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S.C.S Chapter 227: Perfect Shot

When Ian floated down beside Kizaru, the battle between Fujitora and Zephyr became more and more fierce.

Zephyr’s fighting style was insane. When swinging his mechanical arm, if it hits a building, it destroys half of it. If he hits the ground, a large area would be smashed. Similarly, Fujitora’s gravity fruit has a wide range. When he uses his Shikomizue (sword concealed inside a cane), wherever his blade points, he imposes a huge gravity force that most people can’t bear.

The two men fought and ruined a large area of the port. No one dared to approach their battlefield. Anything that appeared within a radius of 300 meters would be crushed.

When there was such a pair of ruthless men fighting on the ground, people who saw this scene felt that the end of days was coming. But when Ian and Kizaru turned the battlefield from the air to the ground, everyone was now sure that this was really doomsday!

At the moment of Ian’s landing, Kizaru got up from the pit on the ground, holding his Ama no Murakumo “Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven”, and collided with Ian.

However, Ian took back those flying petals and reassembled them into the blade of the Senbonzakura. After his speed and strength soared, Ian was able to fight Kizaru head-on like Rayleigh.

Perhaps with Strength and speed alone, Ian has no way to take down Kizaru, but the problem was that Ian knows how to use Haki aggressively. If Kizaru was a little careless, he may get injured badly by Ian. Therefore, during the battle, Kizaru tried his best to attack Ian by all means.

The high-energy Ama no Murakumo constantly collided with Ian’s blade, burning with black flames. While slashing each other, Kizaru’s lightsaber kept emitting intense beams, which made Ian move a lot to evade them. These two were constantly changing their postures and positions, resulting in countless explosions all around the area.

Tired of being attacked by Kizaru’s beams, Ian suddenly held his Senbonzakura, flashed behind his opponent, and stabbed him. When Kizaru reacted and wanted to block this blow, a Black Fire Dragon rushed out from Ian’s blade, opened its mouth, and bit Kizaru!

Kizaru startled, quickly used his lightsaber, and stuck it into the big mouth of the black dragon, but he was taken away by the flying black dragon wave!

The black dragon wave swayed and flew away. It scorched the ground and burned the trees along its way. The surrounding buildings, swept by its tail and body, were immediately wrecked, breaking a huge gap in them and leaving behind a river of lava.

Finally, when the black dragon’s energy was exhausted, Kizaru was able to hold his ground. However, Kizaru was struck again by Ian, who was closely following them.

When Kizaru held his lightsaber to block the chop, he was almost crushed, forcing him to kneel down. So he burst out again, his body became brighter, and suddenly a large number of high-energy beams scattered around him!

This was an indiscriminate blow, and Ian couldn’t escape it. So he gritted his teeth and stretched out the tip of his left index finger and placed it on Kizaru’s shoulder clavicle.

“Hadō #4. Byakurai!”

Shining white lightning burst out from Ian’s fingertip. While Kizaru’s light beam penetrated Ian in the right side of his abdomen, Ian’s pure white lightning also shot through the collarbone of Kizaru!

This move was naturally a skill brought by Kuchiki Byakuya’s card. It was used by Ian at this time, so he was able to exchange injuries with his enemy.

A hole covered with blood has appeared in Kizaru’s clavicle position, and the same happened in Ian’s abdomen.

However, this kind of injury was nothing to Ian, because he can use Orihime’s skill to heal himself, but Kizaru can’t, so Kizaru got the worst of it.

This guy, Ian, has just used Haki on his fingertip while pressing on Kizaru’s shoulder, making him unable to elementize that location and avoid this blow. The collarbone was an important position of the human body. The injury of this part had a great impact on Kizaru, which made it difficult for him to lift his left arm.

The two endured their pain and clashed again. Kizaru raised his left leg and kicked Ian’s waist at the speed of light. Ian stepped back and dodged in advance, but he didn’t prevent Kizaru’s blow from rubbing his body. And when it passed, a sharp wind hit Ian’s body and blew him away.

Ian landed with a backflip in mid-air, holding Senbonzakura’s scabbard with his left hand, and placing his right hand on the hilt, making a squatting posture, preparing for his next move.

Then, Ian slashed at Kizaru’s waist with unprecedented speed.

Fearing the powerful Haki attached to Ian’s blade, Kizaru did not turn to his elemental form. Instead, he stood still and carried it with the power of the Six Powers (Rokushiki) Tekkai (Iron Body)!

However, what Kizaru didn’t expect was that the Tekkai (Iron Body) defense trick would fail him!

Shining sparkles condensed on the blade of the Senbonzakura. Kizaru defended Ian’s slash with the enhanced Tekkai, but the Powerful Lightning Current attached to the blade was instantly spread throughout his body.

“Ittoryu Iai · Raikiri!” (Lightning Cutter)

Ian changed his tactics. His endless attacking methods really made it difficult for Kizaru to deal with Ian. People with devil fruit ability usually only have one kind of ability. No matter how the moves are derived, they were actually based on the devil fruit power and they can’t vary this much.

In order to deal with Ian’s attack, Kizaru unexpectedly used two skills of the Six Powers (Rokushiki) Skill, Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and Tekkai (Iron Body)!

It was almost unbelievable for an admiral like Kizaru to use these basic body skills, which he hadn’t used for ages… But more unexpectedly, the Tekkai used now seemed to be better than elemental dodge.

Kizaru’s hair was so electrified that his head was smoking out, and his original short, slightly curly hair, after being electrocuted, turned afro.

This picture was actually quite funny, but Ian couldn’t laugh at this moment. Although his attacking methods have worked against Kizaru several times, this kind of injury was not enough to kill or defeat such an opponent. His physical strength hasn’t reached a magnificent level. Therefore, the fight between the two didn’t end…

This was not good news for Ian, because, with the passage of time, the attribute improvement brought about by the Shikai of the Senbonzakura will soon run out. After that, his Shikai will enter the cooldown state of 24 hours…

Without the help of the attributes boost, Ian won’t be able to fight Kizaru like this, and once these attributes drop, the situation would be so different.

‘I must think of a way to end this…’

Ian dodged Kizaru’s laser for a while, and kept spinning in his thoughts. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, and his left hand suddenly slammed the ground.

The huge electric current rushed from his whole body in an instant, and then struck the ground.

The ground began to tremble slightly, and countless iron sand began to float strangely in the air, all of which were black.

The Iron Sand Storm has emerged!

Because there was still a huge amount of Nen supporting this technique at the moment, Ian has more iron sand condensed than ever before, and black sand fragments have appeared within a kilometer radius.

Under Ian’s control, these grains of sand began to spin rapidly, and an iron sand storm, which was larger than the one in the G5 branch base, took shape in an instant.

Among the countless iron sands, Ian quietly perceived every grain of sand. Suddenly, he seems to have felt something, and his face showed a slight smile.

‘Wow, can I really do it, will it work!?’

The huge iron sand storm reminded Kizaru of the scene where he was surrounded by the fire petals, so he was worried that the situation would repeat again. Therefore, he desperately sent laser beams everywhere to disturb the storm.

When he blew out a hole in the iron sand storm, Kizaru immediately turned into light and escaped from the scope of the iron sand storm.

However, Ian controlled the iron sand and moved it to the place where Kizaru reappeared.

Wherever he flashes, Ian controlled the iron sand storm and chased him. After several times, Kizaru realized that it was impossible to go on like this forever. The iron sand was controlled by Ian, and it won’t get dissipated without defeating him.

So this time, Kizaru came directly to Ian’s back, and with the Ama no Murakumo in his hand cleaved toward him.

However, what Kizaru didn’t think of was that Ian had already inserted Senbonzakura back into its sheath, and the surrounding iron sand storm was instantly recalled by him, condensed on his left hand and turned into a huge shield, blocking Kizaru’s stab.

This iron sand shield was made of many layers of iron sand. With the buffer of iron sand, Kizaru’s slash is completely blocked.

Just as Kizaru still had some doubts about why Ian didn’t use his sword to resist this blow, unexpectedly under the huge shield, Ian’s right hand was already aligned with Kizaru’s abdomen.

Because of the line of sight, Kizaru didn’t notice Ian’s movements. When he saw the lightning shining on Ian’s right hand, it was already too late, and Ian shot directly!

“Super Electromagnetic Cannon · Shotgun!”

Baaang! With a huge sonic boom and strong wind pressure, Ian actually fired the Railgun at Kizaru from such a close distance!

This time, the Super Electromagnetic Cannon was not the same as the previous one that hit Kizaru’s face. Ian actually fired six bullets at the same time.

In a critical moment, Kizaru responded quickly, instantly transforming into his elemental body and diluting his figure, so that even if it was hit by a powerful projectile covered with Haki, the damage would be reduced.

However, when Ian’s six-shot electromagnetic shotgun hit Kizaru, an amazing scene happened.

These six electromagnetic cannons penetrated Kizaru’s elemental body at the same time, which hit him in the same position, and six holes appeared in his figure.

It was real damage, not a scene of penetrating an elemental body!

The severe pain rushing from his abdomen made Kizaru realize that this was an actual wound! It is impossible to even restore the injured part with elementalization.

“What…what the hell!?” Kizaru looked at Ian in surprise.

“Muahahaha!” Ian’s blow worked perfectly, so he couldn’t help laughing out loud and saying: “Huh! The taste of Kairoseki bullets was that good!?”

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