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S.C.S Chapter 228: Retreat Order

That’s right, what Ian just fired out was actually six-round Kairoseki bullets!

Where did these Kairoseki bullets come from? Do you still have to ask? They were the shots previously fired towards Ace from Zephyr’s machine guns! The Kairoseki bullets, which were mixed with normal bullets, were all blocked by Ian’s Will Wall and fell to the ground. Then the fool, Ace, picked up one and wanted to see it…

Although the place where he and Kizaru are fighting now was a bit far away from the place where these bullets fell, Ian was able to expand the scope of the iron sand storm by injecting a tremendous amount of Nen into it, then finding these Kairoseki bullets among the others, hiding them within his iron sand, and bringing them over.

In fact, at that time, Ian didn’t know whether he could use electromagnetic force to control these bullets. Because they were known to be made by stone (Seastone) instead of a conductive metal such as iron or nickel, so he was not sure whether he could launch them.

Fortunately, these Kairoseki (Seastone) bullets did not disappoint Ian. They were called “seastone”, but Kairoseki is actually a mineral, and because it is very difficult to refine and polish such stone, so there must be impurities in it.

These impurities, naturally, include iron, so Ian brought these bullets by manipulating the metal in them.

The huge iron sand shield was to obscure Kizaru’s sight and prevent him from seeing the following attack, plus what kind of ammunition used…

However, the Railgun fired at supersonic speed was shot at a close distance, even Kizaru could not escape it.

Moreover, in order to prevent a single shell from causing insignificant damage to Kizaru, Ian did not hesitate to spend more Nen and fired six bullets at once!

Kairoseki’s restraint effect on Logia fruit Users was the same to other types, even if they were in their elemental state. However, as soon as the Kairoseki comes into contact with his body, his ability had been suppressed, and he could no longer maintain the elemental state.

Because things happened too fast, the Seastone bullets penetrated his body and flew out, without him even realizing what was going on…

Hearing what Ian said, Kizaru finally understood what happened.

Shortly afterward, Kizaru felt that his body was filled with rage, but the cause of his feeling wasn’t Ian who just blasted him, but… Zephyr!

“That damned old man!” Kizaru gritted his teeth and said, “He let these exclusive Kairoseki bullets be used by others!”

Kizaru and Zephyr’s relationship was not that good at all, so even if the two of them carried out the same task, they would never join hands. While Zephyr and Fujitora fought, he picked Ian as his opponent, each one fighting on his own. What he didn’t expect was that it would turn like this in the end. At a critical moment, he was screwed by his teacher’s mistake!

Zephyr wasn’t a stupid fellow. He, for sure, didn’t expect that his Kairoseki bullets that he fired out will be used again by the enemies, and in return, they will be the reason for injuring his comrade. If he had known that this would happen, he would not have fired them from the beginning.

This time, Kizaru was really hit hard. Two of Ian’s bullets penetrated Kizaru’s thigh and shoulder, and two hit him in the abdomen. Although they did not hurt his organs, they penetrated his muscles. The highest damage was the one who went directly through his lung!

Kizaru was blown out for a certain distance by the wind pressure, standing a few meters away from Ian. When his injuries took effect, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He felt that the wound on his chest, like a blazing fire, was burning his lungs. He had never suffered such a serious injury since he ate the Pika Pika no Mi.

For decades, the Kairoseki has been controlled by the Marines, so who would expect that he, a Marine admiral, would be seriously injured in this way, such an irony…

Ian sighed with relief when he saw Kizaru vomiting blood. To be honest, he had to act smartly this time. In fact, he was not sure about how to defeat this guy, because he couldn’t think of any way to restrain his Glint-Glint Fruit.

Although he managed to deal some damage to his opponent during the battle, they were nothing to Kizaru. If he hadn’t thought of this great idea just now, and used Zephyr’s bullets in a counterattack, perhaps the battle will turn into a deadlock, and after fifteen minutes, he will be forced back to his ordinary state.

Under normal conditions, Ian has absolutely no chance of winning against Kizaru…

However, such battles are full of mysteries.

If Ian thought of these Kairoseki bullets earlier, he might not need to open the Shikai of his Zanpakuto and fight Kizaru for a long time…

The only thing bothering Ian was that the Kairoseki bullets fired by the Super Electromagnetic Cannon won’t stay in Kizaru’s body like the ones shot from a pistol. The power and kinetic energy of the super electromagnetic cannon was insanely strong, so they could only penetrate his body…

This was really an important thing, because if they stayed in Kizaru’s body, then he would be affected by Kairoseki and lose his devil fruit abilities.

“Admiral Borsalino, do you want to continue playing?” Ian took a breath and said to Kizaru.

Kizaru was hesitating. He was seriously injured. If he continues the fight, his physical strength will be consumed sharply, and he wasn’t sure whether Zephyr has shot other Kairoseki bullets. If there are still any, then it will be troublesome, because with the super speed of Ian’s Railgun, even if it was him, the admiral Kizaru, it was still hard to dodge such ability…

In the same way, Ian didn’t want to fight him anymore, even if he was going to win easily, Ian can’t kill him!

As an admiral, Kizaru was a red flag, and if he kills him, then he was sure that the entire marine department and the World Government will send out all their forces, all their power to encircle and eliminate the entire pirate group!

Facing an Admiral forced Ian to use all his cards, and in the end, the only thing that was capable of injuring Kizaru was the Kairoseki bullets. If the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, plus two Admirals and twelve Vice Admirals come to deal with him, then this would be the end of his journey…

Ian shivered after imagining such a terrible picture, he really did not want to be in a similar situation… He thought of himself been caught and sitting in the bottom floor of Impel Down…

So, when he saw Kizaru bleeding in front of him, he decided that it was time to stop, plus the time of the Shikai was about to end, so Ian didn’t know what to do if Kizaru kept fighting…

Hearing Ian’s words, Kizaru raised his head and glanced at Zephyr who was fighting Fujitora not far away, and found that even Zephyr was panting at this time, fighting under a strong gravity pressure. Zephyr, an old man in his 70s, has endured such suppression, which was abnormal.

However, if his fight against this monster Fujitora goes on, Zephyr will probably face the same end.

All the facts were telling Kizaru that they can’t win, his injuries need treatment, and the rest of his soldiers can’t defeat this beast…

However, Kizaru wasn’t willing to surrender! When he was ordered to come out and deal with this group, he was careless, thinking that he was bound to win. However, things didn’t go as he expected. So if he just retreated like this, the dignity of Marines would be thrown to the mud.

But, at this moment, Sentomaru came running. After Ian had melted his iron axe, he withdrew from the battle circle and ran to fight with Raideen and others. When Ian and Kizaru were fighting in the air, he paid attention to their battle. As a result, after they fell on the ground, he went back attacking the pirates around him. So when he approached the battlefield again, he saw the blood on Kizaru’s mouth, and he was more shocked when he found many scars and six big holes all over his body! (T/N: he is still naked, isn’t he!?)

“Uncle!? How come… why are you injured this badly?!” Sentomaru rushed up and supported Kizaru, ignoring Ian’s presence.

“You… why are you back?” Kizaru said: “Didn’t I tell you not to come close?”

“There is a new order from the Marine Headquarters!” Sentomaru hurriedly pulled out a Den Den Mushi. “They called and ordered us to retreat!”

“Why!?” Kizaru asked.

“It’s the Whitebeard!” Sentomaru said: “The Whitebeard’s ship is about to land. The department doesn’t want a conflict with Whitebeard Pirates under any circumstances, so they ordered us to retreat immediately!”

In fact, what Sentomaru didn’t know was that, 500 meters away, behind a broken wall, Pritz was shivering while holding the visual Den Den Mushi, all the scenes of the battle has been transmitted. After seeing that Kizaru was seriously injured by Ian, the Marines were startled and immediately ordered to cut off the live broadcast signal.

At the same time, due to their intelligence, the Yonko Whitebeard was really close and was about to land on the island. Because they were worried that under such circumstances, the two Admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, will suffer more if they encounter the upcoming tyrants, so the Marines didn’t dare to risk it, and directly gave Sentomaru the order to retreat.

Although the headquarters were not willing to do so, they had to accept the result.

After listening to Sentomaru’s words, Kizaru understood the situation. If the whitebeard’s monsters arrive, they might not be polite to the seriously injured people. Therefore, Kizaru held on to his nephew and say, “Let’s go!”

In the same way, Zephyr, over there, was notified by a Marine soldier at this time. He also saw the injuries on Kizaru’s body, his student, so he could only sigh and withdraw.

Fujitora didn’t stop him. When he saw the soldiers retreating towards the port, he turned around and walked in Ian’s direction.

However, Ian sat on the ground after Kizaru retreated, and then laid back on the ground regardless of the mess around him.

“Huh! Freaking Hell, it’s finally over! I thought this day won’t end…”



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