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S.C.S Chapter 201: Important moment

Ian couldn’t stop Ace from joining the Whitebeard Pirates, and in fact, deep down in his heart, he didn’t even want to stop him.

Because for Ace, the fatherhood of the Whitebeard was a very important thing in his life, and Ian doesn’t want to deprive him of the opportunity to have such love…

Since Ace can’t be prevented from joining the Whitebeard Pirates, Ian can only take a detour, so that he could remind him to be extremely wary of the Blackbeard.

The Blackbeard, Teach, who has been hidden deep his ambitions, and would not reveal his true desire until he gets the dark-dark fruit he had been dreaming of. Before that, he has always been harmless to all creatures.

After Fujitora got on his ship, Ian had also thought about whether he could combine his strength with Fujitora’s and help him kill the Blackbeard.

However, after thinking about it carefully, Ian discovered that this was impossible!

It was absolutely impossible to get rid of the Blackbeard like this. Teach has been in the Whitebeard Pirates for a long time. It was estimated to be for more than ten or twenty years. If he gets killed, the Whitebeard won’t think twice about avenging him!

This old man treats his subordinates as his children, and basically, he treats them equally. Teach has not exposed his ambitions yet. Killing him was equivalent to killing a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, and to murdering one of his sons!

This kind of behavior can simply be regarded as seeking death to himself. The Marines’ affairs have not ended yet, they have provoked a Yonko. Even if Ian was extremely powerful and had a lot of help, he will die after doing such a thing even if he was hidden at the end of the world…

Based on these reasons, Ian could only find Ace personally and warn him. With the friendship between him and Ace, Ace should listen to him…

It’s just that Ian can’t say how much attention Ace would pay for this matter…

He can’t bluntly tell him, “oh, this guy, Teach, two years later, he will kill one of your companions and betray the Whitebeard Pirates. If so, you must not chase him, or he will catch you and take you to the Marines in exchange for the status of a Shichibukai.”

It’s impossible to say this to Ace. Ian was not a fool. If he says so, Ace will be the first to carry him around to visit doctors all over the world to cure his poor brain…

And to be honest, Ian was speculating that even without the Blackbeard’s help, Ace will be targeted by the Marines eventually. After all, he is the only son of Roger, the Pirate King, and the Marines will never ignore such a matter. Even if he eliminates the opportunity for the Blackbeard, the Marines will do everything possible to capture Ace after discovering his true identity.

Think about it carefully. Actually, the destiny of such a matter has started 20 years ago when Roger, the pirate king, died after igniting this era, which was not so easy to change…

Therefore, in Ian’s expectation, as a friend, he has the obligation to convince Ace of the danger of the Blackbeard. However, how to tell Ace depends on the situation. The first thing to do was to see Ace again.

The territories of the Four Emperors are very large and easy to find. He just needs to find an island, and go up to inquire about him. Moreover, if he wants to know about the Whitebeard Pirate Group, there will be a secret informant who will inform his pirates of the situation.

It’s just that it’s not easy to navigate in the new world. On the third day after going to sea, Ian encountered a furious storm. A huge tornado connected the sea and the sky. It rolled up waves like giant snakes.

If it wasn’t for Fujitora, Ian and the others would be in danger. He lightened the ship with his ability, and with a little help from the wind, they shuttled through the tornado.

While they were facing the Snake Storm, on an island in the new world, an important plot was about to unfold.

In the bay, there was a very huge ship mooring, which looked like a whale! Moby Dick! This was the Whitebeard Pirates’ main flagship.

On this ship, there were several members of the Whitebeard Pirates. They were doing the usual tasks, cleaning, repairing, sailing…

At this time, in the middle of the deck, a man as tall as a giant was sitting on a reclining chair with a bare chest. His stalwart physique and his beard like the moon indicated that he was the captain of the ship, “Oyaji”, the Whitebeard, Edward Newgate!

However, this man, known as “World’s strongest man,” under the care of a group of beautiful white-clothed nurses, was holding a large bottle of Sake.

Although since Roger’s death, the Marines have always regarded this man as the greatest threat. However, time is a Pig Slaughtering Blade. Not only did the black fungus bend the bananas, but also the Monster, Whitebeard, has aged. Now he has passed his peak period and started suffering from illness.

Looking at the equipment next to him, the Whitebeard muttered, “What’s the use of these things? For me, wine is the best medicine!”

With that said, he twisted the huge wine bottle on his right hand, raised his head, and took a large sip of wine.

The beautiful nurses were just trying to stop him, but at this moment, a figure came out from behind the whitebeard, holding a big axe in his hand, and slashed it at the whitebeard who was drinking.

The Assassin’s behavior did not arouse the alarm of the people on the ship, because they had seen such attempts many times in the past two months.

Sure enough, the Whitebeard kept drinking his wine and did not look back. He raised his left hand with the needles in it, and gave a soft punch to the back…

With his percussion, the air behind Whitebeard’s head showed a spider web crack visible to the naked eye. The next second, a huge shaking force followed…

The assassin’s axe hit the huge shock force head-on, and then the axe split and collapsed. Then the figure of the assassin was bounced out and rolled on the ground for more than ten times. Finally, it hit the side of the ship with a loud bang.

Seeing this scene, a pineapple-headed man on the ship sighed with his hands on the back of his neck, and said, “He’s not going to give up?”

Another man beside him with a top hat touched the curved mustache on his lips and said, “Every day, he’s so rigid! It’s almost the 100th time, right?”

The pineapple-headed man replied, “I lost count…”

After knocking the assassin into the air, the Whitebeard seemed to be fine with it. He continued to drink his wine, put his left hand on the armrest of the chair, and asked the beautiful nurses to help him re-insert the needles.

The assassin struggled to get up, but his whole body aches, forcing him to sit down.

Who is this assassin? Of course, it was Ace! But at this time, he was no longer in high spirits. Instead, he looked miserable, with his head down and panting, and he did not speak.

It has been nearly two months since he was brought on board by the whitebeard. During this period, Ace has been trying to assassinate the Whitebeard. No matter whether he does, sneaking into his bedroom while sleeping at night, or attacking him while eating and drinking, he has never been able to succeed even once in injuring him. The Whitebeard’s Strength made him so desperate.

And this time, like always, Ace failed again…

Although he tried and failed to assassinate him continuously, the Whitebeard still connived at him. Not only has he not imposed any restrictions on him, but even the members of the Whitebeard Pirates Group were also extremely friendly to him. Although Ace was unwilling, he was being influenced little by little.

Sitting dejectedly on the side of the ship, Ace’s stomach grunted.

At this moment, a bowl of fragrant food was placed on the deck beside him.

Ace looked up and saw that the man who brought him food was the pineapple-headed man, so he couldn’t help but whispered: “Thank you… Marco…”

Instead of grabbing the bowl of food, Ace dropped his head again and suddenly asked, “Tell me! Why does everyone on this ship… call him “Oyaji/father”…”

“……” Marco, the Phoenix, the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, squatted beside Ace, and after a moment of silence, he said, “You don’t get it! It’s very simple, because he calls us his ‘sons’!”

“!!!” Ace was taken aback when he heard this answer.

Marco smiled and said: “To the rest of the world we’re all just outcasts, so…it makes us happy, even if it’s just a word!”

“……” Ace lowered his head and did not let him see his expression. Marco’s words had actually hit him deep down in his heart, because he had been carrying the title “the blood of the wicked”. He was also a pariah…

“What’s the deal, for how long are you going to keep risking your life like this?” Marco smiled and said: “I hate to break it to you, but you’re not strong enough to kill him, so you can either leave this ship and start over… or stay here, and accept the ‘Whitebeard’ mark… It’s almost time to make a decision!”

As a matter of fact, Ace has heard this last part for many times on this ship. However, from the beginning of his determination to the gradual shake of his will, Ace’s mental course has been changing. Marco’s words can be regarded as breaking down the last defense line in his heart.

It was at this time that the Whitebeard stood up and walked over to Ace, extended his right hand to him, just like when the two first met, and said with a smile: “Gurarara, be my son!”

“……” Ace didn’t speak, but lay down on the deck with tears and snot running down.

Although he didn’t talk, seeing him like this, everyone on the boat couldn’t help but laugh loudly. They knew that Ace had joined the Whitebeard Pirates and wouldn’t run away!

“Gurarara!” the Whitebeard laughed and shouted loudly: “My Sons, let’s have a banquet! Let’s celebrate Ace’s joining!”

“Woo!!” everyone on board cheered.

Marco grabbed Ace’s shoulders, pulled him up, and said, “Ace, from today on, we are family.”

The banquet started quickly. All the people in the banquet looked for Ace to clink glasses with him, patted him on the shoulder, and talked to him. However, Ace didn’t respond much because he didn’t know what to say. But seeing all the people on the boat laughing happily, Ace felt warmth in his heart at the moment. Except for Luffy and Sabo, as well as the old man and Dadan, Ace finally had a new family, and it was a very large one…

However, at this moment, a familiar figure rushed over and shouted: “Boss Ace, come and see this!”

The person who spoke was Jimmy, the chef of the spade pirates. When Ace was brought aboard by whitebeard, he also brought his crew. Now Jimmy was now a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. When he rushed over, he was holding a wanted poster in his hand…



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