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S.C.S Chapter 205: it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…

After seeing that the replacement was actually a Zanpakuto, Ian suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Ian had drawn two cards from the Shinigami world, however, he didn’t take a close look at Ishida Uryu’s card, but he knew the attributes and skills of Inoue’s card because he had used it…

Inoue Orihime’s card has a feature, that is, her skills can only be activated while her exclusive treasure was equipped!

On the other hand, Inoue Orihime’s exclusive treasure, the Six Princess Shielding Flowers, if Ian didn’t have her card, would it be useless to obtaining her hairpins!?

So, when he replaced his sword with Sode no Shirayuki, Ian didn’t’ feel at ease.

He guessed that even if he wanted to use this Zanpakuto, he must have the corresponding card to use it, that is, he had to draw Rukia’s card!

With some doubts, Ian confirmed the replacement and took the snow-white Zanpakuto out.

[Sode no Shirayuki 】

Star rating: four stars

Kuchiki Rukia’s exclusive treasure

Strength: +80

Nen: +120

Shikai: Temporarily increase all attributes by 300% and get special skills. The four-star, Kuchiki Rukia’s card is required.

Bankai: Temporarily increase all attributes by 800% and get special skills. Requires the advanced five-star exclusive treasure and the five-star Rukia’s cards to use the skills.

Sure enough, seeing the attribute of Sode no Shirayuki, Ian understood it all at once.

It was a little different from the Yamato sword. Sode no Shirayuki’s Attributes directly displayed the advanced five-star Attributes, but in the same way, stronger attributes should be used with higher-level cards

If he’s not mistaken, then in Kuchiki Rukia’s card, the ultimate skill that her advanced five-star card can get is the Bankai.

It is even possible that Bleach’s cards follow this principle, and most of the skills are linked with the corresponding exclusive treasure, the card’s Zanpakuto.

Ian thinks that this, for sure, has something to do with the original story, because the most impressive part of the Anime Bleach is these Zanpakuto, which is one of the few Mangas that use weapons as a selling point. (Selling point: feature of a commodity which makes it especially attractive to buyers)

However, it seems that these Zanpakuto can’t substantialize their holders. This is probably due to the system’s inability to create souls. If he could do so, then this system won’t be called a bottomless pit of money, but a Divine Artifact.

No matter whether it was Shikai or Bankai, the Zanpakuto can enhance all attributes and abilities, which may correspond to a higher intensity of physical pressure. This is a bit similar to Ian’s absorbing the power of the black dragon wave, which belongs to explosive nature. However, swallowing the Black Dragon wave can only improve his Nen, while opening the Shikai or Bankai improves all the Attributes.

This is not to say that the Black Dragon wave is not as powerful as these Zanpakuto’s skills. Ian estimated that there may be some differences.

The increased power of Black Dragon Wave’s ability doesn’t limit Ian’s time of usage. If Ian wants to, he can hold such power all the time. Of course, if his body can support it. But the Shikai and Bankai are different, it is estimated that there will be a time limit for these skills, and it is even possible that this kind of improvement will consume a lot of Ian’s Stamina.

After using and studying the card system for so long, Ian has tested many of its features. With the filthy nature of the system, it is impossible that it would directly give him a special treasure or a character card, which can make him invincible. Although these exclusive treasures or cards can let Ian use many types of skills, the power of these skills depends on the final output of Ian’s Nen.

Sode no Shirayuki is a Zanpakuto with ice power, and the most beautiful Zanpakuto in the Soul Society. It looked very gorgeous when it was held in Ian’s hand.

However, because he doesn’t have Rukia’s card, no matter how beautiful this Zanpakuto was, it won’t be useful for the moment.

Moreover, because of Inoue Orihime’s hairpins, Ian was now skeptical about choosing female card characters. Although Sode no Shirayuki looks beautiful, it is not suitable for Ian.

If Ian was as handsome as Cavendish, it won’t matter if he used this sword, but unfortunately, he was not…

In contrast, if he really wanted to choose an icy-type Zanpakuto, Ian would prefer obtaining Hyōrinmaru. He has already drawn some fragments of Tōshirō Hitsugaya’s card, and has accumulated many pieces of Hyōrinmaru. If he gathers some more, he may be able to synthesize it.

Among Ian’s current skills, there were actually three natural abilities. One is fire (Hiei’s and Iori’s flames), the next one is Lightning (Mikoto’s abilities), and the last one is wind ability (from Yasuo’s card). If he adds another ice system Skill, then the known Logia fruits will be almost complete.

In One Piece world, Logia’s Fruit Users are considered from the most powerful people. This was reasonable. Besides, the unique attribute damage, the restraint effect caused by the superior ability, sometimes plays a decisive role. If Ian had not been able to use flame skills, it would hard for him to hurt Aokiji…

However, this Sode no Shirayuki, after all, was the first Zanpakuto that he obtained. Duo to this sword, Ian was able to learn about the general properties of Zanpakuto. It must be said that Zanpakuto is actually the most suitable exclusive treasure for Ian to use, because this type of treasure has its own special nature.

Although the Yamato sword also has special properties, it needs to be upgraded to the apex. But these Zanpakuto can be used in the medium-term and it would be worth it to invest a lot of diamonds to upgrade it in the later stage.

Thinking about it, if he could get the Tensa Zangetsu, or the Ryujin Jakka, these two Zanpakuto, it would be the best for him.

Ian took Sode no Shirayuki back and started the replacement process again. As a result, an unexpected situation appeared. The subsequent replacement suddenly brought a Katana with a fuchsia handle!

Senbonzakura!? (Thousand Cherry Blossoms)

‘Holy Shit! What a lucky shoot!? Is it because I got the younger sister’s sword, so the next one turned to be the older brother’s?’

Ian pinched his thigh vigorously, and it hurt him, so he immediately knew that he was not dreaming!

Ian quickly confirmed the replacement, took the Zanpakuto out, and held it in his hands.

The length of the Thousand Cherry Blossoms, Senbonzakura, was not that different in shape from his previous sword, Yamato, and their weight, too, so he felt so excited carrying it.

Gently pulling Senbonzakura out of its scabbard, Ian only heard a squeaking sound.

The blade of this katana was quite strange. It is obviously a metal blade, but it looked translucent, as if it really resembles cherry blossom petals.

Looking at its attributes, Ian found it to be the same as the last one. This Senbonzakura Zanpakuto has the same properties as the Sode no Shirayuki’s, but in terms of strength and speed, this sword was a bit better! Followed by two skills, Shikai and Bankai, which required exactly the same things…

The appearance of two Zanpakuto in succession made Ian feel a little stunned. “Could it be that the system is forcing me to draw Byakuya’s card?”

But anyway, Ian was unwilling to continue the replacement process for the time being. “I’m going to first use this Senbonzakura sword for a while before exchanging it again. My luck may run out after this try. If I keep on changing my only good item, and my luck runs out, it may not be possible for me to extract any other good exclusive treasure!!!”

Seeing that he was about to reach level 20 and unlock the new card slot, Ian had hesitated before about this matter. When that time comes to choose which card to add to his collection! Now, there’s no need to worry about it, Kuchiki Byakuya’s card was the top priority.

As Ian’s cards gradually increase, who will he face in the future will definitely be a card combination problem, leaving some cards with special skills for replacement. However, how to obtain the best combination from his top six cards in just 4 slots should be considered.

Just as Ian was thinking whether to continue drawing cards for the ten consecutive draws, he suddenly heard the watchman on the mast shouting: “Captain Ian, there seems to be something flying in the sky!”

Hearing this shout, Ian could only temporarily stop interacting with the system in his mind, and raised his head, looking into the sky…

It was quite obvious that the sky and weather at this time were clear and nice. Under the blue sky, there was a small black dot in the distance, which seemed to be moving slowly and growing bigger.

“What is that? Seabirds? “

“It doesn’t seem like it! What kind of seabird flies so slowly!?”

“Is it thundercloud?”

“That’s even more impossible. There is no wind at this time. No matter how small the thundercloud is, it must be carried by the wind.”

Everyone in the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group looked up after hearing the shout, and talked a lot…

The watchman on the mast could see the farthest. He held up his telescope and kept observing all the time. After looking at it for a while, he exclaimed in surprise: “Captain, that thing in the sky seems to be a person. No, he’s not alone… is he carrying another person on his back!!?”

“A person flying in the sky?” Everyone was stunned.

Ian was also confused, and had some doubts: “A flying man!? A Zoan user, one of the flying species?”

According to Ian’s general prediction, what can fly directly in the sky and hold other people should be like Pell, one of the two head guards in the Alabasta kingdom, who eta the Bird-Bird Fruit Model: The Falcon!

Flying species were said to be a rare devil fruit, and most people have heard of it, so when Ian mentioned this, everyone was even more curious.

Fujitora also walked out of the cabin, but his eyes weren’t able to see it. Perhaps his formidable Kenbunshoku Haki could perceive it, but it was too far, Fujitora didn’t want to waste his strength, he just said to Ian: “Do you think it’s an enemy?”

“I have no idea!” Ian was also a bit puzzled. It is not surprising that they could encounter several Devil Fruit Users in the new world. However, in the last two days, they have faced a lot of enemies, so Ian was uncertain.

At this moment, the watchman suddenly said loudly: “Huh!? Their speed seems to have accelerated and they are flying towards us.”

As soon as they focused on it, it was true that the black spot was getting bigger and bigger, which was a sign of a rapid approach.

“Be careful. And as usual, if it’s an enemy, fight back!” Ian said in a deep voice.

“Euuh!” Doroni scratched his head dumbfoundedly: “Captain, they are flying in the sky. How could we fight back?”

Ian rolled his eyes and thought: “Yeah, that’s right! The opponent is flying in the sky, how could we fight back? Aiming the cannons’ muzzles up!?”



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