury, which was not fatal at all.

“A Devil Fruit User?” Vergo was a little surprised, staring at Ian’s sword, not knowing what to think.

However, at this time, Ian suddenly removed the flame on his blade and put his sword, Yamato, into its sheath.

“Huh? Are you planning to surrender?” Vergo asked in a daze.

Ian waved his hand and said, “No, no, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to save some strength while fighting you, so I intended to only use swordsmanship. However, it seems that my current swordsmanship is not strong enough to pose a threat to you, so I changed my mind.”

“So now, you are going to fight with your fruit abilities?” Vergo held the bamboo stick in his hand and faced Ian.

“Be careful now. If by any chance I accidentally kill you, I’m sorry in advance!” As Ian spoke, he unfolded the magical bandage on his right hand with his other hand.

As the magical bandage was unwrapped, the astonishing heat began to radiate from Ian’s hand, and the bell on the bandage made a melodious sound, but what slowly followed was the ferocious Black Dragon on Ian’s arm!

When the seal was unlocked, it means that the exclusive treasure of Hiei’s card has been unequipped. The blazing black Dragon on Ian’s right hand started emerging, and the intense heat wave broke out, which made Ian’s long hair flutter in the air(Like a Super Saiyan xD)!

Even though he was far away, Vergo felt the scorching heat of this flame. He seemed to remember something, and cried out in surprise: “Black flames!? You’re the arsonist of Marijoa!”

Ian ignored him and suddenly raised his right hand high into the sky!

The Black Dragon flew out of his hand immediately, roaring all over the G5 base!

At the main entrance of the base, Fujitora had already dealt with the Marines soldiers there. A large number of groaning soldiers were lying in disorder around him within a hundred meters radius.

He was sitting on a rock, holding his sword, but as soon as the Black Dragon wave was unleashed and a dragon appeared over the base, Fujitora raised his head in surprise!

“What an enormous amount of energy! What is that?” Fujitora couldn’t see with his eyes, but he has a very powerful Kenbunshoku Haki, so he could easily perceive the black dragon wave, which was only a pure energy creature. In his perception, this was just a huge amount of energy, and there was no specific outline of this thing…

“Is little brother Ian in trouble?” Fujitora was shocked, quickly got up, and hurried to its direction…

The black dragon kept flying towards the sky, after a while, it suddenly turned around and rushed down!

Vergo witnessed the emergence of the black dragon wave from the start, so when, he saw the Dragon diving down at a very high speed, and he thought that this was Ian’s attack. So he quickly flashed and disappeared from his place, using Soru.

However, what he did not expect at all was that the black dragon did not come for him, but for Ian!

The black dragon fell down, opened its huge mouth, and swallowed up Ian’s whole body! (ow yeah)

“What is he doing?” Vergo hid far away, and couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this scene.

How could it be possible that this dragon, which had such a high temperature, has just swallowed its master?

While he was in total surprise, the black dragon suddenly vanished! As if it was going back to where it came from, Ian’s body, as if it was absorbed by him!

Completely Swallowed!

Yeah, that’s right, Ian released this black dragon wave, not to attack Vergo. He was a little far away from him at that time. Moreover, when the astonishing black dragon wave appeared, the surging heat had already aroused the vigilance of Vergo. Ian did not know whether he could attack him with this move, or would it turn out to be like Aokiji’s case, using Soru to dodge the dragon wave, and making it partially go in vain! That would be totally depressing…

So Ian simply swallowed this black dragon wave to increase his Nen!

It was also the first time he has tried this Absorption Effect. In the past two days, under the pressure of Fujitora’s gravity, he successfully broke through to the advanced level of Physical Skills. He felt that his physical condition had increased by a lot after achieving this level, so he dared to use this trick.

However, he still underestimated the burden of such a skyrocketing amount of Nen. After the absorption was completed, Ian felt that a strong headache was about to breach.

Swallowing the Black Dragon Wave has brought about three times increasement of his power, and coupled with his original amount of Nen, Ian now has more than 6,000 Nen points!

In fact, if he was not worried that his body couldn’t bear more, he would have opened the Evil Eye Expert skill, and kept increasing his Nen!

However, this was the ultimate of Hiei’s card, so he won’t be careless using it!

Moreover, at this time, Ian felt that the surging mental power filled his entire body with energy, so he forced himself to hold back his headache, and then he just wanted to vent out this excessive amount of Nen!

Waving his hands down, and opening his palms, Ian’s hands started radiating several bright lightning, which struck the ground and made a humming sound.

The ground began to tremble slightly. In Vergo’s frightened eyes, countless black grains of sand began to break out of the ground within a radius of 100 meters, with Ian’s body as the center.

These black grains floated in mid-air, quickly turning around Ian’s body, like a powerful sandstorm, and they were gradually expanding the storm’s scope.

When Vergo came back to his senses, the iron sand storm had already swallowed him into it, and the two were inside it. When Fujitora rushed over, he saw this scene from a distance.

I Can’t… Escape!? Vergo finally understood Ian’s intentions.

However, this was not over yet, Ian opened his hands, and from the iron sand storm barrier, he pulled a huge some of the iron sand grains, gathering it on his hands.

The iron sand, which was concentrated on his hands, quickly formed under Ian’s control a pair of gloves like the wolf’s claws…

Buzz Buzz Buzz! There was a low and deep noise coming from Ian’s hands. Vergo saw that the iron claws on Ian’s hands started vibrating with a quite high frequency.

Vergo’s anxiety was getting worse and worse. He didn’t know what kind of tricks Ian had come up with, but he felt that they were very dangerous.

“This doesn’t seem to be enough!” Ian looked at the high-frequency vibration and said to himself. In the next second, Ian waved his hands, and a burst of flame was ignited on his iron sand claws!

Claws of fire? Ian was satisfied now.

Since he has absorbed the Black Dragon Wave, there was enough Nen for him to squander, Naturally, Ian wanted to use his own Unique Ultimate Skill. The three cards he was equipped with now were Hiei (the Flying Shadow), Iori Yagami (Flame of the End), and Misaka Mankato (Railgun). Ian wanted to try and see if he could combine the abilities of these three cards!

“Geppo (Moonwalk)!” Vergo wanted to rush out of the iron sand storm, but he didn’t expect that the speed of the storm was so fast that he even bounced back when reaching its surface. So he looked up and he thought about flying high and escaping from the top.

But the problem was, how could Ian make him escape so easily? Under his control, countless gains from at the top of the iron sand storm immediately turned into a large number of sharp blades, stabling Vergo in the air.

Vergo tried to dodge these sharp blades by changing the direction of his Moonwalk, but there were too many blades and soon he was hit!

Although these blades weren’t able to hurt Vergo duo to his strong Haki, it forced him to fall down.

This is the moment!!!!!!!

Ian slammed both of his hands, and a dazzling light gleamed in the middle. At this moment, it seemed as if time had stopped.

In a split second, Ian’s body teleported to the place where Vergo was falling, leaving behind two rays of light!

Forbidden 1211 Shiki • Ya Otome

Ian first thought about using his sword and making an ultimate move, but he found it was not possible or even realistic. So he changed his mind. He didn’t have the same powerful hands as the monster Iori himself, but he could manipulate the iron sand and form more powerful claws, using different kinds of abilities. At the same time, in order to break through Vergo’s strong Busoshoku Haki, Ian also used the Double Fist of the Mortal Flame on his claws.

When Vergo fell, Ian had already grabbed him, and his clawed hands suddenly began waving wildly, slamming his claws fiercely on Vergo’s body!

Cry, Scream, then Die!

When Vergo was caught by Ian, he wanted to break free, but he found that he could not do anything. An invisible force has paralyzed him, making him completely unable to make any response. He could only try to maintain his Busoshoku defense.

However, when Ian’s claws slashed him for the first time, he realized that his Busoshoku Haki couldn’t defend against the sharp claws in Ian’s hands!

A strong sense of pain stuck him, accompanied by waves of blood splashing everywhere!

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! The Scratching Sounds were constantly ringing in the air, as well as the sound of Vergo’s muscles being torn. Ian’s claws were so fast that people could not see his movements clearly. In a short second, Ian left countless scars on Vergo’s body.

In the appearance of the iron sand storm, Fujitora perceived the situation through his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), and even he was a little frightened by the kind of madness that Ian attached to this move.

At last, Ian grabbed Vergo with both hands, lifted him up, and head-butted him so hard! (

This was the ending movement of Iori’s ultimate. After Ian’s head struck Vergo’s, a fierce purple flame exploded in his body!

Vergo spat out a lot of blood, he was injured badly this time. When Ian released him, his body couldn’t help flying backward.

His whole body was bathed in flames, but while he was floating in the air, he didn’t see what Ian was doing, the iron sand claws on Ian’s hands were slammed down again, gathering a large number of iron sand gains, forming a projectile with the size of an egg, and then pressed it with the fingertips of his right hand.

A more intense Lightning burst out from Ian’s right hand, and the egg-sized projectile was instantly shot out!

Boooom!!! A deafening explosion sound came out, and all the windows of the buildings around the G5 branch base where Ian was located suddenly exploded!

Even Fujitora couldn’t help covering his ears.

This time, the sonic boom phenomenon was unprecedentedly stronger than all the previous ones, Ian used all the rest amount of Nen he had and fired a Super Electromagnetic Cannon at Vergo, who was hovering in the air!

In fact, this was a series of abilities activated all at once. Originally, at the end of Iori’s ultimate, he usually slashes his opponent wildly while he was still in mid-air, but Ian modified it this time, and he simply replaced it with a Super Electromagnetic Cannon!

Now, he has used the entire amount of Nen he gained, and satisfied his desire!

This super electromagnetic Cannon was extremely powerful. After blasting half of Vergo’s body in an instant, it turned into a thick stream of light, which kept going after piercing him. On its way, a couple of buildings on the base were blasted and scattered in all directions. This Super Electromagnetic Cannon smashed all obstacles along its way, and even the barrier of the iron sand storm was penetrated, leaving behind a huge hole in it…

The direction Ian was facing was exactly the direction of the sea. In Fujitora’s perception, this projectile, launched by Ian, has exceeded “the thousand-meter mark” in the sea!

Sensing the huge waves that were set off on the sea, even Fujitora couldn’t help calling Ian a Monster…(If you liked the chapter, please consider supporting me on my Patreon Page)



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