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S.C.S Chapter 242: Masked Justice

What the Whitebeard didn’t know was that although he embarrassed Ian by ending the spar like this, he was actually encouraged by Vista.

Ian wasn’t that upset when he lost to Vista. In fact, he knew that his swordsmanship level was not so high. When he was in Frost Moon Village, he was often defeated by Kuina in some official competitions. So he didn’t care much about losing to Vista, as long as it wasn’t a life-and-death battle, he doesn’t mind losing.

On the contrary, this time after losing the spar to Vista, Ian got entangled with him. He has now faintly touched the threshold of higher-level swordsmanship. How could he let Vista go so easily?

After spending so much time with Zoro, Ian learned an important thing from him, which was his high spirit, the refusal to give up, so Vista is going to have a couple of miserable days.

Ian has to pester Vista every day to compete with him, and kept on asking him to use his greatest move, in order to experience Vista’s “Aura”!

Yeah, his Aura… Ian’s intuition tells him that the so-called Momentum/Aura was the threshold for entering Master Swordsmanship.

It was a very simple word, but actually, it was very difficult to understand its practice. At the beginning, Ian was wondering whether it would be similar to the killing intent in fantasy novels. The effect of deterring and locking the enemy and making him unable to move really looks very similar to the murderous aura.

However, after asking Vista, he found that this was not the case. If only by killing people can he accumulate such intent and become a great swordsman, then all the evil pirates in the New World would be great swordsmen.

Aura, in Vista’s words, is something that was difficult to describe. Vista can sense that he has it, but he can’t say how to bring it out. This kind of thing that can’t be taught by words and deeds can only be realized and excavated by himself, if he doesn’t figure it out, he won’t be able to use it.

This was also the reason why there were so many swordsmen in this world, but only a few of them were considered great swordsmen. Such greatness can’t be achieved without piercing that hazy layer of realization.

Ian wasn’t playing Mahjong with Fujitora anymore. He pursued Vista every day to challenge. More than that, Ian’s master plan of grinding experience was also being gradually implemented. He began to challenge the Whitebeard commanders one by one.

Among the Whitebeard Pirates, the higher the ranking of the commander, the stronger he was…

In addition to only using swordsmanship when facing Vista, Ian had to use his card abilities in order to win and gain more experience when dealing with other commanders.

The final result of this matter was that the rest of the team leaders below the fifth division were all beaten down, one by one…

The biggest advantage of these competitions was that he can draw a large sum of experience from the same person several times, so even if the rest of the team leaders were losing to Ian, he kept on pulling them back for more spars.

The first Division Commander, the Phoenix Marco, the third Division Commander, Diamond Jozu, the fourth Division Commander Thatch, and the fifth Division Commander Vista, they haven’t lost in any spar, these four were on a similar level with Ian, so the end result was always a draw!

In addition, there was Ace. Ian asked him to train with him every day. His current schedule was full. As long as he has free time, he will find someone to spar.

Later, in addition to fighting with the commanders, Ian even extended the scope of the grind to the other pirates who had some strength but were not team leaders. He asked them to work together and tries to defeat him… more experience!

As a result, after a month, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates started hiding from him and acted as if they saw a demon.

Fortunately, the members of the Dragon Hunter pirates knew that their captain, Ian, was a cultivation maniac, so it’s no surprise that Ian finally turned on his crew, which made them join the members of Whitebeard Pirates.

Fujitora has been trying to pull the Whitebeard into his mahjong circle recently, but because of his huge size, he has carved a bigger pair of mahjong in comparison with Ian’s and started to teach him how to play…

When Ian saw the two old men playing mahjong on a table like a huge shield, he giggled…

After a month of crazy leveling, the effect was quite good, Ian’s current level, from the initial 19, has soared all the way to 31! (Noice!)

Needless to say, the fourth card slot was opened from the early days. The number of cards that Ian can equip at the same time has become four, while the fifth card slot needs to be opened at level 40. With more and more experience requirements for leveling up, Ian doesn’t know when he will have the time again to grind happily like this… he had to bring the most out of it!

Later, Ian started thinking about whether to go and find the Red-haired pirates for another fair amount of experience, or look for Kaido’s subordinates … After all, only under the command of the four emperors can he find such talented opponents.

During the one month stay in Salamis Island, the Whitebeard Pirates and the dragon Hunter pirates were not just playing and drinking all the time, but they were waiting for the news from the Marines.

After the war, the first thing the Whitebeard did was to meet his old friend Carlos, King of Salamis, and he told him that he would definitely make them pay for what they did…

This time, the attack of Kizaru and Zephyr caused a lot of damage in the Principality of Salamis, because they bombarded everything when the army of the Principality of Salamis came forward to block them. They immediately opened fire on the island, even if the Principality of Salamis was a non-participating country, such behavior was too much.

Of course, the Marines have their own saying that it was their responsibility and obligation to capture pirates, and the Salamis Principality blocked the Marines’ capture operations, so they had to act ruthlessly.

If this was only a dispute between Salamis and Marines, then the Salamis Principality could reach out and ask for compensation, but the World Government will for sure ignore their protests and may even set an example of it to the others… In turn, it will take disciplinary measures against the Principality of Salamis to show the fate of the non-participating countries.

However, because the Whitebeard was involved, things were different.

When Kizaru ran fast like a headless chicken, the Whitebeard didn’t intend to chase him, and Zephyr had some kind of friendship with the Whitebeard, so he was let go, therefore, the two Admirals were able to retreat safely.

However, letting go of the Admirals does not mean that Whitebeard’s wrath has subsided. Although he spent a month on Salamis, his 43 Subordinate Crews, during this time and under the instruction of the Whitebeard, began to gather!

The Marines have always been on guard against the four emperors. The reason why they can get information from the four emperors is that they were always followed by surveillance ships to detect the movements of the four emperors. The movement of the fleet under the Whitebeard Pirates was naturally discovered by the Marines.

Assembling all the fleets and pirate groups, what does the Whitebeard Pirates plan to do?

This kind of information made the Marines and the world government have cold sweat. They knew that the Whitebeard has prepared to make a big fuss for his old friend.

So, even if they didn’t want to, the world government finally compromised… after all, they are facing a full-scale war with a Yonko for the sake of a non-participating country. After weighing it up, the Five Elders found that it was not worth it, so they finally agreed to the compensation request of the Principality of Salamis.

However, this matter needs to be discussed in person. The world government must get the promise from Whitebeard in person, so it took a month for a marine ship to reappear at Salamis’ port.

However, besides some ordinary Marine soldiers, there were also a group of people in suits and ties on board!

These people, in addition to the uniform style of the suit, were also wearing coats, and had a variety of different masks on their faces.

Because of these masks, no one can see their faces. However, the marine soldiers on the ship looked very respectful and fearful of them, and even tremble while talking to them.

Because these people were the highest secret agents working directly under the world government!