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S.C.S Chapter 243: Emboldened

When the Battleship first appeared in the field of vision, the patrol ship of the Whitebeard Pirates had spotted them and quickly informed the commanders about this.

Therefore, when this warship arrived at the port, they were greeted by the strongest lineup of the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

Looking ahead, they saw all the famous figures in the Whitebeard Pirate Group, which made the ordinary soldiers shiver.

Only the group of masked people, after arriving at the port, got on the Moby Dick calmly.

On the deck, Edward Newgate was sitting on his huge exclusive throne, wearing a white captain’s coat, and looking at the agents with disdainful slanting eyes.

“Nice to meet you!” The headed man, wearing a feather mask and black suit, came to the front of the whitebeard, and talked in a strange falsetto: “Edward Newgate!…”

However, before he could finish, countless weapons were aimed at them from all directions.

Jozu didn’t usually talk much, but at this time, he said with a grimace: “How dare you uttering Oyaji’s name!”

Being pointed at by so many weapons made these people look like they were a group of rabbits surrounded by a pack of wolves. If they don’t solve this problem, they may be torn to pieces. However, the man with the feather mask remained calm. He just spread out his hands and said, “Is this how the Whitebeard Pirates treat their guests?”

Whitebeard held his hand on his chin and looked at them with a condescending look: “What kind of guest is a hidden mouse that doesn’t even dare to show its appearance?”

“I’m sorry, but we are CP0, so we can’t reveal our faces!” the feather masked man said.

Ian was standing beside the Whitebeard at this time. After hearing these guys’ identity, he was shocked.

He didn’t expect it to be CP0… The secret intelligence agency directly under the world government, the organization’s full name is Cipher Pol, referred to as CP! This organization is not a secret in all parts of the world. According to the World Government, there are eight official Cipher Pols that are numbered from CP1 to CP8. These eight intelligence organizations are active all over the world to collect intelligence from all sides for the world government, and they have great power in their hands.

Among the eight intelligence organizations, there is another upper level, CP0, which is known as the top-secret intelligence agency directly under the world government and the leaders of cp1-cp8. The difference is that cp1-cp8 is mainly responsible for the world government, while CP0 are different from the other units in that they work directly as enforcers for the World Nobles.

These were the nine intelligence agencies on the surface. Of course, there is a relatively secret CP9, which is not known by many people. However, the division of powers and responsibilities of cp9 is different. They are mainly responsible for the secret assassination of revolutionary army cadres.

There are a total of ten intelligence agencies. This is the dark side of the world government known as the dark justice.

As soon as the CP0 group got on board, Ian saw their clothes and immediately guessed that they might be CP members, but he didn’t know which branch they belonged to. So when the other party reported his serial number, Ian was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that the world government would send CP0 for this negotiation.

The Whitebeard seems to know something about the CP, so he can’t help but have some doubts. He asked coldly, “Why are you here? Are high-ranking officials of the world government dead?”

“Government high level officials can’t come to the meeting!” The feather masked man said: “Because the World Government doesn’t trade with Pirates!”

The Whitebeard was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, laughing out loud.

Not only him, but also the smart guys on board understood the hidden meaning in the words of the masked man, so they couldn’t help laughing with Oyaji, while the stupid ones also followed when they saw other people laughing.

All the people on the Moby Dick were laughing, some even burst into tears, but the CP0 were still unmoved, standing straight… They didn’t know whether their facial expressions under the masks have remained ice-cold.

After laughing for a while, the Whitebeard started to talk: “It’s really interesting, but understandable, that they always need a hypocritical mask to deceive the world, right? Just like the masks on your faces……”

These words almost caused Ian and Marco to laugh again. Only Fujitora, sitting on the chair beside him and clutching his sword, shook his head in disappointment.

“Well, since the world government doesn’t do trades with pirates, then who are you representing?” Whitebeard asked them with staring eyes.

“We are sent here by the World Nobles!” The man with the feather mask said to the whitebeard, “After all, for the Whitebeard Pirates, it doesn’t matter who the trading partner is, as long as you get the benefits, does it?”

When the CP0 said that they were sent by the World Nobles, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates couldn’t help but glance at Ian, even the Whitebeard, and Marco. They knew the details and origins of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

Although Ian’s face remained expressionless when they looked at him, in his heart, he felt a sense of sudden enlightenment.

He finally knew why it was the people from CP0 who appeared here. It seemed that they came this time to solve two problems at once. One is naturally the Whitebeard Pirates, and the other is the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

‘Is it finally time to negotiate?’ Ian thought this way without saying a word, just listening quietly.

The Whitebeard held a large cask in one hand, raised his head and gurgled a big sip, then wiped the wine stains on his lips, slanted his eyes, and asked: “Okay… let’s hear what you have to say!”

“In view of this conflict, we are willing to pay 5 billion Berries in compensation!” The feather masked man gave a slap and said, “The condition is that the Whitebeard Pirates and its subordinate Pirate Group has to retreat, and must not attack any of the marine and world government bases and facilities.”

Upon hearing the conditions put forward by the masked man, Ian immediately understood why the world government and Marines were so scrupulous about the Whitebeard Pirates.

Although the Marines were relatively weak in the New World, in any case, there were still many bases and research facilities, and it is impossible for the Marines and the world government to dispatch all their forces and guard all the places. The unique geography and climate of the world have determined that the Whitebeard Pirates, as a large pirate group, can travel freely…. They can randomly attack any base they find on their way or the hidden ones they discover through their intelligence channels, which can bring immeasurable losses to the Marines and World Government!

As far as Ian knows, many of the secret research institutions established by the Marines and the world government in the new world were not only led by Vegapunk, but also a large number of scientists. These people were important scientific and technological engineers of the Marines and the world government!

Therefore, in order to avoid Whitebeard’s wrath and wanton destruction, the world government also had to compromise and send their agents to negotiate with him.

However, it’s just that, from the beginning to the end, the conditions mentioned by CP0 did not include anything about the Principality of Salamis. Although they all know that the compensation will definitely fall into the hands of the Principality of Salamis in the end, it is obvious that the other party just did not say it and only negotiated with the Whitebeard.

This made Ian wonder, how many non-participating countries like Salamis were maltreated and oppressed by the world government?

It’s no wonder that there is a saying related to the new world, “either you join one of the Four Emperors or be wiped out!” This goes even for countries/islands, let alone the small Pirate Group…

“Five billion Berries?” the Whitebeard heard this amount and couldn’t help but curl his lips, then straightened up suddenly, glared at the masked man, and said: “Forget it, I don’t want your money. I’d better have a good time!”

“Woohoo! Let’s have fun torturing their subordinates!”

The members of the Whitebeard Pirates immediately cheered out loudly.

Even Ian was shocked by the whitebeard’s domineering declaration. The Hell, the Whitebeard was too aggressive. He didn’t directly say that the compensation amount was too small. He didn’t bargain with the other party at all. He refused the 5 billion Berries directly, and he looked like he was about to turn hostile immediately.

Of course, Ian knows that this was Whitebeard’s method of negotiation, but such a means can’t be used by others…

Because he is The Whitebeard!

Sure enough, the man with the feather mask was finally frightened. He waved his hand in a hurry and said, “No, don’t say that! Up to 20 billion Berries! This is the bottom line of the world government!”

With a simple sentence, the opponent’s hidden cards were revealed directly, which was very effective.

Hearing this number, the Whitebeard stopped for a moment and sat back in his chair.



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