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S.C.S Chapter 222: A Loli Baby

From a sudden heavy state to a weightless one, if this dramatic change happened to an ordinary person, he would suffer internal bleeding and then immediately die.

However, Zephyr just felt very uncomfortable…

This time, the sword in Fujitora’s hand struck Zephyr upward, intending to push him into the air. However, at the moment when he was blown by Fujitora, his mechanical arm stretched downwards, hitting him on his left shoulder.

There were many hidden weapons in Zephyr’s mechanical arm, so it looked very long. When he swung his right arm, his attack range was increased. After Fujitora was hit by him, although no damage was dealt to him, when he was touched by the Kairoseki, his body suddenly felt weak and his fruit ability disappeared.

It was during this time that Zephyr’s gravity ability was lifted, and Ain and Binz, who were suppressed by Fujitora, and the members of the pirate guerrillas, were liberated at the same time.

It was noticeable that Zephyr’s fighting intuition was amazing. He actually got close to Fujitora for this reason.

He tried his best to bump Fujitora with the Kairoseki, intending to liberate his men. Although they had suffered a lot by the gravity suppressed, the ordinary soldiers of the Pirate guerrillas could not stand up for a while, but Ain and Binz quickly got up and rushed up to join the battle.

“Ace, can you take care of that quaint Ninja!?” Fujitora had just been repulsed by Zephyr. At this time, Ian jumped back again, and helped Fujitora, who was about to falter, and instructed help.

Ace was unambiguous. He was lightly carried by Fujitora’s ability when he was flown, so he easily stood on his feet, but he didn’t dare to rush up to confront Zephyr. He was touched by the Kairoseki arm, and he got powerless. It was shameful to get screwed twice with the same trick.

After giving orders to Ace, Ian asked Fujitora: “Uncle, your ability has an obvious effect on restraining Zephyr, can you handle him on your own?”

“Yeah, no problem!” Fujitora said directly: “As long as I was careful not to be touched by his Kairoseki, I have a chance to win against him!”

After saying that, Fujitora and Ian rushed up together, Fujitora confronted Zephyr, and Ian picked Ain as his opponent.

However, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group went on to deal with the pirate guerrilla soldiers. Matthew and King joined forces, whenever they saw an enemy soldier approaching them, King would shout: “I’m striking you from the left!”

Then the pirate guerrilla soldier immediately falls into an illusion, so he raises his weapon and slashes the air.

When his block fails, Matthew stretches out his hand and thrusts his sword into his opponent. The next second, their opponent would mysteriously fall asleep.

Their combo was indeed very efficient, but… Matthew, an adult male, kept on touching the pirate guerrilla soldiers gently, who were all burly men. That looked really… “Weird”!

Behind them, BABY-5 couldn’t help shivering after seeing this scene. She held a cigarette in her mouth and said: “This is disgusting, your filthy nasty hands are absolutely not allowed to get near me in the future.”

When Matthew heard this, he was extremely depressed…

Originally, baby-5 was working under Doflamingo and was forced to stay with the Dragon hunter pirates. She didn’t want to take action against the Marines. However, after observing her personality for several days, the King had also discovered her weakness and asked her, “Don’t stand stupidly, and help quickly!”

Upon hearing this, BABY-5 immediately held her face, a sense of happiness spontaneously emerged, because she was finally needed, saying: “Ok…Okay!”

Then at the next moment, her hands turned into two sharp blades, and ran into the crowd of Pirate guerrilla soldiers to fight them. The way she fought was really strange for people who didn’t know her abilities. The blade-arms that she had slashed down three musketeers a second before, suddenly transformed into a big sledgehammer when others rushed over, and after dealing with them, she stopped suddenly on her way to attack a stunned soldier, and a pistol instantly emerged and fired at close range!

Although she was dressed as a maid, she was in fact a killer/assassin trained by Doflamingo. She was the one who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit, becoming a Full-Body Weapon Human. Under the ever-changing attack posture, she mercilessly slaughtered everyone around her.

However, just as BABY-5 went barbaric, a peach-colored flame-like object suddenly flew to her back.

“What the hell is this?” Baby-5 didn’t care. Her arm turned into a frying pan, and she swung it towards the floating blaze.

But as soon as her pan hand touched the peach-colored blaze, flames stuck to her hand and got swallowed.

Seeing the peach-colored flame radiating from her arm, baby-5 was a little surprised. She shook it a few times and found that she couldn’t get rid of it, but then, the pink energy ball gradually disappeared.

The next second, a strange feeling spread all over her body, she only felt that her whole figure began to shrink!

She was really shrinking! The maid outfit that she was wearing, which made her look curvy, has become a lot bigger than her body. Her high heel shoes, at this time, couldn’t fit her small feet.

“What…what’s going on?” BABY-5 let out a scream as she looked at her long sleeves, and the crowd around her seemed to be getting bigger.

Ian looked back and found that baby-5 had turned into a little girl. He was speechless for a while.

Only he knew what was going on, because when he was confronting Ain, she threw a peach-colored flame at him from her hands.

Ian knew who this beautiful girl with dark blue hair, named Ain, so he didn’t dare to touch her pink ball of energy, he could only dodge it sideways, but what he didn’t expect was that after the flame flew out, it happened to hit BABY-5 by accident.

Ain, the only beautiful girl student of Zephyr, was the one who ate the Return-Return Fruit. As far as Ian knows, there were many Devil Fruit abilities in this world that were quite dubious and can only be explained with forbidden science. Ain’s Return Fruit is one of a kind…

The peach-colored flame in her hands seems to be a manifestation of her ability, as soon as something gets touched by her flame, it will go back in time.

If it was used on a person, it will regress its body’s age by 12 years. Similarly, if it touches a non-biological object, it will cause a relapse of 12 years.

Ian is now 18…Oh, no, 19 years old. Although this age seems to be in the golden period, if he is touched by this strange flame, things would definitely be much worse than if Fujitora comes into contact with it.

Uncle Fujitora is now in his 40s, so if his body gets regressed by 12 years, he would be in his 30s. He would stay an adult, however, if this ability took effect on Ian, he will turn into a seven years old child, just like baby-5.

BABY-5 was becoming a Loli, and Ian would too… (xD)

Although becoming a child, he may be favored by many beautiful elder girls, and they may hold him hard and rub him in their chests (Just like Momonosuke), but Ian doesn’t want this to be his life…

What’s more, what makes Ian feel most dangerous is that Ain’s return fruit ability does not only work once, but can take effect on one person repeatedly. In other words, Ian only needs to be touched twice, and he will go back to the time before he was even born and will be completely erased from this World! (T/N: if she touches Ian twice with her ability, would he go back to his original world!??? is this his ticket out of this world? right, GreyCAt!?)

This is why the return fruit was considered as a glitch, it could kill anyone without a drop of blood.

Although Ian also knows that Ain’s ability is actually a kind of devil fruit ability, just like the fruit ability of Sugar, once she faints, her ability will be canceled. At that time, those who have vanished by her ability might reappear when she faints, but Ian was too afraid to try this possibility!

No one dares to joke about their lives.

Therefore, Ian chose to face Ain himself in order to prevent Ace or Fujitora from encountering her and being killed by her special ability.

Only Ian, who was familiar with the opponent’s abilities, has some confidence in defeating her, because Ian has just equipped Inoue Orihime’s card, and can use Three Sacred Links Shield skill to defend against Ain’s ability.

When Ian rushed towards Ain, she retreated and fired several peach-colored flames towards him. Because of the precedent incident of baby-5, Ian didn’t dare to let her projectiles fly everywhere. It would be great if these flame balls hit the guerrilla soldiers, but it would be very bad, if his crew became a bunch of kids fighting the enemy!


Ain’s movement speed was not as fast as Ian’s, so when Ian catches up with her and swings his sword at her, she quickly pulls out two daggers to block Ian’s attack.

Although Ian’s chopping power couldn’t keep up with the monster like Zephyr, the same goes for her. Ain’s crossed-hands, holding the daggers, were suppressed by Ian and couldn’t help falling backward.

As soon as Ain retreated and hurriedly supported her body, her left hand suddenly threw away the dagger, and with her freed palm, she moved to touch Ian’s sword.

Ian knew that she wanted to use the power of her return fruit to make his sword disappear, so he acted faster. He flipped his wrist, turned the handle upside down, and slammed Ain’s lower abdomen.

“Uh…” Ain was hit hard, and suddenly fell to her knees, clutching her abdomen, and almost vomited.

In general, most Devil Fruit Users will rely as much as possible on their abilities during fights. Ain seems to be one of them. Her return fruit ability was quite powerful, so she usually uses her abilities to deal with her opponents, which caused her physical skills and other attack methods to be weaker. Ian should be careful when facing her, but if she doesn’t touch him, it will be easy defeating her.

“Hey, beautiful girl, your ability is too troublesome! So, you’d better lie down!” Ian said as he raised his sword.

However, at this moment, a smoking missile flew towards Ian and Ain’s location. The strange thing was that the missile launcher was wearing goggles with a cigarette in its mouth…

Boom! Ian escaped, but Ain was blown out.

“Cough! Cough!” When the smoke cleared away, Ian coughed twice, and then he could see that there was a Loli standing in the field with a loose maid’s outfit. Who else would be if not BABY-5?

“What are you doing?” Ian couldn’t help asking her.

As a result, baby-5 roared angrily with a clear childish voice: “What do you think? I want this woman to change me back!”

BABY-5’s voice sounded so funny at this time, Ian stared at her for a while, and suddenly touched his chin, and said: “Isn’t this great? Isn’t it good to be 12 years old Loli again? Do you want me to ask uncle Issho to take you and buy you a lollipop…”



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