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S.C.S Chapter 229: Internal Quarrel

The retreat order of the Marine headquarters was wise.

The two admirals were dispatched to hunt down Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirates. It can be seen that the world government and the Marines attached great importance to Ian.

At first, they thought that the Marines could make such a tough gesture to force the four emperors and prevent them from disrupting the situation. However, that was the case, assuming that Ace wasn’t a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, they would have some concerns and wouldn’t go out this fast.

However, what they didn’t expect was that at this point, Fire Fist Ace joined the Whitebeard Pirates!

The Whitebeard was very attached to his righteous son, Ace. After he, who just joined, made his first request and implored him, the Whitebeard relentlessly planned to make a stand for his son.

Before Kizaru and Zephyr led the Marines to the island of Salamis, the Marine Headquarters got the news of the Whitebeard Pirates. At that time, they were hesitant, thinking about whether to let Kizaru and Zephyr withdraw.

However, what turned out to be a twist of events was that due to Doflamingo’s secret intervention, the beasts pirates also appeared in the area, and collided with the Whitebeard Pirates, so the two sides confronted each other in the open sea.

After learning of this situation, the Marines acquiesced to let Kizaru and Zephyr continue their operation, hoping that this delay would make a difference, taking this opportunity to arrest Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

However, everyone underestimated this recently-emerged Pirate Group. In the battle, Fujitora suppressed Zephyr, and Ian exploded with a new aura, showing a horrifying strength, not only was he capable of facing Kizaru as if they were in the same power level, but he also used the Kairoseki bullets to wound Kizaru badly!

So far, there were already two admirals injured by Ian’s hands, including Aokiji…

A serious injury does not necessarily mean defeat. However, this is the case in some battles. A little accident often leads to unexpected results. With his fighting tricks, Ian has gained an advantage in the battle against Kizaru, so the scale of the fight tilted towards him.

The Marine headquarters did not know exactly how Kizaru was injured because it was only seen through the live stream of an intern reporter. Although they also knew that even if a Marine admiral was injured, he would still be very difficult to kill.

However, the problem was that the Whitebeard Pirates has left the confrontation location with Beasts Pirates and were about to approach the island.

Salamis Island was under the protection of Whitebeard. Due to the Marines’ capturing order of Dragon Hunter Pirates, a part of the island was seriously damaged. Under such circumstances, no one can guarantee whether the infuriated monster will attack the wounded admirals.

If the Whitebeard got furious after seeing the harbor, he might turn ruthless and directly kill all the marine soldiers there, by then the whole world will turn into chaos!

The consequences were too serious. The plan to catch the Dragon Hunter Pirates with a time gap was no longer feasible. Ian and the others held their ground, and they resisted so well. Then the Marines had to take a step back.

And with the retreat order of the headquarters, all the soldiers on the island began to retreat to the port in an orderly manner. The guards of the Salamis Principality chased them all the way, but rationally did not fight them.

The retreating Marine soldiers naturally saw the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group at the port. However, even though they gritted their teeth, they were helpless.

Many people saw the battle between Ian and Kizaru in mid-air, which made them afraid of this Pirate Group, knowing that they were not ordinary pirates, and now under the retreat order, they didn’t dare to attack the Dragon Hunters rashly and cause more troubles.

Watching the soldiers retreat, Ian also told the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group not to take action against them.

In such a big battle, the Dragon Hunter Pirates were actually quite injured. The Marines have an absolute advantage in number. Although the fighting capability of the Dragon Hunter Pirates was not weak, injuries were still inevitable.

Raideen’s shield had been blasted by mortars. He at least blocked dozens of mortar shells protecting his fellow pirates. He was panting at this time, and his whole body was full of scars.

The same goes for Doroni and the others. Anyway, almost all the crewmates who can fight were wounded at this time. So even if Ian didn’t tell them to stop, they will not take the initiative to provoke the Marines with their current state.

However, the Marines that retreated to the port still encountered troubles, which was the Fire Fist Ace!

Ian had told Ace to steal a warship before, so Ace did what he was asked for without question. But how could the Marines let him take over a ship easily?

After jumping on a warship, Ace has been fighting with waves of soldiers. Before, he came alone to help Ian, so he didn’t know that the Whitebeard would be coming soon. He had been guarding the warship he just seized. He felt that this was the only hope for Ian and his crew to escape, so he must keep an eye on his battleship.

This led Ace to witness the battle between Ian and Kizaru, although he wanted to help, finally, he saw that Ian was fighting Kizaru inextricably, so he chose to guard the ship.

But when the Marines began to retreat, more soldiers rushed in. Ace didn’t know what was going on, so he could only grit his teeth and unleash his fire to beat down every single soldier boarding the ship.

The injured admiral, who was supported by Sentomaru, saw this scene when he retreated to the port.

“Fire Fist Ace…” Kizaru naturally knows Ace’s name, and he noticed the scene of his soldiers getting bombarded by him from the ship with large balls of flames. Kizaru wanted to take action himself.

However, at this moment, he saw the whitebeard fleet on the sea.

And in the sky, a big bird that was also full of blue flames was flying towards the port, Kizaru knew that it was the phoenix, Marco…

It’s too late now. If they don’t set sail, the Marines’ warships will be blocked by Whitebeard Pirates in the port. So Kizaru thought about it for a while and gave the order to leave that Battleship behind.

The Marines would be able to withdraw from the port in time if they don’t encounter more problems, but at this moment, Zephyr discovered that his two students/cadres were missing!

“Where are Ain and Binz!?” Zephyr anxiously asked the members of the Pirate Guerrillas.

When he learned that Ain and Binz had been brought to the warship by the Fire Fist Ace and a woman dressed as a strange maid, Zephyr stood still!

At the moment, he was about to lead the Pirates guerrillas and rushed to the warship where Ace was, trying to get his students back.

From Kizaru’s point of view, this was simply ridiculous. At this time, the Pirate Guerrillas were newly established too. Although Ain and Binz were Zephyr’s right and left hands, they were at most two captains according to their ranks.

For these two, did Zephyr want to risk the lives of all the Marines soldiers by staying here longer, and be surrounded by the Whitebeard Pirates!?

What’s more, the pain rushing from the wound reminded Kizaru that he was injured by his Kairoseki bullets. For a while, he felt the new and old hatred were merging together…

“Zephyr, if you still want to continue fighting Fire Fist Ace, I won’t stop you!” Kizaru said coldly to Zephyr: “But I will evacuate the rest of the marine soldiers!”

“Borsalino! You bas…” Zephyr was so angry, and didn’t expect Kizaru would jump in at this time and say such ruthless words.

The contradiction between Zephyr and Kizaru has been around for a long time. Although both of them still maintain the basic respect on the surface, at this critical moment, they both flared out!

“They are my students!” Zephyr yelled at Kizaru: “I brought them here, so they must be by my side while I leave…!”

“Sensei, do you want to risk the lives of all these soldiers for the sake of these two!? We will soon have to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates?” Kizaru quarreled with Zephyr rudely: “Your students are still members of the marines. Even if they fall into the hands of the Dragon hunters, as long as we keep it cool and negotiate with them, they won’t hurt them. They’re just two people, which is less disgraceful than letting all these soldiers be captured by the Whitebeard Pirates, right?”

“Is it just a matter of shame?” Zephyr roared, “Is the face of the Marines more important than the life of my students?”

The quarrel between the two made the Marine soldiers around them stunned and did not dare to say anything.

Zephyr and Kizaru stared at each other for a while, then Zephyr finally started to talk: “Borsalino, I never like you as a student, you are too elusive, since you want to leave, then go ahead!”

Zephyr took a step back and said: “My people and I have always been advancing and retreating together… this won’t change now!”

Listening to his words, the members of the Pirate guerrillas felt an unprecedented emotional agitation, so they yelled: “Together!”

When Kizaru saw this scene, he was not affected at all. Instead, he shook his head, Kizaru’s philosophy has always been different from Zephyr, he would only choose to look at the problem as a bystander, and then put himself in the most advantageous position. Therefore, he could not understand Zephyr’s personality and thoughts.

“In this case, I wish you good luck, Zephyr-sensei.” Kizaru said.

Because Ace robbed a battleship, Kizaru took away the Marine soldiers on six warships, but Zephyr and the pirate guerrilla soldiers of his three warships stayed to attack Ace, who was on guard duty. Their objective was to find Ain and Binz.

Ace was such a fool. When he brought Binz back, he didn’t think too much about it. He just thought the amazing ninja, Binz, was really interesting. He wanted to take Binz back to show him to Ian and Oyaji. If it was possible, he even thought of adding this Ninja to the Whitebeard Pirate Group.

He was just acting like a kid who kept begging his father to bring a homeless dog in. Ace himself doesn’t realize what he was doing. It’s human nature…

At the moment, Ace has completely accepted the fact that Whitebeard has become his father, and he was trying his best to impress him.

Maybe it was from this moment that he wanted the Whitebeard to be the next Pirate King…



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