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S.C.S Chapter 203: Matthew’s true power

The weather on the sea was warm and sunny, so beautiful, and the sea breeze was blowing, mixed with the high-pitched noises of seagulls.

Such a fine day was suitable for fishing and sunbathing. However, all the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates were lying on the side of the ship.



Whenever such a sound was heard, one of the crew opens his mouth and spits out a pile of vomit into the sea.

This involved all the people on the ship, including Ian and Fujitora, everyone was lying on the side of the ship, “polluting” the ocean.

It was very hard, they spent a full two hours before they finally escaped from the Snake Storm!

Entering that kind of turbulent storm waves, the sailors were simply looking for their death. These terrifying waves could easily flip a large ship.

Fortunately, Fujitora made the entire ship weightless, so it could float up, and then under the command of Margaret, Raideen and a group of powerful guys desperately manipulated the sails and used the wind to make the ship fly and shuttle between the huge waves!

However, in that extreme climate, the wind of the storm was raging a lot. At one moment, it may start blowing from the left, and the next moment, it became blowing from the right.

Ian has never stood in such an unstable ship. Even when he went up and down in the Reverse Mountain, it was not this dangerous. It was a miracle that they could last two hours in such a storm, fighting against such strong wind and furious waves.

After finally getting out of the storm zone and the ship hit the calm sea again, all the crewmates without exception were seasick!

Ian was lying on the side of the ship, only feeling a strong headache and vomiting repeatedly, and Fujitora wasn’t much better than him…

The climate of the New World is more changeable than the first half of the Grand Line. Ian looked at the sun and clouds in the sky. However, such good weather gave people a bad sense due to the sudden change. They couldn’t understand how or when the snake storm appeared before. The very dangerous state, they were in, was like a nightmare…

After everyone vomited to the point where they couldn’t vomit anymore, they all fell on the deck one after another, lying on the floor in disorder.

Doroni struggled to climb on Ian’s feet, holding his thigh and crying, “Captain, that was terrifying! I thought we won’t survive!”

“We made it!” Ian patted his furry head feebly, and said, “Go to Matthew, let him touch you and fall asleep, you have to rest for a while!”

“Yeah, great idea!” Doroni, the big black bear responded with a naive voice, and crawled to find Matthew…

Being reminded by Ian, everyone immediately remembered Matthew’s hypnotic ability. At the moment, they were all exhausted. They all needed a good rest, so everyone crawled on the board to find Matthew.

“Uncle Issho, are you okay?” Ian turned his head and asked Fujitora.

“I… I want to find Matthew, too!” Fujitora just finished speaking, but he couldn’t help but feel like vomiting again. He quickly covered his mouth.

This scene made Ian shiver. Nature’s formidable power is indeed the strongest. Even a monster like Fujitora was broken by this storm.

The warm sunlight came down directly and shone on the deck. The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group were already tired ASF. So with the help of Matthew, they immediately fell asleep, even Margaret and the other girls were laying on the deck without even caring about covering themself.

After helping everyone to fall asleep, Matthew didn’t know what to do, because the Devil Fruit User is immune to his own Abilities. He couldn’t force it on himself. Finally, he found Ian and asked him to punch him in the face, knocking him down to join the rest.

Ian didn’t know much about sailing. When they were fighting the snake storm before, he was not much of a help. When he saw that all the people were sleeping, he thought that it was his duty to stay awake and guard the ship.

This was a good idea, but In the end, he couldn’t resist the sleepiness himself. He didn’t hold on for long before he fell asleep.

The ship of the Dragon Hunter Pirates floated quietly on the sea, moving slowly along with the currents, and the whole ship turned to a haunted boat.

In the sky, a Newsbird with a knapsack and a hat flew over the sea and saw their ship below, so it landed on the ship’s gunwale and cooed twice, as if it was asking the people on board whether they need to buy a newspaper.

However, the people on the ship have fainted, and naturally, no one paid any attention to the bird. The Newsbird didn’t see anyone responding for a long time, so it stretched out its wings, scratched its head in doubt, and then flew away.

Such an event caused Ian and the others to miss the news of the day, so naturally, they did not know that the wanted posters for him and Fujitora were updated and reissued…

No one knew for how long they slept, but then, Ian was suddenly awakened by a loud sound.

Ian scratched his head dimly and looked left and right to see where the sound came from.

As a result, a medium wave slapped the side of the ship!

With a clatter, the splashed water was blown by the sea breeze and sprinkled on the deck, where Ian and the others were. Getting sprayed with ice-cold water, the people on the boat shivered and woke up.

The low blood pressure at the time of getting up made Ian’s brain confused for a while, and then he reacted, ‘Could it be that these water drops were caused by a cannonball falling into the water?’

‘Someone is attacking my ship!?’

Ian was agitated, and his drowsiness immediately disappeared. He quickly stood up, took a binocular, and looked at the surrounding sea. Then he discovered that several pirate ships appeared at the five o’clock position of their stern. It seems that this shell was fired from these pirate ships.

This was just the first shot. Ian then saw in his telescope that these ships were suddenly filled with smoke, and then more shells were launched towards him, one by one, hitting the sea surface around his ship.

It was confirmed that this was an attack. Without waiting for Ian’s order, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group immediately took action, reopened their sails, and began to steer and control the direction of the ship to avoid the shells fired from behind.

“Turn the rudder to the left, 180!” Ian said in a loud voice, “Damn it, how dare they attacking us while we are sleeping, turn around, and let’s deal with them!”

“Haii!!” After the rest, everyone became vigorous again, so they picked up their weapons one after another. They ominously looked at the ships coming from behind. They wanted to use this battle to vent the depression that the storm has left on them.

Ian called for Margaret and asked her, “How bad is it, did our ship deviate by a lot from our destination?”

Margaret took out the Log Pose and compared the lower needle to their direction, and said: “It’s a little bit off, but it’s not too serious. We can easily get back on track.”

Ian let out a sigh of relief: “That’s great. Now you have to go into the cabin, you are not a fighter!”

Margaret nodded and took the other girls into the cabin. Ian kept opening and closing his palms and twisted his neck a few times before asking Fujitora, “Uncle Issho, do you want to warm-up with me?”

“No, those pirates probably don’t deserve what’s coming for them!” Fujitora smiled and said, “You should do it, I don’t want to get my hands dirty this early in the morning.”

Hearing what he said, Ian stopped talking and went to do his job…

As the ships of both sides approached, the two sides started firing shells. These pirate ships belong to a group called Baham. It is estimated that they were not a powerful group. Although they had many ships, they were not the large type. And still, these guys wanted to circle Ian’s ship and sink it by cannons. However, Ian directly launched a Flying Slash and smashing one of their ships, splitting it in half!

After that, the ship of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group approached their remaining ships and fought the other side.

Although there were only dozens of fighting members in Ian’s crew, their combat power was very high. The Baham Pirate Group was just an ordinary Pirate Group. After getting attacked by Ian’s crew, they soon lost.

Ian and his crew didn’t kill any of their opponents. They basically kicked these pirates into the sea. Seeing that they were almost invincible, the last remaining pirate ship quickly fled.

Ian did not order his crew to chase them, he just asked his fighters to carry the supplies on the Pirate Ships to their own ship.

There’s nothing to brag about defeating an unknown pirate group, but at least, they gathered some materials and this can be regarded as letting everyone have some physical exercises.

However, what Ian didn’t expect was that in the next two days, they encountered four waves of attacks one after another!

The final wave made Ian feel a little strange.

In general, when two different pirate groups meet at sea, they don’t necessarily have to fight each other. Ian and the others have been in the New World for quite some time. There were many Pirate Ships encountered by them, but they haven’t fought this much. However, this time, all these groups that they encountered, the other party fired their cannons at them immediately after seeing the appearance of Ian’s ship.

What the hell is going on?

Ian felt like he had poked a hornet’s nest… None stopping waves of attacks, but he couldn’t tell why.

Finally, when the fifth wave appeared, Ian couldn’t bear it anymore. After taking his crew and defeating the enemies, Ian did not intend to let them run away this time. Instead, he directly caught their captain and asked him what was going on.

The captain knelt down in front of Ian, with Ian’s sharp sword on his neck, and said tremblingly, “You… You’re the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, right?”

“You knew our group?” Ian was taken aback for a moment: “So, are you specifically targeting us?”



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