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S.C.S Chapter 216: A Flaw

That’s right, Kizaru has encountered Ian.

Since the members of the Dragon hunter pirates were scattered all over the island, it took him a lot of time to gather all of them. Then, Ian led his people to the port as soon as possible, but they did not expect to run into Kizaru head-on.

To be honest, Ian did not expect that the Marines would take action this decisively. Not only did they bombard the land, but Kizaru was also the first to go on the island. It seemed that they lost their temper. This country wasn’t a part of the alliance, which made Ian aware of the fact that non-participating countries have no rights at all!

However, he did not expect that Kizaru would stop in front of him. Just as Ian tightened his nerves, Kizaru asked him about the whereabouts of the Dragon hunter pirates.

Ian wanted to fool Kizaru and see if he could deceive him, but in the next moment, Kizaru called him out with his name!

That’s right, Kizaru took this mission, how could he not memorize the appearance of his target carefully…

Ian’s little trick didn’t deceive Kizaru. When Ian discovered that Kizaru’s body suddenly brightened, he subconsciously prepared to deal with his attack.

However, he really did not expect that Kizaru‘s speed was beyond the limit of his reaction!

As soon as Ian’s defensive consciousness sparked, Kizaru had already kicked him! This sidekick came towards Ian’s left shoulder. A huge force immediately struck him, causing Ian’s entire body to launch out to the right involuntarily!

Boom! Ian’s body hit a large tree beside the road, and the strong impact on his back made Ian spit a mouthful of blood!

The tree was smashed into pieces in an instant, but the force pushing Ian did not disappear. He continued to fly to the right and smash through two walls, and then he finally stopped.

“Captain!” There was a cry from the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, and Margaret even covered her mouth in horror.

But then everyone reacted and attacked Kizaru one after another!

Ian, their captain, has an incomparable position in their hearts. Even if they know clearly that the man in front of him was an admiral of the Marines, they still had no hesitation in fighting back and avenging Ian.

Doroni was the first to rush up, and after coming to the front of Kizaru, he immediately slammed him with his big claw.

Raideen was holding a huge shield in one hand and a large sword in the other. He chopped towards Kizaru from a high place. These were new weapons he bought on this island, but he didn’t expect that the first guy he would use it against would be an admiral!

The other members of the Pirate Group also drew out their guns and fired at Kizaru, or rushed towards him with their swords.

These attacks together, instantly tore Kizaru into several parts, but the next second, a burst of light gathered, and his body re-emerged intact.

Beep! Kizaru stretched out his right index finger towards Doroni in front of him, and a ray of light flashed on his fingertip, and then a laser beam penetrated Doroni’s shoulder directly.

Doroni covered his shoulder with a loud scream and fell to the ground on his back. However, Kizaru didn’t intend to let him go. He raised his right leg and wanted to step on him!

Raideen and the others hurriedly attacked again, trying to stop Kizaru, but all the bullets and weapons passed through his body, leaving behind rays of light.

Boom! Kizaru’s right foot thrust downward, and a huge explosion burst out on the spot. Raideen and the other who besieged him were all blown out, and Doroni, who was lying on the ground, was got it even worse. He was the center of the explosion!

If Doroni hadn’t been a strong Mink Bear, this blow might kill him directly.

Raideen struggled to get up and looked at Doroni’s position. Seeing him lying on the ground, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Doroni!!!”

However, at this time, Kizaru’s voice came beside Raideen’s head. “Hey, big man, you are too tall, would it be better to lie down!”

They didn’t know when Kizaru had disappeared, and emerged beside Raideen’s head, and the next moment, he kicked Raideen’s helmet.

Another explosion erupted, and Raideen fell down with his eyes turned white, his entire head was covered with blue smoke, he was seriously injured and lost consciousness.

When Kizaru landed, Matthew suddenly appeared behind him and went to hug him from behind. He tried to touch Kizaru with his hands and use his ability to make him fall asleep.

However, Matthew has forgotten one thing. He hasn’t awakened his Haki yet, and he can’t touch the body of a Logia fruit user, so he just hugged himself!

“Yo! Yo! This uncle doesn’t like being hugged by other men!” Kizaru’s body re-aggregated behind Matthew. Some small light balls glared on his fingertips, and several laser beams emitted penetrating Matthew’s body.

In a few seconds, most of the people who followed Ian were knocked down by this monster. Everyone rushed up, but they were knocked down one by one. Although none of them died, they were all seriously injured and their lives were in danger.

In the end, only Margaret and a few girls were left standing. Although they knew that they could not deal damage to Kizaru, Margaret still gritted her teeth, picked up a fallen weapon, and moved towards Kizaru.

Clang! A shining lightsaber suddenly condensed in Kizaru’s hand, which immediately blocked Margaret’s slash, and the huge force made the sword in Margaret’s hands fly away…

“Young lady, it’s not good to act so strong!” Looking at Margaret’s expression, gnashing her teeth, Kizaru shook his head and said, “I’m different from others, I don’t mind hurting ladies!”

After that, Kizaru’s index finger shined again, he was ready to use his laser to attack Margaret and take her down.

However, at this moment, a burst of intense gravity suddenly covered Kizaru’s body!

“Hell Journey!” (Jigoku Tabi)

Under this powerful downward force of gravity, Kizaru couldn’t help showing a surprised expression on his face. Looking at the ground that was gradually collapsing under his feet, he quickly elementized his body.

Then, in this gravity field, he raised his head casually and looked to the left.

He saw another group of people appearing, among them were several people from the Longarm Tribe and the Longleg Tribe, and a blind man with scars on his face. At this time, his sword had been pulled out of its sheath.

Kizaru suddenly concluded that this huge gravity just came out of this blind man.

“You are Issho, right?” Kizaru looked at him with a little surprise: “Sure enough, this is a very powerful Devil-Fruit ability! Fortunately, I am made of light, otherwise, I would be crushed by you!”

This newly arrived wave of people was naturally Fujitora, Zick, and the others. Since he and Zick were both gambling in the casino, they rushed together after receiving the notice from Ian to go to the port and meet up. Due to the distance, they arrived here a little late, but they just arrived in time to save Margaret.

“I see. Light has no Invariant Mass…” Fujitora also figured out what was going on and couldn’t help explaining in a low voice.

Zick and the rest saw the other members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group lying on the ground. They couldn’t help being furious and they wanted to rush towards Kizaru.

However, Fujitora stopped them and said: “He is a Marine admiral, and you are not his opponents. You won’t be able to hurt him, so go and quickly help the wounded!”

Kizaru shook his head and said: “You can’t see with your eyes, and still you want to fight me?”

“If you think I can’t, then you have to try and find out yourself.” Fujitora said.

Kizaru’s fingertips glowed again and said, “Huh, try to stop me then!”

When his laser beam was about to strike at Margaret again, Fujitora had already appeared in front of him, and the sword in his hand violently slashed towards him.

Seeing at the black blade, wrapped with Busoshoku Haki, Kizaru was slightly startled, and then turned to avoid it. In his hands, the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven condensed again to fight with Fujitora.

Zick took the opportunity to carry Margaret away, and the others pulled the rest of the injured people.

“Where’s Captain Ian!?” Zick asked Margaret.

“He… he was kicked in this direction by Kizaru!” Margaret panicked and pointed to the hole in the wall, which was smashed by Ian, “I don’t know if anything happened to him!”

Zick ran over in a hurry to look for Ian, but at this moment, there was a clattering sound, and Ian came out of the wall, and some debris fell from his body.

“Captain, are you all right!?” Zick asked quickly.

“It’s okay! I’ve healed myself!” Ian said.

It took him a long time to get up, because after being kicked by Kizaru, not only did the bones of his left arm were broken, but he also suffered an internal injury. He had to switch Orihime’s cards and treat himself.

However, it was such a delay that all the members of his pirate group who followed him were severely injured.

Fortunately, Ian has the means to treat them, as long as they didn’t die, then he said, “First carry the wounded aboard and let Ranga treat them. Then I will help them heal.”

When Zick heard this, his heart suddenly settled down, and nodded. He immediately called on the rest of the uninjured people to help. A group of people carried Raideen and Doroni away.

It was not until then that Ian had time to observe the battle between Fujitora and Kizaru.

However, Ian was shocked by this sight. He found that Fujitora is not an opponent of Kizaru!?

In the beginning, Fujitora and Kizaru were inextricably linked, fighting in a very close range, but gradually, Ian discovered that something was wrong, and he became a little dazed!

What’s going on here!?

Bang! Kizaru caught a flaw with Fujitora’s reaction, suddenly a front-kick hit his chest, then Fujitora was kicked straight towards Ian.

Upon seeing this, Ian quickly opened his arms to embrace Fujitora and caught him in mid-air. With great force, he pushed the two of them, making them sliding out for a long time, but then they stopped after Ian’s feet plow two long lines in the ground!

“What’s the matter? Uncle Issho, isn’t your Kenbunshoku Haki very strong?” Ian asked him after they finally stopped sliding.

“I can seize him, but…” Fujitora wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said: “But, my Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) can only perceive his outline… And his body is made of light, as he started using full power, in my perception, he was like a ball of light…”

Ian understood him immediately. In other words, because he’s a blind man, Fujitora can’t use his eyes to see things around, previously this didn’t have a great impact on him. Although Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki was extremely powerful, “Infinite Vision”, he can perceive a wide range, but even at a high level, there was a lack of delicacy.

In fact, it’s not just him. If any Haki user closes his eyes, his Kenbunshoku Haki would be just like this. Only the position and outline can be perceived.

Kizaru was the user of the Glint-Glint Fruit, his body was like a ball of light, known as a Light Human. When he fully activates his ability, his figure was like energy mass, which makes the edge of the outline that Fujitora perceives disappear. So he couldn’t perceive how Kizaru attacks.

As soon as he understood all of this, Ian laughed bitterly. He originally thought that Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki might be the key to deal with Kizaru’s speed. Before all of this, he wondered whether he would let Fujitora deal with Kizaru, and he takes care of Zephyr’s Kairoseki arm, but now, it seems that the situation is about to be reversed…



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