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S.C.S Chapter 198: what can we do about this?

Sitting on a deck chair, Ian was basking in the sun while checking his level.

During this last period, Ian has engaged in a lot of battles, starting from wounding Aokiji, then overthrowing a rear admiral of the Marines, then blasting Doberman’s hand, and now killing Vergo, it can be said that he has been fighting many strong marine figures.

In addition to the experience gained from the spar with Boa Hancock, Ian has gained a lot of experience in these battles, especially after finishing Vergo. His current level has risen to 18 with more than 20% done to the Next Level…

It seems that in the default settings of the System gives a lot more experience from killing the opponents than that of defeating then.

In fact, it seemed logical when he thought more about it. As long as the opponent was still alive, then he may still have a chance to fight him again in the future, which means that he can drain a certain amount of experience from the same opponent. However, if he starts killing them, it means that he won’t get another chance to fight such an opponent, and the experience value that can be obtained from him would be provided to Ian at once.

However, for killing Vergo, Ian was actually a little out of control, but he still didn’t regret it.

If Vergo was a pure Vice Admiral, Ian might not necessarily kill him. Ian, like Fujitora, was actually a person with a clear distinction between good and evil. The Marines were certainly his enemies now, but Ian still has no hostility towards those Marines who can uphold their own justice.

But Vergo was actually a member of the Donquixote family, working as a spy in the marines, and it was because of his participation that many children were kidnapped and sent to Caesar for experiments on the human body enlargement program.

Ian doesn’t know whether Caesar’s cooperation with Doflamingo will continue after killing Vergo, but at least without Vergo, maybe there would be fewer kidnapped children?

According to Ian’s conjectures, the cooperation between Caesar and Doflamingo may not be terminated because of Vergo’s death, but this, for sure, would be disrupting some of Doflamingo’s plans.

With Doflamingo’s character, Ian has committed a huge crime by killing a member of his family. He will definitely harbor an intense hatred towards him. The relationship between him and Doflamingo has turned hostile from this moment on.

If he has to draw a strength classification, in Ian’s view, the Shichibukai’s Strength was generally higher than that of the Marine Vice Admirals (T/N: As usual, Garp is not included!!!), and slightly below that of the admirals.

Of course, this kind of selection was very general. There were some people like Garp who were still at the rank of Vice-Admiral. Obviously, they can become Admirals so easily, but they were unwilling to do so. They were willing to stay at their ranks to avoid a lot of troubles. Similarly, there was Dracule Mihawk, which has the same level of strength as the “Red-Haired” Yonko, Shanks, but he still liked his position as a Shichibukai.

The grading wasn’t that accurate, which led Ian to be uncertain about what will happen exactly if he faces Doflamingo, but thinking about it, he knew for sure that he was not an opponent of Doflamingo, that guy not only has an overwhelming Haki, in addition, he was a Devil Fruit User, in its awakened state, and his strength was far superior to the average Vice Admiral.

Currently, at level 18, it won’t take him long to reach level 20. When the new card slot was opened, he can improve his strength a little more.

Moreover, according to the system, after reaching level 20, the feature of awakening a five-star red card can be achieved for the first time…

In fact, the essence of Hiei’s card didn’t have a major change since it went from four to five stars. In addition to letting Ian use the ultimate of that card, the Black Dragon wave, the improvement of its attribute was only increased to 48%, which was 2 points less than the original five-star red card. The bonus attribute given to Ian was only 10% more than the four-star cards, which was not much, but this was not the true benefit of the red cards.

The five-star red card was only superior to the four-star card because of its awakening state, only the advanced red card can have the Awakening Function.

According to the introduction of the system, every 20 levels, a five-star red card can be awakened once, and there will be different attribute increases. Ian doesn’t know exactly how, but he was looking forward to this feature.

Putting the level situation in the first priority, Ian stopped paying attention to the Awakening Function. He was thinking about a more important subject, his own Swordsmanship.

For the swordsmanship he learned since his childhood, Ian was devastated, because in his fight against Vergo, he found that his current expert swordsmanship level was not enough to even damage his opponent!

When encountering such a powerful figure with a strong Haki, Ian’s current swordsmanship couldn’t break through the opponent’s defense at all! So naturally, there was no need to use his sword.

However, it is impossible for Ian to give up his swordsmanship. Although his Nen skills were more powerful, they weren’t cost-efficient. For Ian, fighting with swordsmanship was the least expensive. If he could improve his swordsmanship to a higher level, then fighting with swordsmanship would still be the one with the most cost-effective fighting method.

Now there was Fujitora by his side. Ian’s swordsmanship training proficiency could increase rapidly, but he also knew that if he wants to upgrade his swordsmanship level from Expert to Grandmaster Rank, filling his proficiency won’t be enough, he needs to have a more deep understanding of the origins of swordsmanship!

This kind of situation has already occurred once when he broke through the advanced swordsmanship level to expert. Therefore, even with the help of Fujitora, his proficiency would be filled easily, but whether he can advance smoothly to the next level depends on Ian himself.

“This doesn’t matter now, I need to focus on exercising first!” Ian thought so, got up, and went to find Fujitora who was gambling on the desk.


In their way towards Gramberg Island, the Marine headquarters also got the news that the G5 branch base was destroyed!

Although there were few casualties among ordinary soldiers, the Base Commander of the G5 branch, Vergo, died in the battle!

This news immediately shocked the Marine headquarters, especially after listening to the surviving soldiers. After describing what happened, the Marine headquarters entered a chaotic state…

“An emergency meeting” was held immediately at the Marineford.

Another Black Dragon wave has finally appeared once again, and this time it was over their base, which immediately reminded the officers of Marine Headquarters of the mastermind of the Marijoa incident.

With a bang, Vice Admiral Momonga took a wanted poster, slammed it on the conference table, and said, “Fleet Admiral, and all my comrades, we are 100% sure that the man in black, the mastermind of the Marijoa incident, is the captain of the Dragon Hunter pirate group! Ian, nicknamed Blazing Blade, was once a pirate hunter, but now he is the second most wanted person in the world, wounding the Admiral Aokiji, blasting Doberman’s hand, and killed the Vice Admiral Vergo! I suggest that we should immediately update his bounty and his face should be made known to the whole world! “

Vice-Admiral Garp, naturally, was also a member of this meeting. There was a photo of Ian in front of him. At this time, he looked at his photo and didn’t know what to say.

Garp had seen this young man before, and had entrusted him to help catch his grandson, Ace, but he did not expect that things would make such a sharp turn in no time, once was a pirate hunter, now he turned to be one of the terrifying pirates.

‘This is the case with Ian, and so Ace. Is it true that being a pirate is so attractive to young people?’

The Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, took a look at Garp, but didn’t say anything, then turned around and asked Momonga: “Didn’t you say that Boa Hancock was pursuing this Dragon Hunter Pirate Group?”

Momonga shook his head and said, “Her pursuit was fruitless. It seems that the Pirate Empress has nothing to do with the other party!”

Sengoku regretfully said, “I thought Boa Hancock could help us capture him. After all, that woman is also very powerful… It’s a trivial matter to renew the wanted poster, but the question is, how do we catch the Dragon hunters?”

Kizaru was wearing a yellow striped suit, sitting on a chair with crossed arms, pursed his lips, and said: “Should you guys let me take a trip?”

The dispatch of an Admiral can be regarded as a way to appease the Celestial Dragons. Sengoku just wanted to agree, but unexpectedly, the Vice-Admiral, Tsuru suddenly started to talk, “Wait a minute!”

As the Great Staff Officer of the Marines, the Vice-Admiral, Tsuru wasn’t just old but also very knowledgeable, she almost knew all the strong figures in the world’s oceans. Therefore, her opinions can not be ignored. When she spoke out, all the participants couldn’t help looking at her.

“I’m afraid that it won’t be enough, sending out only one admiral!” the Vice-Admiral, Tsuru hesitated.

Hearing this, Sengoku suddenly exclaimed, “What do you mean by this?”

The Vice Admiral, Tsuru rubbed her eyebrows duo to a slight headache and said, “You have neglected one important thing, that is, the blind man who appeared with this guy, Ian: as reported by the soldiers.”

“This blind man? Who is he?” Sengoku looked at the picture in front of him! The Marines also got Fujitora’s picture.

Tsuru placed her hands under her chin and said: “If I guessed correctly, this guy is probably Issho. I have heard a lot about him. I’m afraid that he is probably another Monster that can match a marine Admiral!”

As soon as the words came out, all the people around got shocked, and Momonga said in surprise, “Vice Admiral, Tsuru, Are… Are you sure about this!?”

“I can’t be wrong!” Tsuru said: “The meteorite that destroyed the whole base in the end was definitely Issho’s technique, not by this young man, Ian.”

All of a sudden, all the people were silent. The first person was the one who injured Aokiji, and the other was a guy who’s classified as a monster. Needless to say, these two appeared at the G5 base at the same time, and jointly attacked a marine base, which meant that they were working together.

In other words, what the Vice Admiral, Tsuru, said was right. If they wanted to capture the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, it is not enough to send out just one admiral!

But… in order to catch this pirate group, they have to dispatch two Admirals, which was really sensational!

‘Is it possible that this pirate group is going to be regarded as another Yonko!?’

“No way!” Sengoku slapped the table and said, “It’s absolutely crazy to send two Marines admirals into the new world at the same time. I’m afraid that the Whitebeard Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates, the Beasts Pirates, and the Big Mom Pirates will all be on guard against us. If we were not careful, this could turn to a sign of war!”

The Vice Admirals who participated in the meeting, after listening to this, could not help having a cold sweat.

The Whitebeard Pirates’ issue has not been solved yet. If two more admirals enter the new world, the Marines will probably encounter a situation of fighting multiple Yonko’s soldiers at the same time!

Nowadays, the pattern of the New World can be said to be formed by the unspeakable tacit understanding between Four Emperors (Yonko) and marines. Once broken, the consequences will be too serious. Although the Marines have been trying to expand their power to the new world, it must not be too hasty.

“So, what should we do with the dragon hunter pirate group?”



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