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S.C.S Chapter 224: Molten Iron

“Ian-san, you guys did a good job!” Kizaru walked toward Ian, saying: “You’ve made me choke and drink a gallon of seawater, and now, my mouth is very salty!”

Walking behind him was Sentomaru carrying a huge axe on his back, it seems that Sentomaru was the one who saved his uncle.

However, the number of Marines soldiers around was much less than before, and Ian heard constant gunfire and shouting from the city, as if the soldiers were still fighting…

Perhaps it was the soldiers of the Principality of Salamis?

“Oh! Is it really okay to fight so fiercely on such a territory?” Ian looked at the surrounding environment with some doubts. The harbor has turned into a battlefield, and a little deeper inland, a lot of buildings were destroyed by the previous tsunami. Ian knew that even after this matter was over, the Dragon Hunter Pirates will probably be classified as unwelcomed visitors in this country. After all, they were the reason for the Marines’ attack.

“That’s none of our business!” Sentomaru said to Ian: “The Principality of Salamis is a non-participating country, and they have also dispatched troops to obstruct us, the Marines, from capturing pirates. We have been very kind, not bombarding the entire island! “

Ian sneered and said, “Is this the principles of the Marines or of the Pirates, I don’t get it?”

Kizaru interrupted and said: “Don’t forget, the Principality of Salamis is also colluding with the Whitebeard Pirates. So if they have to be punished, it should by us, the marines, because we represent justice!”

Sentomaru turned his head and looked at Kizaru. “Uncle, stop talking with him. If you don’t hurry, the Whitebeard Pirates would catch up!”

When Ian heard this, he was taken aback.

Sentomaru, Ian knows that he claims to have the tightest mouth and refuses to reply to any questions, but every time he involuntarily leaks out valuable information, Ian wasn’t aware of this, but after listening to him, he found out about this matter…

The words he just said directly revealed a message! Ian and the others wanted to escape to the sea in a hurry, but now, it can be seen that the Marines were more anxious than them to capture the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

So Ian blurted out and said: “The Whitebeard Pirates won the battle against the Beast Pirates?”

“…” At this moment, Sentomaru realized that he leaked important information, but this fat man was unwilling to admit it. He glanced sideways and said: “You guessed it yourself, it has nothing to do with me!”

However, Kizaru didn’t pay much attention, saying. “The Marines has just received the news that the Whitebeard Pirates has indeed pushed back the Beasts Pirates, and they are coming, but don’t worry about it, Ian-san, you won’t live to see them!”

As he said, Kizaru raised his finger, and shot a laser beam at Ian with a loud beep.

Since seeing Kizaru’s speed, Ian has been on guard against him. Ian was already prepared to dodge when he perceived the movement of Kizaru’s arm with his En Field, so he jumped in time. After that, the laser beam hit the ground where Ian was standing, and suddenly a huge ball of light burst out and exploded.

Ian flashed to the rear, but he was caught the airflow of the explosion, however, when he just stood firm, Sentomaru had already come to his side and smashed Ian with an open-palm!

It seemed that Sentomaru was testing Ian’s strength, so Kizaru didn’t want to interfere for the time being.

Ian raised his left arm, covering his head, and received Sentomaru’s blow. He noticed that Sentomaru’s attack was quite powerful.

Although today’s Sentomaru does not seem to have become the bodyguard of Vegapunk, he has already demonstrated his strength. The successive palm strikes were very fast, powerful, and enhanced with Busoshoku Haki, which forced Ian to harden his arm with Haki. As for Ian’s attacks, Sentomaru also showed significant defense skills. He seems to be able to use a special method to unload blows. According to Ian’s estimation, Sentomaru is probably levels-higher than Ain and Binz in physical techniques alone.

“Ittoryu Iai: Blazing Flash!” Ian didn’t want to be too entangled with him, so he used this skill against him.

However, when Ian flashed in, Sentomaru’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he instantly pulled out the massive broadaxe on his back and placed it in front of him. His wide axe blocked Ian’s slash.

The two used a considerable amount of Haki this time, so when they collided, Ian failed to cut off Sentomaru’s Axe, but the flame edge of the Sword of the Darkness Flame technique carved a deep dent on the axe’s surface.

Sentomaru was so distressed that he gasped, but Ian had once again dashed in. The Senbonzakura in his hand kept on swinging eagerly, cutting towards Sentomaru repeatedly. Although his speed was not as fast as that of Kizaru, but for others, it was terrifyingly fast. In the beginning, Sentomaru was able to withstand a few strokes, but gradually he got overwhelmed, and started squatting.

However, although Ian was eager to kill this fatty, he did not forget that his uncle was still nearby. Sentomaru was Kizaru’s nephew. Once he gets in danger, Kizaru would definitely take action. Therefore, Ian stayed cautious to guard against Kizaru’s reaction.

However, Ian did not expect that Kizaru’s shot came faster than he thought. He did not wait for his nephew to be in danger, but when he saw that Sentomaru was not Ian’s opponent, he moved decisively.

Kizaru’s body turned into rays of light, and instantly came to Ian’s side, hitting a front-kick in the direction of Ian’s waist.

If Ian hadn’t perceived Kizaru’s actions through his En field, quickly sticking out his butt, and avoiding Kizaru’s kick in a weird posture, maybe he would be blown out again.

Kizaru moved to help his nephew, but what made Ian more annoyed was that Sentomaru didn’t get out of the battle circle, instead, he took advantage of Ian’s evasiveness, and chopped his axe towards Ian’s head.

Sentomaru was sure that Ian can’t escape this attack. But due to the capturing order, Ian, the mastermind, must be caught alive. Therefore, Sentomaru was worried that he would kill Ian, so he switched from slashing him with the edge to slamming him with the axe side.

In the face of this swift and violent blow, Ian couldn’t avoid it. So he had to use his free hand to stop the axe with his palm.

The power of Sentomaru’s swing was remarkable. Ian resisted it with one hand and he was almost crushed, kneeling down, but he still gritted his teeth and held on. Then the sword in his right hand swept from below, and moved toward Sentomaru. However, Kizaru suddenly appeared, grabbed his hand, and stopped his attack.

“It’s about time, Ian-san, don’t you want to fight with full power?” Kizaru pouted and looked down at Ian. “I remember, when you injured Admiral Aokiji, you used a kind of black flame, or do you want to wait for the rescue team to come and join forces with you?”

Ian did have a thought of procrastinating, because he didn’t know whether he would be able to defeat Kizaru alone, so he wanted to wait for Ace to come back and help him deal with this monster…

But now, the situation was a little different. The Whitebeard Pirates were coming soon, and Kizaru probably doesn’t want to face the Whitebeard, so he was eager to capture Ian, so he rushed with his nephew to take him down.

“It seems that I shouldn’t hold back any longer!” Ian thought, and suddenly the special bandage on his right hand disappeared.

The sealing bandage can be untied slowly for drastic and BadA$$ appearance, or it can also disappear instantly by removing it from the System.

As soon as the bandage vanished, the scorching heat of the black dragon wave on Ian’s right arm immediately radiated.

The black flame began to rise from Ian’s whole body. Kizaru was holding his right hand, but at this time he was forced to let go due to the terrifying scene…

“Oh! That’s amazing!” Kizaru stared at the black dragon on Ian’s right hand with wide eyes, and couldn’t help but marvel.

Sentomaru wanted to take back his large axe and retract. At this time, the flames that emerged on Ian’s whole body made him very disturbed. He felt like he would burn if he gets closer.

However, Ian could not allow him to retreat so easily. His left hand was instantly stretched forward, holding his battle axe, and then, he took Senbonzakura in his right hand, and placed it on the top of his axe.

The next second, Sentomaru’s huge axe melted completely!

The temperature of the Black Dragon was astonishingly high, and Sentomaru’s Axe doesn’t seem to be made of a special metal. So when Ian’s flame touched the axe, it turned it into a stream of molten iron, falling to the ground.

When Sentomaru saw this scene, he was stunned

“Back off!” Kizaru grabbed his stunned nephew and pulled him away from Ian…



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