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S.C.S Chapter 220: intermission (2 in 1)

Since Pritz has been following Ian at a distance, his live broadcast actually started from the moment Ian and his crew encountered Kizaru.

The signal that his Den Den Mushi transferred, through the transmission of their biological waves, crossed the ocean and arrived at the main room of News Corporation. There was a giant host Den Den Mushi, receiving the signal from the visual Den Den Mushi, and then the signal was quickly dispatched to the screens all over the world.

The N.58 mangrove area of Sabaody Archipelago was the best place under-order on the entire island, because that location was the closest to the Local headquarters of the Marines, which made it often visited by government officials and marine officers.

Around the N.58 mangrove area, several huge monitoring screens were erected. These screens were usually closed and rarely streaming anything. Only when the World Government and Marines have any major event, will these screens work…

Due to this, there were often reporters around.

Perhaps because of the two dispatched Admirals this time, the world government was very confident in capturing the Dragon Hunter Pirates, so News Corp obtained permission for this live broadcast.

When the screens suddenly turned on, it immediately attracted the attention of many reporters. They stayed attuned, waiting for the moment when the screen lights up. At this time, they could obtain news to report.

Very soon, from just a couple of journalists to more than a hundred reporters were gathered under these screens.

However, many reporters did not know what’s about to happen, so after gathering, they kept asking each other…

At this moment, Pritz’s face appeared on the screen. He gave a brief explanation of the live broadcast, saying: “Dear viewers, I’m a News Corp intern reporter, Pritz. I’m in the Principality of Salamis right now, and this is my report! The mastermind of the Marijoa recent incident, Ian, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, has been confirmed that he landed here. Now the Marines have surrounded the island and they are about to arrest the Dragon Hunter Pirates. However, according to the information obtained, the Whitebeard Pirates and the beasts Pirates have also appeared in the nearby sea…”

Following Pritz’s introduction, the reporters present suddenly gasped, because they heard two unspeakable names from his mouth.

At the next moment, Pritz’s face disappeared and got replaced by a group of running people. From this angle, it can be seen that Pritz was still a little far away, so the audience could not identify this crowd.

“Hey, are those people the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group?”

“That guy named Pritz, should get closer, we can see clearly!”

“A trainee reporter is a trainee reporter, so unreliable!”

Before the reporters have finished their mockery, a famous figure appeared.

The appearance of Admiral Kizaru in his yellow striped suit made the reporters inexplicably excited, he was dispatched to hunt these pirates down. It seems that this pirate crew was about to be screwed.

Sure enough, the two sides started moving directly. Seeing the picture of Ian being kicked out by Kizaru and watching the admiral beat down the Dragon hunter pirates one after another, the reporters were so excited that they wrote down the description of every scene with gorgeous rhetoric and pen tips. They lacked understanding of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, so naturally, they all stood on the Admiral’s side, while more and more people gathered under the screens.

This did not only happen in Sabaody Archipelago, but the same thing occurred in the whole world where the signal can be received.

However, as the battle progressed, when Fujitora and Ace appeared at a critical time, the excited people slowly fell silent.

“Huh, have you noticed that although those people can’t defeat the Admiral Kizaru, it seems… that he can’t take them down, too!”

“What a stupid thing to say! The Admirals are invincible!”

After Ace blocked Kizaru’s Laser Bomb with Flame Emperor, those who had said that Kizaru was invincible did not dare to repeat it. The shock wave brought by the astonishing impact made people watching realize the true level of this battle.

When Ian launched the Super Electromagnetic Cannon and blast off half of Kizaru’s face, people were all shocked!

The three admirals, as the highest combat power of the Marines, have always been highly touted in the claims of the world government. Therefore, in people’s impression, these three admirals were simply invincible.

However, this invulnerable image has quietly collapsed in people’s minds.

Admirals of the Marines can also be hit and injured…

Although Kizaru’s face has recovered afterward, the unshakeable image could not be restored.

Finally, when the meteorite summoned by Fujitora whizzed down, rolling up a monstrous tsunami wave, and then engulfed the whole scene, people looked at the screen that turned dark with anxiety!

“Haaaa! What happened, was the live broadcaster flooded by the tsunami?”

“What happened next?”

“Damn it, is there only one reporter on that island?”

This was such a cliffhanger, especially to these journalists who anxiously started calling their colleagues all around the world, they eagerly wanted to know the follow-up situation, and the results of this battle…

Who the hell is this guy Ian!? When did he become the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group? From where did he appear? Was he a pirate in the beginning? What’s the inside story of the Marijoa incident?

And that other guy known as Fire Fist Ace, isn’t the tattoo on his back the mark of Whitebeard Pirates? Could it be that he has joined the Whitebeard? Judging from his battle with Kizaru, he is also a Logia Fruit User. Has the strength of the Whitebeard Pirates grown stronger?

And that blind man, dowdy-dressed middle-aged uncle, who pulled the meteorite that caused the tsunami, what is his name? Where did such a strong person come from?

The reporters got too many questions needed to be answered, because they had to deliver some reliable facts to the world, not just the description of the battle with many unnamed figures!

The reporters on Sabaody Archipelago were busy working together, trying their hardest to obtain some useful information, but they didn’t notice that among the crowd behind them, an old man with silver hair in a brown shirt and slippers laughed and turned away.

“So it was really you, Ian!” Dark King Rayleigh smiled and left the scene, and said as he walked: “I was a little worried about you, but now it seems that you have some good partners by your side!”

Although the battle time was very short, Rayleigh can see that Ian doesn’t seem to be fighting with full power. When the three men worked together, they almost blocked all of Kizaru’s attacks. Rayleigh was not so worried about Ian when he saw these confronts.

“If your aunt Shakky hears about this, she would be very happy…”

People in other places, looking at the dark screen, were most concerned about the final result. What they wanted to know is whether Kizaru did catch the Dragon hunter Pirate Group!

At this moment, the name of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group was thoroughly known to the world!

Watching this battle, not only ordinary people, but also a large number of pirates, knew about the ridiculous amount of money offered on Ian’s head, and also Fujitora’s. In the beginning, they thought that if they could encounter this Pirate Group, they would try their best to take them down and enjoy their bounties. However, after witnessing such a fight, these pirates could not help but shiver, and obediently put away these unrealistic thoughts.

New World, Dressrosa!

Doflamingo and his family members were also watching the live broadcast. When the screen went dark, Doflamingo held his chin with one hand and lay on the side of the chair, without speaking for a long time.

Naturally, he saw baby-5 appear on the screen, but he didn’t pay too much attention to her. His eyes were always locked on Ian.

He has seen Ian’s face in the wanted poster, but it can be said that this was the first time seeing him in action.

“Doffy-Sama, I found out that the Fire Fist Ace has just joined the Whitebeard Pirates not long ago.” A man with snot hanging out of his nose, Trebol, said to Doflamingo.

“No wonder, Kaido was stopped by the Whitebeard!” Doflamingo said: “I didn’t expect him to have a relationship with Whitebeard Pirates…”

“Huh!? Isn’t Zephyr there, too?” Trebol asked Doflamingo: “Why didn’t that old man show up?”

“Zephyr is a retired old man after all, and he doesn’t seem to get along well with Kizaru, Maybe he didn’t take part in the action!” Doflamingo explained.

Trebol nodded, then asked: “So Young Master, are you planning on keeping the cooperation with the Dragon Hunter Pirates?”

“Fuffuffuffuffu!” Doflamingo laughed: “What are you worried about? The final result has not come out yet. If he really escaped from the hands of two Admirals, then he’s worthy of cooperation. If he can’t escape the marines, it’s okay, too. I’ve contacted Kaido from the beginning, and I wanted to use him to catch this kid for me. Now, it seems that we can’t count on Kaido… so if he falls into the hands of the Marines, I still have a way to deal with him. At that time, as long as I throw out the bait and say that I can save him, he will definitely hand me his identity chip. I can’t afford losing it… “

In the first half of the Grand Line, the desert Island, Alabasta Kingdom, the Rainbase town, in the Rain Dinners casino, Crocodile and Nico Robin were looking at the dark screen.

“What do you think, Nico Robin?” Crocodile asked the beautiful black-haired woman next to him with his bossy expression, dangling a cigar.

Nico Robin didn’t speak up, but her body was trembling slightly.

Although she saw Ian in the live broadcast, the lineup of the marine battleships reminded Robin of the tragic event of O’Hara, and the terrifying memories resurfaced…

Although it seems from the battle scenes that Kizaru was unable to terminate the three of them, Nico Robin was not optimistic at all. This time, the force that the Marines dispatched was stronger than that of the Buster Call, although they were not planning to use its firepower, which can devastate the entire island of Salamis, Nico Robin felt that this dragon hunter pirate group might not escape the marines’ siege…

Why is this… because the World Government’s power is horrifying? No one can stand in their way!?

Nico Robin pressed her hands on her chest tightly …

Among the current Shichibukai, only Doflamingo and Crocodile who were keeping up with this event, the Knight of the Sea (Kaikyō) Jinbe was on his way down to Fishman Island, which is deep under the sea, and can’t receive any signals. The same goes for Boa Hancock, who has just returned to Amazon Lily, and in the Calm Belt, the delivery of such news will be much slower!

The tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma, at this time, was undergoing a physical transformation in the laboratory of Vegapunk, and the Hawk Eyes, Mihawk, doesn’t care about these things at all, he was reading a book in his home on Kuraigana Island.

As for the last one, Gecko Moria, he didn’t know Ian at all, so he didn’t pay attention to his arrest. At this time, he was on his terrifying three-masted yacht, depriving those who were lost in the Florian Triangle of their souls, and then expanding his zombie Army!

In addition to the Shichibukai, in the Marine Headquarters, there were many people watching the live broadcast of this battle.

“Sure enough, it’s that brat! He did really become a Pirate?” Hina said, wearing sunglasses, crossing her arms, and holding a cigarette. To be honest, after confirming that Ian was the one who attacked and set fire to the Holy Land, Hina refused to believe this. Her impression of Ian was still the same as when he tagged along in her warship. She really didn’t think that Ian has changed to this point.

Hina always remembered that Ian didn’t want to become a pirate at that time, but now, he turned to be a horrifying pirate with a 500 million bounty. Every time Hina thinks about this, she feels dazed and betrayed. Why is he standing on the opposite side? Was he forced to do such a thing against the Celestial Dragon or was it voluntary? Hina couldn’t explain it…

Aokiji was silent, his injury has been healed, but what surprised him was that the kid who injured him in Marijoa seems to have some new abilities…

Garp, on the other hand, was chewing on his rice crackers and drinking his tea. He naturally saw that Ace was a part of this battle, but he said nothing about it. He was just thinking: “Huh, are these two brats became brothers… huh, it seems to be my mistake, asking Ian to catch Ace at the beginning… but yeah, right, if I encounter that kid Ian again, is he going to call me grandpa!?”

Garp was struggling for a while…

Since Pritz was also swept by the waves, the live broadcast was interrupted, and people around the world did not see the aftermath. However, time didn’t stop on the island of Salamis, and the situation was still evolving.

The tsunami rolled up by the meteorite engulfed the port Coast of Salamis Island. However, this wave was man-made after all and had no giant follow-up, so gradually, the seawater gradually retreated.

At this time, a Marine warship finally docked carefully.

Zephyr took Ain and Binz, as well as the Pirate guerrillas, and boarded the shore.

seeing the whole port in a mess, he used his inhaler, then turned his eyes around, looking at the fainted soldiers everywhere. Zephyr’s expression turned serious immediately.

“That boy Borsalino…” Zephyr muttered, but did not say anything.

Because of the bad relationship with this student, although the two came together, each one of them had his own task, so they had to separate. Kizaru was responsible for the frontal attack and arrest, while Zephyr led the fleet to block the sea. So they did their respective duties.

Just what Zephyr didn’t expect was that Kizaru would fail…

The situation on Zephyr’s side was not very good at the time. Ace came from behind and smashed a Battleship directly with a Fire Fist, breaking through the embrace of marines. Zephyr realized that he has to move, so he immediately chased him with his Battleship, but when he was about to arrive at the port, Fujitora’s meteorite appeared in the sky above them, and his ship was almost smashed.

With the help of the sturdiness of the marine warship, Zephyr was able to rescue his people and take them to the island after bearing the tide of the tsunami…

“Check every corner of this island immediately and look for the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!” Zephyr ordered: “Although they are also hit by the waves, they are definitely still alive!”

“In addition, look for Borsalino, he is a devil fruit user, the seawater may weaken him a lot, find him now!”

“Yes sir!” Binz and the others immediately took their orders and started moving.

However, at this moment, a huge gravitational force suddenly shrouded Zephyr and the others…



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