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S.C.S Chapter 202: Ace’s Request

“What’s that?” Ace finally looked at Jimmy, and said.

However, Jimmy was frightened. After panting for a second, he said loudly: “Boss… Boss, it’s him! He…he became wanted!”

Ace was startled, quickly grabbed the wanted poster in Jimmy’s hand, and looked at the picture. Who else would it be if it wasn’t Ian?

“Five… five hundred million!?” Ace’s hand holding the reward sheet trembled a little. It was not clear for him whether it was caused by worry or joy. He grabbed Jimmy by the collar and shouted: “What’s going on? Ian… isn’t he a pirate hunter? How could he be wanted by the Marines? And with such a high amount!?”

To be honest, although Ian was in Marijoa for a short time and has made such a big mess, Ace wasn’t aware of these events, because, during this time, he happened to be “kidnapped” by the Whitebeard. In the beginning, Ace didn’t want to accept Whitebeard’s offer, and he wanted to be the Pirate King himself, so he tried to assassinate him more than 100 times in two months, twice a day sometimes. When did he have time to pay attention to the news from the outside world?

Not only him, but even Jimmy and the others didn’t know either. They must have followed the pace of their Captain Ace. Ace didn’t give in one day, so they had to help him by all the means…

As for the members of the Whitebeard Pirates, although they still give them food and shelter every day, it seemed that they didn’t think of giving them a newspaper!

As a result, Ace and the others didn’t even know that Ian has made a big fuss in the Holy land. Even when they were on board, they heard the members of the Whitebeard Pirates talk about such a matter, but they didn’t even consider the possibility that this guy would turn to be their friend, Ian.

However, now, on the newspaper that Jimmy got from the News Bird, the news of Ian’s reward has just been updated by the Marines, replacing the old picture of the masked man with Ian’s face, which revealed the true identity of the mastermind of the Marijoa’s incident, now the marines have officially exposed him to the eyes of the world for the first time.

The communication between Ace and Jimmy naturally attracted other people’s attention. Marco came over with a glass of wine and looked at the wanted poster. He was also surprised and said, “500 million Berries!? What a high reward, ah! Only caught alive, isn’t this person Marijoa’s arsonist? Ace, you know him!?”

When Ace heard this, he quickly turned his head, pulled Marco, and said, “You know him? What happened? What do you mean by Marijoa’s arsonist!? Tell me!”

Next to him, Flower Sword Vista leaned over, rubbed his mustache, and said, “You don’t even know about the incident? It was a big deal when I first heard it, this man sneaked into Marijoa and set the Holy Land on fire during the World Conference!”

“Ian, he burned Marijoa!?” Ace had an expression of disbelief.

“Of course, this is the version propagated by the world government!” Marco said: “According to the information we got from our agents, the truth is that this person killed a Celestial Dragon and robbed two Devil Fruits, at the same time released five hundred Celestial Dragon slaves and took them away from Marijoa. Therefore, the Marine Headquarters dispatched Admiral Aokiji to stop him from escaping, but Aokiji failed and got hurt by him!”

“Haha, the strength of this young man looks very promising!” Vista said with a smile: “When Oyaji heard the news, he even mocked Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral. I haven’t seen him that happy for a long time.”

Marco said: “To be able to escape from Aokiji’s hands and even hurt him is not what ordinary people can do. Ace, do you really know this guy? Is he also a Logia fruit User?”

“No, he didn’t seem to me to be a Devil Fruit User!” Ace shook his head. “Taking two devil fruits? Then yeah, that’s the Ian I know! He once told me that he wanted to get a devil fruit for his sister… So, he really did it? “

After reading the information on the wanted poster carefully, Vista said: “The Dragon Hunter Pirates? Is he the one who was on the Mainspring Island some time ago!?”

“Is there something else?” With a surprised look on his face, Ace asked Vista, “What Mainspring Island?”

“A while ago, didn’t I go out on my father’s order?” Vista explained: “You saw me set sail at the time. During that period, two marine Vice Admirals, Momonga and Doberman, boarded the Mainspring Island and caught an impostor, not the real arsonist. Mainspring Island is one of Oyaji’s territories. The Marines’ forces landing on our island led to the petrification of some members of our second division. As retaliation, father told me to join hands with Namur, the Commander of the eighth division, and destroy a Marine fortress under construction… I didn’t expect that the cause of this was because of this young man named Ian?”

Marco added: “I’ve heard in Teach’s report that the leader of the Dragon Hunters had a huge fight with the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock, as well as two Vice Admirals, Momonga and Doberman. In the end, he blasted off Doberman’s wrist…”

After chatting for a while, Ace was surprised to find that Ian had been involved in too many terrible events in just two months. This little chat made Ace very confused.

“Didn… didn’t he always say that he wanted to stay a pirate hunter?” Ace didn’t know what to say for a while, so he said the first thing that came to his mind.

Jimmy interjected: “Captain Ace, didn’t he say that he decided to a pirate Hunter just because he wanted to make money and buy a devil fruit? Since he could steal one, why would he need to stay a hunter?”

These words made Ace, Marco, and Vista nod. They all knew what urinary nature the Celestial Dragon was, and the three of them felt nothing wrong with Ian’s attempt to snatch the devil fruits from them.

It’s just… Vista sighed: “It’s understandable to rob the devil fruits and release the slaves, but why did he kill a Celestial Dragon? This is not an easy thing to forgive…”

“Ian must have his own reason to kill a Celestial Dragon!” Ace said: “I know him very well. He’s not the kind of person who doesn’t think about the consequences before doing anything.”

“Yes, there must be some reason why he did it!” Jimmy confirmed.

Marco and Vista looked at each other, not knowing why Ace and Jimmy had such trust in the man named Ian, but they said to Ace: “If this man is your friend, you’d better find him as soon as possible, because all the Celestial Dragon, the World Government, and the Marine headquarters are very angry! According to the information we just got, the Marine headquarters sent two Admirals out, and ten Battleships have entered the New World. Originally, we wondered why the Marines have made such a big move. Now, combined with this update of his wanted poster, I’m afraid their real purpose is to arrest your friend!”

Two Admirals!? Ten Battleships!?

After listening to their expected plan, Ace and Jimmy couldn’t help but be extremely shocked.

Ace was silent for a while, then suddenly he said: “Can… Can I see him!”

“See him?” Marco said awkwardly, “See who?”

“See the Whitebeard!” Ace said.

Marco and Vista glanced at each other, then turned and said, “Come with us!”

Under the guidance of the two, Ace found the Whitebeard who was recuperating on the beach of an island. When the three of them appeared, the whitebeard laughed and said, “Ace, my foolish son, I ordered this party especially for you. What are you doing here instead of enjoying your own banquet?”

Ace didn’t respond, he came close to the whitebeard, and suddenly knelt down in front of him. He lowered his head and said, “Oyaji, I know that I just joined the Whitebeard Pirates. I know I shouldn’t make such a request, but I beg you to help me with one thing. Please help me save someone!”

“What’s going on?” Whitebeard was stunned, it was the first time that Ace called him Oyaji.

Marco approached the whitebeard and explained the situation to him in a low voice. Then Whitebeard frowned and asked Ace loudly, “You want me to help you save this boy named Ian? Who is he!?”

“A brother of mine… he’s family!” Ace said without raising his head, “He is my family, too!”

Whitebeard didn’t speak, frowned, and thought, while Ace and Marco, who did not dare to disturb him, quietly waited for him to make a decision.

After a while, the Whitebeard suddenly stood up, his stalwart body blocked the sun, and cast a huge shadow in front of Ace. He stood in front of Ace and said: “Get up, son, since you called me Oyaji, then this old man has to provide shelter to his sons!”

“You…you agreed??” Ace looked up at Whitebeard with disbelief.

Marco said worriedly on the side: “But Father… the combat power dispatched by the Marines this time…”

“Gurararara!” the Whitebeard burst out laughing and said, “Even if the entire department got dispatched, I am THE WHITEBEARD! This young man named Ian is Ace’s family, so he’s family. What’s more, I also want to see what kind of person is this guy who made Ace call me Oyaji for the first time!”

When Marco and Vista heard this, they both laughed and stopped talking…

After finishing the laughter, the Whitebeard suddenly asked: “This Ian, he got some devil fruits, do you know what kind of fruit they are?”

Ace froze for a moment, then shook his head, but Marco started to talk: “I heard that there may be one Mythical Type fruit just like mine…”

“It seems that the rumors are true!” the Whitebeard sighed, lowered his head, and said to Ace: “Don’t worry, kiddo! That little guy will probably be fine, even if we don’t take action, because I heard, Kaido, The King of the Beasts, seems to be looking for him too! (T/N: is that a good thing Oayji….!!!!???) But because he had covered his face before, Kaido didn’t have any clues about his identity. Now that his picture has been exposed, it’s possible that Kaido will appear as well…!”

Marco and Vista, including Ace, the three of them have heard a lot of intensely shocking news today. It can be said that nothing else is going to surprise them of a whole Faking year as much as today!

Even Kaido!? The Yonko Kaido!?

Why is he looking for Ian? Does Kaido want to get the Mythical Type fruit from him? Still, what if Ian has eaten it, will Kaido want to recruit him and make him join the Beasts Pirates!?



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