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S.C.S Chapter 225: A Demon VS an Angel

Just now, Ian almost wanted to launch the Black Dragon wave at Sentomaru from a close range. He wanted to see if he was going to kill this kid in front of Kizaru, would he save Sentomaru and sacrifice himself.

However, considering that the high temperature of the black dragon wave may not have much effect on Kizaru, if the black dragon wave was shot, and Kizaru threw his nephew away, he many withstand the black dragon wave through the element state…

Although the black dragon wave is a kind of high-energy attack, it may still affect this admiral, Ian has not tried it, so he was not sure. In order to prevent the black dragon wave from going to waste, Ian was anxious and did not immediately fire it.

Holding the Senbonzakura with his left hand, Ian’s right hand was raised to the sky, and the black dragon soared over the Principality of Salamis!

Countless people have witnessed this scene. Zephyr, who was fighting Fujitora, looked up at the black dragon flying in the air and said in surprise, “What is that?”

Fujitora laughed and said: “Actually, I don’t know, I’m just a blind man…”

Zephyr glanced at him and laughed loudly: “You are blind, and I am just an old man. We must hit it off!”

“Do you think so!” Fujitora replied, and then the two collided again.

The black dragon that flew into the sky was not only seen by the people on Salamis Island, but it was also seen by many people on the board of the Whitebeard’s ship, which were heading towards the island!

“Dragon? Fire Dragon? Black Fire Dragon?” The Whitebeard, clutching his gigantic naginata, stood on the bow of the boat and said.

Since the distance from the island was far away, the black dragon wave they saw was so small, but the shape and appearance of the black dragon could be distinguished at a glance.

So everyone looked at the phoenix Marco on the ship, thinking, since there were phoenixes in this world, it seems that the appearance of such a creature was not that strange…

However, at this time, the black fire dragon turned around above the clouds and went straight down to the ground.

For the first time, Kizaru saw the Black Dragon wave released by Ian. The sky seemed to have an extra black sun. The scorching sensation of the hot air was spread all over the area, instantly making people sweat heavily.

When Kizaru saw the black dragon wave turning and rushing down, he quickly pushed Sentomaru from the place to keep him away.

The black fire dragon opened his wide mouth and swallowed Ian’s whole body with a terrifying aura. The black dragon disappeared at once, and then its flame ignited Ian’s figure.

Ian chose to absorb the Black Dragon Wave again, which brought an instantaneous increase of Nen.

Compared to the last time he swallowed the energy of Black Dragon Wave, Ian’s physical burden was much smaller. For this period, he has been exercising under the gravity suppression of Fujitora, not only his physical skills have improved, but also his Nen proficiency. In fact, with his constant use of energy, the proficiency of his current expert-level Nen Skills was already full. Although he has not been able to advance to the next level, it seems that the accommodation effect of soaring mental power has been improved.

After absorbing the black dragon wave, Ian immediately rushed to Kizaru holding his sword with both hands. Seeing Ian, who was full of black flames, Kizaru didn’t dare to take it carelessly, so he directly raised his right leg and kicked a laser beam at him.

But Ian, who had a huge increase in his Nen, instantly laid a Three Sacred Links Shield in front of him!

Kizaru’s laser beam coming from the front kick, directly hit Ian’s shield, and exploded!

With more power injected into the shield to enhance it, it withstood Kizaru’s laser beam and didn’t break, protecting Ian, keeping him safe and sound.

When Ian rushed out of the explosion smoke, he dashed to the front of Kizaru, and his sword blazing with black flames immediately slashed at him.

Kizaru jumped off and avoided Ian’s blow. He was still very afraid of these black flames. From the previous scenes, he noticed that Sentomaru’s axe was turned into molten iron as soon as it was touched by Ian’s hand, so he knew that these black flames have an extremely high temperature, which could even be hotter than Akainu’s Magma. He did not know whether such a flame would cause harm to his elemental form. He was not willing to be touched by it and chose to avoid it.

With this jump, he leaped high into the air. Just as he wanted to perform the same trick again by floating in the air and attacking Ian with Yasakani no Magatama(Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku), he suddenly found that Ian was actually following him and flying into the air!

On Ian’s back, a pair of wings formed by black flames appeared, allowing him to fly. The huge wingspan made Ian look like a very powerful demon. Kizaru could only change his moves urgently, placing both hands forward, he once again formed his lightsaber, the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven, then he blocked Ian’s straight stab!

The two of them kept colliding in the sky above the Principality of Salamis. Every time their swords clashed, they brought out light and fire fragments, scattering in the air.

“Is… is this a battle between an angel and a demon!?”

Countless people in the Principality of Salamis have witnessed this scene. They stared up at the sky blankly, completely forgetting that the Principality of Salamis was in war at this time.

Kizaru used his lightsaber, while Ian fought with a sword ignited with black flames. The battle between the two looked just like a fight between a glowing angel and a blazing demon…

In this mythical scene, Pritz, who has awakened not long time ago, took the visual Den Den Mushi and recorded everything while tremblingly. These signals spreading all over the world, shocked everyone watching…

Although the temporary Nen increasement obtained by swallowing the black dragon wave, Ian’s physical recovery was also very fast, so even if he was fighting in the air with demon wings, he can persist for a long time, therefore, he was only focused on killing Kizaru!

However, Kizaru’s swordsmanship was very strong. After all, the marines have swordsmanship courses. Even if Kizaru doesn’t fight with a sword very much, he won’t be classified as a weak swordsman…

Fighting in the air was not limited like fighting on the ground. As the two were slashing each other, they gradually hovered higher, and the scattered energy blew away the clouds around them.

“Your swordsmanship is remarkable!” While fighting, Kizaru said to Ian: “But it’s not enough to defeat me. If you want to rely on your swordsmanship to beat me, you have to reach Mihawk’s Level!”

Ian didn’t pay any attention to him. He also knew that his swordsmanship was really at the bottleneck now. Although his proficiency was full, he had not been able to advance it yet.

How to defeat his enemies with swordsmanship? Perhaps at the very beginning, he relied on subtle moves, but the further he gets into this world, the less damage he will be dealing. However, Ian was relying so much on his speed to deal with his opponent, but what if they were faster and had impenetrable defenses?

He won’t be able to do much and that’s a fact!!

So while facing Kizaru, Ian discovered that this kind of swordsmanship, does not have much effect on Kizaru, because his Glint-Glint Fruit was known for its terrifying speed…

Therefore, Ian kept on thinking about what kind of more advanced and powerful swordsmanship should he acquire? Kizaru directly admitted that if Ian wanted to hurt him, he had to reach Mihawk’s Level first!

During the battle, Kizaru suddenly abandoned his sword and launched countless high-energy beams at Ian, forcing him to fly downward to avoid being hit.

However, Kizaru continued to sprinkle light beams toward Ian from above. After getting dodged by Ian, some of these beams hit the sea, and as soon as they hit the sea surface, they burst out high waves, while some other beams fell on the ground and immediately exploded the ground.

Looking at the scene from the sky, as the torrent of deadly light particles fell, the streets, shops, and various buildings of the Principality of Salamis were all bombarded. If the army of the Principality of Salamis hadn’t already evacuated the citizens, the casualties would reach a horrible number.

Kizaru couldn’t control the trajectory of all the shots he fired at this time, because while he was floating in the air, he has seen many ships approaching the island from afar. He thought that they were definitely the Whitebeard Pirates, he must take down Ian as soon as possible.

At last, the Marine admiral showed his terrible destructive power. The rain of light particles and the continuous explosion made the island look like it was going through doomsday.

It has to be said that Kizaru has found a way to restrain Ian. After all, Ian was not proficient in flying. Under such intensive rain, Ian’s left arm, right shoulder, side waist, abdomen, and left thigh were all pierced and damaged by these beams.

Despite the fact he had already equipped Orihime’s card, this kind of injury was not a hindrance, and can be recovered soon, but Kizaru’s madness made Ian worry.

“Not enough, devouring the Black Dragon Wave is not enough!” Ian gritted his teeth, crouched, and set off to the sky, passing Kizaru’s altitude. Now, if Kizaru wants to attack him, he could only shoot him from below.

Kizaru also realized this, and couldn’t help but pause, and taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian began his next move.

During the two days spent waiting for Ace on Salamis Island, Ian did not standstill. Ian recharged the 300 million Berries that he received from deceiving Doflamingo. And then by refreshing the card store repeatedly, and spending most of his diamonds, he was finally able to buy Kuchiki Byakuya’s fragments and synthesize his card.

He originally planned to equip this card as soon as he reached level 20, but after a second thought, Ian found that he had only raised his level to 19 after he had dealt with Ain and Binz, and he was just missing a little bit of experience.

As a last resort, Ian had to use the Twin Sacred Return Shield to heal his wounds, then replace Orihime’s card with Kuchiki Byakuya’s card.

In the next second, in Kizaru’s eyes, Ian erected his sword in front of him and said, “Let me show you something interesting!”

“Oh?” Kizaru said with a smile: “I am looking forward to it!”

Ian said: “This would be my last move… Scatter (Chire), Senbonzakura!”

With the fall of Ian’s voice, the erected sword in Ian’s hands turned pink and started glowing. Then, the blade slowly began to shatter.

No, to be exact, it’s not shattering, it’s turning into countless cherry blossom petals floating in the sky and flying away with the wind!



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