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S.C.S Chapter 207: Alliance?


After seeing Buffalo getting knocked out by Ian’s punch, BaBy-5 exclaimed and rushed forward to check on him.

After Ian dealing with Buffalo, Ian’s goal was achieved. Without his flying ability, baby-5 could not escape.

However, Ian called Matthew and asked him to touch baby-5 with his ability, which directly made her fall asleep.

Margaret started searching BaBy-5’s body. It didn’t take long for her to find a Den Den Mushi. There was no dial plate on the shell of this Den Den Mushi. It was a kind that directly contacts a certain number. Buffalo and baby-5 were probably connected to Doflamingo’s Den Den Mushi.

After taking her Den Den Mushi, Ian began to consider how to deal with Buffalo and baby-5.

Although they were considered to be members of the Doflamingo’s family, they can only be regarded as ordinary cadres at most. Due to their abilities and personality, they seem to be less valued by Doflamingo, especially this girl, BaBy-5, once requested by others, she will unconsciously feel needed and try her best to satisfy the other person. Such a personality can be easily manipulated by others. The evaluation of baby-5 in Doflamingo’s family was “a useful woman”!

Looking up at the sky, Ian found a lot of clouds in the sky, and the ability of Doflamingo’s String-String Fruit could be used to travel among the clouds. Even if his posture was very strange during this process, it can definitely be regarded as flying in the sky. In this case, his speed was estimated to be very fast.

Doflamingo is coming, although there are still three hours, there was no wind at this time, so Ian’s ship may not be able to go far…

Because of Vergo, Doflamingo started looking for Ian, and he must have wanted to destroy Ian’s dragon hunter pirate group, and then if possible, he would arrest Ian and hand him over to the Celestial Dragons. At the same time, he would exchange sufficient benefits for himself.

Ian guessed so, but when he learned that Kizaru and Zephyr had entered the New World with an army to pursue him, he really didn’t want to entangle with Doflamingo. Although Ian had Fujitora on his side, and was not afraid of him, once he appears, Ian’s ship and crew might suffer a lot.

The most important thing was ‘How can I avoid the Marine’s pursuit?’

Therefore, Ian was thinking about the possibility of taking Buffalo and BaBy-5 as hostages, but he didn’t know how much their lives worth in the eyes of Doflamingo.

Holding the Den Den Mushi in his hand, Ian thought about it and simply picked up the microphone, intending to contact Doflamingo.

Den Den Mushi’s noises sounded – Puru Puru –…

While Ian was making the call, a figure was swinging in the sky, kilometers away from the sea surface. Naturally, this man was Doflamingo in his flamingo coat and pink sunglasses.

His flying posture was so weird, he was like a spider hanging from the roof, but every time he swings, he passes a large distance.

After receiving the call from baby-5, Doflamingo immediately left Dressrosa. In fact, he has been looking for Ian for a long time. Since the Marijoa incident, he has been looking for Ian. However, in the beginning, he did not know Ian’s real identity, resulting in no progress.

When Ian’s real identity was exposed, the news of Vergo’s death followed! At that time, Doflamingo got so mad!

Now that he discovered the name and banner of this Pirate Group, Doflamingo sent Buffalo and BaBy-5 to search for the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group’s ship. There wasn’t any news in the past few days, but just now, the report came back from Buffalo and BaBy-5, saying that they finally found them.

When Doflamingo heard the news, he didn’t even think twice, so he flew directly out of Dressrosa and rushed to their location.

However, just as he was on his way, the Den Den Mushi in his pocket rang again.

So hanging with one hand in midair, Doflamingo stopped leaping forwards, his fruit can create very thin threads almost invisible that can be tied to the clouds in the sky.

This is a very unscientific ability, but to be honest, most abilities of devil fruits can’t be explained easily…

With his other empty hand, he took the Den Den Mushi out and didn’t think too much about it. He thought that baby-5 wanted to tell him about some new information.

However, to his surprise, a strange male’s voice came from the other end of the call, saying: “Is this Donquixote Doflamingo?”

Doflamingo frowned and said, “Who are you?”

“Ah! I’m Ian, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. You should know me well!” Ian replied.

Doflamingo had a bad feeling, and asked: “Why is BaBy-5’s Den Den Mushi in your hands?”

“Oh, she gave it to me!” Ian couldn’t help teasing Doflamingo: “I asked her nicely, and she took it out!”

When Doflamingo heard this, two blue veins appeared on his smooth forehead above his sunglasses. He knew that Buffalo and BaBy-5 must be captured!

‘These two idiots, I told them before to investigate from a distance, without attacking, this dragon hunter pirates were not to mess with, and now… it’s needless to say, it must have been the two of them who started the attack and caused them to be caught…’

As for Ian’s words, Doflamingo believed it, because he also knew the character of baby-5. Maybe baby-5 took the initiative to hand over the Den Den Mushi.

“These two are in your ship?” Although Doflamingo was angry, he still said calmly.

“Yeah!” Ian didn’t deny it, saying: “I have admired you for a long time, the Shichibukai, Heavenly Yaksha, to be honest, I really didn’t expect that you would trouble yourself with such a small figure, like me.”

When Ian said this, he was just pretending to be confused. Vergo was an undercover agent sent by Doflamingo to spy on the Marines. There were not many people who know about him. If Ian directly pokes him, Doflamingo might have to kill him.

Sure enough, when Ian said this, Doflamingo suddenly burst into strange laughter and said, “Fuffuffuffuffu! This is a misunderstanding. I am not looking for trouble, but the people under me are not that intelligent! Besides, you are not a small figure now!”

“Oh, it’s a great honor to be praised by you.” Ian smiled coldly, but said with a smirk on his face: “baby-5 told me that you, the young master, are heading towards our direction. So what’s the case here?”

Ian’s expression was naturally simulated by the Den Den Mushi, and when he heard this, Doflamingo suddenly became more dissatisfied with BaBy-5. This stupid woman actually said everything!

“Yeah, that’s right!” Doflamingo thought for a while and replied: “Because I have something I want to talk with you about in person!”

“What do you have to say in person?” Ian smiled and said: “Don’t blame me for being so cautious, you must also understand that I am being hunted by the Marines now, two admirals and ten warships are looking for me, this is not a joke!”

“Fuffuffuffuffu!” Doflamingo laughed again and said: “It has nothing to do with the marines! I’m looking for you to talk about an alliance.”

This guy just made up a lie in a second. Of course, Ian couldn’t be fooled, so he pretended to be surprised and said, “Alliance? You are a Shichibukai… How can you think of forming an alliance with me? This can’t be true!”

“Of course, it is!” Doflamingo laughed loudly: “You just injured the Admiral, Aokiji, and kill a Vice Admiral. You are absolutely qualified to be a Shichibukai, I can help you with that. I’ll get to the point, the thing I need from this alliance is the identity chip of the Celestial Dragon!”


Ian was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Doflamingo would actually say such a sentence.

Others may not understand, but Ian knows that Doflamingo was a child of a World Noble family, but his family was no longer recognized by the Celestial Dragons because they voluntarily withdrawal their position!

The reason for this alliance may really be true. So far, Ian hasn’t figured out what the identity chip of the Celestial Dragon does, in case… What if this chip can help Doflamingo return to his rank!?

Therefore, Ian went silent, and Doflamingo did not urge him, quietly waiting for him to reply.



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