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S.C.S Chapter 197: Ian’s accomplice

As the light of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon dissipated in the sky, the iron sand storm that was out of control stopped rotating.

Countless black iron sand, like raindrops, fell from the sky, with a large amount of broken glass mixed in between, hitting on the ground, making load messy noises.

Ian was standing in the rain of iron sand with a satisfied expression.

In his previous battles, he always felt that his Nen value wasn’t enough to satisfy his desire. However, after absorbing the energy of the black dragon wave, he was finally able to go all in carefree.

The strong output of Nen will naturally bring about the improvement and augmentation in the power of moves. Ian has known this from a long time ago, but only now has he realized it.

Just now, a Super Electromagnetic Cannon has pierced all the buildings along its path. Looking at the scene in front of him, a huge circular gap appeared in the dozens of buildings in this straight line. Through these perfectly lined gaps, he could see the sea in the distance!

This was just the result of Ian’s remaining amount of Nen, about three thousands point. He can’t imagine whether he can directly destroy an island with a Super Electromagnetic Cannon when his Nen reaches ten thousand or twenty thousand points…

Ian lowered his head and looked at Vergo lying on the ground. Half of his body was blown by this super Railgun. From shoulder to waist, he had a huge hole as if he had been gnawed by a beast!

There was no blood flowing out of his wound, because at the moment the Super Electromagnetic Cannon struck him, its high temperature had already sealed his wound.

In this way, he might not die duo to bleeding… (huh!?)

Vergo was screaming so loud in the rain of black iron sand, he hadn’t died for the time being. However, his bones and internal organs were destroyed, and he was about to die. This was only his final struggle.

In the remaining parts of his upper body, there were countless crisscross scratches, as if he had been attacked by a beast, he looked too horrible.

Did he just kill a marine Vice Admiral within a couple of seconds? Ian looked at his hands in disbelief.

During this period of time, he fought with Aokiji, and also had a battle verses Momonga and Doberman. When dealing with Aokiji, he relied on his attribute and Hiei’s ultimate to hurt him. And when facing Momonga and Doberman, he managed to only defeat one of them. He didn’t expect to kill Vergo so easily after this sudden explosion.

With small speculation, Ian understood that as long as he could use about 7000 to 10000 Nen point, the power of his moves would be able to crush most of the Vice Admirals.

Of course, this was only for the typical Vice Admirals, and for sure Garp was not included.

Just as Ian was thinking about it, Fujitora came over, stood behind him, and said, “Brother Ian, how is he?”

“He’s not dead yet, but he won’t last long,” Ian said.

Fujitora sighed slightly. Judging from the fighting power that Ian just broke out, his opponent is probably the most powerful person in this G5 branch. Fujitora didn’t know his name, but it can be estimated that the person who is screaming was the Base Commander of the G5 branch. Fujitora had wounded so many soldiers at the front gate, and he did not attract their Commander. Instead, he found Ian.

In Fujitora’s hands, Vergo may still be able to survive if Fujitora was merciful, but when he found Ian, that was the last mistake he would make. For such a result, Fujitora didn’t know what to say…

This might be the will of God!

“Have you found the place where they hold their prisoners?” Fujitora asked Ian.

“There is no need to look for it!” Ian shook his head and said, “All the King’s companions are dead.”

“Re… Really?” Fujitora was really disappointed and said, “Then let’s leave!”

Ian nodded, said nothing, and started walking, leaving Vergo behind with Fujitora.

No one dared to stop them or even stand in their way. The Marine soldiers of the G5 branch were knocked down by Fujitora alone. Although they weren’t dead, they all lay on the ground and groaned. After seeing Ian and Fujitora appearing in the field, they were so scared that they kept lying on the ground and pretended to be dead.

When they came to the coast, people from the Dragon Hunters Group came to meet them. When Ian used the Black Dragon Wave, everyone on the ship saw the black fire dragon that appeared above the base. They thought that a huge battle broke out in the base. They all came to support their captain. Only when they arrived at the shore, they saw the two men come out intact.

It was a whole freaking marine base, but the two went in and got out so easily, which made the members of the Dragon Hunter Group speechless.

When he was about to get on the boat, Fujitora suddenly stopped, thought for a while, and drew his sword.

As he pulled his sword, a circle of faint purple light suddenly shot up directly from his sword toward the sky!

After a while, a big burning fireball suddenly appeared in the sky!

The big fireball’s figure was getting larger and larger, falling towards the base of the G5 branch at a very fast speed.

“What… What is that!?” The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group looked at the sky in astonishment, and their faces turned pale.

Ian saw it too, he couldn’t help screaming loudly to the sailors, went on to carry Fujitora, and then he jumped on the boat and desperately urged them to start paddling.

“Uncle!? When you think about using such a big ability, let us know first, OK!?” Ian said angrily.

“Oh, be careful. A meteorite is coming!” Fujitora road.

Ian raised his hands and almost yelled at him: “Before, not after!!”

With Ian’s continuous urging, the boat of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group quickly sailed away from the island.

When their ship had just left, a large number of Marine soldiers also fled from the G5 branch base in panic and ran desperately towards their warships in the port. Some of them have even jumped directly into the sea.

They all saw the meteorite that appeared in the sky and rushed toward their base. When they regained their senses, they all started running for their lives.

At the same time, after Ian and Fujitora left, Vergo stopped screaming, gritted his teeth, and with the last bit of strength, he used his remaining hand and took out A Den Den Mushi from his pocket.

“It’s… It’s the person who the Young Master is looking for…” Vergo muttered and spat out a lot of blood: “I want… I want you to send him this message… tell Doflamingo… he… Will avenge me…”

However, when he first took out the Den Den Mushi, he suddenly noticed that the sky became brighter. He looked up and saw a huge fireball in the sky, heading down towards his location!

“Is it too late?” Vergo murmured: “Farewell, Young Master!”

Boom! A tremendous explosion came down from the meteorite that Fujitora pulled with his ability, with an unprecedented impact, and bombarded the base of the G5 branch!

The size of this meteorite was actually not that big. After landing, its diameter was estimated to be only ten meters. However, falling from such a high altitude, the destructive power of this meteorite was quite huge. At that moment, when it hit the base, it was just like an atomic bomb. The buildings within the scope of the meteorite’s impact were instantly destroyed by the powerful shock wave!

The turbulent waves spread in all directions, and soon crushed the entire Base. Generally, the base of the G5 branch was flattened.

A large amount of dust has filled the air, and a small mushroom-like cloud rose from the island…

Ian and all his crew, who were on the ship, watched this scene dumbfounded, and were stunned for a long time.

Everyone finally figured out the meaning of what their captain said before, this blind Uncle, actually has the strength comparable to that of an Admiral! A small meteorite has destroyed a whole base. Such a powerful destructive force can only be displayed from a monster.

And at this moment, Ian finally realized the gap between himself and Fujitora. With such strength, he can easily destroy a country. Such a powerful meteorite can be summoned easily with his ability.

Maybe Ian can also destroy a marine base, but it’s absolutely impossible to be as easy as Fujitora’s ways…

“Uncle, why did you do it?” After coming back to his senses, Ian asked Fujitora with some doubts.

“Your abilities are too remarkable!” Fujitora said: “I’m just trying to help you cover up the marks of your battle.”

Upon hearing this, Ian understood Fujitora’s intention. He was worried that Vergo’s death would make the Marines speculate about his identity, so he thought about helping him cover up the traces.

Although it was coming from good intentions, but… this was too much, right?

Ian looked at the direction of the G5 base with a wry smile. He knew that even if Vergo had any hope of escape, but with this meteorite, it would have been eliminated.

Moreover, Fujitora may not be able to cover anything up, after all, the black fire dragon that rushed into the sky at that time may have been seen by many Marine soldiers…

In fact, Ian was not afraid of being identified by the Marines now. Let alone that he has some power to protect himself, not to mention that Fujitora was still on his ship for a long time, unless the Marines sends out the three Admirals, then he won’t be able to do anything about it.

“Uncle, it’s a huge crime to destroy a marine base, you are really going to be wanted now!” Ian said to Fujitora.

“I have been thinking about it all night long, I have already prepared myself.” Fujitora smiled.

“Then, just join my pirate group!” Ian grinned and said, “You are a blind man, so if you are chased down by the marines, you won’t be able to escape! And now… we are accomplices!”

Fujitora laughed: “When our bet is finished, then we will talk about this matter!”

Hearing this, Ian also understood that Fujitora was a little loose. From his words, it can be seen that he wasn’t as opposed to joining his pirate group as he was at the beginning.

This was probably because Ian has revealed his true strength…

Thinking of this, Ian didn’t ask him about anything else. Everything went as he wished. If Fujitora wants to leave at that time, no one could stop him. Similarly, if he decided by himself to stay, then he won’t need to persuade him…

“Let’s go back to Gramberg Island!” Ian waves his hand to the people on board.

“Hai, hai, captain! Let’s go back!” Everyone cheered, the sails were pulled, the helm was set, the ship turned around, and sailed away from the island in the sea breeze…



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