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S.C.S Chapter 212: Oak Tavern

Ain also served as a staff officer in the Pirate Guerrilla team, so she had investigated the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

She didn’t know much about the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, but she discovered that the so-called slavery was the retrogression of civilization, so she didn’t have any hatred in her heart towards them. When he found out that this group was made up of Marijoa’s escaped slaves, she didn’t regard them as real pirates.

However, her admiration for Zephyr was unparalleled, so after hearing what he said, she strengthened her conviction and prepared to seriously deal with the upcoming battle.

Although there were only two Admirals dispatched, Zephyr and Kizaru, as well as the elite soldiers of some of these warships, there were more than that in fact, such as Sentomaru who was brought by his uncle Kizaru, Zephyr also took two of his strongest men, Ain and Binz. In addition, there was a Rear Admiral on each warship.

So to be precise, the strength they brought was far more powerful than a Buster Call…

When the Marines were slowly approaching the Principality of Salamis, Ian and the others were already on the island.

Although the black pirate flag hung on Ian’s ship, and the citizens of this country also know that they were pirates, they showed them no fear when they saw them land.

The flag of Whitebeard Pirates, which was spread all over the island, gave these people great confidence.

In the New World, although the Four Emperors roles this part of the world, in many people’s hearts, the Whitebeard Pirates were regarded as the strongest! The Whitebeard was the biggest rival of the Pirate King, Roger, so after his death, the Whitebeard Pirates became the crew of the new Pirate King, especially for the people of Salamis, Whitebeard’s shelter was even more effective than the sanctuary of marines!

When Ian and Fujitora walked into this country, they often saw a lot of noisy children hanging a Whitebeard emblem on their shoulders, role-playing as pirates.

It can be seen how well the Whitebeard Pirates were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in this country.

In addition to this, what Ian noticed the most, was the number of beauties around. The country’s climate is hot, but it is not like the desert, therefore, both men and women here were wearing cool clothes! So, the young man, Ian, along the way, has seen many beautiful women with “large breast”, wearing a piece of underwear and walking on the street, which made him feel that he was going to have a burst of nosebleed.

This reminded Ian of Nami-Chwan, who will become mature and a hell of a sexy lady in the future, the girls here were at the same level of beauty as what she will look like in a couple of years.

A hot black lady, as she passed by, she winked at Ian. Just as Ian mustered the courage to talk to her, she noticed Fujita beside him. She couldn’t help laughing awkwardly and waving goodbye to them.

After that, Ian turned into a deflated ball!

Because just now, when this pretty lady came by, she sensed the terrifying aura of Fujitora, even though he was just scratching his head dumbly, she could not help shaking her head “Nope!” But the problem was that Ian was just an inch away…

“Uncle, what are you doing?” Ian asked him.

“Haha, although I’m blind man, many girls are hitting on me when I was in the casino!” Fujitora said proudly.

Ian was speechless. ‘Come on man, those girls were trying to snatch your money…’

After a short time, Ian and Fujitora came to a tavern. At the bar, Ian took out two Berries bills, asked for two drinks, and then asked the bartender, “I’m here looking for the whitebeard pirates. Can you tell me where to find them?”

There was a reason why he asked the bartender this time. This place was different from the last territory of the Whitebeard. Mainspring Island was very small, and there was only a small town on the island. Therefore, there were people from the Whitebeard Pirate Group watching the port. However, this was a large country, so it naturally has its own army and soldiers, and does not need members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group to maintain daily order.

There must be some members located in this country, but the problem is how to find them among this huge population.

After hearing Ian’s question, the people drinking in the tavern couldn’t help but look at them. Among these people, there were real tourists and some pirates who kept looking carefully at Ian and Fujitora.

The bartender did the same. After carefully looking at Ian, he smiled and said: “Many people come here looking for the Whitebeard Pirates. However, there are two different kinds of visitors. Which one are you?”

Ian understood the bartender’s meaning as soon as he heard it. Sure enough, there is no shortage of those who think they were worthy of challenging the Whitebeard after getting a little bit of strength.

There were a lot of people who are bold and reckless, and have a fluke mentality. Don’t forget that after Ian’s face was exposed, the same thing has happened to him, even if they knew clearly that two Marine Admirals were looking for his crew, many weak pirates dared to attack him…

Therefore, the word “visitors” said by the bartender has two meanings. One is a real guest, the other is a challenger.

Ian planned to come and see Ace, so it was naturally a visit in its real sense, so he nodded and said, “There is a friend of mine who just joined the whitebeard pirates.”

After hearing what Ian said, most of the guests in the tavern showed envious expressions. The bartender’s attitude towards Ian also changed. He said politely, “Well then, you can go to the Oak Tavern. Members of the Fourth Division often appear there!”

“Thanks!” Ian raised his glass, drank the wine in one sip, and said to Fujitora: “Let’s go, uncle!”

After Fujitora finished drinking, he came to Ian and said: “It can be seen that people in this country respect the Whitebeard Pirates! That’s not a good thing…”

“Because these people are protecting this country,” Ian said with a smile.

They went out and inquired about the location of the Oak Tavern. They went to the center of the city and found the bar.

After paying for two more drinks, Ian found out the location of the whitebeard pirates from the bartender. It was in a corner of the tavern, where there were several small private rooms, built with sandstone.

Ian and Fujitora walked over, and there were several pirate-like folks sitting there, four men and one woman, without exception, these five people were all tattooed with the emblem of the Whitebeard pattern.

Seeing this scene, Ian got a “unique” idea. Would it be great to have a tattoo of the Dragon Hunter Pirates? This kind of logo is indeed very conspicuous, it doesn’t just prove that he belongs to a certain group, but it’s also a kind of pride.

“What can I do for you?” When they saw Ian and Fujitora, one of the five named Moxi asked with a frown.

“Are you from the Fourth Division of the Whitebeard Pirates?” Ian sat down on the sand in front of them and asked.

The five looked at each other and couldn’t help putting their hands on the weapons they were carrying.

“Don’t get me wrong!” Seeing their action, Ian said with a smile: “I have a friend who seems to have just joined the Whitebeard Pirate Group. I’m here looking for him.”

“Oh? What’s your friend’s name?” Moxi breathed a sigh of relief. Since he is a friend of a Brother, there is no problem.

“His name is Ace, Fire Fist Ace!” Ian said.

Upon hearing the name, the five people looked at Ian in surprise. Moxi jumped up in shock and said, “Fire Fist Ace!? The guy with the 220 million Berries bounty?”

“Well, do you know him?” Ian was a little surprised. At the time, Ace’s bounty should be 550 million after he became the captain of the second Division. So Moxi was right.

More than just knowing! Moxi looked at Ian, he didn’t expect that Ian was Ace’s friend.

Fire Fist Ace was the newcomer with 220 million Berries bounty, and now almost the entire Whitebeard Pirates knows his name. At first, the rumors said that he was after the Whitebeard’s head, but he was stopped by Jinbe. After five days and five nights of fighting, the battle ended with a draw, and later the old man personally went out and took him on his boat.

Now that Ace has joined the Whitebeard Pirates, it can be seen that the father has attached great importance to him. Such a powerful Logia Devil Fruit User has brought the strength of the Whitebeard Pirates to a higher level. Everyone can tell that in a few years, Fire Fist Ace will grow stronger into a new Commander candidate.

So, when they heard that this young man was Ace’s friend, Moxi immediately stopped neglecting him and said: “Yes, of course! By the way, since you are Ace’s friend, then your name is …”

“Oh, I’m Ian, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, and this is my deputy captain, Uncle Issho!” Ian introduced, “Can you tell me where I can find Ace?”

However, unexpectedly, after Ian introduced himself, the entire tavern went silent. All of them, including five members of the Whitebeard Pirates, were staring at Ian.

“The captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!? You…you are the Blazing Blade Ian who is wanted for 5… 500 million Berries!?”

When Moxi regained his senses, he let out a cry of exclamation.

Suddenly, the whole tavern was filled with a burst of noises. A big pirate with a bounty of 500 million Berries appeared in this tavern!?

Although people here often see pirates of Whitebeard’s group, no one, including the Division Commander #04, Thatch, doesn’t have such a bounty!

Moreover, this uncle turned out to be his Vice-Captain. So, in this tavern, these two pirates were worth 800 million!?

For a while, many people became very awed by Ian and Fujitora.

Then Moxi acted in a hurry, respectfully poured a glass of wine to Ian, and then said, “Boss Ian, you should sit here for a moment. In fact, Father is awake of your affairs. He took brother Ace with him and started looking for you. I didn’t expect that you would appear here. I’ll contact our Commander and inform him of this news!”

“Isn’t your Commander Thatch here?” Ian asked in confusion: “Plus, why are they looking for me?”

“I don’t know the reason. But Commander Thatch and the other Commanders basically stayed on Oyaji’s flagship!” Moxi explained: “I will notify them immediately, and they may come to Salamis, you just have to wait for a while!”

“All right.” Ian had no choice but to nod.

When Moxi left, the remaining three men and one woman were helplessly trying to keep Ian and his deputy captain company.

But the people in the tavern, however, hummed and began to talk.

The Whitebeard is coming here personally!? Isn’t… isn’t his health situation not so good? He would come here for this dragon hunter pirate group!?

This is not a dream, isn’t it? Some people pinched themselves quietly, but they grinned with pain, and looked at Ian and Fujitora with horror.

Could it be that the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group will also bear the father’s name?

In that case, the strength of the Whitebeard Pirate Group will become even stronger and highly terrifying…



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