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S.C.S Chapter 200: Finding Ace

At this time, Ian did not know about the huge crisis coming his way.

After such a battle at the G5 base, Ian also thought about the Marines’ reaction, but he would never expect that it would be this fierce.

First, the impatient Celestial Dragons constantly exert pressure on the world government; second, the emergence of Fujitora has also led to an increase in the threat of dragon hunters. Under this chain effect, the Marines have deployed more than half of its combat power to find him!

Fortunately, Ian chose to enter the new world at that time, which was an extremely correct choice. Although the Marines’ strength was remarkable, such a big move into the New World would also cause the Yonko to respond…

In particular, some time ago, the Whitebeard’s territory had just been invaded by the Marines for capturing some pirates. This matter has not been completely solved. The Marines have appeared in such a rush, which could easily mislead people into thinking that this was a signal of war, intending to finish the fight with the Whitebeard Pirates……

For a while, some well-informed pirates, after hearing the news of the Marines’ deployment, prepared themselves and began to move. It is conceivable that a great turmoil is about to usher in the new world.

Ian did not know about these things for the time being. The Dragon Hunters’ ship, carrying Ian and the rest, had returned to Gramberg Island.

When the king learned that his companions were already gone, he was so sad that he cried bitter tears!

For a long time, the driving force that supported him to continue the opening of this casino on this island was coming from the belief of seeing his companions once again. However, he has continuously offered money to the G5 branch and kept his promise, but all of his efforts were in vain.

“F*cking marines, I will never forgive these bastards, till the end of my life!” The king gritted his teeth…

Fujitora sighed and said, “You can’t say that. I know what you feel but you shouldn’t be too extreme… I’ve heard about the evil behavior of the G5 branch, but they don’t represent the whole marine department.”

Ian nodded on the side, he also agreed with Fujitora’s words. It is inappropriate to extend the individual behavior of some people to the whole group. Although Ian has become a pirate and he was hostile to the Marines, it is undeniable that the Marines also have their moral principles and still represents justice…

The king took a long breath and finally calmed down. Facing Fujitora and Ian, he was absolutely grateful for their help, because he had heard about the destruction of the G5 branch, and the killing of the base commander, Vergo. Ian and Fujitora were his benefactors, so he naturally listened to their persuasion.

He suddenly knelt down toward Ian and Fujitora, and said, “Captain Ian! Mr. Issho, you shouldn’t have any concerns… Now after all of this, I really want to join your pirate group. I wonder if you can accept me in your group!?”

Fujitora laughed, and said: “You have to ask Brother Ian for this. I am not his partner yet!”

Ian smiled slightly. He knew that Fujitora would stay with him the entire month, but it was still early. Fujitora probably wanted to stay the whole duration to see the true nature of this group, then he would make a decision, and he would only do it after the time has passed, so Ian didn’t mind at all.

For this King guy, Ian was considering whether to let him join his pirate group…

Originally, the King wasn’t that strong, but he was a Devil Fruit User at least. If his illusion ability was developed well, it may come in handy.

However, Ian was a little worried about whether he can get along well with his crew. After all, his background was different from that of his pirates.

Thinking about it carefully, Ian felt that it was not a big deal. Judging from the king’s experience, he was not the kind of heinous pirate, and in order to save his companions, he stayed alone on this island, working hard for a long time, hoping that one day he will reunite with his friends! And for Ian, the most important thing to be one of his pirates was to be loyal…

“All right.” Ian nodded and said, “I’ll allow it.”

The king was overjoyed and said to Ian: “Captain, then I will close the casino, and all the money in the casino will be handed to you!”

Ian glanced at Fujitora and asked, “Uncle Issho, what do you think!? Should we return the money to the villagers on the island?”

Fujitora thought carefully and said: “It’s better not to. The people on this island are already too addicted to gambling. It may not be good for them to suddenly get a large amount of money. It is better to shut down the casino, and leave them nothing! Then naturally, they will slowly adapt and return to their previous lives.”

“Well, then.” Ian thought for a while and said, “I think there are many great farmlands on this island. Why don’t we use some of this money to buy farm tools and grain seeds and distribute them?”

Fujitora smiled happily, nodded, and agreed with Ian’s proposal.

Yeah, it’s better giving them tools to farm than giving them supplies and money. Fujitora felt that he is right indeed. Although Ian was a pirate, he still has principles and conscience. Otherwise, he would not have followed this blind uncle to help him so wholeheartedly…

So, after getting Ian’s permission, the King quickly got busy obeying his orders. He closed the casino first, expelled all gamblers, then summoned the casino staff, gave them a severance payment. Then he gathered all the money of the casino and piled it up in front of Ian.

“Captain, I didn’t follow the marines’ orders blindly from the beginning, I had my own thoughts.” the King said: “Not all the profits of the casino were handed over to the G5 branch. I hid some of them. In two years, I still saved a lot of money. I originally planned to rescue my companions and take this money back to my hometown. But now it’s all yours!”

“How much is it?” Ian asked as he looked at the pile of banknotes in front of him.

“That’s a total of 224 million Berries!” the King replied.

Ian was happy to hear that. With so much money, he won’t have to worry about all kinds of supplies his crew might need in the future.

Ian called all the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, placed the money in suitcases, and asked them to take it into the ship. After seeing the money donated by the King, all the members had a much better attitude towards him, and carried him to the ship on their shoulders.

“Uncle Issho, should I do it or should I leave it to you!” Ian asked, glancing at the empty casino.

Fujitora stood up and said, “I’ll do it! If I let you do it, you may cause a huge fuss.”

“Won’t it make much louder noise if you handle it yourself?” Ian said with a giggle.

Fujitora laughed and drew out a section of the sword he carried. This might be a habit when he uses his fruit’s ability. As his sword was pulled out slightly of its sheath, the ground around the casino began to tremble slowly.

He was exerting strong pressure on the entire casino area!

As he strengthened his abilities, the casinos gradually collapsed, cracks appeared in the walls and ceiling, and then the whole building fell and turned into countless pieces of rubble.

Boom! With a loud noise spreading throughout the island, the casino has completely turned into a pile of rubble.

The residents of the island naturally saw this scene, when Ian and Fujitora walked out from the cloud of dust, all the residents looked at them in horror.

When Ian looked at them, he found something wrong, so he yelled at them: “From today, this casino will no longer exist. Ladies and gentlemen, your families are more important than anything else in this world, so you all need to take care of them, and you all deserve to live a good life! Sayonara!”

Upon hearing this, many people were stunned. However, the women and children on the island soon reacted, and they couldn’t help crying so loudly and cheering.

The casino won’t exist anymore, which means that all the husbands, fathers, brothers will no longer indulge in gambling again, everything will come back to normal!?

Amidst cheers, Ian and Fujitora left the scene, returned to the port, and boarded the ship.

Fujitora stood in the bow of the ship, facing the island, and said: “Gambling addiction is not so easy to quit. I have a deep understanding of this. These gamblers may need some time to get used to it. I hope they won’t gather together in private places to gamble.”

“Without the existence of the casino as the administrator, this phenomenon may exist, but it will be much better!” Ian said: “Small gambling can make you happy, but large gambling will be hurtful, such a thing can’t be stopped at once! Let them take their time.”

Fujitora laughed and said, “That’s a good point! By the way, Brother Ian, where are we going next? I still have to stay on your ship for more than 20 days!”

“We need to go to a nearby island and buy them some seeds and farm tools first.” Ian said, “Then next, I want to go to the territory of the Whitebeard pirates!”

“The Whitebeard Pirates!?” Fujitora was a bit strange: “What are you planning to do?”

“I have a friend in the Whitebeard Pirates!” Ian smiled, thinking about Ace, and said: “There’s something I’ve kept in my mind. I need to find him and talk to him.”

What Ian was talking about was naturally the Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach. After meeting him on Mainspring Island, Ian has been a little worried. He doesn’t know if Ace has joined the Whitebeard Pirates, but if he does, then he feels that it was necessary to remind Ace and let him be so careful of Teach!

According to Ian’s understanding of the original story, Ace’s joining the Whitebeard Pirates was almost like a nail on the board, it will definitely happen.

The reason was so obvious, because the Whitebeard gave Ace the fatherly love that he has never been able to have!

Ace had never met his father Roger, but the influence that his biological father left on him was all negative. He had heard the word “the blood of infamous criminal/Evil Blood” from others more than once.

On the contrary, the Whitebeard’s love and care for Ace were sincere. Isn’t Ace eager for father’s love? No, he wants it more than anyone else!

Therefore, the name of “father” directly hit the softest place in Ace’s heart, making him willingly join the Whitebeard Pirates, and determined to help him become the pirate king.

For this reason, Ian can’t stop Ace from joining the Whitebeard Pirates…



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