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S.C.S Chapter 239: Ian’s Answer

After saying that he wanted to take Ian as his son, Edward Newgate, The whitebeard, kept staring at Ian to see his reaction.

At present, the reward for capturing the captain and vice-captain of the Dragon Hunters was 1.15 billion Berries. Moreover, the Whitebeard knows that this Pirate Group has many members with devil fruit abilities. Although these guys were not that powerful, they will gradually grow stronger over time.

So for the Whitebeard, the Dragon Hunter pirates were a group of potential talents.

Since the execution of the Pirate King, Roger, more than 20 years ago, only the Whitebeard was left from his era. He knew very well that the Marines could not tolerate him, and that he would withdraw from the stage sooner or later.

Although he has this kind of psychological preparation, the Whitebeard was still a little unwilling. As a Yonko, he doesn’t have any desire to fight for supremacy. Now his only wish was to look after his sons and live a stable life. Such a wish was wonderful, but it was also difficult to achieve. The Whitebeard knows very well that once he dies, his crew and territories will be attacked and targeted by the marines.

Just like what happened after the death of Roger, the Marines have been pursuing the members of his crew…

Whitebeard and Roger fought for so many years, even if such an enemy was an old friend, after Roger’s death, he also lost a shield, and the marines’ spearheads were all pointed at him.

It is precisely because he knows the consequences of his death, the Whitebeard has been trying to expand the strength of his Pirate Group over the years. He wants to leave enough cards for the Whitebeard Pirates to protect his sons.

It has to be said that the Whitebeard was indeed a great father, even if they were not blood-related, he treats his righteous sons so well more than a real father does…

The Whitebeard was very pleased to be able to successfully convince Ace and take him as one of his sons, and through Ace, he got a chance to meet Ian.

With the strength shown by Ian, no one will have a problem/objection if he became a commander of a Division. Moreover, such a position was very advanced, which proves his admiration for Ian, so he directly asked him to be one of his sons…

Not to mention, Ian himself was leading a pirate group, and his deputy captain was also a mighty figure who could equally rival a Marine admiral.

As long as the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group joins the Whitebeard’s banner, and the strength of his group will increase by a lot!

Therefore, he was very concerned about Ian’s answer. When declaring this invitation, he specially summoned all the other commanders to witness…

However, Ian’s answer disappointed him.

After hearing him, Ian shook his head with a smile and said: “Oyaji, thanks for your kindness, but I really can’t join your pirate group!”

Calling him father was just because he and Ace were brothers. It was just the way people address the Whitebeard, just like when seeing an old man, and calling him uncle… Ian admired Whitebeard’s personality, so he still used a respectful title for him.

After all, Ian had no plans to join the Whitebeard Pirates from the beginning.

After hearing Ian’s reply, Marco and the other leaders were surprised. During this period, Ian has been getting along very well with all of them. They have already guessed Oyaji’s thoughts and didn’t expect Ian to refuse. So this moment, they planned to witness the birth of a new family member, but unexpectedly, Ian refused!?

This caused a commotion among the captains, and they communicated with each other in surprise.

Marco and the others were shocked, but the whitebeard was not that surprised. He just sighed slightly and said, “Sure enough…”

In fact, according to the whitebeard’s temper, just like when he first met Ace, he could have proposed to take him as his son when he first met him.

But when he met Ian, the Whitebeard saw from Ian’s eyes that he was different from Ace.

The loneliness and longing hidden deep in Ace’s eyes back then were seen by the Whitebeard at a glance. Therefore, he understood that Ace and his other sons were the same kinds of people… This was when he first saw Ace, he directly extended his hand to him.

However, Ian’s eyes were so different. His eyes hide something the Whitebeard couldn’t figure. They were very gentle and calm, but he has his own persistence. The Whitebeard didn’t see confusion within him…

So at that time, the Whitebeard hesitated and didn’t immediately tell Ian about this matter. Instead, he waited several days and then invited him to become his son…

He originally wanted Ian to get along with his sons for a while, so that he could gradually lure him to join. However, he still refused.

As a transmigrator, although Ian doesn’t talk about it, he still has his own pride and dreams. Although he can’t estimate his future achievements in this world, how can he be a subordinate to others? What’s more, he didn’t like the way to join!

On the contrary, Ace was a little anxious. He was actually the one who wanted Ian to join the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace didn’t have many friends, and Ian was the first friend he met after he went out to the sea. He had always wanted Ian to join his team, the Spade Pirates, but Ian didn’t agree because he was a pirate hunter. And now finally, Ian has become a pirate, while Ace just joined the Whitebeard Pirates, so he naturally wanted to pull him in, too.

Ace’s personality was very simple. He just wants to share good things with his friends and brothers. Whitebeard’s breadth of mind convinced him and made him completely approve of his leadership. He considered this pirate crew as a very good team, so he wanted to share it with Ian.

So, he immediately asked: “Why? Ian, isn’t it great that we would both be in the same crew?”

However, before Ian could answer him, the Whitebeard laughed and said: “Ace, respect your brother’s choice, he actually has a big heart! In fact, he wants to cooperate with us, and be our ally, right? “

“I can’t talk about cooperation either.” Ian laughed and said, “Father, thank you very much for helping my pirate group out of the marines’ siege. We’ll never forget your help, and if we can be useful to you guys in the future, just ask us and we will be there for you!”

“Humph, I was wrong at the time, I didn’t take you as an arrogant kid!” Whitebeard snorted, holding a wine barrel in his giant hand and twisting it tightly. He poured a large amount of wine into his mouth. Then he wiped the liquor off his lips and said, “I’m the Whitebeard. And you are just a pirate group of dozen members. How can you be useful to us?”

“That’s not necessarily true!” Ian said with a smile. “And it’s always good to be prepared for everything!”

The Whitebeard was no longer interested in this matter. In fact, there were many independent pirates under his hands. In Whitebeard’s perspective, Ian was probably a man who can’t bear such a thought, so he wanted to be the same as an independent Pirate Group.

Although he didn’t join the group, the whitebeard didn’t care much. The relationship between Ian and Ace was so strong. Then such a relationship between the two groups was no different from allies.

After drinking all the wine, he threw the barrel into the sea and laughed, “Anyway, while everyone is here, let’s have a banquet.”

All the members of the Whitebeard Pirates on the Moby Dick screamed and cheered when they heard this.

For Marco and the others, although Ian did not become a family member, he was still a good friend. They immediately surrounded Ian and took him and Fujitora over.

Not only that, but other members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group were also informed to come, which made the party look like a friendship between two pirate groups…

Ian followed Ace and Marco with a bunch of young people to drink and enjoy themselves, while Fujitora stayed with Whitebeard and a group of elders.

The atmosphere was very cheerful, and people kept laughing for a long time. Later, no one knew why, whether it was, the drinks or what… Fossa, the 15th Division Commander, stood up unsteadily and called for a spar with Ian…



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