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S.C.S Chapter 204: White Ribbon

Ian finally understood what was going on as the captain moved his hand towards his pocket and took out two wanted posters.

“I’ve been identified.” Ian looked at his picture on the wanted poster and felt a little regretful.

Although he had been mentally prepared for this moment, when he saw the poster, he knew that his days of being free and easygoing were over.

However, after seeing Fujitora’s bounty poster, Ian immediately became happy. Taking these posters, Ian walked to Fujitora and said, “Uncle Issho, you’ve became wanted by the marines with a bounty of 300 million Berries!”

Fujitora didn’t care much, and said, “I knew this will happen sooner or later.”

“Now that you’ve become a wanted pirate, how do you feel about that? Would you like to join my pirate group!?” Ian said with a smile: “Here in your wanted poster, it is said that you are a member of the Dragon hunter pirates. The Marines are already falsely accusing you of being one of my crew, wouldn’t it be nice if you actually join us!?”

Fujitora laughed and said nothing, he just went back to the cabin. Ian scratched his head, not knowing what he was thinking, so he turned around and looked at the captured captain.

Ian now understood the reason why they were continuously attacked by many pirate groups in the past two days. Of course, these pirates have received the news and saw their wanted posters.

It is said that Ian’s bounty was so high, 500 million Berries, it is enough to be regarded as one of the terrifying pirates, and this alone should be able to deter a lot of pirates, but the picture on his wanted poster didn’t make him look that vicious at all. On the contrary, he was very young. In addition, his poster also indicated his crime. “Marijoa’s arsonist.” This has caused some small pirates who did not know the inside story to think that Ian was a typical criminal. His crime has to be greater than his strength!

No doubt, there were so many ignorant people in this world. There were always such greedy guys who want to become famous by taking credit for someone else’s work.

When Ian’s true face had not been exposed, many people wanted to impersonate him and pretend to be the new pirate with the 500 million Berries bounty. Now that Ian’s face has been exposed, and the name of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group has spread all around the world thanks to the news coo. Therefore, some pirate groups wanted to gain fame by defeating them.

This avaricious behavior was why Ian and his crew have been attacked repeatedly in the past two days.

However, this was only the initial situation. As Ian continually defeated these pirates who wanted to be famous on his account, they may be subject to the second kind of harassment, which is the possibility of encountering an endless stream of Pirates, who were willing to join him……

The two types of groups rushed over from all directions, which will make the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group very busy.

However, these were trivial matters. What Ian really worries about was the response of the Marines.

However, after questioning the captain in front of him, Ian gasped. They were sailing at sea for the past two days, so there was no source of intelligence. Only now did he discover that the Marines were hunting him down, sending out ten warships and two admirals to chase the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!!!!?

These two admirals, one was Kizaru/Borsalino, and the other was the Black Arm Zephyr, this has been rumored in New World for two days.

The two admirals led a huge fleet into the new world, which made many pirates frightened. Although they all speculated that they might be coming for this newly emerged pirate group, who can guarantee that they will not be eliminated the moment they encounter this legion?

Therefore, during this period, the various pirate groups who were in the waters near the entrance of the New World did not dare to stay in one place. They set sail and marched toward the depths of the New World for fear of accidentally bumping into the cannons of the Marines.

This was also the reason why in the past two days, Ian and the others have often encountered many pirate groups on the way…

Afterward, Ian let go of the pirate captain. For such a small figure, Ian didn’t bother with him too much.

As the ship moved on, Ian stood on the bow, looking at the sea, lost in his thoughts.

For the time being, the Marines can’t catch up with them, but it’s hard to say when they will catch up. After all, the ships of the Marines are much faster. At that time, the Dragon hunters may be about to usher an unprecedented fierce battle…

Fortunately, Fujitora was temporarily sailing with Ian!

Although the agreement with Fujitora was only one month, Ian believes that with Fujitora’s personality and principles, it is absolutely impossible to ignore this matter and stay with him for a while. After all, he was also involved in the destruction of the G5 base.

Two Admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, were approaching them… if Fujitora helps him, he should be able to deal with one of these two Admirals.

According to Ian’s expectation, it’s better to let Fujitora deal with Kizaru and he deals with Zephyr himself. Just for a very simple reason, Fujitora is Devil Fruit User, and Zephyr has already installed the Kairoseki arm! If Fujitora can’t wield his ability, he may suffer a big loss.

Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki is very strong, and he’s a blind man, so he won’t be “blinded” by Kizaru’s light. This could restrain Kizaru a bit. However, can Fujitora deal with the extremely fast speed of Kizaru’s sparkling fruit? Even with his powerful Kenbunshoku Haki, can he react in time to Kizaru’s moves?

Thinking of this, Ian shook his head and felt that he should be fine. Dark King, Rayleigh was able to block Kizaru’s lightsaber, then, Fujitora must be able to deal with him…

So the real question is, can Ian hold his ground against the Black Arm Zephyr?

To put it bluntly, Ian has an advantage over Zephyr, that is, his abilities were not coming from a devil fruit, so Zephyr’s Kairoseki arm is ineffective against him!

However, Zephyr was not a person who only relies on his Kairoseki arm during fights. He also has a very powerful Busoshoku Haki and tremendous strength!

But physical strength was Ian’s weakness, he was more of a speed type, so when the time comes to fight Zephyr, it is really hard to say who loses and who wins.

Ian looked deeply at the Devil’s Blade, Yamato, in his hand. Although he desperately has been training with the help of Fujitora’s gravity suppression during this period, the proficiency required to upgrade the expert swordsmanship level to Grandmaster was too high. Ian has no other way to improve his swordsmanship ability for the time being… so he has thought about whether to upgrade the Devil’s Blade, Yamato, to the five-star level while he still has the diamonds? Maybe the Dimensional Slashing Ability attached to Yamato will be unlocked by then…

That kind of power that can cut space would make Ian’s slash more powerful. If he acquires it, he may have a better chance of winning?

However, Ian asked the system about it, but he found that it is not so easy for a four-star exclusive treasure to rise to the next rank.

In addition to boosting the exclusive treasures with the strengthening props drawn in ten consecutive draws, a sufficient amount of the same exclusive treasure is needed in the final stage.

For example, if Ian wants to upgrade the Yamato to the five-star level, he needs first to upgrade it to level 10. But when the sword reaches level 5, it will need the same exclusive treasure. It takes one of the same exclusive treasures to rise to level 6, and two to reach level 7… The more he goes, the more it requires!

This is a matter that needs a lot of diamonds to solve. He must first get many three-star treasures through ten consecutive draws, then replace them all with the four-star Yamato (T/N: he can upgrade the stars level of these exclusive treasures using diamonds, and keep re-rolling until he gets what he wants, but it’s so expensive)! This process demands Diamond and Luck…

Ian also considered that he could exchange his sword for a random five-star treasure directly through the replacement process. However, after asking the system, he found that the initial step alone requires one million diamonds. Then the re-rolling between the five stars treasures needs one hundred thousand each time. Moreover, this feature can only be unlocked after opening the Platinum VIP…

For a long time, Ian has confirmed that he is one of the unluckiest people in this world. He doesn’t know how many times he has to re-roll in order to get the five-star Yamato. He doesn’t know whether the remaining diamonds are enough.

“Hmm, I have to drop it… I think I’m going to replace my sword, the Devil’s Blade Yamato, with another four-star treasure!!” Ian thought so.

The replacement price among the four-star treasures is 50,000 a time, but the same card can be changed many times.

At present, the only commendable thing about Yamato is its sharpness. When it is wrapped with Busoshoku Kōka, this sword can actually cut the Kairoseki. However, it may take several strikes in the same position to do so, then while fighting the admiral Zephyr, he won’t get such an opportunity.

So if he can change it with another exclusive treasure with special abilities, maybe it will be better than the four-star Yamato?

Making the last decision, Ian gritted his teeth, and carried on!

After retracting the Yamato, Ian put it into the replacement interface, and then started the process… (T/N: bye-bye T-T it was nice fighting with you…)

With the first replacement, the Yamato sword disappeared, and what appeared instead was a pair of pistols!?

Ian was stunned when he saw the appearance of the pistols, it turned out to be Dante’s, Ebony & Ivory! (Random Note: The left-handed black gun, Ebony, has been modified for long-distance targeting and comfort, while the right-handed white gun, Ivory, was custom built for rapid firing and fast draw times.)

With the streamlined gun body and the metal rhyme, Ian couldn’t notice that his saliva was about to flow out! For men, apart from swords, guns must be among their favorite items, especially such a pair of famous pistols!

Ian suspended the replacement, then after taking them out and equipping them, two holsters immediately appeared around his thighs.

After playing with Ebony & Ivory fondly for a while, Ian had to put them away. Although he wanted these two guns very much, the problem was that the black Ebony and white Ivory guns are far different from the commonly used guns in the world. Ian didn’t know what other people would think after seeing them. What’s more, Ebony & Ivory can only be used with the corresponding Gun skills…

Unfortunately, Ian had to change them.

What he didn’t expect was that the second replacement had also brought another firearm weapon! And this time, it turned out to be four pistols!

Scarborough Fair: Four magic guns!? This was the main weapon of the protagonist of the Bayonetta Series, the Umbra Witch Bayonetta!

These four famous guns are named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. When equipped, in addition to holding two guns with both hands, the remaining two will get installed on both feet, which can make the user able to shoot the bullets from these guns while kicking his opponent. This weapon also belonged to the scope of gun fighting techniques.

Ian didn’t really like these four guns, and they have the same attributes of ebony and ivory, so he won’t be able to use them.

‘Why am I only getting guns?’ Ian gritted his teeth and once again opted for replacement.

The next second, his eyes widened suddenly.

After the third replacement, he finally received a katana!

However, this sword turned out to be white all over, so beautiful! At the end of the handle, there was a snowy-white ribbon like an ornament.

Sode no Shirayuki ! ? Is… is this a Zapnakuto!?



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