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S.C.S Chapter 199: Huge Crisis

In this silence, Akainu, known as Sakazuki, placed a thick cigar in his mouth. After taking two puffs, he finally started to talk, “This dragon hunter pirate group must be exterminated. The majesty of the Marines can not be provoked.”

Sengoku glanced at him and asked, “Even if it would arouse the vigilance of the four emperors, would that be fine to you?”

Sakazuki nodded, said: “Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, please forgive me for being rude, but being overcautious would make it difficult to achieve anything. Have you ever thought about it? We are always worried about initiating a conflict with the Four Emperors, but are the Yonko equally worried about provoking our majesty? We are the marines, representing justice, maintaining the order and security of all the seas. Isn’t it our duty to take down these scumbag pirates?”

Hearing this, the officers at all levels who participated in the meeting could not help nodding slightly.

Sakazuki’s remarks were on point, and there were many people who agree with his speech and ideas. On the contrary, Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral, wasn’t that fond of his plan because Sengoku likes to plan carefully and then act, so by that he was going to look overwhelmed and gives the people around a feeling of weakness.

However, at this moment, Sakazuki continued: “Not only this dragon hunter pirate group, but also the escaped slaves, must be captured!”

“Huh!? What do you mean!?” Garp was suddenly dissatisfied with this, and asked: “Sakazuki, are you planning to become a servant of the Celestial Dragons?”

“Not really!” Sakazuki shook his head and said: “It’s an agreement between them and the world government to send out the admirals to protect the Celestial Dragons’ affair. We’re just obeying World Government’s orders, not the Celestial Dragons! But those slaves who have been released can now be regarded as the accomplices of the Dragon Hunters’ leader. We must crack down this phenomenon and severely punish these people. Otherwise, there will be endless escape incidents of slaves in the future, and our department will be exhausted!”

“But…” Aokiji, who was keeping his eyes closed and laying back, was much better now, so he also attended this meeting. Hearing this, he finally opened his mouth and frowned: “Those slaves are just some poor innocent people, have you forgotten what happened with the Sun pirates? In order to bring back those slaves, how many soldiers did our department lose? As for the issue of returning slaves to the Celestial Dragons, we usually just turn a blind eye. There is no reason why we should catch them back after they escaped, right?”

“Huh! Did you forget how many of those slaves were originally pirates?” Sakazuki did not show any weakness, and refuted Aokiji’s idea: “They were originally merciless pirates, it is a disaster to let them flee like this! It’s the justice of the Marines that will be harmed in the end.”

“That’s right… there are pirates among them, but most of them were innocent people! Don’t you feel that it’s wrong generalizing all of them!?” Aokiji glared at him and said loudly.

Although they were not quarreling, they are arguing loudly. Other marine officers could only watch and didn’t dare to interrupt or argue with them. Aokiji and Akainu have different principles. This was not news within the Marines. Such disputes have been witnessed so many times.

Sengoku looked at the two with a headache, just wanted to stop them, but at this time, a Den Den Mushi in front of him suddenly rang.

Hearing the ringing sound, Aokiji and Akainu stopped talking. They knew that during the Naval Conference, it definitely must be the world government that was calling…

“Hey, it’s Sengoku!” he picked up the call, looked at the Den Den Mushi who suddenly turned into a chin full of white beards snail. Sengoku knew that the one calling was definitely one of the Five Elder.

Sure enough, an old-man voice came out and said, “Fleet Admiral, Sengoku! The arsonist has not been caught yet?”

“No, we have just confirmed the identity of the mastermind!” Sengoku replied: “Now we are having a meeting to discuss his arrest.”

“Hurry up!” The old man on the other end said: “It has been a long time since the incident, and the identity chip has not been returned… The Celestial Dragons are getting very anxious.”

Sengoku coldly said: “What else can we do? They are only thinking about their affairs, and we have already sacrificed a Vice Admiral, and another one has lost his wrist and he’s still lying in the hospital!”

The voice on the other end of the call did not fluctuate because of Sengoku’s words. He just said: “We will give you another month to arrest him, it must be done as soon as possible, remember he must be caught alive! For this matter, The Celestial Dragons have proposed an idea to make a deal with the mastermind…”

“A deal!? What kind of deal?” Sengoku asked with some doubts.

“They asked us to issue a Shichibukai invitation to the mastermind in exchange for the identity chip!” The old man said the news indifferently.

“What!?” This time, not only Sengoku, but even all the marine officers who were present at the meeting could not sit still!

Momonga was the first to speak. He stood up and said loudly: “Excuse me for my rudeness, but my comrade, the Vice Admiral Doberman is still lying in the hospital because of that man. Vice Admiral Vergo is killed by him. And after hearing all of this, you proposed to make the other party join the Shichibukai!?”

“That’s right! I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

“Our department will never agree with this matter!”

Aokiji was injured, Doberman was also injured, and Vergo was killed. The damage of three consecutive colleagues made the officers of the Marine Headquarters all shared the same hatred towards the enemy and expressed their opposition one after another.

However, the old man was not moved at all, and said: “This is not a suggestion, but an order. We absolutely understand the feelings of your department, so we have given you some time. If you didn’t manage to capture the mastermind within this period, then we have to send the invitation letter to the arsonist according to the will of Celestial Dragons.”

Having this said, the other side slammed the microphone and hung up the call.

Sengoku crushed the microphone in his hand! After hearing all of this, he was a bit angry.

“Is the identity chip of a Celestial Dragon more important than the sacrifice of our marine officers?” Sengoku roared.

All the marines there were in the same mood as Sengoku, which was a wave of understandable anger.

However, after venting some of their rages, everyone had to accept this fact sadly, because the Marines have always been under the leadership of the world government, and the Marines must carry out their orders.

In other words, if the Marines did not capture the Dragon hunters within a month, they would have to watch the Dragon hunter group receive a Shichibukai invitation in the name of the world government, just to make a deal with their leader…

Although most of the Shichibukai have been hostile to marine before accepting the invitation, but in most cases, the marines’ reaction wasn’t that big! But the problem here was that the marines have lost many battles at the hands of the dragon hunters, and caused them a huge embarrassment. So under such circumstances, the world government would issue an invitation letter to the enemy, and by that, they will also erase any blame of them for being incompetent?

“Everyone heard it!” Sengoku said: “in a month’s time, if we don’t want this to become a reality, then we must work hard!”

“Yes!” All the officers present stood up and saluted, except Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu.

Sengoku looked at the three of them, and suddenly said: “Borsalino, I’m dispatching you! Besides, I will ask former Admiral Zephyr to go with you!”

When Kizaru heard this, he was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t say anything, just nodded.

In fact, Sengoku wanted Kizaru and Akainu to go together, but he was worried that with Akainu’s character, he might fight the Yonko’s pirates if he encounters them. Aokiji was originally a more suitable candidate, but he wasn’t ready yet, and Ian, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, restrained him in terms of power nature. Therefore, after thinking about it, Sengoku decided to invite the retired Admiral, Zephyr…

Most importantly, Zephyr has just formed a pirate guerrilla force, focusing on hunting the pirates in the new world. Now, this Ian has changed his path from a pirate hunter to a pirate, then Zephyr will be happy to join in.

More than that, Sengoku gritted his teeth, not only did he send out Kizaru and Zephyr, but also ten Battleships followed them into the New World.

This was basically a Buster Call, but not for an island, for a pirate group. Since the four emperors will be on guard, then it is better to directly deter them.

At the same time, the Marine headquarters also updated Ian’s wanted poster by putting his picture on it instead of a masked man. His bounty has not changed at the present. It was still 500 million Berries, and he still has to only be captured alive.

If the amount of the previous bounty seemed too high, mainly because it was the Celestial Dragons who were willing to pay for it! Then this time, Ian has deserved such a bounty, an Admiral got injured, a Vice-Admiral was hit hard, and another one was killed. Such a record is absolutely worthy of 500 million Berries!

In addition to offering a reward for capturing Ian, Fujitora also became wanted by the marines, and due to Tsuru’s intelligence, the Marines also paid considerable attention to Fujitora, and directly issued a bounty of 300 million Berries!

At this time, they did not understand the relationship between Fujitora and Ian, but because the two appeared together to attack the base of the G5 branch, they judged Fujitora as Ian’s accomplice. They thought he was probably the Deputy Captain or high-level cadre of the Dragon Hunter group. Therefore, on the wanted poster, they directly marked him as a member of the group!

WANTED: “Blazing Blade” Ian, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, Marijoa’s arsonist.

WANTED: Issho, a member of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, a participant in the destruction of the G5 branch.



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