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S.C.S Chapter 210: the Principality of Salamis

Fujitora finally laughed and said, “Well, if I continue to be on your side, Brother Ian, maybe I will be regarded as a member of your crew and they will cancel our bounties?”

“Yeah!” Ian smiled and said in a low voice: “But Uncle Issho, didn’t you say that you don’t care about being wanted by the marines?”

Fujitora smiled and said, “Of course, I don’t care, but I also don’t mind being a free man with no bounty on my head!”

“So, uncle, are you willing to be the deputy captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group?” Ian said.

Fujitora said with a serious face: “Brother Ian, since your pirate crew is not an evil group, even if I become the deputy captain, it is no big deal!”

Ian was taken aback, and then said: “So, uncle, do you really agree joining in!?”

Fujitora smiled and nodded.

Ian was just tentatively asking this question. He originally thought that Fujitora would take it off with the excuse that the appointed time did not arrive, just like always. However, he really did not expect that after asking once again, Fujitora would agree easily…

Surprisingly, he suddenly thought of something, and asked Fujitora: “Uncle, you won’t be thinking that after I become Shichibukai, you would take the opportunity to get close to the marines and observe them?”

He can’t help it, the reason why Ian suddenly asked this question was that Fujitora agreed to be his vice-captain just after he learned that he planned to be Shichibukai. Fujitora’s personality is not a kind of snobbish person. Naturally, it is impossible to simply cancel his reward. In combination with the fact that Fujitora was eventually recruited to join the Marines in the original story, Ian had such a guess.

When asked by Ian, Fujitora was obviously a little surprised. He didn’t expect that his own thoughts would be guessed by Ian so quickly.

“That’s true!” Fujitora nodded and said, “Brother Ian, if you can really become a member of the Shichibukai, then please take me with you. Let me have a closer look at the Marines and the world government and see what kind of justice they have!”

“Perhaps you will be disappointed!” Ian said.

“If it’s just disappointment, not despair, then it’s ok!” Fujitora said.

‘Whatever you want to do, man!’ Ian shook his head and didn’t say anything anymore. By virtue of the alliance of Doflamingo, Ian was able to unify the thoughts of the whole ship. His purpose has been achieved. As for the future, let’s talk about it later.

Although he knew that there were two Admirals with ten warships behind his butt, Ian was not that flustered, and the ship was still heading for the scheduled voyage.

Later that day, Buffalo came back again and found Ian’s ship, delivering the 300 million Berries to Ian.

That’s enough money to fill up ten suitcases! At that time, the eyes of all the people on the boat were dazzled.

Ian’s crew was different from other pirate groups, because the original intention of the dragon hunter pirate group was not to plunder treasures of others, but to unite and protect themselves against the Celestial Dragons and the Marines.

So when the members of his crew saw so much money, they didn’t think much about it. However, Ian took out a part of the money and gave it to everyone. At least, they could play and gamble while they were on a long trip.

As for the remaining money, captain Ian took it. This is a customary rule of many pirate groups. Ian can freely use and spend this money.

But BaBy-5 was a little bit brooding, because she knows that this is the Young Master’s money!

She didn’t understand why Doflamingo wanted to reach such an agreement with Ian. It was clear that he intended to destroy the Dragon hunter pirate group. How could things turn around and make him give this group tons of money?

“Don’t be so proud!” Baby-5 held a cigarette in her mouth, and said with crossed arms, “You’d better cooperate with the Young Master obediently, otherwise, the Young Master will show you how terrifying he is!”

Ian ignored her. He knew very well what kind of personality this girl has. He was eating at this time. Matthew made him a well-cooked delicious steak, and the person who brought it was naturally baby-5. So he smiled and said: “Would you please pass me the pepper!?”

“Ok…Okay!” BaBy-5 instantly changed her expression, and happily handed the pepper bottle to Ian with both hands!

While eating, Ian said to baby-5, “What’s so good about Doffy? Why don’t you just join my pirate group!?”

“You dare to speak ill of the young master!” BaBy-5 was so angry that she turned her right arm into a rocket launcher and aimed at Ian: “I’ll kill you!”

As a result, Ian didn’t look at her and said, “Please!”

In the next second, BaBy-5’s rocket launcher disappeared, holding her flushed face and said: “I…I…I’ll think about it…”

Then she ran straight to the cabin.

Ian shook his head and felt that he had no sense of accomplishment. It seemed that it was really easy to manipulate baby-5, a member of Doflamingo’s staff.

It’s just… Since baby-5 was easy to be controlled, this means that she is also easily manipulated by others…

However, no matter what, having her on board was a lot of fun. “I’ll train her more when I’m free…”

In this way, another day passed quickly. At noon the next day, Ian and the others finally approached their destination.

The Principality of Salamis is an island country in the new world. The name of the island is the same as that of the country. It is called Salamis Island.

This is naturally one of Whitebeard’s territories. What’s more interesting is that the king of Salamis has a good friendship with the Whitebeard according to the information obtained by Ian and his crew!

The area of the Salamis Principality is quite large. The island has a radius of nearly 700 square kilometers. It has a typical summer island climate. In the New World, it can be regarded as a holiday resort, and the economy of this country is very prosperous.

Logically speaking, such a country is the target of the World Government, but the strange thing is that the Principality of Salamis is actually a non-participating country of World Government! It’s the kind of halfway out!

It is said that the King of the Principality of Salamis was forced to withdraw from the originally affiliated countries because of his opposition to the heavenly gold system.

Ordinary countries do not have such courage, because no matter what, the whole world still depends on the world government’s protection. Many non-participating countries are punished by the world government. Their countries not only run rampant with pirates, but also their civilians could easily be taken as laborers and sent to the Tequila Wolf in the East Blue to build the bridge connecting the islands. This is a huge project. It is said that it has been under construction for the past 700 years and has not been completed yet. After this long period, no one knew how many people have died there.

However, the Principality of Salamis avoided this fate. After the Whitebeard incorporated this place into his territory, neither the pirates nor the Marines dared to come close to this country.

The king of Salamis, who has been in power for thirty-two years, has turned his country that was once suffering from the payment of the heavenly gold into a prosperous country with the help and protection of the Whitebeard.

Such an irony…

Ian and the others got there, and after they landed on the island, they saw Hawaiian-style scenes. Girls there were wearing cool clothes, but they are passionate and unrestrained. Men’s skin was tanned, but they were vigorous and heroic. All over the beach of the island, there were tourists wearing sunglasses, bikini, and swimming trunks.

As soon as they got off the ship, Margaret and the group of girls suddenly screamed in excitement and rushed towards the beach.

The other men looked at the beautiful ladies playing around, and their eyes were about to pop off.

“Go and play, just remember to return to the ship on time,” Ian announced, and they all ran away with joy.

Ian and Fujitora went to the island together.

“I don’t know where the Whitebeard Pirates are?” Ian said as he walked: “Isn’t it said that there are people stationed on this island from the Fourth Division of the Whitebeard Pirates?”

“Let’s just go to the island and ask!” Fujitora said.

“All right, let’s go. Uncle Issho, I’ll buy you a drink.” Ian said.

Fujitora smiled, he was very satisfied.

When the Dragon Hunter Pirates landed in the Principality of Salamis, a huge fleet gradually emerged on the sea hundreds of kilometers away.

This fleet was formed by ten warships with the same size, blue bottom, and white sails painted with a blue seagull spreading its wings…

The Marines were gradually approaching…



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