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S.C.S Chapter 230: Heartbreaker

The soldiers of the Pirate Guerrillas were all here, following Zephyr’s leadership, so they all respected him so much. When Zephyr jumped onto the ship, they followed him to get back what was theirs…

As soon as Ace saw Zephyr, he felt that his threatening expression was terrifying.

Because Ace is a Logia fruit user, ordinary soldiers can’t damage him. Even if he was alone, he can beat all of them, knocking out so many teeth while having lots of fun.

However, when facing Zephyr, things won’t be the same. At that time, Zephyr grabbed his flaming fist and made him powerless, so Ace didn’t dare to rush recklessly again.

Fortunately, at this moment, he was not alone as he thought, because there was another ally on board, which was baby-5!

Baby-5 acted similarly to Ace, she wanted to take Ain back to Doflamingo and see if he could add this strange woman into the family. (T/N: FFs, they are humans, not pets…)

Ace captured Binz, and BABY-5 caught Ain. Both of them were on the same Battleship. Ace was guarding the deck, and BABY-5 kept an eye on the cabin door.

Although the two did not know each other, they cooperated tacitly, threw out all the Marine soldiers on the warship, and captured it.

When Ace saw Zephyr jumping up, he subconsciously looked at BABY-5 and waved to her: “Come and help me, let’s deal with him together!”

Ace witnessed the loss of power from his Kairoseki arm before. It was Ian who informed him that this guy was fully armed with Kairoseki.

After getting touched by the Kairoseki, he completely lost his fighting power. Ace was very alert about this, so he asked this girl to help him.

However, what he said sounded a little different in Baby-5’s ears. The only word that rang and was left in her mind… “Together!”

“He said…” Baby-5 held her blushed face: “Is… is he asking me to marry him?”

However, when baby-5 was about to agree to his proposal, a figure suddenly fell down from the air to the deck. Ace turned around and found that it was Marco!

“Yo, Marco, why are you here?” Ace was very happy, and said: “Well, that’s great, let’s join hands to deal with him!”

Marco recognized Zephyr, and his face turned serious. He knew very well this former admiral, so he didn’t say much: “Oyaji is coming soon!”

“Marco, the Phoenix! Fire Fist, Ace!” Zephyr looked at the two, laughed, revealing his white teeth, and said: “More and more people with devil fruit powers have become pirates!”

His huge mechanical arm, the Battle Smasher, under the control of Zephyr, clenched a fist. They couldn’t figure out Zephyr’s mood, because he was wearing sunglasses, but he just said: “Where are my students?”

Ace looked blank, he didn’t know who are the students Zephyr talking about, so he didn’t answer.

Zephyr stared at him and thought that Ace deliberately wanted to conceal it and took his students as hostages, so he immediately burst into anger, roared, and rushed toward Marco and Ace.

Marco and Ace were on guard, ready to face the enemy. However, when they were just about to collide, suddenly a shell flew from the rear!

The three men perceived this shell, so they had to jump back and avoid it. The shell hit the place where they were about to meet, and immediately exploded. Fortunately, the deck of the warship was very sturdy, and it did not blast a hole in it.

After landing, the three men looked at the rear and found that the shooter was baby-5! She had a cigarette in her mouth, her arm turned into a rocket launcher, and its muzzle was still smoking.

The strange thing was that baby-5’s eyes were full of tears and she bit her lower lip while looking at Ace.

“What are you doing?” Ace asked her suspiciously.

“You…you heartless bastard!” BABY-5 said aggrieved: “How dare you breaking my heart!”

This sentence alone didn’t only confuse Ace, but even Marco was dumbfounded, ‘what? Broke her heart?’

Baby-5 shouted at Ace: “You obviously proposed to me a moment ago, why did you abandon me in a blink of an eye?”

She pointed to Marco and said: “Do you want to be with this man, and dump me!? Is he more attractive than me!?”

Ace and Marco’s expression at the moment was priceless. The two looked at each other, shivered, and quickly jumped away.

Marco stared at Ace, and asked, “Ace… is she your girlfriend?”

“No, no!” Ace hurriedly shook his head: “This is the first time I have seen her!”

“Then why is she…” Marco couldn’t understand what was going on either.

“Hey, when did I propose to you!? Stop the nonsense talk!” Ace screamed at baby-5.

“You asked me to be with you, isn’t that a marriage proposal?” Baby-5 yelled back, then pointed to Marco tearfully and said, “But then you turned around and changed your mind when this man appeared. Have you thought about my feelings? Were you just toying with me?”

Marco’s face turned gloomy and black lines fell on his eyes, he finally figured out what was going on, because Ace had just said that he wants to join hands with Marco in this fight, she…

This woman’s brain doesn’t function like ordinary people…

Baby-5 was biting a handkerchief with a tearful expression of grievance, which made Ace have an urge to jump into the sea and kill himself. He didn’t know much about women. The only women he has ever talked with were Dadan who raised him in Foosha Village, and Makino, the pub owner who has been taking care of him and Luffy. The actions of baby-5 showed him another completely different type of females…

Ace, Marco, and Zephyr, these three men stared at each other with wide eyes. When they got interrupted by BABY-5, their fighting-will seemed to be disintegrated at the same time.

From this point of view, Baby-5 was probably the most powerful person on the deck…

After such a delay, everyone suddenly felt a strong sense of pressure, which overwhelmed the entire warship. Ace, Marco, Zephyr, BABY-5, and all the pirate guerrilla soldiers who had boarded the ship all looked at the rear of the warship.

They saw a huge ship in the form of a whale, and it has already arrived at the port. This ship was even bigger and larger than the Battleship of the Marines. On the flat bow of the ship, a man of incomparable height was standing there, holding a gigantic naginata in his hand, and the sunlight shone from behind him, reflecting the shadow of his long mustache…

The strongest man in the world, Edward Newgate, the Whitebeard, has finally appeared!

With his appearance, huge dismay was felt by everyone, especially baby-5. She was still crying bitterly, but now, she looked at the figure of the Whitebeard in horror, and did not dare to make a sound.

“Gurararara!” The Whitebeard standing on the Moby Dick let out a burst of laughter and shouted, “Zephyr, are you bullying my kids?”

“Whitebeard…!” Zephyr also laughed and said, “Haha, you Monster, haven’t you died yet?”

“There are still many years ahead for me to live!” Whitebeard said: “Huh! But you, who have retired, are still working for the Marines?”

“I’ve always been a Marine!” Zephyr said: “And as long as they are brutal monsters and pirates like you, wandering the sea, I will always be a soldier on duty!”

In the conversation between the two, none of them has stepped backward. In fact, Zephyr was an Admiral in the Pirate King, Roger’s era, so it was natural that they knew each other very well. It is even possible that he had tried to hunt down the Whitebeard or Roger, so the grudges of many years between them can be seen clearly…

While talking, Moby Dick was still approaching them, and then, the Whitebeard jumped from the bow and landed directly on the warship. The tremendous force bought by this leap made the whole warship sway.

He was unusually tall, and everyone looked up to him after he stood upright. After he looked down at Zephyr, he immediately noticed Zephyr’s right mechanical arm.

“What happened to your hand?” the Whitebeard asked strangely, “I don’t remember that the admiral Zephyr was a disabled man!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” When he was asked by the Whitebeard, Zephyr suddenly burst into laughter, but there was a trace of sadness and hatred in his laughter!

After laughing for a long time, Zephyr paused for a while, and said to Whitebeard: “Do you really want to know?”

The Whitebeard didn’t say a word, just kept looking down at him.

Zephyr lightly touched his mechanical arm with his left hand, and said, “This hand was chopped off… and at the same time, most of my students were killed on board…”

The Whitebeard was a little surprised, saying: “You are an Admiral of the marines, who can cut off one of your arms?”

“I will never forget that day for the rest of my life!” Zephyr laughed again: “I will never forget that person. He is a devil fruit user too, and… Edward, you know what? That fellow had the same mustache as you!”

Marco and Ace were shocked when they heard this. Could it be that the man who cut off Zephyr’s arm was actually Oyaji? No, if this was the case, then he wouldn’t have asked this question and Zephyr would’ve said that directly.

The two looked at Oyaji, but found that he was uncharacteristically silent.

In fact, after hearing Zephyr’s description, the Whitebeard immediately knew the person who cut off his arm!

“It turned out to be him… When did this happen?” the Whitebeard sighed and asked Zephyr.

“What’s the use of delving into it now?” Zephyr shook his head said: “Since I meet you here, then let me inform you, I have been looking for this person, and when I meet him, don’t blame me for being impolite……”

After hearing this, the whitebeard didn’t say anything about this matter, he just asked, “Kizaru has retreated, so what are you still doing here?”



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