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S.C.S Chapter 240: Farming the Commanders

Who is Fossa?

He was the man who was almost mistaken by the Marines as the mastermind of the Marijoa incident!

This Fossa, in fact, is also a middle-aged man, with a bald patch on the top of his head, a thick beard under his nose, and often holding a cigar in his mouth, even when he drinks alcohol.

Fossa was also a swordsman, and his sword was longer than most common ones, and he was also able to engulf his blade with flames. From this point of view, he was more suitable for the title of Blazing Blade than Ian.

And that’s what Fossa was upset about. Damn it… He has been fighting with the whitebeard for years, and he was a well-known figure in the Marines. However, such a title did not fall on him, and the one who got it was this arrogant kid named Ian.

He knew that Ian was indeed quite powerful. This time, the Dragon Hunter Pirates’ fight with the two admirals has been broadcast all over the world. Ian’s title, the Blazing Blade, may not be used again in the future. The world may give him a new nickname, but he wanted to see who is more suitable for that title between himself and Ian.

As soon as Fossa stood up to challenge him, the entire Whitebeard Pirates group immediately became bustling with noises and excitement. They clapped their hands and made a fuss with their cups. In fact, such events occur very often, because the members of this crew don’t fight side by side most of the time, so this was a way to understand the strength of their companions… Sparring!

Not to mention the people from the Whitebeard Pirate group, even the Dragon Hunter Pirates were booing, Baby-5 had drunk too much and her face turned red, she sat beside Ace and whistled with him.

Seeing this situation, Ian knew he couldn’t avoid it, so he didn’t refuse. He stood up, belched, and walked out of the crowd.

In fact, Ian was drinking a bit too much. People who drink alcohol were easily excited, which is a well-known thing. Ian was also interested in Fossa’s Flame sword skills, so he was willing to accept the challenge.

All the people on board quickly made room for them to fight. Moby Dick was the Whitebeard Pirates’ main flagship, so it was quite large. Moreover, this ship doesn’t have a narrow bow, its whole deck was flat, and there was enough space for the two to spar.

Standing in the field, Fossa held his long katana and waved it a few times. The fire ignited and lit the blade. Under fossa’s swing, the flames roared loudly.

Ian pulled out the Senbonzakura from the sheath around his waist, and used the Sword of the Darkness Flame. Ian’s blade picked up raging flames.

The whitebeard Pirates and the Dragon hunters were all more excited. All eyes stared at the two on the field, while Whitebeard and Fujitora kept drinking, and laughed at them.

Just by taking their position and battle posture, everyone has already seen the difference between Fossa and Ian.

Fossa’s katana was burning with normal flames, its direction was rushing upward, but Ian’s was a bit different… the fire on his sword was aiming forward as if it was solid, it wasn’t fluttering, and at the blade tip, an extra layer was condensed…

“Let’s go!” After seeing Ian’s blazing blade, Fossa suddenly felt irritated. He roared, holding his katana in both hands, rushing towards Ian with a cigar in his mouth, and then he chopped down.

Ian didn’t say a word, and he just raised his sword to block Fossa’s chopping, and then slashed back without showing any weakness while unloading his strength.

Fossa’s swordsmanship was enhanced and fierce. In his attacks, it’s seldom to see him use moves such as stabbing or thrusting, most of them were “chopping waves”. Although this uncle was half bald, his muscles seemed so buffed, possessing extremely powerful strength. His slashes carried tremendous strength, and he had the momentum of never giving up until he destroys his opponent’s weapon.

And Ian rarely went wild. When he found out that his strength wasn’t far behind, he gave up the use of his speed and chose to strike back furiously!

The blows between the two people, accompanied by the incessant metal-colliding noises, shocked the audience’s eardrum, but even so, they were all cheering for the two…

Because both of them used the flame sword skills, each time they clash, a large amount of flames will burst out into the surroundings. However, the spectators soon found that these fire waves were scattered from Fossa’s katana, on the upper side, the blazes on Ian’s sword were more solid. On this term alone, Ian’s skills were superior to Fossa’s…

Fossa also discovered this matter while fighting Ian. The substantial flame on Ian’s sword actually formed an extra layer on his blade… These flames added some sharpness to his sword!

If Fossa possessed an ordinary katana, it might have been cracked long ago, but he wasn’t worried about his sword at all, because it was one of the Meito! The toughness of his blade, coupled with Fossa’s Haki, can completely resist Ian’s slashes.

In just a few minutes, Ian and Fossa have exchanged blows more than 200 times. Both of them feel very happy and satisfied.

Clang! After another inflamed collision, Ian and Fossa held their clashed swords at a close range!

Fossa tried his best to crush Ian, but Ian’s arms swelled and many veins appeared on them. He stood still for a long time resisting the tremendous force. Then Fossa retreated after exhausting his strength. When he found that he could not win with strength alone, he roared: “it’s time to go all in. Show me what you are hiding, give me your best move!”

“That’s exactly what I was going to do!” Ian was under the influence of gallons of alcohol, also his blood was boiling, so he yelled with enthusiasm.

The two retreated, and then Fossa suddenly rushed forward and used his full strength to cut a straight slash towards Ian!

“Purgatory chop!”

With a loud bang, a huge pillar of fire sprang up from his katana, and when Fossa smashed down, it looked like a pillar collapsing.

Fossa was not only powerful, but his speed was amazing, which made the slash more horrifying.

However, Ian didn’t plan on dodging it, and with one step sideways, he twisted away, then he moved his blade from bottom to top, facing Fossa’s slash!

Fossa’s hacking has a specific name in swordsmanship, which is called chudan no kamae, and Ian’s way of parrying was called waki no kamae!

Boom! When the two swords collided, the bow of the Moby Dick sank, and then slowly tilted up again. The power of fossa’s blow was so great that if it wasn’t for the ship’s large hull, which unloaded such power at sea, the deck under their feet would be crushed…

After Ian blocked Fossa’s katana, his wrist suddenly loosened and let his opponent sword slide down along his blade, while Ian took the opportunity to deceive him, and his body suddenly turned around, passed by, and at the same time, he stroke Fossa’s right rib with the hilt!

The ribs are a vulnerable part of the human body. Although Fossa reacted and protected his chest with Haki, he was still knocked out by Ian and fell onto the deck.

Because it was a competition, no matter who won, the crowds who watched the game suddenly gave out a loud shout and applauded to celebrate Ian’s victory.

Fossa got up, rubbed his chest, and grinned: “Damn it… uh, Ian, don’t you know how to be gentle? This uncle still wants to sail the sea for a few more years!”

Ian laid down his sword and glanced at him. “When you came to me and demanded this competition, you forgot to mention this!?”

“Hahaha!” Fossa laughed and patted Ian on the shoulder: “Your swordsmanship is better than mine, but I think you are stuck at the bottleneck, right?”

Ian was not surprised when he heard Fossa’s words about his swordsmanship, so he nodded and said, “Yeah, you are right, I don’t know how to improve it and reach a higher level!”

Fossa pointed to a man in a bowler hat who was drinking among the audience and said, “Over there, that’s guy, the captain of the fifth division, the Flower Sword, Vista. If you want to make a breakthrough in swordsmanship, you’d better fight him next!”

As soon as they heard fossa’s words, the audience immediately began to coax and yell, “Vista! Vista! Vista!”

In such a cheering atmosphere, it was impossible for Vista to decline, so he put down his glass of wine and walked out, while Fossa walked back with a cigarette and a smile on his face.

Ian was indeed very excited when he got the chance to have a dual with Vista. The captain of the fifth division was an expert in using the sword. And Ian remembers that he fought once against Hawkeye. Mihawk, the greatest swordsman, usually doesn’t remember the name of unworthy opponents, but he didn’t forget Vista, which shows that Vista’s swordsmanship has left a deep impression on Mihawk.

Being able to spar with him and learn from him, Ian may really find the breakthrough key in swordsmanship he was missing…

You know, Ian has been stuck in the expert level of swordsmanship for a long time, but he has never been able to be promoted to the Master level. Koshiro-sensei was seas away from him, so he can’t ask for advice. This was a great opportunity for Ian, if he can learn something from the battle with Vista, it will improve this strength by a lot, so he got very excited immediately…

Moreover, what made Ian thrilled was the tons of experience he gained after defeating Fossa in this spar…

Hmmm… the Whitebeard Pirates now has 15 Commanders. If he can defeat them one by one through the spar method, Ian can grind tons of XP…

Therefore, when facing Vista, Ian’s blood was circling quickly in his veins and his muscles swelled, he turned to a manic… (jk)

“Please enlighten me!” Ian raised the Senbonzakura in his hands and said to Vista.