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S.C.S Chapter 219: The end of Salamis Battle

In fact, there were not many Logia fruit users that Ian has come into contact with. Ace was the first and Smoker could be counted too. Besides, the others were Aokiji and Kizaru.

However, Ian has discovered an interesting phenomenon, that is, the long-range energy attack of the Logia fruit users doesn’t seem to be able to be attached with Busoshoku Haki!

For example, if Ace throws a ball of fire towards his target, since this ball of fire is part of his own ability, he can’t enhance it with Haki, and he can’t turn it into a black ball of fire.

The same goes for Kizaru’s laser, which is why the attacks of the two penetrated the other’s body and could not cause any damage.

It seems that if someone wanted to launch a long-range attack with Busoshoku Haki, it has to only be attached and wrapped around an entity. For example, the Kuja warrior covers their arrows with Buso Koka, while shooting them, and that will make them explode and increase their destructive power.

In fact, when Ian thought about it carefully, it seems that Busoshoku Haki does only work like this. It can be hardening the body of the users and their weapons. These are all entities, so Busoshoku Haki doesn’t get mixed with elements/energy.

Could Kizaru also use Busoshoku Haki? There is no doubt about that, but the problem is that he seems to be able to entangle Haki only at the moment of attack, when he returns to his physical form.

However, things are different for Ian. Because his Nen is Haki, and the source of his Haki is the tank of the Nen he has, so he can use Nen techniques to release such powerful abilities. Therefore, when he ejected the flaying slashes, he essentially released a projectile of Nen, and he hit the elementized body of Kizaru.

When Logia users’ body gets elementalized, his clothes will also turn, but Ian just cut off his brim, which made him confirm this matter.

Although his Nen abilities were limited by amount constraints, in fact, it is much easier to use than Haki.

However, due to the slow speed of his Flying Slash, Kizaru could dodge them effortlessly. So Ian wanted to use a higher speed attack, that is, the Super Electromagnetic Cannon!

During the enormous collision between Ace and Kizaru’s attacks, Ian used the iron sand ability to gather some small grains from the surrounding ground and condense a bullet. This projectile was undoubtedly a solid entity, so Ian covered the bullet with Haki and fired it!

Ian was looking forward to this blow, and the reaction of Kizaru has made Ian a little excited.

Kizaru’s half-blasted head was restored as the light particles reappeared. However, when he recovered, Ian saw that the sunglasses on his face were completely broken!

This proves that Kizaru was indeed damaged by this blow! The broken half of his glasses was the evidence. Although his head was unscathed, it is because of the self-healing characteristics of the Logia Users. If they were not subjected to attribute restraint, they can all recover. Of course, this self-recovery is only caused by the intangibility, and the ability to reform their elemental body if its structure was disrupted in any way, not that they are immortal. (During the war, Akainu was cut open by Vista’s sword wrapped with Haki, but he was OK.)

“It hurts!” Kizaru recovered and came on top of Ian, in midair: “This hit was played out very well! I liked these glasses very much, but you broke them…”

Half of his forehead was very swollen. Even he felt that the attack ejected by Ian was very dangerous. If the Haki attached to the small bullet was strong enough, and if the projectile didn’t get partly offset by the elemental sunglasses, he might have a blind eye.

“Yo, yo, young man! You are too dangerous!” Kizaru said to Ian: “I finally know why Aokiji was hurt by you. A dangerous person like you must be eliminated!”

As he spoke, Kizaru opened his arms and stared at Ian below. Countless light spots emerged again!

This time the emerging light spots were densely packed, too many to be counted, and all the people got Goosebumps when they saw it.

Sentomaru was on the other side fighting with Raideen and the others. After seeing this scene, they immediately shouted: “No, that’s not good, the old man is flared up!”

He immediately said to all the marine soldiers: “Get away!”

Ian and the others sensed a very bad feeling, looking at this situation. Kizaru was using the enhanced version of Yasakani no Magatama(Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku!). Ian felt troubled just by the previous attack, the non-enhanced version, and he couldn’t think of any good defense method for the moment.

At first, Ian wanted to let Fujitora make them float again, but it was too late. Kizaru, flying in the air, slammed his hands downwards vigorously and countless beams of light were launched towards Ian and the others!

“Yasakani no Magatama · Barrage!”

Ian wanted to activate the Three Sacred Links Shield and open a large defensive roof. He didn’t know how long such a move could last, but he had to use it. However, what he didn’t expect was that a figure next to him moved faster than him!

Before Ian and Ace took turns to attack Kizaru, Fujitora hadn’t help much, but at this critical moment, he finally moved!

“Gravity Control!”

A huge stone wall flew quickly and madly, directly blocking the top of everyone’s head!

This huge wall was pulled by Fujitora’s ability, and its source was a huge building that collapsed previously.

Kizaru’s beams of light sprang down, but they all hit the stone wall. Although his beam shots were dense and powerful, because of the thickness of this wall, Kizaru’s projectiles made countless holes on it, but they could not pierce through…

Although Fujitora’s gravity fruit abilities have no effect on Kizaru, he has been thinking about how to deal with his moves all the time, and his move at this critical moment has indeed achieved miraculous effects.

Finding that his attack was blocked, Kizaru was not discouraged, and loudly said: “Huh! This is useless, let me see, how long this wall can last you!”

Raising both hands high once again, a large number of beam bullets were ejected towards the stone wall. As the number of strikes on the wall increased, it began to crack gradually.

Fujitora held the sword in his hand and said: “I didn’t intend to keep blocking your shots with the wall for a long time…”

Kizaru heard this and was slightly dazed: “What do you mean?”

“Look up at the sky!” Fujitora said.

Because Kizaru was attacking madly from the air, he didn’t sense anything above his head. So when he got this hint, he suddenly found that there was a shadow covering him from the top.

Looking up, he saw a burning meteorite, falling in his direction!

“Is this the kind of meteorite that destroyed the G5 branch?” Kizaru said: “Huh, did you forget that I’m the Light Human. Are you sure that this rock can hurt me?”

“No, it won’t!” Fujitora confessed readily, and said, “Because this meteorite isn’t going to hit you…”

Ian and Ace have been looking up at the meteorite in the sky since it appeared, and have been visually observing its trajectory. They soon discovered that the meteorite wasn’t coming in their direction, but it about to fall…

In the sea not far away!

“The seawater is the most useful thing to deal with a devil fruit user!” With Fujitora’s sigh, the meteorite crashed down and hit the outside of the port.


The meteorite that Fujitora pulled down was slightly larger than the one used when he destroyed the G5 base. Such a meteorite, with great speed, will probably erase most of the lands nearby if it falls on the ground. However, Fujitora controlled it and made it fall into the sea this time, which would cause a different result!

The moment the meteorite fell, it aroused huge waves. Because it landed near the harbor, a tsunami emerged instantly and it was about to hit the coast of Salamis island!

A hundred meters high tsunami wave rolled and rushed toward their side. Looking up obliquely, everyone could see the blue water and white waves approaching, the Marine soldiers ran away in terror, and none of them did care about fighting the Dragon Hunters.

“Uncle, aren’t you also a devil fruit user?” Ian stared at the huge wave of the tsunami dumbfounded, and said to the Fujitora next to him: “You will also be powerless if you touch the seawater!”

“Ah, I totally forgot about this!” Fujitora scratched his head and then solemnly said to Ian: “Then Captain, you have to handle the rest!”

Ace held his cowboy hat and said with a smile. “Oh, then Ian, I will also count on you!”

Both of them knew that Ian won’t be affected by the seawater. Although they didn’t know why Ian was an exception, they didn’t ask much and waited for Ian to rescue them.

This made Ian very speechless… Wondering if he has met two fake teammates? ‘Damn it, what about our ship, it will also be smashed by the tsunami?’

The tsunami has already swept through everything, including Kizaru in mid-air. The size of the tsunami wave was too large to be dodged from the side. Kizaru originally wanted to continue flying high, but unexpectedly, Ian launched two huge Flying Slashes diagonally towards the sky, successfully preventing him from moving upward!

After such a delay, Kizaru was hit by a water splash, making him lose his strength, and falling down from high altitude.

The place where they were fighting was very close to the coast, which caused the tsunami to flow at an extremely fast speed. The turbulent sea mixed with immense force crushed everyone and destroyed everything in its way!

All the soldiers, the Dragon Hunter Pirates, Ian, Ace, Fujitora, Kizaru, and Sentomaru, none of them could escape the impact of this wave due to its range…

Pritz, who was hiding under a tree and delivering the live broadcast, was completely frightened in the face of this wave. He just held the visual Den Den Mushi in his hands, faithfully recorded all of this, and then he got swallowed up by the seawater…. (T/N: Here lies Pritz… Rip young man!)

Around the whole world, there were about a thousand screens projecting the battle, and millions of people have witnessed this scene with their own eyes…



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