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S.C.S Chapter 218: Flame Emperor

When the huge fireball flew over, all the Marine soldiers on a straight line were set on fire!

All the soldiers, who were bathing in flames, fell to the ground and started rolling. Other soldiers took off their clothes and slapped the flames on their bodies. All of a sudden, there was a fuss in the entire marine formation.

It was at this time that a small raft with a fire jet rushed straight along the cleared road.

It was a strange raft that looked like a surfboard, and there was a cross-shaped mast at the back with rolled-up sails, two wheels on both sides, and an engine at the end. Ace was standing on a yellow raft shaped like a half crescent and rushed over staggeringly.

When Ian saw this small boat, he immediately recognized it. It was the one-man, waterproof, yellow raft that Ace had been riding since joining the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace used his flame ability to power its engine.

It’s just that Ian didn’t expect that this crazy guy would drive it on the land!

Obviously, Ace’s raft was out of control, as can be seen from his driving posture. Although he cleared a road with the help of his fire fist, he staggered all the way and knocked over a lot of marine soldiers. When he got close to Ian, he wanted to press on the brake, but he fell down and the boat under his feet was lifted into the air.

“Aagh, it hurts!” Ace got up from the ground and a huge bump appeared on his forehead…

Kizaru didn’t know Ace at first, so he stared at him for a while. Finally, he saw the emblem of Whitebeard Pirates on Ace’s back, and then, he recognized who was the guy wearing the cowboy hat in front of him.

“This kid seems to be Fire Fist Ace… Some time ago, a new pirate with the same characteristics has emerged and became famous in a short period!” Kizaru thought to himself, “I haven’t heard much about him recently. I didn’t expect him to join the Whitebeard Pirates… Am I in trouble now, does his presence mean that the Whitebeard is coming too?”

Ian also noticed the Whitebeard emblem on Ace’s back, which seemed that it had just been tattooed.

The raft that flew to the sky fell down with a clatter and almost hit Ian… Ace laughed, scratched his head, and said, “Sorry, Oyaji just gave me this boat. It’s the first time I’m driving it. I’m not very proficient!”

Ian looked at him speechlessly and said: “How did you get in? Aren’t the Marines blocking the port?”

Ace held on to his hat and, with a smile, he revealed his white teeth: “I blew up a warship and rushed in!”

‘We were about to leave, but instead, you came in…’ Ian was not surprised by Ace’s appearance. He had learned from Moxi that Ace and Whitebeard were landing, so he was prepared.

It’s just, why is Ace alone?

So Ian asked, “Weren’t you guys doing to deal with the Beast Pirates?”

“Ow, yeah!” Ace nodded said: “They surrounded the old man, Oyaji, but they haven’t done anything yet. I was worried about you, so I took this boat to meet you by myself.”

Ian could tell that Ace called the Whitebeard “Oyaji” very smoothly. It seemed that he had completely accepted the Whitebeard as a father, and by association, he gained a new identity.

Although Ace was the only one who came, he was still a force to be reckoned with. At this time, all the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group gathered around these three monsters, including baby-5, while the soldiers surrounded them.

At this time, there were thousands of soldiers landing on Salamis, and they seemed to be densely packed.

However, the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate were not alarmed.

Kizaru naturally saw this scene, and he was a little confused, not understanding why Ian and the others were so confident.

What he didn’t know was that although he had the upper hand over Ian and Fujitora alone, but to be honest, it was just that Fujitora and Ian didn’t take him seriously for the time being. Whether it was Fujitora or Ian, their real power has not been played out yet.

Sentomaru stood at the front and said to Ian: “Let’s be honest here, you can’t run away from us now!”

Ian ignored him and said to Fujitora: “Uncle, do you want to handle the situation?”

Fujitora smiled and said, “This is what you mean!”

As Fujitora pulled out his sword, in the gap of his sword and its scabbard, a ray of light glowed from the blade, and a vast force suddenly struck towards the densest place of soldiers in front.

“Gravity Blade, Fierce Tiger!”

In the next second, the dense marine formation was separated to the left and right!

This scene was as spectacular as Moses dividing the sea! The Marines, crushed by the lateral gravity on both sides, rolled over and flew out.

The power of Fujitora directly overthrew the lineup of thousands of marine soldiers, revealing a wide avenue in the middle.

Ace’s eyes popped out. He didn’t expect the blind man beside Ian to be so powerful.

Not only Ace, but even Kizaru was a bit scared. When he was fighting Fujitora before, because Fujitora’s abilities didn’t work on him, he didn’t think that this man was so powerful. He thought that the words of Vice-Admiral Tsuru were exaggerated. However, there was no verification until he saw the scene before him. After this moment, Kizaru found that he totally underestimated this blind man, Issho.

“Back off!” As soon as Ian waved his hand, all the members of the Dragon hunter pirate group immediately uttered an excited shout and headed forward.

Ace was in the middle of it. It seemed that they were facing so many Marines, so he became very excited. Seeing that a captain staggered up and wanted to rush and attack, Ace flew over with a fire fist.

As for Ian and Fujitora, they were at the very end. They have not forgotten that Kizaru was still there!

“Eight Span Mirror!” (Yata no Kagami)

Kizaru placed both hands in front of his stomach and faintly formed a circle, then rays of light suddenly ejected from them, with a curved refraction trajectory, bouncing on the surrounding buildings, and in the next second, Kizaru teleported where this ray of light stopped and instantly appeared in front of Ace!

It seems that because Ace’s Fire Fist was lethally damaging the marine soldiers, Kizaru thought about getting rid of him first, so used the Eight Span Mirror to reach Ace’s location, and his leg quickly moved towards Ace’s head…

However, this kick was blocked by Ian, who reacted simultaneously.

Purple flames flooded Ian’s blade, and Ian used Iori’s skill: 100 Shiki • Oni Yaki, and blocked Kizaru’s attack in mid-air.

As the moment of Kizaru’s kick substantialized, Ian’s attack took effect, burning his trouser, but he was still crushed by Kizaru’s powerful kick.

At the moment when Ian helped Ace by blocking this blow, Ace also reacted. His left and right arms were burning with raging flames, then with a sharp turn, he stretched his hands toward Kizaru above.

Two large balls of Flames pierced through Kizaru and punched two huge gaps in his body. However, countless light particles emerged, and Kizaru recovered in a blink of an eye.

Zeep! With a slight sound, Kizaru’s fingertip fired a laser penetrating Ace’s body.

However, Ace is also a Logia fruit user, his body was made of Flames. When this laser beam went through his body, it exploded after hitting the ground, but it did nothing to Ace.

At this moment, a huge Flying Slash came from below, and flying directly towards Kizaru. His expression changed dramatically. He hurriedly hovered backward and avoided the projectile. The Flying Slash flew over his hair and cut off the edge of the hat he was wearing.

“A strong Flying Slash mixed with Haki?” Kizaru was floating in the air. Bowing down and looking at Ian holding his sword, he said, “It’s really dangerous! If I get hit by this blow, I will probably be injured badly!”

Ian noticed the falling brim of Kizaru’s hat. After discovering that such an attack was effective against Kizaru, Ian decided to keep using it, and once again, he launched a few Flying Slashes toward Kizaru.

It’s just… that the speed of these projectiles was still a little slow, so with Kizaru’s maneuverability, as long as he concentrates a bit, he could easily escape them.

“How troublesome… let me show you something more powerful.” As he spoke, Kizaru opened his right palm and looked down at the three guys below.

A large amount of light began to converge on top of his palm, and his right hand began to shine, dazzling a lot more than before.

Ace immediately sensed that this move was very powerful, so he also raised his right hand up high. A huge fireball appeared above his hand and began to swell rapidly.

“Laser Bomb!”

“Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor!” (Dai Enkai: Entei)

Kizaru’s Laser Cannon was fired from a high place at a very fast speed, but it hit Ace’s huge Fireball head-on. Both techniques were high-energy Attacks, so a collision explosion immediately occurred!!!

Boooom! A ring of shock waves spread from the collision point in all directions. The trees in the impact range were directly blown off, and the glass of the surrounding buildings was smashed!

The marine soldiers, once again, were blown away by the explosion, and so did some members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

“Woooaaa!” Under a big tree about a few hundred meters away, the trainee reporter Pritz was almost hit by a fallen tree branch and let out a loud scream.

The battle scene was so fierce that Pritz even thought he was going to die at the moment.

However, in spite of his panic, he stood firm and held the Visual Den Den Mushi, while keeping the Den Den Mushi’s eyes pointed to the battle scene.

“Boss… Editor-in-Chief! Did you see that?” Pritz stammered into the microphone: “Has the live broadcast stopped?”

“It’s on, well done, Pritz!” An excited voice came out from the Den Den Mushi: “Fantastic! The world will be amazed by this battle, believe me, as long as we keep receiving the signal, the whole battle will be seen by the entire world.”

Hearing this, Pritz breathed a sigh of relief and continued to hide under the tree, looking towards the other side…

“I don’t know what happened after this collision. Who won?” Pritz thought to himself: “It’s better not to expect the outcome so quickly…”

It seems that Pritz’s thoughts were on point. When the smoke and dust dispersed, Kizaru was floating in the air unscathed. Similarly, Ace was standing on the ground unharmed! It looks like their attacks have offset each other…

However, as the scene got cleared, Kizaru saw that Ian was lifting his right hand and aiming at him.

On his arm, there were filaments of electric light, and a pebble-sized black iron ball was floating above his fingertips!

“Super Electromagnetic Cannon!” As Ian’s words fell, this projectile burst out with a deafening sound and was ejected at the speed of thunder!

Since Kizaru was floating in the air 20 meters away from the ground, Ian didn’t care about the range issue. He directly launched this technique with his greatest power, which caused the projectile’s speed to be far faster than before…

Fast! Too fast! This time Kizaru finally couldn’t react, almost the moment Ian fired the Super Electromagnetic Cannon, he was hit.

Kizaru’s head was directly hit, leaving a huge gap, and half of his head was gone!

“Did it work?” Ian kept an open eye on the location where Kizaru was attacked…



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