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S.C.S Chapter 215: Where Are They!?

It didn’t take long for the two sides to finally come into contact. The guards of the Principality of Salamis sent a messenger on a small boat to request boarding a marine Battleship, which was approved.

After the captain of the guard got on the warship, the first thing he saw was Kizaru standing in the middle. This famous Admiral was well known in the whole world.

“Admiral Borsalino!” After the Captain came back to his senses, he said solemnly: “May I ask why is there a fleet rushing to the Principality of Salamis, what is the matter? Salamis is a non-participating country and has not joined any Marine defense agreement. According to the regulations, you are not allowed to approach our territorial waters!”

However, Kizaru did not care about such remarks, saying: “However, the Marines have the right to arrest pirates all over the world, right?”

“Arresting pirates!? Then why did you come to our country?” The captain of the guards said without changing his expression, “We don’t have any wanted pirates in Salamis!”

“Yeah, weird…” Kizaru scratched his head and said, “Then why do we get the information that the most powerful pirates are here?”

“You are talking about the Whitebeard Pirates!” the Captain said: “Salamis has accepted the protection of Whitebeard Pirates only because of the disagreement with the world government. You shouldn’t come here even if you want to find the Whitebeard Pirates! Now, speaking on behalf of the king of our country, I formally have to ask you to leave!!”

“That’s a hard thing to do.” Kizaru said slowly: “Although we didn’t come here for the Whitebeard Pirates, after all, that old man is not far away. Before he comes, we should seize the criminals as soon as possible, so I’m sorry, we can’t leave!”

“What do you mean?” The captain’s face changed dramatically and said, “Could it be that the Marines want to forcibly invade our country?”

“As you said, the Principality of Salamis is not a party to any defense agreement, so you are not protected by our government, right?” Kizaru looked down at the Captain with his slim body leaning forwards.

“You…!” The captain of the guards was shocked by Kizaru’s words. He just wanted to say something, but suddenly he felt a golden ray of light flashed in front of him!

Kizaru started working, a kick swept over the captain’s face, and it was impossible for him to react in time.

And the reason why the captain of the guards has realized things won’t be good was the huge explosion that just burst behind him!

One of the two ships of the Principality of Salamis was hit by a golden ray. Kizaru’s attack wasn’t aimed at the captain of the guards, but at the ship behind him.

The golden laser beam hit the ship’s deck directly, while no one had the capability to deflect such a projectile or even react in time. The huge explosion blasted a large hole in the middle of the deck, and the soldiers on the ship were blown up and fell into the sea.

With the sound of clattering, the masts of the ship slowly fell down with a loud sound. Then the whole ship began to crack from the explosion position, and the bow and the stern collapsed on both sides.

The captain of the guards turned his head and looked at the scene. Although he had known that Admiral’s fighting power was known to be terrifying, Kizaru immediately smashed a whole ship, which was totally unexpected to him.

“Are… are you starting a war with the Principality of Salamis!?” The captain said with a trembling voice.

However, as soon as his voice fell, a huge axe flew by. The wide axe directly slammed the captain of the guards, which launched his figure to the sea.

“This is for being a non-participating country!” Sentomaru appeared on the deck carrying an axe and grinned at the captain’s adjutants who were still on board. “If you hinder the Marines from catching these pirates, then you will also be regarded as accomplices!”

Kizaru put his marine coat on, and said at the same time: “Arrest them, prepare the shells while approaching the island, inform Zephyr-sensei to block all ports in Salamis! Don’t let any boat leave the island!”

“Yes! Admiral Borsalino!” A Marine Captain saluted immediately.

After that, the Marines took action. They captured all the soldiers from Salamis who had come to negotiate. Then, as the ten warships sailed toward the island, they gradually dispersed their formation and began to encircle the whole island.

The triple-mounted cannon on the Marine flagships also began to slowly rise, aiming at the port of the Principality of Salamis, and thundered out three shells!

At the same time, Kizaru lightly leaped, stepped on top of a shell at a very fast speed, and flew to the island with the cannonball.

Kizaru is the user of a Logia-type Devil Fruit, the Pika Pika no Mi(Glint-Glint Fruit). Since he is a Logia fruit user, his body must be able to “flow”. After his body was elementized, it turned into countless photons, so he was able to float and stagnate in the air. However, because light travels in a straight line, Kizaru can’t change direction in his elemental state. So if he flashed directly from the Battleship, it was very likely to fly over the island, so he used the shell to land on the island.

As for the people on Salamis Island, as soon as they saw the guard ship suddenly bombarded and sank, they knew that the Marines were coming with bad intentions, so they all ran towards the depths of the island in panic.

Only the pirates staying on the island were hastily boarding their ships at the port.

After the three shells hit the ground, a huge explosion caused some unlucky pirates to be badly damaged. The flames of the explosion blazed into the sky, and a lot of bodies flew into the air, screaming.

Kizaru also landed with the explosion of the shell, but the explosion did no harm to him. When the scattered shrapnel hit his body, it went straight through.

His position happened to be near the harbor. After emerging, he looked at the horrified pirates. Kizaru turned around and saw that there were pirate ships leaving the port in a hurry. So he raised his right hand to contact the marine ships and said, “Sink all the ships leaving the port!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom… The Marines’ artilleries fired endlessly. This time, twelve cannons from four warships were aimed at the port. A ship of an unknown pirate regiment was attacked by all of these cannons as soon as it sailed out of the harbor. First, a few shells fell around their ship, splashing high water columns. However, when the pirates on board started to feel lucky, one shell struck their hull directly!

After the blast, a big hole appeared in the ship’s hull, and then two shells in succession hit the ship again. A total of three cannonballs fell on the target. The gunpowder depot of the pirate ship was one of the places struck by the shells!

A terrible explosion occurred, which lifted the entire ship into the sky!

This scene scared all the pirate groups who wanted to leave the port…

Ten warships on the sea were lined up into a skirmish line, in a crescent shape, surrounding the entire port of Salamis Island, gradually turned the hulls and pointed the ships’ side to the island.

In repeatedly slamming noises, small windows were opened one by one on the side of each warship, and more artillery muzzles protruded from the inside.

There were twelve cannons on side of the ten warships, that is, 120 cannons were aimed at the island. The pirates who saw this scene could not help but grab their heads in horror. No one could escape under such intense firepower.

“Hey… hey, young man, I want to ask you something, do you know where can I find the dragon hunter pirate group?” Kizaru walked over to a pirate with both hands in his pockets, and asked him.

“I… I don’t know!” The pirate was so scared that he said: “I… I don’t know… this pirate group!”

The pirate must have known the newly emerged legend, Ian, but Kizaru was very dissatisfied with this answer. A burst of light flashed, and the pirate was kicked in the face by Kizaru.

Kizaru’s attack was too fast, although it doesn’t really reach the speed of light, but it exceeds the speed that human eyes can catch, so that everyone he attacks gets a feeling of dementia, making them completely unable to react.

This poor pirate flew out after being kicked by Kizaru, Dong… Dong… Dong… he went through the walls of several buildings, and when he finally stopped, the bones of his whole body were shattered, his flesh and blood were badly mutilated, and he was not breathing.

“What… What a monster!” The tragic situation of this fellow aroused the fear of all the pirates present, and after this fear reached its extreme, madness followed.

All the pirates took out their guns and fired at Kizaru. However, all the bullets passed through his body.

“Huh… What’s going on here!? Why can’t we hit him!?” The pirates said in horror.

Kizaru twitched his lips, it seemed to him that the pirates here were all small shrimps, so he didn’t bother pestering them. With a gentle jump, he leaped into the air, and from both of his hands, countless rays of light emerged and were ejected towards the pirates below.

While these radium shots hit the ground, a burst of explosions immediately came, and some pirates were directly hit, which left a small round hole on them. Their bodies were penetrated by his rays of light…

The whole port was like a carpet-bombing. The ground was full of potholes. The blue smoke from the explosion was still floating, leaving only corpses all over the place.

Kizaru landed on the ground again, then walked slowly with his hands in his trouser pockets. Every time he saw a pirate appearing, he pulls the opposite side and asks him about the Dragon Hunter Pirates. If he doesn’t respond, or if the answer doesn’t satisfy Kizaru, he would immediately be punished.

After killing several waves of pirates who rushed to the port, Kizaru saw another wave of people appeared, running towards the port.

This group of people was rather strange, not only there were men and women, but there was also a huge giant running at the back of the group. Plus, there was a young man wearing a black sleeveless windbreaker with a long Katana on his waist. His right hand was wrapped in bandages, and a bell was hanging from its end. As he ran, a crisp noise was made by it. He also wears a bear ear cap and his black hair was tied into a ponytail, fluttering.

Kizaru flashed away and stopped in front of this group, then asked the young man who was in the front: “Little brother, do you know where the Dragon Hunter Pirates are?”

“Oh! We left them behind us, in the Oak Tavern on the end of the road!” The young man was taken aback, and then pointed to the back.

“Really, thank you very much!” Kizaru said: “Then, Ian-san, in order to express my gratitude, let me send you on your way!”

With that said, Kizaru’s right leg was raised, bursting out a flash of light, and directly kicked the young man’s face!



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