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S.C.S Chapter 217: The Upper Hand

The problem of restraint among those with devil fruit abilities in this world is indeed very strange.

Fujitora’s power was gravity, not an attractive force. The difference between the two can cause different effects on Kizaru. If it was replaced with the Dark-Dark Fruit, even if Kizaru was made of light, he may not be able to escape its attraction.

In addition to the Dark-Dark Fruit, what Ian can think of to restrain the Glint-Glint Fruit might be the Slow-Slow Fruit of Foxy.

But no matter which one, it’s not available right now.

“Uncle, how is your injury?” Ian asked Fujitora: “Do you need me to treat you?”

“It’s nothing!” Fujitora shook his head and said, “You’d better save your energy for the fight. What we’re going to face is a fierce battle.”

“Well, that’s right!” Ian nodded and helped Fujitora up. Then he asked Fujitora in a whim: “Uncle, if I heal your eyes, you should have no problem fighting Kizaru?” (T/N: That’s a great idea…)

Fujitora was taken aback, frowned, but then he shook his head and said, “No, as I said before, it is a blessing to not be able to see… Even if you can heal my eyes and I suddenly see his bright light, perhaps it will make it harder for me to adapt in such a situation, let’s discuss this later!”

Hearing what he said, Ian temporarily let go of his thoughts, but when the two were talking, Kizaru said: “Hey, you two, be careful, I’m still in the field. So is it necessary to chat right now?”

With his voice, his fingertips shone again with rays of light, and a laser beam hit them immediately.

“Spread out!” Fujitora suddenly pushed Ian, and the two separated left and right to avoid the attack.

The laser beam hit the position behind the two, and another huge explosion erupted there.

After escaping, Ian and Fujitora immediately rushed towards Kizaru, and both swords slashed the admiral at the same time.

“You can use Haki too!?” Kizaru saw that Ian’s blade was wrapped with Busoshoku Haki, so he didn’t dare to resist the attack of the two men, and flew backward.

Both Ian and Fujitora’s Attacks failed, but this was also in their expectations. The Pika Pika no Mi was known for its extremely fast speed.

Feeling a warning in his heart, Ian suddenly turned back and sharply swung his sword. He did not know when Kizaru appeared behind him, holding the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven in his hands, and chopping down towards Ian. This move just blocked Kizaru’s chopping.

Kizaru slashed again several times. Ian smugly waved his blade to resist. While they were fighting at a close range, Kizaru said to Ian: “Speed is weight, Ian-san, have you ever been kicked at the speed of light?”

Ian had to admit that Kizaru’s kick was so fast that he could not react to it at all, but after seeing the fight between him and Fujitora, Ian understood how to deal with Kizaru’s attacks.

Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)! Yes, only by combining his experience and Observation Haki can he predict Kizaru’s actions!

Ian struck back towards Kizaru, and this attack was blocked by Kizaru’s lightsaber. When the two were close, Ian said: “If you can really reach the speed of light, you would absolutely be invincible, but are you invincible? No! So you can’t really reach the speed of light, right? Huh!”

“Very clever!” Kizaru replied with approval, then turned around abruptly to block Fujitora’s strike.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian again raised his sword and slashed Kizaru. Leaning backward to avoid Ian’s attack, Kizaru attacked Ian again with his light speed kick!

However, this time, Ian suddenly raised his wrist, in a tilted way, to defend against this kick.

Busoshoku Kōka (Hardening) was concentrated on this whole arm, strengthens Ian’s defense. However, Kizaru’s kick was not only fast, but it was also very strong. Therefore, although Ian blocked the attack, he was still kicked so far.

His arm hurts, but compared to the previous blow, when he was kicked and his bones were broken, this time it was much softer. Ian rubbed his arm vigorously and eased the numbness.

Kizaru then engaged with Fujitora, but when he looked at Ian, he was a bit surprised: “Your progress is fast!”

Ian ignored him and rushed up again.

Kizaru is a Light Human, but the light itself has no substance. It is just like holding a flashlight on an enemy. Kizaru’s light kick is using a similar principle. If he wants to attack with a kick, then at the moment of touching the target’s body, he has to re-emerge from the elemental state into his own entity. With the help of the previous speed and the mass of its own entity, he can be able to create a powerful attack effect.

If he continues to be elemental at the moment he attacks Ian, then his legs will only pass through Ian’s body.

However, the elementalization and substantialization of the Logia Users is basically a thought in mind. This time is too short for Ian to perceive it.

But… paying attention to this. However, Kizaru’s light kick is a normal blow. Since he wants to attack a person with his leg, he must make the initial action of kicking, that is, lifting his leg. This action can be perceived and predicted by the observation Haki.

Not only Fujitora, Ian remembers the scene of the battle between Kizaru and Rayleigh. In addition to being able to capture Kizaru’s entity with Busoshoku Haki, he was able to keep up with Kizaru’s attacks, relying on Kenbunshoku Haki.

However, due to his blindness, Fujitora had some shortcomings in the way of perception when facing Kizaru, but Ian could use the combination of his vision and his En field to accurately perceive Kizaru’s moves.

Give him a little reaction time, and Ian will be able to face Kizaru, not so unrelenting…

Ian’s current “En” has made great progress. At the beginning, he could only maintain a radius of five meters, and now it has increased to a range of 100 meters. This was due to the growth of his physical cultivation with the help of Fujitora’s gravity, which made his Nen recovery faster and maintained study consumption while opening a larger En area. This was no longer a problem for Ian!

The only troublesome thing now is that Ian and Fujitora were not prepared to deal with stronger techniques. Although they were capable of keeping their ground with him, he still has more powerful moves, and if they were careless, they may get kicked so hard or blown up…

So although it was two strong figures working together to defeat Kizaru, Kizaru still has the upper hand. A strong Admiral in his peak was not an easy opponent. Ian has a deep understanding of this matter when he fought Aokiji. At that time, in addition to the attribute restraint, Aokiji went easy on him…

But now his opponent was very different, Kizaru has no intention of letting him escape, and has been going with all his might…

“Tuh, it’s really annoying to face Haki user opponents.” After fighting for a while, Kizaru said with a dull voice, and then with a backflip, he leaped out of the battle circle, and then floated in the air, stretching both arms downwards.

A dazzling light glowed around his arms, and then turned into countless light spots!

“Yasakani no Magatama!” (“Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku”)

“Not good!” as Kizaru jumped back, Ian immediately realized his next move. He immediately grabbed Fujitora next to him, hopped away, and said to Fujitora, “Make us weightlessness!”

In Fujitora’s perception, there was a cloud of energy all over the sky. He couldn’t see it, so he naturally didn’t understand what was going on. But when Ian pulled him and took off, he also reacted and immediately used his ability to eliminate their gravity.

Without the force of gravity, Ian and Fujitora jumped high and fast…

Kizaru was launching a dangerous technique. When Ian and Fujitora just jumped, the countless light spots immediately changed and turned into a beam of light, moving towards the position where Ian and Fujitora were standing!

This time, the projectiles were launched at the real speed of light. A torrent of deadly light particles falling from the sky continuously bombarded the ground. After hitting the ground, the energy contained in it immediately exploded, bursting continuously, causing extreme damage to the area.

Some light beams passed under Ian and Fujitora’s feet. If they took off a little later, they might get hurt.

The bombardment of the light bombs erupted very quickly, and it subsided after a moment, but the entire field was ravaged.

The three of them landed almost at the same time, after the end of this move. He smiled and said: “It seems that you are a lucky boy, you have escaped one of my strongest techniques! But Ian-san, don’t forget that I’m not the only admiral who came to this island!”

As if to verify his own words, a tumult came, and Ian turned his head to look, only to find that Zick and the others, who had just been responsible for carrying the wounded, had retreated from the same way!

Behind them, a large number of Marine soldiers appeared at the same time, a fat man carrying a huge axe was leading the soldiers to the spot.

“This is a huge problem, Captain!” Zick shouted to Ian from a distance: “The Marines have blocked the entire port and they are shelling all the ships in the port. We can’t get out!”

At this time, a lot of soldiers were chasing after Zick, Raideen, and Doroni, who were fighting while retreating…

Ian didn’t care much about ordinary Marine soldiers. He knew that the troops of the Principality of Salamis would come soon, and they might be able to offset the number advantage of the Marines.

What Ian really worried about was the appearance of Zephyr and Sentomaru, plus there must be two other figures around, with Devil Fruit power: Ain and Binz!

‘This is very bad, we have to push Kizaru away and find a way out of this Hell.’

Although Ian also knows that the Marines have blocked the entire port, as long as they can go out to sea, Ian will be relieved. The incoming shells can be blocked by Wind Walls. As soon as they leave the island, Fujitora can pull meteorites from space and opens a gap within the Marine warships.

And if Kizaru dares to chase them in the sea, then Ian would find a way to knock him into the water!

In an instant, Ian made a decision and planned to force his way out to the sea!

Just when Ian was about to make a big move, he suddenly heard a voice.

“Fire Fist!”

Bang! A large ball of Raging Flames suddenly struck the soldiers from the rear…



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