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S.C.S Chapter 211: Relationship Between Student & Teacher

“Report the situation!” On the deck of one of the warships, a marine intelligence officer was saluting Kizaru who is sitting on a lounge chair, “Admiral Borsalino, the movements of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group has been identified. Judging from their path, their target is likely to be the Principality of Salamis!”

Kizaru wearing a yellow striped suit was slumbering. After hearing the report, he woke up, reached for the hat that covered his face, and said. “The Principality of Salamis? This country is not a member of the alliance? I heard that it’s one of Whitebeard’s territories. Is that right?”

“Yes, Admiral Borsalino, according to our speed, we will reach the target in two days!” The intelligence officer was on the right track.

Kizaru wore his gold-amber tinted sunglasses, scratched his head a little, and said: “Huuh, this is not an easy thing to do… do we have to fight in the Whitebeard’s territory again?”

“The situation is indeed very complicated, but Admiral Borsalino, we are still waiting for your orders!” the intelligence officer said.

“I’m not the only Admiral in this fleet.” Kizaru said: “Wait until I ask the teacher’s opinion.”

With that said, he raised his left hand and dialed a number on the Den Den Mushi in his wrist: “Hey, Sensei, can you hear me?”

However, after shouting for a long time, he didn’t receive any response. Kizaru scratched his head and said, “Huh, this is weird…”

Kizaru’s words and actions were so slow and leisurely, it is estimated that he was worse than Ian’s chef, Matthew. He tried to call him twice, but there wasn’t anyone answering. At this time, a voice came from the cabin behind: “Uncle, didn’t I tell you that the Den Den Mushi on your left wrist is used for eavesdropping?”

With these words, a huge figure of a fat man wearing a red Dudou (an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen) appeared on the deck. The large man had a scar on his left cheek, and he carried a huge double-edged axe on his shoulder.

This fatty was Sentomaru. At this time, he looked a little young. However, no one on the marines dared to look down on him, because he was the nephew of the Admiral, Kizaru, and also he has learned Haki at a young age, plus now he has joined the marine headquarters scientific unit. This scientific unit, which was under the command of Dr. Vegapunk, is specially used to protect Vegapunk and the very few people selected to work with him.

“Sentomaru! Here you are!” Kizaru scratched his scalp and asked, “Where is the Den Den Mushi used for calling?”

“It’s on your other hand!” Sentomaru was a little speechless.

Kizaru suddenly realized that he had used the wrong hand…

Soon, a voice came from the other end of the call, saying: “What’s the matter?”

“Sensei, it looks like we are going to fight on the Whitebeard’s territory again!” Kizaru said: “Do you have any good suggestions?”

“Hmph, even if I have, would you listen?” Zephyr snorted coldly.

“Of course, you are my teacher after all.” Kizaru laughed.

“There is no need to ask me!” Zephyr was too lazy to discuss with him and said, “You are the commander of this operation. I’m just a retired old man. I wouldn’t come with you if it wasn’t for Sengoku’s request!”

After that, Zephyr slammed the microphone.

This guy, Zephyr, can be regarded as the soul of the marines, since he retired, he has been serving as an instructor in the marines. It is known that almost all the officers of this generation were trainees under his hands. All the marine officers in active service, including Fleet Admiral Sengoku, when they see him, they respectfully call him “instructor” or “Sensei”.

The three current admirals were all his former students, but among these students, Kizaru had the worst relationship with him.

Of course, Kizaru respects him, but the problem is that Kizaru does not agree with Zephyr’s way of doing things.

Zephyr didn’t kill any pirate when he was in the marines, he was known as the “non-killing” admiral. However, when he was 42 years old, his family was killed by pirates, so he hated all of them.

Kizaru was his first student between the three after Zephyr became an instructor, and he was also the oldest one. Akainu was 23, Aokiji was only 19, and he was 26.

Aokiji and Akainu were still young at the time. They admired Zephyr very much, the former Admiral, their instructor, but Kizaru was different from them. At this time, Kizaru was mature, so he always thought that Zephyr’s principles were very ridiculous.

“What’s the use of pity for those sinners, because, in the end, it will only cause harm to yourself!”

It is because of this mentality that Kizaru’s attitude towards Zephyr was somewhat different, although Zephyr taught him well, he was keenly aware of Kizaru’s secret ridicule of him, which was difficult for Zephyr to accept.

As a result, the relationship between the two has not been very good.

However, both Zephyr and Kizaru were affiliated with the marines, so although they have a bad relationship, they have never solved this face-to-face. According to the historical trajectory, the killers of Zephyr’s family were conscripted as Shichibukai, and that broke Zephyr’s trust, loyalty, and every kind of intimacy he held to the Marines. At that time, Kizaru, who was responsible for chasing him, had to fight with his former teacher…


Although Zephyr was old, he was one of the forces that can’t be ignored. Both the Marines and the World Government must rely on his strength to take down the dragon hunter group with the support of the people he formed.

In the same way, after the request of the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, Zephyr agreed to this mission. Even if his partner was his least favorite student, he still came.

Sengoku’s thoughts may have been considered in the best interest for both of them. He wanted to use this cooperation to see if he can make the relationship between the two better…

However, with a simple call, things can be seen that Sengoku’s efforts were wasted.

Although they were in standard warships, the personnel on three of them were not all elite soldiers from the Marine headquarters, but also they were members of his group brought by Zephyr himself.

After Zephyr hung up the call, he couldn’t help coughing twice, and standing next to him, a curvaceous young woman with reddish-brown eyes and dark blue hair framing her face immediately stepped forward and gently patted Zephyr on the back.

Zephyr was indeed getting older. He has been suffering from asthma. After taking an aerosol inhaler and spraying it into his mouth twice, his symptoms have been alleviated.

Looking back, Zephyr said to the girl, “Thank you, Ain. I’m much better.”

This girl with blue hair was Ain, she was also a student of Zephyr and a Devil Fruit User, but at the time, Zephyr was still on board as a naval instructor, his ship was attacked by Pirate Edward Weevil (T/N: I think it’s still unknown who attacked Zephyr’s ship!!!!), only two of the trainee students on the ship survived, one was Ain and the other was Binz, and Zephyr lost his right wrist as a result…

Since then, Ain and Binz have been following Zephyr and become his right-hand. After forming the Pirate Guerrilla, they have almost attacked all kinds of pirates in the New World this year, and they have been looking for the trail of Edward Weevil, hoping to avenge his other trainees.

At the beginning of their group establishment, Ain followed Zephyr to the first half of the Grand Line. That was the time when they completely destroyed the Iron Bone Pirates, and when Ian accidentally ran into Hina.

Seeing that Zephyr was in better condition, Ain squatted in front of Zephyr, like a well-behaved daughter facing her father, she asked Zephyr with gaze and curiously: “Sensei, our goal, the dragon hunter pirate group, I checked their situation at the time, aren’t they a bunch of pirates formed by slaves? Such a pirate group, strictly speaking, is not real pirates!? Why did you agree to do it?”

“Ain, are you sympathizing with them?” Zephyr wore a pair of sunglasses and looked down at her. Because of the sunglasses, Ain couldn’t see how Zephyr’s expression at the moment.

“It’s not sympathy…” After thinking about it, Ain shook her head and said, “I just think we shouldn’t come…”

“I didn’t want to come either!” Zephyr said: “But in any case, the existence of the Dragon hunter group is provoking to the authority of the Marines!”

Ain listened to Zephyr’s explanation and understood his thoughts.

Her most respected teacher devoted almost all her life to the marines. Although the Marines did not protect his family, which led to his family’s tragic death, he still believed in them.



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