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S.C.S Chapter 232: Annoying Person

“You’re a bit polite!” After listening to Ian’s words, the Whitebeard said, “I thought you would be a very arrogant kid.”

“Has the Marines retreated?” Ian asked.

“Of course, they did!” Marco said while observing Ian, “But we didn’t clash with them. In fact, we just had a fight with the Beast Pirates! Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the marines anymore!”

“What happened?” Ian asked with some doubts: “Did Kaido really show up?”

Ace was also quite curious. He had come to the island in advance to look for Ian, so he did not know what happened between the two Yonko.

Whitebeard said: “Hum, this Kaido guy… I don’t know what the hell he’s doing. I expected him to come and take advantage of the war between us and the Marines to cause some damage, but he didn’t show up and only sent his three Disasters…”

Following Whitebeard’s narration, Ian finally figured out what happened.

The Beasts Pirates did come, but it was the “three disasters” and nine Pirate Ships, but Kaido himself did not show up.

But even so, the crew of the Beast Pirates should not be underestimated. The so-called “Three Plagues” refers to the three top combat capabilities of this group…

—– Jack is called “the Drought” for his general destructiveness that renders any land he rampages on ruined, as if a drought occurred. Queen is called “the Plague” for his expertise in weaponizing diseases. King is called “the Conflagration” because he seems to be capable of generating fire from his body through unknown means——-

However, it seems that the weakest one was the drought, Jack, with a bounty of 1 billion Berries. The appearance of these three beasts at the same time was no different from that of Kaido…

Among the three disasters, the Drought, Jack, was a real jerk, violent and short-tempered. They started by saying nothing. At first, Whitebeard Pirates and Beasts Pirates were only facing each other at a distance, but because of his presence, it didn’t take long for some of Beasts Pirates’ ships to fire at the enemies.

The Whitebeard Pirates naturally wanted to fight back, but strangely enough, it seemed that only Jack’s ship fired at them, while the men of Queen and King were standing still.

Because he was concerned about Ace, who left earlier, and was afraid that he might get in trouble with the Admirals, the Whitebeard had to take care of this matter personally.

The Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit is also a kind of devil fruit that is quite incomprehensible. Its power was beyond the supernatural. The Whitebeard set off huge waves on the sea, directly overturning several ships of Beasts Pirates, and then this guy, Jack, actually wanted to jump on Moby Dick and fight the Whitebeard. As a result, when he was in midair, he was punched by the Whitebeard, which directly caused him to vomit a lot of blood and fall into the sea.

In the end, the Beasts Pirate Group could only rescue Jack in a hurry, and then left the scene.

The other two disasters were unlikely to be as reckless as the Drought Jack. Queen seems to be the chief of staff of the Beast Pirate Group. The wisdom of this man was remarkable. Seeing that the whitebeard has moved against them in person, he understood the determination of the Whitebeard Pirates, so he ordered the beasts to withdraw.

The time of the fight and the confrontation was not that long. Seeing the opponent retreat, the Whitebeard didn’t intend to hunt them down, and then rushed towards Salamis Island.

After listening to the story, Ian felt that his luck was really good. If it was not the three disasters, but Kaido himself, maybe the Whitebeard won’t arrive at the right moment. This means that Ian might have to fight Kizaru for more time. In that case, Kizaru would not be pushed back so easily.

Ian’s crew looked at each other. They didn’t expect that there were so many things that had happened on the outer sea. Looking back now, they couldn’t help being horrified for a while.

“Boy, are you the kid named Ian?” the Whitebeard looked down at Ian and said, “You are the one who launched that black dragon into the sky, which I saw before?”

Ian nodded.

“So, you are also a devil fruit user?” the Whitebeard touched his chin and asked, “Logia?”

“It’s Paramecia!” Ian couldn’t explain much.

“So, that guy Kaido has got wrong information!” the Whitebeard said: “The devil fruit you eat is one of the two fruits that the Kingdom of Pear Blossoms paid tribute to the Celestial Dragons? Kaido thought it was a Mythical Zoan-type. He sent his people to snatch it, but in the end, it wasn’t what he was looking for!”

“Perhaps, the Beast Pirates group retreated because of this!” Marco crossed his arms and said, “Since it is not a Zoan Devil Fruit, Kaido won’t be so interested.”

“What do you mean?” Ian was a little confused.

Marco grinned and said, “Don’t you know? The scenes of your battle with the Marines have been broadcast all over the world. There is a very courageous reporter on this island!”

As he spoke, he looked around and found Pritz hiding, in the distance behind a half-blown wall.

Ian was taken aback for a moment and suddenly realized that it was the trainee reporter he met before, he thought that his camera was smashed, but he live-streamed the whole event on the island of Salamis.

Of course, Ian wasn’t embarrassed by what Pritz did. In his opinion, if this battle was seen by the whole world, this will make him famous.

“Let’s go, kid, take your people and come with me!” the Whitebeard said: “Because of you, my old friend’s country has suffered a lot. I have to explain all of this to him, plus your people need to heal and rest, so let’s stay on this island for a while!”

Ace picked him up and prepared to take him away.

At this moment, the Whitebeard frowned, when he saw Fujitora.

“And, you are…” the Whitebeard noticed that Fujitora seemed exceptional and couldn’t help but ask.

In fact, he had been wondering before, two admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, came to encircle the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. Based on Ian’s strength, he was sure that Ian would be able to face just Kizaru. Then who dealt with Zephyr?

Now after seeing Fujitora’s aura, the Whitebeard suddenly understood the situation, at this moment, Oyaji was so surprised by the strength of Ian and his Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

Although the number of this group was too small, the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group has the necessary elements to be one of the top-level Pirates. Everyone knows that withstanding against two admirals wasn’t an easy task.

“Good to meet you! I have never expected to meet the Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors, in person!” Fujitora lightly smiled and said: “I’m just a blind man. You don’t have to pay attention to me.”

Ian glanced at Fujitora, although his expression didn’t reveal any emotion, Ian could roughly guess his mood at the moment.

Although the Principality of Salamis was a non-participating country, the Marines were so unscrupulous while fighting with the Dragon hunter pirates on their territory. With Fujitora’s personality, he was very disappointed in their way of action.

On this island, the ones who represent justice weren’t the Marines, but the Whitebeard pirates, which made Fujitora feel very conflicted.

What exactly is justice? What is evil? During the time he was with Ian, Fujitora found that he couldn’t understand various things.

So he didn’t seem to know what kind of attitude he should use while facing the whitebeard, the big pirate who was declared as “notorious” by the Marines.

Ian laughed and broke the awkward silence. He just introduced him to the whitebeard: “This is the Deputy Captain of the dragon Hunter Pirate Group. Uncle Issho!”

The Whitebeard nodded and didn’t speak. After Ian finished the introduction, he turned to comfort Fujitora and said, “Let’s go, Uncle Issho, since we are going to stay on this island for a while, I will teach you mahjong!”

“Mahjong!?” Fujitora was taken aback when he heard him: “What is that?”

“A gambling game, I bet you haven’t played before!” Ian laughed and said, “I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.” (T/N: Ian!!!?? He’s still a blind man…)

Fujitora stopped thinking about the Yonko in front of him, in terms of gambling, he was hopeless. When Ian said that, he immediately became curious and scratched his head for a while.

Just as Ian and the others were about to follow the Whitebeard to the city, a figure came running from behind, and it turned out to be baby-5!

As soon as Ace and Marco saw her appear, they could not help but shiver. They were very afraid of this madwoman.

Ian didn’t know what happened on the warship. Seeing baby-5, he curiously said to her, “I thought you took the opportunity to run away!”

“I’ve been on the warship this whole time, but now a very annoying man has boarded the ship, so I thought it’s better to run from him and follow you!” Baby-5 said.

“A very annoying man? Who is it?” Ian asked, frowning.

Baby-5 replied: “He said his name is Teach!”

Upon hearing this name, Ian’s eyes full into darkness…



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