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S.C.S Chapter 206: The best-groomed maid

Just when Ian and the others were confused, the two people in the sky suddenly kept their altitude, and circled around Ian’s ship.

The height of the invaders was about 1000 meters. So by looking at this height from the ship, it was impossible to see what these two people look like.

“Give me a binocular!” Ian cried.

Since these two people were circling around their ship, it means that they have seen the Dragon Hunter Pirate Ship from above, and they were investigating the situation. Ian had to make sure whether the other party was an enemy or a friend.

However, when Ian raised the binocular and looked up towards the sky, the flying figures started getting clearer, because, at this moment, they dived and came towards Ian. Before he could identify the two, he was shocked by the sudden move and cried: “Attention! They are approaching us!”

When the invaders in the sky were approaching the ship of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, Ian finally saw the opponent clearly.

The first thing he saw was a huge face. Around this big head, there was a strange propeller turning rapidly. At the moment, this guy was grinning, revealing a large row of teeth, and there was a black pattern stamped in the middle of his teeth.

This pattern was a round smiling face, divided in two by a black slash!

Donquixote Doflamingo’s logo!?

When Ian saw this stamp, he immediately realized who the man in the sky was. As expected, he moved the binocular a bit up and saw who was on the back of this flying man! There was a woman wearing goggles around her eyes, had a cigarette in her mouth, and dressed as a burgundy French maid!

This flying man was a combatant of the Donquixote Pirates, Buffalo! He was the person who ate the Spin-Spin Fruit, his fruit allows him to become a Rotation Human, creating propellers around his body and giving him a flight ability!

And who he was carrying on his back, of course, was Baby 5! She is a maid and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates, who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit.

“Why did these two people appear here!?”

“Uncle Issho! Use your ability to pull them down!” Ian yelled quickly.

“Alright!” Fujitora complied, just pulled out his sword to launch his ability, but at this time, baby-5 in the sky had already attacked Ian!

She held the cigarette in her mouth, turned her left hand into a machine gun, then supporting it with her right hand, she sat on Buffalo’s back and fired a Super Frenzied Shooting at Ian’s ship.

At this time, there were a lot of people gathered on the deck. The dense bullets strafed down, and they were naturally going to hurt some of the crew. Ian and Fujitora could easily block the bullets fired at them, using just their swords, but those ordinary crew members couldn’t, so Ian immediately equipped Yasuo’s card and launched his Wind Wall into the sky…

Da Da Da Da Da Da! A large number of bullets poured down on the deck where Ian and the others were standing, and when they landed, every bullet ejected some white smoke! However, the area above them was blocked by Ian’s wind wall, which made their airstrike useless…

“Uncle Issho!” Ian shouted again.

“Understood!” Fujitora responded, and the purple circles of gravity were immediately shot, covering a large area above the ship.

Buffalo and BaBy-5 flew past Ian’s ship. They wanted to circle back and continue shooting. But unexpectedly at this moment, a burst of pressure suddenly pulled them down, Buffalo couldn’t fly under such gravity, so he fell straight to the sea.

“Aahh!” Buffalo screamed while falling down, and baby-5 naturally didn’t have any means to fly without him, so both of them fell into the sea.

Ian glanced at Fujitora, and found that his gravity fruit was really useful for this kind of enemies, flying in the air. As soon as he takes action, the space above the ship would turn into a forbidden field…

If Fujitora wasn’t with them, all the people on board wouldn’t do a thing to the combination of Buffalo and BaBy-5. Ian could fly using the black dragon wings or even jump very high, but at present, he couldn’t stay a long time in the air.

“Go and bring up these two people!” Ian said, “Run to the cabin and summon Ranga to treat the injured companion.”

Everyone obeyed his orders, and two swimmers jumped into the sea with a thud and swam towards the place where Buffalo and baby-5 fell…

Ian, on the other hand, looked at the sea with a gloomy face. He didn’t believe that these assassins happened to be here. After confirming the identity of this group, they started attacking, which means that Donquixote Doflamingo is really looking for him.

At the time of killing Vergo, Ian knew that Doflamingo would for sure seek revenge. He sent Vergo to spy on the Marines a long time ago, and after many years, Vergo finally climbed to the Vice Admiral’s position. However, due to Ian’s unexpected appearance, all of his plans were burned.

It would be fine if there was a mistake in his plan, but killing Vergo, which was one of the Elite Officers of the Donquixote Family, made him even more infuriated.

Now, the Marines have just revealed the identity of the guy who killed Vergo. Knowing their targets, which were the Dragon Hunter Pirates, Doflamingo carried on his revenge. It is estimated that Buffalo and Baby-5 were sent by him to locate the traces of the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

First of all, there were two Marine Admirals looking for him, and now there was another one seeking Ian’s head. Ian had a headache thinking about his enemies.

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group quickly picked up Buffalo and Baby-5. Both of them were Devil Fruit Users. Naturally, they could not exert any effort when they fell into the sea. If Ian didn’t salvage them and just ignored them, they would be dead. Fortunately, Ian has something to ask them about, so naturally, he had to save their lives.

“Cough! Cough!” The wet two people were lying on the deck, coughing desperately, they fell a bit far from the ship, which led them to sink and drink a lot of seawater, and even lost consciousness before they were salvaged. It was only after pumping the water out of their lungs that they woke up.

Ian crouched down between the two and asked in a low cold voice, “Where is Doflamingo now? Is he coming here?”

Buffalo raised his head, looked at Ian, and said with a sneer: “Since you know the name of our young master, let us go! Otherwise, the Young Master will come, and kill every member of your dragon hunter pirate group!”

“Sure enough, you guys are here for us!” Ian said: “Then can you tell me, have you notified Doflamingo before attacking?”

Buffalo bared his teeth and revealed the Pirate logo stamped on them. “Guess what! I will never tell you!”

“Yes, you won’t hear even half of the answer from this lady!” BaBy-5 raised her neck and said with pride.

“Really?” Ian laughed, and suddenly changed his tone, and said softly to BaBy-5: “Can I really rely on to tell me the truth?”

Her face turned red all of a sudden, and she held her face and murmured: “He… he is asking me? Am… Am I needed?”

So the next second, baby-5 said without hesitation: “Yes, I have informed the young master!”

“So, how long will it take him to get here? Please tell me!” Ian said.

“Well, it may take him about three hours to get here!” Baby-5 said while holding her blushing face.

“BABY5!!!!” Buffalo couldn’t help yelling as she finished talking…

Buffalo couldn’t be more dissatisfied with his partner’s personality, but the problem was that she was unable to control herself when she gets asked by others, which was really depressing for Buffalo.

Because of her naïve nature, baby-5 got engaged by many scumbags, and outside of her desire to be needed, Baby 5 is an incredibly emotional person, once she lost control and attacked Donquixote Doflamingo, her superior, for murdering one of her fiances.

But… how did the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group know about this weakness of BaBy-5 as soon as they met? Did he investigate the young master’s Pirate group before?

Baby-5 finally reacted when Buffalo yelled at her! In a moment, she became angry, and her right hand suddenly turned into a sharp blade, swinging it towards Ian in front of her.

Ian’s head tilted slightly to avoid her attack, but baby-5 did not get discouraged. She stood up and attacked Ian again.

Her body was already less wet at the moment, enough for her to use her ability, her right leg suddenly became a sickle, and moved towards Ian’s tilted head.

At this time, Ian was still crouching, but he did not dodge. He just said, “Are you showing me what’s under your skirt!?”

“Shut up… that won’t matter because you are a dead man anyway!” Baby-5 kicked him with her transformed leg, but it was blocked by Ian’s left hand. He used Busoshoku Kōka, so it was not difficult to bear her blow. The French maid, Baby-5 did not seem to be capable of using Haki.

After Ian raised his hand to block her attack, baby-5’s right leg suddenly changed into a large caliber rifle. She wanted to shoot him at close range!

Ian was shocked. How could she bring out such a gun at this position? So he grabbed her ankle and pressed it to the ground.

Bang! Baby-5 fired the rifle and hit the deck of the ship.

“Would you please stop attacking me?” Seeing that baby-5 wanted to kill him with other weapons, Ian had to say this.

“Ah, okay!” In the next second, BaBy-5 immediately turned to her human form with a blushed face, and stopped immediately.

“Hahaha!” Fujitora couldn’t help laughing at this moment! He thought that the girl’s character was too interesting.

Ian also thinks that this girl is really fun, as long as someone has a good grasp of her personality, she would be a great maid…

BaBy-5 stopped, but Buffalo didn’t intend to. His head suddenly turned around sharply and blew a spiral gust of wind toward Ian.

However, although Ian was playing with baby-5, he was always paying attention to Buffalo. When he saw him making a move, he immediately pulled out his new sword, the Senbonzakura, in his waist and launched Yasuo’s tornado skill towards the other projectile!

As soon as the two tornadoes collided, a strong wind suddenly scattered in all directions. Buffalo was not good at fighting, so after seeing that his attack was ineffective, he immediately pulled baby-5 next to him and tried to flee with her.

Obviously, Fujitora was still around, so Ian didn’t worry about them running away, but he didn’t want his people to swim again to catch them, so his body suddenly flashed and disappeared, and the next second he re-appeared behind Buffalo and violently stroke him in the back of his head!

Dong! Ian’s blow was quite forceful, which smashed Buffalo to the ground and faint him, his entire head was stuck in the deck!



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