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S.C.S Chapter 208: Fooling Around

Ian didn’t know that Doflamingo had been looking for him since the Marijoa incident, for the Celestial Dragon identity chip that had fallen in Ian’s hands.

When the Donquixote family withdrew their rank from the Celestial Dragons, it was a decision made by Doflamingo’s father. After the stepping back, the identity chip of his family was been taken by the heavenly folk. At that time, Doflamingo was still young and did not know the meaning of the identity chip. It wasn’t until he grew up that he realized that the identity chip was very important!

Although he was no longer recognized by the Celestial Dragons, in fact, Doflamingo still has contacts with the world government and the Celestial Dragons. After so many years of secret activities, he gradually learned the secrets of these people “The National Treasure “. The ID chip seems to be something similar to the authentication procedure.

Over the years, Doflamingo has been trying to retrieve the identity chip that belonged to his family, but it seems that the Celestial Dragons have already destroyed it.

The Celestial Dragons kept the identity chips of their own family very closely, and it must be the family’s bloodline to be able to open the secret treasure room. This seems to involve the theory of blood lineage. After arriving, Ian has mistakenly killed one of the Celestial Dragons and took the identity ship, and it was naturally impossible for Doflamingo to know how to get such a chip from the other families…

When Ian escaped from Marijoa, Doflamingo learned through his own intelligence channels that an identity chip was stolen, and immediately wanted to find the mastermind, Ian, and try to get it out of him by any means. Even if it took force, he really wanted to seize it from Ian…

In his impression, a single identity chip has little effect. It seems that it is only a qualification issue, but even so, Doflamingo still wants to grab this chip.

In order to achieve his great ambition, Doflamingo even thought that it doesn’t matter if he really forms an alliance with Ian. Vergo is dead. Even if he sought revenge for him, this wouldn’t bring him back to life.

Vergo was considered as a member of his family, but the question is, what kind of person is Doflamingo? He didn’t bother killing his own father and brother, so what’s a member of this family who is not blood-related? This so-called protection of the family members can only be accounted for the members who are still valuable.

Doflamingo is such an extremely self-conscious person. Among the seven Shichibukai, he was the worst person.

On the other side, Ian was silent for a long time, before finally answering: “You want the Celestial Dragon’s identity chip? Can you tell me what it is for?”

“You don’t need to worry about this!” Doflamingo said: “The only condition of this alliance is that you have to give me the identity chip!”

“Then what I get in return?” Ian asked.

“Great benefits!” Doflamingo laughed and said: “I can give you one of my own territories, and at the same time let the Celestial Dragons cancel your bounty, and I will make you join the Shichibukai, you have the strength for it!”

Ian couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. This Doflamingo is really treacherous. If he hadn’t talked with uncle Kuma before, he would have been fooled by Doflamingo.

According to Uncle Kuma’s conjecture, when time drags on for too long, and the Marines were unable to do anything about it, they will definitely offer him an invitation to join the Shichibukai just to recover the identity chip. However, Doflamingo actually used this as an offer… This act was simply pushing the boat along the river… He wanted to take the identity chip from him without paying anything.

And the so-called handing him a piece of land was not that important to Doflamingo, his only true base was Dressrosa, right?

Fortunately, when Ian talked about the alliance with Doflamingo from the beginning, he played the role of a rogue, using such a wicked mind, because he was facing a strong figure. The identity chip was taken away by Uncle Kuma, and he was working for a replica. Even if Ian gave Doflamingo a fake chip, there would be nothing wrong with it.

So, Ian opened his mouth and said, “It’s okay, but the identity chip is not on me right now.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Doflamingo said with dissatisfaction.

“Doffy, if it was you, would you carry the identity chip with you everywhere!?” Ian curled his mouth and said, “I have found a place to hide it. If I die, I will just let the identity chip disappear!”

“You…!” Doflamingo almost roared out, this sentence was clearly meant for him.

What’s more, Ian called him Doffy directly, without any sense of respect…

However, after thinking about it, Doflamingo found that this was probably possible. Didn’t he see the Marines’ wanted poster, it says that he can only be captured alive? They must be worried that the identity chip has been hidden.

“So, when will you give me the identity chip!” Doflamingo asked.

Ian touched his chin for a moment, and said, “We’ll talk about it after you fulfill your promises.”

“Alright!” Doflamingo agreed, and said: “After you become a Shichibukai, we will talk again!”

“Also! As an ally, you are going to show up in the upcoming event, right?” Ian said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Doflamingo asked.

“You know, now two admirals with ten warships are chasing me!” Ian looked at his hands and said, “But I can only deal with one Admiral. As an ally, you are willing to help me deal with the other one, am I right?”

Doflamingo became furious and said: “How can this be possible? I’m a Shichibukai, how can it be possible for me to attack the Marines? Do you want me to be revoked from my rank?”

Gee! That’s right? Ian also knew that this requirement was a bit overwhelming. This was just an idea that Ian thought about it, but the facts proved that Doflamingo can’t be fooled…

The credibility of the alliance between pirates was inherently low, let alone with such a person as Doflamingo. In the beginning, Ian never took what Doflamingo said into consideration. In this so-called alliance, Ian was toying with Doflamingo, and Doflamingo was fooling Ian.

It’s just that Ian was a little reluctant to let Doflamingo pay nothing in return. Finally, he thought of something and said, “Well, if you don’t want to attack the Marines, then there is no need. But Doffy, I have recently been short of money. You can help me with this!?”

“I can give you 100 Million Berries!” Doflamingo said directly. His business in the underground world was making tons of money every day. Such a small amount of money does not affect him at all.

“That’s it… Too little!” Ian shook his head and said, “Give me 1 billion, I really need the money!”

“That’s a very high amount, do you think I’m making money from thin air!?” Once again, Doflamingo’s forehead had more blue veins, this guy, Ian, raised the amount by ten times, and even Doflamingo couldn’t bear it. He was very annoyed.

‘Damn it, when I get the identity chip, I have to kill this guy!’

“Maximum 300 million!” Doflamingo said: “Just consider it as my sponsorship to our allies, if you don’t want it, then forget it!”

“Well, how do I get the money?” Ian asked.

“You have to release Buffalo and BaBy-5!” Doflamingo said: “And they will bring you the money!”

“No, no, no! Don’t be funny! How could that be possible!” Ian said, “What if your so-called alliance was fake? What if I do that and you turn around to kill me as soon as I send them away!”

Doflamingo was very angry, it was the first time for him to communicate with someone that elusive. After a while of silence, he exhaled and said, “Huuuh… then what do you say?”

“I will release Buffalo alone to bring me the money! But BaBy-5 had to stay with me!” Ian said: “BaBy-5 needs to stay on my boat until you fulfill your promises. This maid is really obedient, and it just happens that I’m lacking one, do you think it’s okay?”

“…” Doflamingo didn’t speak for a long time, and finally said: “Hand the microphone to Buffalo and BaBy-5, let me talk with them!”

During this time, Buffalo and BaBy-5 have waked up leisurely, and Ian asked his crew to bring them up and let them communicate with Doflamingo.

“Young master!” As soon as Buffalo got close to the speaker, he knew from the appearance of the Den Den Mushi that it was Doflamingo on the opposite side, so he cried, “Young master, we have failed you!”

“Buffalo, stop crying!” Doflamingo’s voice softened a little, and said: “Now that we have formed an alliance with Dragon Hunter Pirates. You have to come back soon and leave BaBy-5 there, she will stay with them!”

“Young Master, you…you don’t want me?” Although BaBy-5 was holding a cigarette, her eyes suddenly became red.

Doflamingo explained: “It’s not the case. You’re there as a contractor. Do you understand what I mean?”

Baby-5 reacted suddenly and quickly nodded: “I understand, Young Master!”

Ian stood by and sneered when he saw this scene. Ian naturally figured out Doflamingo’s thoughts. Although BaBy-5 was left as a hostage, it was part of the agreement, but at the same, BaBy-5 can also be used to gather more information about the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

“Just understand this!” Doflamingo said: “During this period, you should follow his orders, okay!?”

After the two of them retreated, Doflamingo asked Ian to get on the call, saying: “Now that the alliance has been reached, I hope you keep your part of the deal.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a man of my words!” Ian patted his chest.

But in fact, it’s just a cliché. No matter which one of these two, they didn’t take the so-called alliance seriously. They haven’t even met each other. So, all the talking that has been said on the call felt like empty promises!

On the surface, it seems that Doflamingo was still at a disadvantage, because he has to pay 300 million Berries, and leave BaBy-5 with them, so Ian has benefited more. At least after this communication, he didn’t have to worry about Doflamingo coming along with the Marines to attack his pirate group.

However, how could such a person like Doflamingo be willing to lose? After hanging up the call, he floated in the air and thought for a while, then suddenly changed his target and went in another direction.

The place he was going to was the base of a Yonko, the Strongest Creature Kaido!

“Fuffuffuffuffu!” Doflamingo’s laughter echoed in the air: “Although I promised not to take action against you temporarily, it does not mean that others won’t do it for me!”

From his communication with Ian, Doflamingo keenly discovered a problem. Ian does not seem to know that Kaido was looking for him. However, he also has an underground identity, which is the intermediary in the underground world, Nicknamed “Joker/ the Clown”. At present, he has made contact with Kaido and started the business of artificial devil fruit with him.

Therefore, Doflamingo intends to do two things! Seducing, while snatching!

“I will let the Beast Pirates deal with you, as soon as they can catch you, they will force you to hand over the identity chip! When that time comes, I will get the identity chip back from Kaido, then I will kill you to avenge Vergo!”



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