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S.C.S Chapter 238: Grasp Of Fire

Although the Flames of Black Dragon wasn’t an ordinary fire, the principle of its heat was the same.

Ace placed his hand on Ian’s wrist and quietly felt the temperature of the Black Dragon. After a while, he said to Ian. “Can you release the black Dragon towards me? I really want to experience this Flame’s true Power.”

Ian looked at him in surprise and said, “Are you serious right now!? This technique is no joke!”

Ace nodded sternly and said, “I know it’s dangerous, but I still want to try.”

Ever since he saw Ian’s black Fire, and after Ian said that he has a good understanding of his Flame Fruit, Ace has been targeting Ian’s Black Flame.

As the user of the flame-flame fruit, Ace has a sense of affinity for all flames, he can feel the might and haughtiness of this black Flame, and he admires Ian’s ability too much, so naturally, he wanted to achieve the same effect of such fire.

However, seeing and feeling like this alone was not enough, so Ace proposed to get further and face the Black Dragon Wave Attack.

Ian hesitated because it was a very dangerous thing. So far, Ian has used this ultimate to only attack one opponent, the admiral Aokiji, and he got badly injured.

However, in that attack, some attribute restraint took effect, and when dealing with Kizaru, who was another Logia fruit user, Ian thought about using it to see if the high temperature of the black dragon wave could damage the Light Human.

After all, the Black Dragon wave emerges from the huge amount of Nen. For Ian, Nen is Haki, and Haki is Nen. This black dragon wave can also be regarded as a pure Haki attack. According to Ian’s estimation, the black dragon wave should be useful against Kizaru.

However, considering the high speed of Kizaru, Ian was afraid that he would waste this ultimate, so he chose to absorb its power.

But now, Ace, who was also a Logia User, has asked Ian to attack him with Black Dragon Wave. His request made Ian very anxious. If his attack would damage Ace, that should verify the actual effect of Ian’s ultimate on Logia Users. Such results should be pretty good for Ian, but very bad for Ace.

So at last, he thought about it and agreed, “Well, I’ll try releasing it at you. I’ll do my best to control its flight trajectory, but if you find something wrong, you have to get away quickly, understand?”

Ace nodded and stood far away from Ian. When he was ready, he said to Ian, “Let’s do it!”

Ian did not show any hesitancy. He launched the black dragon wave directly to the front!

The roaring black dragon immediately flew out along Ian’s arm. Ian’s launching direction was staggered from Ace’s location. Moreover, this was Carlos’ private beach, then no one else was there, so they didn’t have to worry about hurting innocent people.

Although Ian has been thinking that the black dragon wave may not reach Kizaru in time, in fact, the black dragon wave’s flight speed was very fast. When it was just launched, it got so close to Ace’s side immediately!

Unlike the sealed version, after the black dragon wave was launched, the scorching heat was emitted. Even if Ace knew that the black dragon wave was not coming after him, he was still nervous. Placing his hands in front of him, when it passed by, Ace felt death approaching, so he had no choice but to jump aside.

Seeing this, Ian hurriedly raised his hand, controlled the black dragon wave, and moved it to the sky. After the black dragon wave’s energy was exhausted and disappeared, he hurried over and came to Ace and asked him: “how was it? Are you ok?”

Although Ian didn’t know how high the temperature of his dragon was, he was confident that it was higher than that of magma.

In other words, this Black Dragon wave should also be effective against Akainu.

Ian didn’t know whether Ace got injured while getting close to such flames.

However, Ian was surprised when Ace grinned and showed him what he was holding.

Because in Ace’s hands, he was holding some black flames!

At the moment of jumping, Ace grabbed a small amount of fire from the dragon!

There were burn marks on Ace’s hands. There was no doubt that Ian’s guesses were correct. A pure energy attack like the Black Dragon Wave was actually effective for the Logia users, but because Ace’s was made of fire, so for him, the damage of Hiei’s ultimate was reduced to the minimum, and with his fire ability, he could actually extract some energy from black dragon wave.

This flame was quickly extinguished in Ace’s hands because of the exhaustion of Nen, but Ace smiled and said, “Haha, Ian, I got it, I have seized some understanding now!”

Ian heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and said: “That’s great, but I’m still saying that the key to the development of your fruit abilities lies in you. The help I can give you is limited.”

“This is already very good!” Ace held his cowboy hat and smiled: “Give me some more time, I will definitely catch up with you!”

Ian nodded, he knew that this, such enhancement would take some time, but it was so needed.

The reason why he helped Ace develop his fruit abilities was that he kept on thinking about the possibility of the fight between Ace and Blackbeard in the future. If it acquires, then Ace, with a higher level, might be able to deal with Teach!

Today’s experiment should be the spark, and its effect would go on for a while.

After Ian equipped Orihime’s card, and healed Ace’s hand, he saw a large, armored man appeared on the beach. After that, he immediately shouted: “Marco, Ace, and Ian! Oyaji is looking for you!”

This large man was the 3rd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Diamond Jozu!

Jozu, Diamond Fruit User, can turn any part of his body into Diamond, and has the strongest physical defense body in the world. In Ian’s words, this guy is the MT (Main Tank) of Whitebeard Pirates!

Although Jozu’s expression looked very fierce and tough, in the past few days, Ian found that he is not very talkative, but very loyal to the Whitebeard.

Over the past few days, Ian has become familiar with all the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates. Because of Ace, all the members regarded Ian as their own brother, and Ian himself was very easygoing, so they had fun without any scruples. On the contrary, uncle Fujitora has some good conversations with the whitebeard. Their age might play a great factor in this.

After hearing Jozu’s shout, Ian and Ace walked back, then Marco asked, “What’s the matter, why is Oyaji looking for us?”

“I don’t know!” Jozu shook his head and then said to Fujitora, “Uncle, Oyaji asked for you too!”

Fujitora nodded without saying anything, then everyone left the private beach with Jozu and headed for the port.

Although the whitebeard and Carlos were old friends, he did not stay in the palace all this period. After all, he was a pirate. He should pay attention to his influence among the people. Moreover, his condition also needs the care of the ship’s nurses. Therefore, he spent most of these days on the deck of Moby Dick in the harbor.

And when Ian and the others arrived on the flagship, they found that not only that the whitebeard was waiting for them, but also the other team captains were all gathered there.

Except for the 2nd division commander, which was unoccupied for unknown reasons, Whitebeard Pirates has a total of 16 divisions, 15 Captains, and each division commander was commanding 100 men. There was a grand total of 1,617 men in Whitebeard’s crew…

These people were the ones directly under the command of the Whitebeard Pirates, and there seemed to be at least 43 independent crews under Whitebeard’s protection. These pirate groups can fight for Oyaji at any time. Therefore, the entire Whitebeard Pirate group was actually a tremendous force.

Now that the 15 commanders were gathered around the Whitebeard, Ian was confused, thinking that something serious has happened.

After seeing Ian, the Whitebeard asked Thatch, the captain of the Fourth Division, to hand Ian three wanted posters, saying: “Kid, take a look!”

Ian took them and found that they were the bounties for himself and Fujitora.

The amount of his bounty has been updated. Ian’s current bounty was 650 million Berries!

The same happened with Fujitora, whose bounty has increased from the original 300 million to 500 million!

This means that Marines’ assessment of the threat of the Dragon Hunter pirate has once again improved.

As for the third poster, it turned out to be Ace’s. Needless to say, it was also improved. Now Ace’s became wanted with a bounty of 400 million! Although this amount was far from Ian’s impression of Ace’s final bounty of 550 million, it was still very impressive.

Ian frowned and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I just received them today!” the Whitebeard said: “It seems that Marines attached great importance to you. With such a high reward, they are still insisting on catching you alive. What did you do to them?”

Ian didn’t tell the Whitebeard about the identity chip, and the Whitebeard naturally noticed the abnormality. He guessed that Ian might get something important from marines or World Government.

Ian shook his head and said, “Father, I rather keeping it a secret.”

The Whitebeard glanced at him, but didn’t bother much. Ian was unwilling to say, so he didn’t insist, he just said: “What are your plans now?”

“I think that it will be fine for a while, the Marines won’t be able to send a second wave of Admirals to catch us!” Ian said.

“But, if you go on like this, they will always be on your tail!” Whitebeard laughed and said: “However, come with us, join us, be my son! Those bastards would never lay a hand on you!”

As soon as Ian heard this, he immediately laughed. He had already expected such an invitation, and it did happen…



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