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S.C.S Chapter 231: First Meeting with the Legend

Obviously, the Whitebeard was shifting the topic, and he didn’t want to talk more about Zephyr’s incident.

The same was true for Zephyr. His arm was chopped off, which was a lifelong shame to him, so he timely replied: “My students have been captured by your sons. I’m here to get them back!”

The Whitebeard was surprised and asked Ace: “Have you captured his students?”

“Ah, yeah!” Ace said, holding on to his cowboy hat, and his eyes were gleaming: “It’s a ninja! He’s amazing! Oyaji, I’ll show you later!”

It has to be said that the most enjoyable thing for the Whitebeard was probably his son, Ace’s happy expression… Not only him, but any of his sons… He can’t help but feel good when he sees such an inviting expression in front of him!

“Gurararara!” The Whitebeard laughed and said, “You are a good son, well done!”

When Marco heard this, he couldn’t help laughing. He always had a good impression of Ace. He always felt that there was a kind of innocence in his heart that no one else had.

Only Zephyr, after hearing Whitebeard’s words, suddenly burst into flames and said: “Whitebeard, are you going to mess around with this kid? Give me back my students!”

As a result, The Whitebeard glared at him and said, “Zephyr, although I admire you very much, don’t forget that now, you and I are enemies! If you had caught my sons, would you let them go so easily?”

Zephyr went silent for a while, he understood his meaning, but he didn’t intend to let go.

When Zephyr was thinking about whether to fight the monster in front of him and take his students back, the Whitebeard said again: “Zephyr, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not strong enough to kill this old man. So you’d better put away such thought… However, the king of Salamis is an old friend of mine. The marines must pay for the damage caused by this operation, so your student will be detained for the time being, but don’t worry, no one will lay a finger on them!”

Zephyr thought about it and wanted to say something, but at this time, he saw other ships of Whitebeard Pirates gradually approaching the port.

He looked at the rest of the pirate guerrilla soldiers around him, and finally backed down, saying: “Okay, Edward, I’ll trust you on this, you personally must ensure that my students are not harmed!”

Edward Newgate coldly snorted, and said: “I am the Whitebeard!”

Although Zephyr was unwilling to retreat, he couldn’t do anything about it now. Marco stood on the ship and watched Zephyr leave, then he asked, “Oyaji, is it okay to let them go?”

“If it was that brat, Kizaru, I would’ve killed him!” the Whitebeard glared at his Bisento. “But that boy ran quickly, and this guy, Zephyr, is just an old man, and it’s no fun to fight him!”

Marco smiled slightly. He understood the Whitebeard’s temper. People who look pleasing to his eyes can speak freely, but for those who he doesn’t like, the old man would show them no mercy.

This time, the Whitebeard brought almost all of his crew out. They were prepared to fight with the marines. However, since Kizaru has retreated with his soldiers, the Whitebeard didn’t want to vent his wrath on Zephyr.

Although everyone knew that the Marines has been deliberately trying to weaken the strength of the Four Emperors, which made them stay on guard against the Marine department.

It may be simple for the Whitebeard to let Zephyr leave unharmed, but such consequences were hard to predict. Both sides knew that it is not the time to tear their faces apart, they were not ready for such a war…

Over the years, the Whitebeard Pirates have been expanding their power and influence, and they were making such preparations. The joining of Fire Fist Ace can really improve the strength of the Whitebeard Pirates. This was why the Whitebeard attached great importance to Ace, not just because he was Roger’s son.

As for Ian, who made Ace beg for help, the Whitebeard was also very curious about him. So after Zephyr left, he said, “Go ahead and dock the ship, I want to see the little bold fellow of the Dragon hunter pirates.”

These were the words of the Whitebeard. Ian was indeed worthy of such title, the bold fellow. Even if it was the Yonko, they won’t generally provoke the Celestial Dragons, but this kid named Ian dared to invade their territory and kill one of them… the Whitebeard wanted to see what kind of person this kid was.

After the Whitebeard took Marco and Ace off the ship, baby-5 breathed a sigh of relief. The Whitebeard didn’t even notice her, but she was shivering with fear.

However, before she could calm down, a figure suddenly jumped onto the battleship. Baby-5 looked up and found that it was a guy revealing his hairy chest and had a very ugly appearance.

“Zihahaha!” This guy burst out laughing and said: “I didn’t expect this pirate group to have such a beautiful chick?”

“Who are you?” Baby-5 felt uncomfortable when facing this man, and asked vigilantly.

“Me!?” The visitor grinned, revealing his ugly mouth: “I’m Teach, hey girl, do you want to be my woman?”

Yeah, yeah, the person who jumped on the ship was the Blackbeard.

However, according to Baby-5’s personality, when she heard such a request, she will change and turn very happy that she was needed, and agree immediately, but strangely, when facing the Blackbeard, baby-5 felt that this person was cunning and dangerous, so she didn’t say a word…

Fortunately, at this time, another figure jumped on the warship and helped her out of the encirclement. It was Thatch, the Commander of the Fourth Division, dressed in white clothes and with a light brown pompadour hairstyle.

He said, “Teach, stop messing around. This girl seems to be a member of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. Just help her look after the captives!”

”Zihahaha, I was joking!” the Blackbeard touched the back of his head and laughed.

When Thatch saw him look like this, he couldn’t help shaking his head…

The ships of the Whitebeard Pirates boarded the island. The guards of the Principality of Salamis were very excited and immediately lined up to meet the Whitebeard. When the old man took Ace and Marco to the island, the captain of the royal guards came to greet him and saluted: “Oyaji, King Carlos is in the palace, waiting for you.”

“Gurararara” the Whitebeard laughed heartily and said, “My old friend, how is he?”

The captain of the royal guards also showed a smile and said, “His Majesty, his body is still very strong. He is very happy to learn that you are here.”

“That’s relieving!” the Whitebeard said: “Huuh, I will make the Marines pay for all of your troubles. But now, I have something to do, and later, I will go to the palace.”

“That’s great news!” The captain of the guard bowed and retired with his men.

After the soldiers of Salamis Principality retreated, the Whitebeard saw a group of Pirates not far away, but strangely, everyone was surrounding a guy at this time.

Ace was startled that he ran in front of the Whitebeard to check on Ian.

Ian also saw the arrival of Ace and the Whitebeard. To be honest, he always felt that the Whitebeard should have the blood of the giants, even if he was shorter than Raideen, he was mightier…

He had always wanted to meet the four emperors, but at this moment, he was helpless, when the Shikai’s power faded, he found that he was temporarily unable to move.

The muscles all over his body have been tingling intensely at this moment. This condition is very similar to that of his excessive use of Nen. He understood that this was probably the consequence of Shikai’s full Attribute amplification.

Although Fujitora helped to improve his physical condition, after all, Ian has been training for a short period up to now. The degree of physical training actually refers to the strength of his body, and now, he was only at the advanced level of physical talents. For him, this kind of sequelae is considered normal. After a long time, his physical condition will improve a lot, and this sequela may not occur again.

Under such circumstances, he couldn’t stand up to meet the Whitebeard…

Seeing Ace’s anxious expression, Ian was quite pleased. Anyhow, Ace was not his biological brother, they have a strong and inseparable bond. Ian knew that Ace must have asked for Whitebeard’s help, that’s why they have appeared on this island. If it weren’t for him, with the size of ten warships and two admirals, even the Whitebeard Pirates will have to weigh whether it was worth a head-on collision.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be OK!” Ian opened his mouth and said to Ace. In fact, he has already switched and equipped Orihime’s card to heal his body.

“Heehee, well then!” Ace laughed and said: “By the way, I’ve caught a ninja, I will show you later!”

As soon as Ian heard this, he knew that Ace had caught Binz. He couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, a tall figure obscured Ian’s vision. Looking up, he found that the Whitebeard was standing in front of him.

“Is it just a kid who can’t stand up?” the Whitebeard snorted: “That’s really disappointing!”

Ian looked at the whitebeard’s expression and smiled slightly: “You are the whitebeard? Your mustache is really eye-catching!”

“Eye-catching?” the Whitebeard heard such an adjective for the first time. He was stunned and understood what it meant. Then he immediately laughed and said, “Gurararara! You little devil, are you flattering me!?”

“That’s not flattery!” Ian shook his head. What he really wants to say is that normal people can’t grow such a stiff and tall mustache. It’s just that he can’t say it directly, so he said, “Anyway, I must thank you!”

Ian knew very well that although the Whitebeard Pirates didn’t fight with the Marines, it was because of their appearance that the marines were forced to retreat. Otherwise, Kizaru would’ve continued fighting him. At that time, it would be difficult to say whether the Dragon hunters were auspicious or not. So Ian must express his gratitude for the favor…



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