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S.C.S Chapter 213: Young Reporter

Moxi quickly contacted the companions of the Whitebeard Pirates and informed them that the Dragon Hunter Pirates had boarded in the Principality of Salamis.

Ace has been searching for Ian’s whereabouts all the time. He was very happy when he heard the news. He asked Moxi to tell Ian that he had to wait for him in the Principality of Salamis, just for two days. Then, he and the Whitebeard himself would come there.

After hearing the message, Ian thought that it was not a long time, so he was relieved because he could rest for a couple of days…

In two days, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group went crazy, playing, and enjoying themselves in this country. As a holiday resort, the Principality of Salamis had all kinds of entertainment places. Margaret and a group of other girls went shopping in a market, and even BaBy-5 was dragged by them.

BaBy-5 originally didn’t want to go arrogantly, but Margaret has also learned Ian’s trick, and directly used the word “Please” to easily pull her.

There was a large playground on this island. Although it is not as beautiful as that of Sabaody Archipelago, it attracts many people. Doroni was the most yearning for it. After hearing about the amusement park, he immediately took many people to play together.

Here, even if they were of different tribes, there was no need to worry about being caught or kidnapped.

Fujitora took some money from Ian and ran to a casino. The casinos on this island were more formal, but Ian was worried about Fujitora, so he let Zick accompany him.

And Ian kept wandering around the island alone.

Ian was actually a foodie type person, so he was basically looking for the best restaurants on this island. Anyway, he has money, so when he sees a crowded shop, he ran in and ordered their famous dishes.

While eating, Ian would think of Ace, and then couldn’t help laughing, after remembering scenes from the past…

If he was here with Ian, he for sure would do his usual move, Dine and Dash…

In addition to wandering around looking for delicious dishes, Ian found a tattoo shop on his way.

As soon as he saw this shop, Ian stopped walking. He looked down at his two white arms and walked into the shop without hesitation.

Due to the seal of the Black Dragon wave on his right hand, even if there was a special treasure bandage wrapped around, some heat of Black Dragon will still leak out. Although it was that not much, it is enough to damage Ian’s right sleeve. And Ian himself has a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. He always felt that having only one sleeve was very disturbing, so he had to tear the other one…

As a result, Ian hasn’t worn clothes with sleeves for a long time. Although his arms were now well-proportioned and muscular, they looked monotonous.

So taking this opportunity, Ian tattooed his pirate group logo on his left arm.

The tattoo guy was very good. After finishing, Ian looked in the mirror and felt quite satisfied. Now he has a logo of the dragon hunter group on his left arm and a black dragon wave on his right arm, which was barely symmetrical.

After walking out of the store, Ian heard a loud noise on the street in front of him, and a crowd of people has gathered around, watching something.

Anyway, there was nothing wrong. Ian went over to take a look, but after squeezing through the crowd, three Pirate-looking men were punching and kicking a young man wearing a hat on the ground.

Although the young man was beaten by three strong guys, he was bent over on the ground, protecting something in his arms.

Although the young man was beaten by three strong guys, he was curled up on the ground, protecting something in his arms.

Ian didn’t care much because he knew that there were “sheriffs” here.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for a group of soldiers in strange uniforms to arrive at the scene. They were the guards of the Principality of Salamis. As soon as they appeared, they immediately took the three men and planned to arrest them.

As a result, the three pirates immediately raised their hands and said, “We didn’t make trouble. It’s this guy’s fault. He was secretly taking pictures of the girls in our group!”

The guards were stunned. They knew that these pirates won’t dare to make trouble on this island. However, these three men were beating this guy in the street, maybe they are telling the truth…

So the guards immediately pulled up the young man who was beaten up from the ground and asked him with a serious look, “Were you taking pictures without permission?”

“I wasn’t sneakily taking pictures!” The young man’s nose was bleeding, but he still said in a loud voice, “I’m a journalist! News Coo reporter!”

Ian was taken aback when he heard it, then looking down, he found that what he was holding tightly in his arms was indeed a camera.

“Reporter!?” The guards were taken aback for a moment, but then they frowned and said, “Don’t you know that this island doesn’t welcome people from the world government?”

Most of the reporters in this world belong to “News Coo” Corporation. The so-called News Coo refers to a large-scale newspaper group under the supervision of the world government. The specific name of the news group is not very well known, only news birds that sell newspapers around the world. In fact, it is this News Coo. In fact, they are under the control of the world government and spread the wanted posters issued by the Marines. Meanwhile, they will cooperate with the world government to conceal some sensitive news.

Although thanks to the News Corporation, people all over the world can hear some fresh news and discover what new pirates have emerged. However, for those who really know its background, News Corporation can’t be well received.

The Principality of Salamis was one of them.

The guards were about to seize the camera in the young man’s hands on the spot, but the young man was unwilling to do so, so he resisted twice. During the struggle, the camera in his hand fell to the ground and broke!

Seeing that his camera was destroyed, the guards stopped embracing him. Then they warned him: “if you came here as a tourist, we welcome you, but you are forbidden to interview and report anything in this country. If you try this again, we will immediately arrest and expel you!”

The Principality of Salamis was originally a non-world government member country. Who knows what these journalists will write in their reports?

The guards then left, and the young man looked at the broken camera between his feet with tears in his eyes, and stayed low for a long time.

Ian walked over with some curiosity, squatted in front of him, and said, “Your camera is broken. Why don’t you go back to your newspaper office and ask for a new one?”

“I can’t!” The young man said without looking up, “I’m still a trainee reporter. I haven’t gotten good news for a long time. I will probably be fired when I go back this time. Instead, they will make me pay for the broken camera!”

When Ian heard this, he didn’t know what to say, so he just asked, “You weren’t able to find some good news, so you decided to take pictures of female pirates?”

“Yeah, that’s right…” The young man looked up at Ian and said, “What’s so good about those ferocious male pirates? But the female pirates are different, they are sexy, hot, and spicy! Many readers like to see such women! “

Ian couldn’t help rolling his eyes. This guy is actually the paparazzi of this world, right?

“If you continue to snap sneaky photos of female pirates, you will be killed one day!” Ian said, “Can’t you make an excuse to ask the other party for help, such as making a magazine cover or something like that, then shoot it with a clear angle. Isn’t that better?”

The young man was stunned for a moment, then he slapped his forehead suddenly, and said: “Yes, why didn’t I think of this!?”

Shaking his head, Ian got up and left. He felt that this trainee reporter was so stupid and not that interesting.

However, after he left, Ian did not see that the young reporter looked at his back for a long time.

“Huh? It’s strange. Just now, this person feels so familiar!” The young reporter scratched his head and muttered to himself in a low voice, “As if I have seen him somewhere…”

He slapped his forehead again: “Come on, remember! Ah, yes, he has tattoos on his arm, which seems to be a pirate… “

In a ghostly manner, the young reporter actually followed Ian from a distance.

After walking for a while, Ian noticed the guy following him, and suddenly turned around and said, “Hey! Are you following me?”

While saying this, Ian clenched the scabbard in his hand.

“No!” The young reporter quickly shook his head and said, “I just feel that you are a bit familiar, as if I have seen you somewhere!”

“Whether you’ve seen me or not, don’t follow me!” Ian said coldly.

“Oh, okay, sorry!” The young reporter shivered and replied. He was frightened by Ian.

Ian once again turned to leave, but at this moment, Ian found an abnormality on the street.

A large number of Salamis Principality soldiers suddenly rushed out from the streets everywhere, carrying various guns and rushing forward quickly.

“Quickly! Keep moving!”

“Go to the port now! Stay alert!”

More and more soldiers were pouring out, and at the same time, sirens suddenly sounded on the street.

The humming siren soon spread throughout the Principality of Salamis. The pedestrians on the street finally reacted, screaming in shock, and began to flee!

Ian watched this scene dumbfounded, then grabbed a passing soldier and asked, “What’s the matter? Are there any pirates attacking?”

“Let go of me!” The soldier slapped his hand angrily, broke free from Ian’s grasp, and then continued to follow the team forward without looking back.

A large number of soldiers ran to the same target, which was the location of the port. Combined with the sound of sirens, the first thing that Ian could think of was a pirate attack.

However, which pirate group is so bold to attack such a country? This country is one of the Whitebeard’s territories?

While thinking about it, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in Ian’s vision. It was Moxi!

He saw Ian staying beside the crowd, so he ran over quickly, panting and saying, “Boss… Boss Ian, this is not good! An enemy is coming!”

“Is it a pirate group?” Ian asked.

As a result, Moxi shook his head desperately and said: “No…no! It’s the marines!”



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