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S.C.S Chapter 226: New Attributes

“Is… is this an illusion Technique or what…”

With his one-sided sunglasses, Kizaru’s surprised eyes can be seen clearly…

He just felt that he saw too many incredible skills used by this young man named Ian.

The Zanpakuto Senbonzakura won’t be much more than a sharp blade, if Ian didn’t obtain Kuchiki Byakuya’s card, but when this card is available and equipped, a magical change would immediately take effect on this sword as soon as he utters these words.

Ian now has only a handle left in his hand. The whole blade of the Zanpakuto has completely disappeared, and surprisingly, it was replaced by countless pink cherry blossom petals flying around Ian’s body…

This is a pretty beautiful scene, but it contains incomparable murderous intent.

This was Ian’s first time using the ability of a Zanpakuto. He felt that these cherry blossom petals were all in the middle of his induction, and seemed to be commanded at will.

The petals, which had been floating irregularly, immediately moved in the next moment, just like being blown by a spiral wind, rolled up a tornado-like trajectory, and rushed towards Kizaru.

After these petals approached Kizaru, they did not immediately attack him, but formed a circle of curtains made of petals, which surrounded Kizaru.

“Are you pretending to be the devil’s son!?” Kizaru snorted coldly, and a high-energy laser shot at the petal curtain. When it touched the curtain wall, it immediately exploded, opening a gap in the curtain wall.

But it was no use. The rest of the petals quickly filled up the gap, as if the number of petals had never been reduced.

The petals filling the whole sky slowly revolved around Kizaru, but he guessed Ian’s thoughts, and said: “Do you want to use these petals to kill me? It’s useless, don’t forget, this old man is a Logia Fruit user!”

“Of course I know!” Ian smiled slightly, he was immersed in the tremendous sense of power coming from his body at the moment.

His Zanpakuto’s Shikai, in addition to turning the blade into countless sharp petals attacking his enemies, gives Ian a huge boost to his Attributes.

A 300% increase in all attributes means that Ian’s speed and strength have tripled, and his Nen capabilities have become even stronger. Because he absorbed the energy of the black dragon wave before, this attribute improvement has even taken into account the previous increase of Nen brought by the black dragon wave!

And most importantly, it seems that because all attributes have been increased, which has led to a skyrocketing amount of Nen, but that did not bring any burden to his body. (T/N: Our boy finally became a furious beast!)

The only downside was that this upgrade is temporary, only 15 minutes! (T/N: still great xD)

That’s relatively short, but it’s enough time to deal with most opponents.

The petals of Senbonzakura’s transformation kept on rotating, and began to tighten up Kizaru’s scope. So he wanted to escape as light particles, but after thinking about it, he chose to stay in the same place.

There’s no way that the admiral Kizaru would keep running away from every move made by this long-haired brat, he thought that he can’t be defeated by him. Moreover, he is a Logia fruit user, and he doesn’t believe that he will be hurt by these strange petals.

However, to his surprise, when a petal flew over his face, it quietly cut his face.

“What… what’s going on?” Kizaru was stunned, but at that moment, dozens of petals approached his body!

Kizaru’s marine coat was tattered, and some of the petals even scratched his clothes, cutting the skin beneath it.

Kizaru finally realized that he was in a bad position. All these petals were attached with Haki!

This was a rather unimaginable thing. There were hundreds of thousands of cherry blossom petals in the sky. If he is really attaching his Haki to every single petal, then how much power can this young man hold!?

Kizaru first thought that Ian won’t be able to hurt him. Based on this, he turned into his elemental figure, so he could only be harmed by Haki. These petals, however, didn’t look like they were wrapped with Haki.

It’s just that he was completely mistaken. These cherry blossom petals actually came from the blade of the Senbonzakura, and Ian’s Nen was attached to the blade, so when it got dispersed, it kept his Nen. The amount of Haki/Nen used was not as much as Kizaru imagined, but because the number of petals decomposed was too much, the Nen on each petal was relatively weak.

However, this amount was enough. Although the Nen attached was weak, it was enough to make them able to hurt the elemental body of Kizaru. In fact, each of these petals was a sharp blade, which could easily leave a serious wound…

The only problem was that Senbonzakura’s Shikai couldn’t cause serious injuries to Kizaru.

In the swirling storm of petals, these small sharp blades were rotation so fast, leaving countless cuts on Kizaru’s body. The majestic Marine coat had already turned into countless pieces, and his suit did not escape such fate… sleeves, collars, everything was cut into rags and flew in the air.

At last, only his underpants were left, which Ian did on purpose, deliberately avoiding this position. He didn’t want to see this uncle fully-naked! That scene would be too “beautiful” to witness!

The flying petals, after colliding with Kizaru’s body for a while, spread out, and surrounded him again.

Kizaru’s exposed body was covered with small scars, and his entire figure looked bloody.

However, Ian also knew that such injuries were nothing to Kizaru, just made him look miserable. In fact, all the injuries were skin wounds. And more importantly, after he discovered that the petals could injure him, Kizaru resolutely covered his face with his arms, while using Haki to protect himself.

As soon as the attack stopped, Kizaru immediately stretched his arms and sent out countless high-energy light beams against Ian!

He was very angry. Although Ian’s attack didn’t do much harm to him, it made him lose his dignity. The Marine Admiral’s clothes were sliced to pieces!? what a joke!

The dense beam of light has been shot, he can no longer care about the orders, just wanted to kill Ian instantly.

However, at the same time he fired these beams, Ian also held the hilt of the Senbonzakura in his hand, and said softly: “Senbonzakura · Burning scene!”

The countless cherry blossom petals surrounding Kizaru suddenly ignited with black flames!

This was not Bankai, it was just an Impromptu technique that was developed at the moment by Ian. Since the petals themselves were the blade of the Senbonzakura, Ian directly used the Sword of the Darkness Flame and turned these petals into fire petals!

The petals flying all over the sky suddenly flared up, and the first result was that the air around them suddenly became scorching.

Kizaru’s beams penetrated the curtain walls of the fire petals and went towards Ian, but Ian stood motionless.

Then a strange scene happened. All the light beams that originally aimed at Ian were deflected and flew past Ian’s body!

People present could see that the air around the flames looked twisted, but it is not. It is because of the high temperature of the fire that heated the air, which changed the density of the propagation medium and caused the light to be distorted.

This was what Ian used now. He turned countless petals into a huge wall of fire, heating the surrounding air, causing the light beam emitted by Kizaru to deflect when passing through the curtain wall of fire petals!

This kind of deflection was actually not easy to achieve. First of all, the area of the heated air must be large enough, and at the same time, the thickness should be sufficient. Otherwise, if the deflection angle would be small, and Ian will be bombarded. This effect can only be achieved under the laminated petal curtain wall.

Ace could also use a similar fire wall, but if his wall of fire was not thick enough, he won’t deflect these light beams.

Kizaru was amazed by Ian’s approach, and the fighting wisdom of this young man should not be underestimated.

The light beam attack was fruitless, and Kizaru didn’t intend to use it again. He flashed away directly and rushed out of the petal curtain. He knew that being surrounded like this won’t be good for him.

The petal curtains and the iron sand storm were incomparable. Kizaru was so fast that he was rushed out by a flash. After escaping the circle, Kizaru’s figure immediately disappeared in place and came to the top of Ian’s head.

The kick at the speed of light was used again, moving down towards Ian.

However, Ian’s figure disappeared unexpectedly at the time he was about to be hit!

Don’t forget that Ian’s speed attribute tripled. At the moment when Kizaru attacked, he used his full speed, which was faster than the Marines’ Soru, to switch positions, and instead, he appeared on top of Kizaru’s head!

Kizaru’s reaction speed surpassed the speed of the human eye because of the Glint Fruit, but similarly, his reaction speed could not reach the speed of light. After Ian’s speed skyrocketed, he didn’t see clearly how Ian moved!

After Kizaru kicked the air, he immediately reacted. However, Ian had already smashed his head with a punch. Kizaru raised his arm to resist it. However, the power of this punch was beyond his imagination. In an instant, his arm was pushed open by the insane force, and then he was hit hard on the chest by Ian’s blow.

He mistakenly underestimated Ian’s strength at this time, so he took the whole blow. Ian’s arm was hardened with Haki, and with great strength, he punched Kizaru in mid-air. His whole body turned into a meteor, and with a loud burst, he fell to the ground, shaking the entire place.

It was just like the scene when the Phoenix Marco kicked Kizaru in the Great War…

This scene was fully recorded by Pritz holding the visual Den Den Mushi. Looking at the smoke and dust where Kizaru fell, all the people in the world who saw this blow covered their mouths in surprise

And Ian, with his black flame wings spread in midair, after punching Kizaru, turned around and flew down towards the ground. The fire petals followed him and went down behind him, like a dragon’s blazing tail……



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