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S.C.S Chapter 209: Fujitora’s attitude

Buffalo left, he was going to get money for Ian, but BaBy-5 stayed.

Seeing BaBy-5 staring at him angrily, Ian didn’t mind that at all, he said with a smile, “Would you please bring me two drinks?”

“Ah! Ok!” BaBy-5’s expression changed immediately, turning around blushing, and then went to the cabin humming.

This girl was really interesting…

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian also told the people on board not to abuse and embarrass baby-5.

Fujitora came up, sat down beside Ian, and asked, “Is that the Shichibukai, Heavenly Yaksha, Doflamingo who spoke with you just now?”

“Yes, uncle Issho, do you know him?” Ian said.

Fujitora nodded and said, “Shichibukai’s name, like thunder piercing the ear, Heavenly Yaksha, especially, but why would he look for you?”

Ian thought about it for a while, so he lowered his voice and said to Fujitora, “I guess this might be related to Vergo from the G5 branch… He may be a member of the Donquixote Family!”

With that said, Fujitora suddenly seemed very surprised.

“Isn’t Vergo a marine, vice-admiral?” Fujitora lowered his voice: “Is he colluding with Heavenly Yaksha?”

Fujitora understood Ian’s meaning, and thought that it’s could be true. Ian didn’t explain to him in detail, but suddenly asked, “Uncle Issho, what do you think of the Shichibukai?”

“Now I am just a wanted person, what do I have to do with them?” Fujitora laughed.

“I just want to hear your thoughts!” Ian said, “It’s okay, we are just talking.”

In fact, he was curious. He didn’t know what Fujitora’s impression of Shichibukai was. Ian only remembered that after joining the Marines, Fujitora adhered to the idea of banning the Shichibukai title. However, was this opinion the conclusion drawn from observing them after joining the Marines, or has it sprouted before?

Ian now wants to find a position within the Shichibukai, so Fujitora’s view of them was very important to Ian, who is trying to keep him on his ship…

After thinking about it, Fujitora said: “Shichibukai is actually a kind of privilege. In my opinion, this system is unreasonable. The Marines’ duty is to crackdown Pirates, however, when a group of pirates gets too strong, they will be granted the Shichibukai’s title. And this is extremely ridiculous to allow them to plunder legally! As a matter of fact, I have been wandering on the sea for many years, and I have heard a lot of rumors about these Shichibukai, this kind of privilege will make them get out of control after a long time. For example, Vergo, the Vice-Admiral was colluding with Heavenly Yaksha.”

Ian nodded. He knew that Fujitora’s impression of the Shichibukai didn’t seem to be formed overnight. What he said was quite reasonable. Shichibukai is indeed a privilege. If it continues like this, it may change in the future to be just like the Celestial Dragons…

With a smile, Ian asked him: “What if the world government and the Marines give you an invitation letter to join and become a Shichibukai?”

Fujitora laughed and said: “I’m just a blind man. Why would they invite me?”

“Then what if they invite me to be Shichibukai? What do you think, uncle?” Ian changed the subject immediately.

Fujitora was stunned for a moment and said, “What you said to Heavenly Yaksha before, wouldn’t it be true?”

The reason for asking this question was that Fujitora believes that what Ian and Doflamingo talked about was nonsense. Although they talked about making him a Shichibukai, Fujitora didn’t take it seriously. However, when Ian asked this question, he suddenly realized that it might be true.

So he frowned and said, “Brother Ian, do you really want to become a Shichibukai?”

“If I don’t become Shichibukai, what do you think would happen to me?” Ian shrugged and said: “killing a Celestial Dragon is a huge crime, which means that if I don’t make it up for this crime, I’ll have to go down as a pirate all the time. Is it true that I want to take my friends and slowly develop our strength, and then become one of the four emperors, or become the second Pirate King?”

Fujitora touched his chin and thought! Yes, he is in the same situation as Ian. He is also wanted by the government, so he can’t do anything about being regarded as a pirate. He doesn’t even know what will happen to him in the future! This uncle has the strength. Can’t he become a great pirate like the four emperors, or work hard to be the pirate king? He is a forty-year-old man, and Ian doesn’t know what kind of ambition he has!

In fact, the reason why Fujitora and Ian got along well was that they have a similar sense of justice, so they can’t understand the dream of being a pirate, and searching for the One Piece wasn’t a big deal to them.

So when Fujitora thought about it carefully, he felt that it might be a better choice for Ian to become Shichibukai.

In addition, if they make a careful calculation, there were probably several Shichibukai who were similar to Ian. Whether it is Knight of the Sea, Jinbe, Hawk Eyes Mihawk, or Pirate Empress, these three were not wicked pirates. They agreed to join the Shichibukai, just because they didn’t want to be chased and harassed by the marines endlessly.

Thinking of this, Fujitora couldn’t help sighing, “That makes sense…”

The conversation between the two was carried out on the deck. Some members of the Dragon Hunter pirates heard the conversation. Doroni scratched his head and interrupted: “Captain, you are thinking about becoming a Shichibukai. We are not against it. But we heard that the Shichibukai are actually lackeys of the world government and Marines. Is this true? Don’t forget from whom we have escaped, and now we are hunted by the Marines… We don’t want to be their dogs anymore!”

Ian looked at Doroni and the other silent people. He knew that the members of his pirate group probably thought this way.

“No!” Ian shook his head and said, “We are not going to be their lackeys? It’s not for them to tell us what to do, we always have the final say. Whether we want to make a move depends on us!”

Raideen and the others looked at each other and felt that this was the case. Even if the world government and the Marines asked them to do something at that time, they could just go through the motions. Could they still insist on doing it?

“And to tell you the truth, if it had not been for Admiral Aokiji, it would have been hard to say whether we could have escaped Marijoa.” Ian then continued, “So don’t blindly put the hatred of the Celestial Dragons on the Marines!”

Fujitora nodded on the side. In fact, he has been in contact with a lot of Marines over the years. He knows that there are many scums among them, but there are a lot of good people, too. What Ian said was quite objective.

Meanwhile, Ian smiled suddenly lightly and said, “Besides, don’t you think that we, the dragon hunters, who escaped from Marijoa, have turned into Shichibukai, which means that we will get special privileges from the Marines, do you think that we can’t beat the Celestial Dragons’ faces more severely? (We won’t stop until we take them down…)”

After liberating Marijoa’s slaves, Fisher Tiger was injured by the ambush of the Marines. As a result, he was unwilling to accept human blood transfusion and ended up dead. Although it is tragic, on the other hand, it was not worth it, because his death, after being publicized by the world government, has raised the majesty of the Marines and indirectly consolidated the privileges of Celestial Dragons!

There were countless strong men in this world, can it really be impossible to find another man who is as strong as Fisher Tiger and wants to rescue those slaves of Marijoa? Of course, there are many, but the death of Fisher Tiger has made them hide such thoughts.

This is how things are in this world. If Fisher Tiger was alive and the Marines haven’t killed him, maybe Marijoa will have a different result. If an endless stream of people has made the same liberation movement, Ian believes that these Celestial Dragons wouldn’t be able to keep their damn privileges!

Perhaps uncle Kuma proposed that he should be a Shichibukai at that time, and he had the intention to make him an example… The enemies of the Marines were all pirates, while the opponent of the revolutionary army has always been the world government. Starting from any place that can attack the majesty of the world government, the revolutionary army will be very happy.

If the example of Ian was set up, some ambitious people may think, ‘huh, look at that young man, how did he become Shichibukai? Wasn’t it because he attacked Marijoa and rescued some slaves? If I do the same, maybe I will be the next Shichibukai?’

When this idea began to sprout, it was the salvation of all the slaves who were still under the enslavement of the Celestial Dragons…

Doroni was so stupid that it took him a while to figure out what Ian meant. On the contrary, it was other people who were quick to react. After listening, their eyes suddenly brightened.

In the beginning, it was a pity that the rest of the slave compatriots could not be released. Now, it seems that it is a good thing for Captain Ian to become Shichibukai!



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