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S.C.S Chapter 223: Forever Alone

In the face of Ian’s mockery, baby-5 was very angry, but she had to deal with Ain at the moment and had no time for him, so she could only vent all her anger on Ain.

Currently, baby-5 has turned into a Loli, and it is reasonable to say that Ain would win against this little girl. However, Ian watched for a while and found that baby-5 still had the upper hand.

The ability of the return fruit was indeed buggy, but judging from its effect on baby-5, there were still several points worth noting about this fruit.

First of all, this kind of return seems to be a simple retrogression, which can not erase the memory of the victim. In other words, although baby-5 is now a Loli, six or seven years old, her thoughts and memories were still in their normal state.

Secondly, her ability can not reduce the power of the affected person. Ian doesn’t know when baby-5 ate her weapon fruit, but when she was seven years old, she probably hasn’t eaten it yet, but when Ain reversed her age, her weapon fruit’s abilities were still the same!

So when baby-5 fought Ain, she was very smart to use her abilities to create a large number of long-range weapons, without giving Ain a chance to approach her.

Although Ain can throw out her peach-colored flame, as she did before, unfortunately, Baby-5’s mobility was still noticeable, because she can turn herself into a missile to avoid attacks at any time.

A Loli with a cigarette in her mouth was fighting with a beautiful young lady. This scene was quite weird. Ian didn’t intend to keep watching for a long time, and he suddenly made a move!

While Ain’s attention was focused on baby-5, he flashed over to Ain’s side and then slammed the handle of his sword at the back of her neck.

It was rare for Ian to make a sneak attack, so he didn’t feel great about it, but it had to be done. Ain felt a strong sense of dizziness and fell on her knees slowly.

Although she was a girl, she had been formally trained by Zephyr after all, and she had a certain foundation of physical skills, so she did not faint immediately, but the next moment, Ian placed his blade on her neck, saying: “If you don’t want to die, just don’t move!”

“You! You sneaky guy!” Ain looked at Ian bitterly.

“Sorry!” Ian said frankly, “Although it is disgraceful to attack you like this, I didn’t want to kill you, there wasn’t another way… Huh, we don’t have much time to waste now.”

When baby-5 saw that Ian knocked down Ain, she was also a little upset. She came over, pulled Ian from his trouser (T/N: when I first read it, I thought it was “pulled down Ian’s trouser”! XD), raised her head, and pursed her lips: “A$$Hole, what are you doing? She’s my opponent!”

Ian looked down at her and said, “Don’t be a fool, you would take a long time to defeat her. Plus don’t forget, there’s still an Admiral named Kizaru out there.”

As soon as baby-5 listened to this name, she remembered the previous scenes immediately, shivered, and stopped talking.

Ian thought for a moment, and suddenly there was a flash of lightning on his empty left hand. Then lightning struck straight down and hit Ain.

Suddenly receiving an electric shock, Ain let out a scream, and then she fell down, stunned, on the ground.

Ian didn’t kill her, he controlled the output of his power, causing her to fall unconscious and lose her strength. Ain was Zephyr’s right hand anyway, the only students left standing were her and Binz.

Ian didn’t want to enrage Zephyr, and make him pursue his crew endlessly, but similarly, he can’t let Ain with her creepy abilities hinder his way out, so he had to take this approach.

“All right now, you can help the others,” Ian said to baby-5.

Then, ignoring baby-5’s reaction, he headed for Ace.

When Ain fainted, baby-5 once again radiated peach-colored rays of light, and her whole body gradually began to grow, which was the manifestation of Ain’s Devil Fruit ability losing its effect.

Baby-5 was relieved to see that her body was brought back to its original state. However, after looking at Ain’s spiked hair due to Ian’s electricity, baby-5 turned her eyes and searched around. Finally, she found a rope, tied Ain up, and ran away carrying her…

When Ian rushed to Ace’s side, he found that he was staring at his opponent Binz with bright eyes.

Binz is also a Devil Fruit User. This tall and thin man dressed in weird Ninja clothes has eta the Grow-Grow Fruit. He seems to be able to control the growth of all plants around. His fruit ability’s development was quite embarrassing, just like King and his illusion fruit, at their current stage, they have failed to develop too many powerful abilities of their lush fruits. So what he can do now was just accelerating the growth of plants to bind his enemies.

However, this ability may be very useful for other opponents, but for Ace, it was a piece of candy. The plants that bind him will be burned to ashes by his blazing flame.

Whether it is Ain or Binz, in fact, their strength doesn’t belong to the New World, however, Binz looks slightly stronger, because he seems to have learned ninjutsu.

The reason why Ace hasn’t dealt with Binz yet was that Ace has been fascinated by his Jutsu!

Ian didn’t know which one of these brothers was the worst. At this point, Ace and his single-celled brain, stupid brother, Luffy, were the same.

“One more!” When Ian arrived, Ace was receiving Binz’s attacks and saying: “One more shuriken!”

Ian punched Ace on the back of his head. Ace turned his head after enduring the pain, saw Ian, and said excitedly: “Ian, come and look, he’s a ninja! A freaking Ninja!”

Ian was so angry that he sneered: “Yes I know, but there isn’t only a ninja in this place, there are two marine admirals, you fool!! Are you sure that you want to keep playing around!?”

Ace scratched his head and thought for a second, without giving an answer. It seemed that he was looking at the ninja and the former admiral. He was really confused and couldn’t make a choice.

This made Ian fall on the spot, so regardless of Ace’s resentment, he rushed directly to Binz.

Binz saw Ian moving, and knew that he was not strong enough to be his opponent, so he immediately smashed a smoke bomb on the ground, trying to use the fog to blind Ian.

However, this was not a problem for Ian, who has his “En” field opened since the start of the battle. Even though he can’t see with his eyes, Binz’s figure was in his perception.

When Binz threw a shuriken toward Ian, Ian directly slashed it with his sword, the Senbonzakura, wrapped in Busoshoku Kōka, cutting in half, and then stretched out his left hand and grabbed Binz’s neck. Things were much simpler, dealing with Ain first, then taking down Binz.

“I’m going to help Fujitora now. After pushing back Zephyr, we must leave this island. Ace, go and take over that warship!” Ian said to Ace.

Seeing Ace nodding, Ian immediately left the scene and ran towards the place where Fujitora and Zephyr were fighting.

And Ace looked at Binz, who was unconscious on the ground, and he did the same as BABY-5. His eyes gazed around, then he picked up Binz and ran towards the port.

No one dared to approach the place where Fujitora and Zephyr were clashing, there was a large empty area around them. When Ian arrived there, he found that he shouldn’t be concerned about Fujitora.

Although the Kairoseki arm of Zephyr has a great restraint effect on Devil fruit Users, this restraint also depends on who was his opponent. While facing Fujitora, the advantage Zephyr had was greatly weakened.

Under Fujitora’s gravitational suppression, Zephyr could still move freely due to his amazing physical strength, but every movement cost him a lot of stamina. After all, Zephyr was old!

No matter how powerful he was, he can’t withstand the erosion of the years. Zephyr’s physical condition has already weakened a lot due to his sickness.

So fighting under this gravity suppression made his condition worst, so when Ian arrived, he saw that Fujitora was doing well, but Zephyr was panting hard.

“Brother Ian, don’t interfere!” Fujitora sensed Ian’s approach and immediately said.

Seeing the serious expression on Fujitora’s face, Ian immediately understood Fujitora’s thoughts. Zephyr is a man worthy of respect, and Fujitora also noticed the great fighting spirit of Zephyr.

Out of his admiration for Zephyr, he didn’t want Ian to intervene!

He wanted to beat Zephyr alone…

For Fujitora’s sake, Ian has nothing to do, so he could only stand aside and watch. Fortunately, Fujitora noticed the urgency of Ian’s heart, so he promised: “Don’t worry, little brother, I will end this fight as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, Zephyr couldn’t help laughing, waved his mechanical arm, and pounced against Fujitora again, so did Fujitora. The sword in his hand brought a huge gravity wave and slammed Zephyr’s mechanical arm. Fujitora depended on his ability to bear Zephyr’s astonishing strength…

A loud clashing sound filled the place, Fujitora and Zephyr were having a great fight… enjoying themselves…

Just when Ian was thinking whether to help Raideen and the others, a voice suddenly came from nowhere.

“Oh, Ian-san, it looks like you are idle, then, I will be your opponent!”

Ian turned his head, and saw Kizaru, walking over in his wet Marine coat. He was still wearing his sunglasses with the missing side, and his face had his casual look, carefree… However, as he came over, Ian felt the great rage in his heart and the dreadful aura around his figure.

Ian looked around and found that Ace was already gone, and Fujitora was still struggling with Zephyr.

“God Damn It! Am I going to fight Kizaru on my own!?”



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