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S.C.S Chapter 221: Berserker

The sudden gravity field made Zephyr and the Pirate guerrillas who had just landed completely suppressed!

Ordinary guerrilla soldiers were forced down by the violent gravity. Their whole face, body, hands, and feet were all glued on the ground, and the huge gravity brought them a sharp pain, as if all the air in their lungs had been squeezed out. They were not breathing with ease and were extremely miserable.

“Oh! What is… happening!?” Zephyr was wearing his coat. At this time, under the pressure of gravity, he mustered up his strength, and struggled fighting against this gravity, which caused his muscles to swell.

The two elite students of Zephyr, Ain and Binz, were not completely overwhelmed. They were half kneeling on the ground, grinding their teeth.

At the same time, a voice came: “Fortunately, my abilities can finally be used again!”

Zephyr looked forward and saw a group of people slowly appearing in his field of vision. Although he was wearing sunglasses, Zephyr recognized them at a glance. This was the target of their mission, the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!

Ian supported Fujitora on his right, and Ace on his left, followed by members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, everyone was soaked wet at this time.

The sea water has a great limitation on the devil fruit abilities. However, this works only when the user is soaking in the water, and his abilities can be used after getting out of the water.

However, short-term weakness is still unavoidable, just as the sea water has taken away the physical strength of the devil fruit users. At this time, Fujitora and Ace were both hollowed out, and Ace even has his hands down in front of him and walked step by step. So Ian had to support them.

Behind them, Matthew, King, and baby-5 were even more miserable. Their physical condition was worse than Fujitora and Ace, so they were carried by the members of the Dragon hunter pirate group.

When the huge tsunami wave struck, because there was a short period to react, the members of the dragon hunter pirate group at the moment rushed to their crewmates, clung to the people around them. After all, these were the people who survived the dangerous trip down from the Red Line, so the concept of “holding firmly” was not a problem for them, and the number of these people was relatively small, so after the water receded, everyone quickly gathered together again.

On the other hand, Kizaru, because of the sudden incident, the Marine soldiers did not think of saving him at the time. There was no way that a marine Admiral like Kizaru could be saved by normal soldiers, in the hearts of the soldiers, he is still invincible? Therefore, Kizaru was rather doomed. He was swept all the way by the seawater and rolled so far away. He couldn’t swim, and he drank a lot of water.

As everyone knows about drowning, after being choked with a few more sips of water, he is likely to fall into a state of vague consciousness, because the air in the alveoli is squeezed out and occupied by water, and he is unable to obtain enough oxygen, which will naturally lead to hypoxia and dizziness.

So when Ian and his dragon hunter pirate group regrouped, Kizaru was just found by the marine soldiers and was being rescued… Who knows if there was a marine soldier among them, which can perform artificial respiration on Kizaru, if so… That picture would be too beautiful, and it’s better not to imagine it…

Taking advantage of the fact that Kizaru wasn’t able to stand on their way for a while, Ian and the others planned to leave right away, but what they didn’t expect was that when they ran to the port, they saw Zephyr and the others disembarking.

This was good news for Ian, he was worried that the huge waves of the tsunami might even overturn his ship. But, Zephyr just landed, so there must be a battleship at the port. Ian intended to see whatever his ship was damaged badly or not, if so, he will take their warship.

Fujitora also understood Ian’s intentions, so he attacked Zephyr directly from afar.

How should I put it, Kizaru’s Glint-Glint Fruit was indeed quite unique. First of all, it was a Logia type, and it gave the user hyper-speed, so even if Fujitora has the strength comparable to an admiral, but when he confronted him for the first time, he was still suppressed by Kizaru, even with his mighty Haki. Fujitora fought very badly at the first, which made him feel quite aggrieved…

But now, when his gravitational fruit ability took effect on Zephyr and the others, Fujitora actually had a slight satisfaction.

‘Finally, I can affect my enemies…’

Seeing Ian and the others appearing, Zephyr grinned suddenly while holding on to gravity suppression, and said, “It’s a Devil Fruit User again!”

That being said, Zephyr’s right wrist was suddenly lifted up! The huge Kairoseki mechanical arm, known as the “Battle Smasher,” opened its palms in the direction of Fujitora.

In the next second, the hidden Vulcan Machine Gun in his robotic arm immediately fired at Fujitora violently!

A stream of bullets burst out from the muzzle of the Machine Gun, and the rapidly fired bullets, because of the huge kinetic energy, overcame Fujitora’s gravity suppression, and flew toward the crowd.

“Be careful!”

When Ian saw Zephyr’s actions, his attention was concentrated on his right arm. He couldn’t help it, because this mechanical arm was made by Kairoseki, which was too conspicuous, so when Zephyr raised his arm, Ian reacted immediately. At the same time, he quickly pulled out the Senbonzakura at his waist and lifted a huge wind wall forward.

Kairoseki was not only strong but also very heavy. Ian had obtained a pair of Kairoseki handcuff before, so he knew its characteristics, and Zephyr’s right arm was mostly made of Kairoseki. Under the weight suppression of Fujitora, the weight of this mechanical arm was beyond imagination. However, in such a situation, Zephyr was able to lift it so quickly, which really surprised Ian.

This means that Zephyr not only has astonishing physical skills, but also has extraordinary powerful muscles!

Kizaru was more like the speedy type, which caused them a lot of troubles, and now, another monster has appeared, which was more the buffed type… if they were combined, they would’ve been unstoppable!

The Wind Wall skill has a very special effect, that is, it can block long-range attacks. Although the Vulcan Machine Gun in Zephyr’s mechanical arm fired a large number of storm-like bullets in an instant, they were directly stopped by Ian’s wind wall. In front of them, the falling bullets made a rattling noise while hitting the ground.

Ace had seen Ian’s Wind Wall Skill before, so he didn’t worry. He just looked at the bullets on the ground, they were some unique black bullets among the rest, so Ace was a little curious and couldn’t help squatting down to pick up one and take a closer look.

As a result, as soon as he picked up the bullet, his eyelids fell down, and his whole body was about to fall to the ground softly.

Ian kicked Ace’s hand from behind, flicked the bullet in his hand, and scolded: “Idiot, can’t you see it? That’s a Kairoseki bullet!”

Yeah, Ian knew very well that Zephyr’s bullets were mixed with some special Kairoseki bullets, although they were not that many, but if he encounters a Devil Fruit User who is not afraid of bullet attack, it would be quite effective. For example, if Ian just didn’t block these bullets, maybe Ace would let these bullets pass through him because he was a Logia fruit user and won’t be damaged by physical means, and by that time, he would for sure regret it.

“A little bit knowledgeable!” Zephyr grinned at Ian, and then he suddenly kicked the ground hard!

Bang! The ground under Zephyr’s feet was crushed! The huge reaction force that burst out in an instant caused him to launch towards Fujitora at a very fast speed! His huge mechanical arm closed up and smashed down at Fujitora.

Ian hurriedly moved towards Zephyr, swinging his sword, he knew that Fujitora had not fully recovered at this time, so he took the blow in his place.

However, the strange power of Zephyr’s punch was quite terrifying. Ian chopped his mechanical arm with his blade, which almost made Ian’s sword fly out of his hand. Finally, he was able to bear the blow and held on to his sore and numb arm. However, the ground could not support this force, causing Ian to be thrown back and slid far away.

Ian was ejected from that position, so Ace immediately reacted and filled up the place with Flames. A raging flame appeared on his fist and punched Zephyr!

However, Zephyr’s mechanical arm suddenly opened his palm and caught Ace’s blow.

As soon as Ace’s fist touched Zephyr’s palm, the flames on it disappeared. When Zephyr squeezed his fist, Ace felt a sense of powerlessness, and he was directly softened!

“Ag… Again Kairoseki…!?” Ace said with his tongue drooping weakly.

Fujitora made a move again, he stood firmly, and pulled out his sword.

The gravity that Fujitora applied on him was not too great. Even Ian usually exercises under this amount of gravity. Fujitora originally thought it would have a little effect on Zephyr, but he did not expect that his actions were not affected much. As a last resort, Fujitora could only strengthen the gravity suppression on Zephyr again.

“Ooooh!” Zephyr let out a loud roar, the veins on his whole body popped out, and he turned so burly, looking like a berserker.

He suddenly threw Ace, who had lost his power, toward Fujitora’s direction!

Since Ace was a companion, Fujitora couldn’t hurt him. He can only change the gravity on Ace’s body, and with a swing of the sword in his hand, he gently reversed Ace’s momentum, who was flying aside.

However, while throwing Ace out, Zephyr also took the opportunity to rush towards Fujitora again. Although this time, the stronger gravity slowed down his launch by a lot, he could still act freely under such a situation. Even Fujitora couldn’t help being shocked, after witnessing such physical strength.

Fujitora was startled, because he noticed the obvious restraint effect on Zephyr. He had applied a huge amount of gravity on him, which turned out to be useless, so when Zephyr was about to reach him, he suddenly changed the direction of gravity!

Zero Gravity!



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