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S.C.S Chapter 214: Major Event

Ian was taken aback when he heard him. He didn’t expect that in two days, instead of waiting for Ace and Whitebeard’s appearance, the marines rushed to this island first!

However, why did the army of this country react like this after the marines’ appearance?

As a result, Moxi saw his doubts and explained: “Boss Ian, you may not know that the world government treats non-participating countries very harshly. Recently, the world government listed a king of a non-participating country as a criminal and sent the Marines to arrest him!”

“How can this be possible!?” Ian couldn’t help but stare blindly.

“This is not important now! The soldiers of the Salamis Principality will negotiate with the Marines!” Moxi said anxiously, “I’m here to find you, because I have something else to tell you!”

“What’s that?” Ian asked.

“Oyaji and Ace, and all the commanders, have already arrived to this country on the Moby Dick!” Moxi said with a sweaty forehead: “But we just got the news that they have found a trace of the Beasts Pirates about 30 kilometers away from Salamis Island!”

“The… the Beasts Pirate Group!?” Ian was so surprised that he almost bit his tongue while speaking, “You mean that Kaido, the Yonko, appeared outside the island!?”

“We don’t know if Kaido came in person!” Moxi said with a horrified expression: “Anyway, something big is about to happen! Oyaji can’t land on the island right now, because he is dealing with the Beasts Pirates!”

As soon as Ian heard this, he immediately knew that the situation here was far from good, so he quickly said to Moxi, “Damn it, I need to summon the members of my Pirate Group. The Marines must be looking for me!”

“Well, Boss Ian, I’ll go to gather the people of the Fourth Division. Oyaji has told us to cooperate with you!” Moxi said: “You have to leave the island and go to the sea, then join our forces out there!”

Ian thought for a while, and found that it was his only way out of this. He didn’t expect that the Marines’ speed would be this fast. Because, when they attacked the G5 branch base, which needs two weeks to reach from the Red Line, so even if the Marines responded immediately and dispatched this fleet, therefore, Ian’s ship should be about two weeks away from this fleet…

However, it was only two days later that the Marines had chased them to Salamis Island.

Could it be that the Marines were on their way here from the beginning? Was their intelligence network really so powerful?

What Ian didn’t know was that his guess was wrong this time. The information was not from the Marines’ intelligence this time, but from Zephyr!

Zephyr’s Pirate guerrillas have been working on taking down the Pirates in the New World, so they have a lot of information about the pirates. Since the exposure of Ian’s identity, the Pirate guerrillas have been searching for his whereabouts.

This time, since Zephyr accepted Sengoku’s commission and led the fleet with Kizaru to encircle the dragon hunters, the movement of the Dragon Hunter Pirates was predicted easily. Judging from their course, Zephyr immediately guessed that their next destination might be Salamis Island.

The bigger the ship, the larger the sail, the faster their speed! This is a matter of common sense. Ian’s ship was not comparable to the Marines’ Battleships on any scale. On their way here, Ian and his crew have fought several pirate groups, which delayed them by a lot. It’s really not surprising that they have caught up so quickly.

Ian and Moxi separated, and they started to contact their respective people through the young Den Den Mushi on their wrists. Both of them were attracted by the imminent emergency, so they completely forget the young reporter standing behind them.

He turned to the left to look at Moxi who was leaving, then looked at Ian who was also leaving on the right side, suddenly, he gritted his teeth and followed Ian again.

“Something big is going to happen! The Whitebeard Pirates, the Beasts Pirates, and the Marines!” The more the young reporter thought about this, the more excited he got: “My God, Am I finally free of my curse!? This is a major event, definitely shocking news!”

While chasing after Ian, the young reporter called Pritz carefully took out a Den Den Mushi with long eyelashes from his trouser pocket. His camera was broken, but Pritz had a special Den Den Mushi that can be used this time. Although he can’t take photos, it can record and transmit the events live, known as the Cameko!

Yeah, this Visual Den Den Mushi was Pritz’s last hope!

He picked up the microphone on the back of the Visual Den Den Mushi and dialed the number of his editor-in-chief. When the other party’s voice came, he immediately lowered his voice and said excitedly: “Hey, editor-in-chief, big news!”

A word immediately attracted the attention of his editor in chief, asking: “What kind of big news?”

“I am now in the Principality of Salamis… Yes sir, on the island of Salamis in the New World!” Pritz said: “Chaos all over this island, a Marines’ fleet has appeared, and not only that, but the Whitebeard Pirates and the Beasts Pirates are coming here as well!”

On hearing this, the editor-in-chief immediately gasped and said in horror, “Is… Is… is this Marine fleet going to fight two emperors at the same time?”

“I don’t know much about the specifics!” Pritz said: “My camera just broke moments ago and I only have the Cameko Den Den Mushi left. Now I’m going to try to get the live footage. Can you directly broadcast it?”

“No problem!” The editor-in-chief immediately said, “I will apply your request immediately. If it is approved, your coverage will be live-streamed to the whole Sabaody Archipelago and all places in the world where they have projectors!”

When Pritz heard this, all his worries were gone. The editor-in-chief gave him such great support as an intern reporter. He knew very well that as long as he could transmit the live event this time, he could become the Greatest Reporter of the News Corporation!

Promotion, salary increase, and marrying a gorgeous woman… a great life was waiting for him, just for streaming this major event.

After a long breath, he followed Ian closely. At this time, he looked at the bear ear cap on Ian’s head and finally remembered who this guy was.

At this moment, when recalled this figure, Pritz couldn’t help staring at him in horror.

“My God! Isn’t… isn’t he the person on the newly released bounty list that I have seen before!? He… he is the Blazing Blade, Ian!” Pritz’s pupils dilated: “The Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, the furious pirate with the 500 million Berries reward, the mastermind and the arsonist of the Holy Land, Marijoa! Why… why is he also on this island!?”

“Hmm… listening to their conversation, it seems that the whitebeard is here for him!?”

Pritz was very happy at this moment that he was following the right person. If he had made a wrong choice and followed Moxi, from the Fourth Division, he won’t be able to reveal such information.

Salamis Island suddenly gathered so many terrifying people! Every time Pritz thought of this, he gets Goosebumps, but at the same time, his adrenaline soared!

“Come on, come on, as long as I stay alive, maybe I can witness a shocking event with my own eyes,” Pritz said while slapping his face.

Now that the island was full of turbulent people, Ian did not focus on Pritz chasing him from afar. While running, he contacted the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group and asked them to gather at the port.

At the same time, at the port, two warships of the Principality of Salamis also came out.

Of course, these two warships can not be compared with the Marine’s Battleships, because they were built by the Principality of Salamis.

Thousands of soldiers from the Salamis’ army were aboard these two ships, heading for the Marines’ Battleships in the distance.

On the azure sea, ten Battleships with blue hulls and white sails were lined up in a row, appearing on the horizon, moving toward the island of Salamis, and their speed was quite fast. The soldiers of the Principality of Salamis, standing on the deck, have been able to faintly see the black muzzle of the triple-packed cannon on the other warships!

Obviously knowing that the other party was the Marines, it was impossible to open fire directly without fear. However, the soldiers of the Salamis Principality felt tremendous and incomparable pressure.

A “Guru” sound came over, and all the soldiers swallowed their saliva…



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