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S.C.S Chapter 237: Multi-colors Flames

As everyone knows, the Whitebeard is the person who ate the Gura Gura No Mi, the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, which is called the strongest Devil Fruit within the Paramecia class. It can create vibrations and even cause natural disasters such as an earthquake/tsunami. It’s well known that it has insane destructive power.

The Whitebeard in his peak had a terrifying Strength that rivals three Admirals together.

However, sometimes the power of the Devil Fruits doesn’t necessarily give only benefits to its owner… for example, the rubber fruit of Luffy, when entering the second and third gears state, he uses the characteristics of rubber to produce the same principle as the pump to accelerate his blood flow, so as to obtain faster speed and stronger power. However, the consequence of this is a huge load on his heart. The more he uses them, the greater the harm to his body.

Tremor-Tremor Fruit also has a similar problem. The Whitebeard has become the Tremor Human because he ate this Fruit. When using its abilities, his body will also be slightly affected, damaging his bones, muscles, and even internal organs. Such an impact may not be noticeable when he was young, but it began to appear as he grew older.

In short, the deterioration of Whitebeard’s body was not only due to aging, but also to the common result of various reasons.

“We asked Ain to use her ability on Oyaji!” Marco said, “He looked a couple of years younger, but the problem is that his physical condition can’t be regressed. What’s more, her return ability is still a temporary change. Once Ain gets fainted or falls into the sea, her ability will be nullified, then Oyaji will go back to his normal state.”

Hearing this, Ian nodded thoughtfully. If they really hoped to keep the whitebeard in a younger body, his crew would have to protect Ain all the time, and make sure that she doesn’t come near the seawater, nor let her faint. No matter what, it was too troublesome…

Ian has seen and known many Devil Fruit abilities. He found an interesting phenomenon. It seems that some Paramecia abilities would lose efficacy after encountering sea water!

The simplest example might be Gecko Moria. The zombie army he creates with his shadow ability will fly back to their original owners once they touch salt or sea water. Ain was also a Paramecia user, and knowing that her ability has such drawbacks, then it was “kinda” meaningless.

Sure enough, things like eternal youth are actually deceptive… Although the Return fruit sounds like a glitch, it’s not that powerful after figuring its total characteristics. Its ability is still very useful in fighting, but it is no good if they expect to use it in restoring the physical condition of the Whitebeard or Zephyr…

Ian wanted to return the favor, but now it seems that the idea of using Ain’s power didn’t work. Then, the only other option was to use Orihime’s card. But the problem was, Ian didn’t know how useful would it be for the whitebeard.

Generally speaking, Ian uses Orihime’s ability to treat wounds, but the injuries of the whitebeard were different. They were basically old injuries, and his main problem was aging.

However, the specific outcomes can only be known after an experiment…

After the four men played mahjong for a few more laps, they decided that it was enough for the day. After tacking the mahjong away, Ian and Ace walked to an open place, while Fujitora and Marco were watching from far away.

These days, although they have been on vacation, Ian has never stopped exercising. After getting up every morning, he completes his daily training under Fujitora’s gravity. Then in his spare time, he will sit down to play mahjong with Fujitora and gamble some money.

In addition, Ian now has one more task, which was to practice with Ace!

Don’t get them wrong. In terms of physical strength, Ian and Ace were basically in the same condition. He can’t teach Ace a lot in this field. However, he can guide Ace and help him develop his Flame Fruit Abilities.

Ian has always felt that Ace’s ability development seemed to be in the wrong direction.

Compared to when he first got Flame-Flame Fruit, Ace has now developed many moves by using his flames. His fire has become larger and more powerful, and his skills have become more and more powerful. The fireball he launches from his fist, known as Fire Fist, was able to destroy a ship easily.

However, this was just a superficial application, Ian felt that Ace did not grasp the essence of Flame Fruit.

What was the essence of his fruit? Temperature!

Ian has been playing with fire for a long time. He fought many battles with Hiei’s flames, and even with Iori’s purple fire. It can be said that he has his own intuitive experience for flames…

In Ian’s opinion, the development of flame abilities does not rely on the shape or the size of the attack, but the key point lies in the temperature. Ace has been using it incorrectly all this time.

So these days, Ian has been trying to show him ‘da’ way… the right way…

“Come on, let me see how high your current temperature has increased!” Ian pointed to Ace and said.

Ace nodded and didn’t speak, his body instantly turned into a raging flame, and his whole figure immediately became a burning man, as if the size of his body had become larger.

However, Ian frowned and watched Ace’s attempt. He found that Ace’s flame temperature had indeed increased, but this improvement was brought about by increasing the burning area.

According to conventional physics, this makes sense, which means that Ace actually made the combustion more violent by being exposed to more oxygen.

The best way to improve the flame temperature is to start with the fuel. When using different fuels, the temperature brought by combustion is also different. However, the problem now was that Ace was the source of the flame, and there was no fuel to speak of.

In other words, when he maintains his elemental state, he only consumes his physical strength. From this point, it can be seen that Devil Fruits were unscientific. (T/N: You don’t say…)

Fortunately, from the very beginning, Ian did not expect to solve the unscientific things of Devil Fruits through scientific methods. He knew that there was a way to control the temperature even without external assistance.

Because Ian has seen a similar principle, Aokiji’s ability!

Aokiji’s freezing ability, in its advanced stage, could lower the temperature to the extreme instantly. He is also a devil fruit user, and he was able to even freeze the seawater, instead of losing power when he comes to contact with it.

Ace’s abilities are actually quite similar to Aokiji’s. Ice and fire are a pair of antonyms. Lowering the temperature makes the object freeze, while increasing it wildly makes the object melt.

Ace was learning from Aokiji’s principle, from controlling the fire to controlling the temperature.

In Ian’s endless chattering, Ace has been trying hard to do what he said, but it was really difficult. Imagination is one thing, and concrete operation is another thing. Ace stood in the same place for half a day and kept practicing like a Super Saiyan, the blazing flames rose into the sky, but the needed effect was still at minimal.

Since Ian was not a Devil Fruit User, he couldn’t understand the specific experience of Ace’s elementalization, he could only guide him with a general explanation. After a long time, Ace gasped and said, “Huh, I can’t… Ian, let me see your black flames again!”

Ian nodded and untied the magical bandage on his right hand. On every occasion, he accumulates a huge amount of Nen and seals a black dragon in his right arm, so he could let Ace observe it at any time.

After unwrapping the bandage, a tremendous wave of heat radiated out immediately. Ordinary people could not get close to the high temperature of the Black Dragon, but Ace was an exception. He could even touch such flames with his own hands.

Not only him, but even Marco, the Phoenix, was another one. Although he ate a Mythical Zoan fruit, Marco has his own type of fire. Of course, the fire after his transformation does not seem like real flames, but this does not prevent him from coming to contact with Ian’s black flames.

“Haha, every time I see this black Fire, I feel very amazed! Even though the flames of my transformation were blue…” Marco crossed his arms ad said to Fujitora. “But, is there really such a black flame in this world? No matter how hard Ace tries, I’m afraid he won’t be able to reach this stage, right!?”

“Maybe!” Fujitora stood in place, holding his Shikomizue, and said with a smile: “But how would you know if you don’t try…”



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