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S.C.S Chapter 244: Ian’s conditions

“20 billion, that’s almost the same!” the Whitebeard groaned slightly before speaking contemptuously, “But come again, the money is estimated to be from the Celestial Dragons, right?”

The feather masked man didn’t say a word, but his attitude was tantamount to acquiescence.

Everyone knows that most of the huge maintenance costs of the world government are provided by the World Nobles, the Celestial Dragons. Why should the Marines and the world government provide protection to these folk? This is not just the reason why they gave up their power to set up the World Government, but because they have gained a lot of wealth over the years after gaining so much privilege, which has been provided by the world government.

This is also the reason why at the World Conference, whenever a country proposes to cancel the Heavenly tribute system, it will be suppressed by the World Government, because they know that this money is an important source of Celestial Dragon wealth. If that source was cut off, the support that the World Government receives from the Celestial Dragons will be reduced accordingly.

Maintaining the Marines and maintaining the intelligence agencies all require huge military expenditures. Without the support of the Celestial Dragons, the Marines’ influence in the world would have shrunk by at least half.

In fact, the world government is quite treacherous. This money given to the world nobles would be used by the World Government, from this point on, the World Government were using them as bankers or sponsors…

The 20 billion Berries is a huge amount. The damage caused to Salamis is a large part of the port and a small part of the city… This amount is more than enough for the reconstruction. However, the Whitebeard was not satisfied, so he said: “In addition to the money, you must guarantee that you will not cause any trouble to the Principality of Salamis from now on. Marine ships are not allowed to approach Salamis within 100 kilometers radius!”

The feather masked man hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded: “Okay, we can promise you that!”

In any case, Salamis is indeed a non-participating country. Although the Marines were very annoyed that they sent their troops to stop the Marines’ arrival, it was not an important thing to find trouble for Salamis just for the sake of this matter, which could anger the Whitebeard again. However, even if he didn’t mention it this time, the world government and the Marines will selectively avoid coming back in the future.

“Very good!” the Whitebeard nodded and said, “Well, when will I see the money and when will the agreement take effect?”

However, what both the Whitebeard and Ian didn’t expect was that the feather masked man slapped his fingers directly, and the rest of the masked men behind him turned back to the warship and quickly carried out dozens of large leather suitcases to the Moby Dick.

“Bang, bang, bang!” One after another slammed the deck, and these suitcases were opened, revealing bundles of green bills.

All in the highest denomination…

“This is 20 billion Berries!” the CP0 leader said.

Ian was on the side, his eyes were fixed. He didn’t expect these guys to come prepared. After reaching an agreement, they directly brought the money.

If some tyrants had known that they had so much money on board, they would have robbed them before they could even dock. Without the money, there wouldn’t be any deal!

Let’s not say that these were Ian’s thoughts. But, many other people on board thought so too.

In fact, how could they know that the World Government has acted this way? Although by sending the CP0 to negotiate with Whitebeard, once the deal is reached, it is difficult to guarantee that the Whitebeard Pirates won’t tell a soul about this, and if other pirate groups have the idea of stealing this money, the world government will be damned, 20 billion wasn’t a little. It’s not hard for one of the other Yonko to make a small trip and gain some money…

When the time comes, once the information of the ship carrying the money is leaked out, and if they got robbed, the world government won’t find time to cry about it. The Whitebeard won’t give a F*CK about the stolen money. As long as he didn’t receive the money, the bargain between the two sides will not be concluded…

So simply, the world government asked the CP0 agents to bring the highest amount of money with them, and give it up directly after the negotiation, which was the most convenient way.

The Whitebeard laughed loudly and said: “It seems that the Five Elders are not that stupid. I thought they would be dumber the older they get… Well, I have received the money, then The deal has been reached, this old man’s pirates will honor the deal… Now, you rats with hidden faces can get out of here!”

After hearing this rough remark, the feather masked man was relieved. In fact, they just showed them 20 billion, and they were sweating hardly about the outcomes. After all, the target of the transaction was the pirates, and they can’t guarantee that the Whitebeard wouldn’t turn over and refuse to hold his part of the deal after getting the money. Fortunately for them, the Whitebeard was an honorable man, and didn’t have any cunning thoughts. This emperor, known as the strongest man in the world, really has the courage and vision that ordinary people can hardly predict.

However, the CP0 agents were unwilling to leave like this, so the feather masked man said: “No hurries, we have one more thing!”

“Oh?” the Whitebeard was confused, and after looking at Ian next to him, he stopped from speaking.

The feather masked man also turned slightly, looking in the direction where Ian was, and said, “If I remember correctly, this is the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, The Black Dragon, Ian?” (huuuuuuh!)

Ian was taken aback, what the hell, “The Black Dragon”!? Is this a new nickname given by the department?

What he didn’t know was that after the scenes of the previous battle were reported by Pritz and spread all over the world, Ian has become famous, and the most impressive thing they saw was undoubtedly the black dragon wave released by Ian. The black fire dragon shocked the entire port, and the huge blazing wings that appeared on Ian’s back and made him able to float in the air, has become the talk of the common people.

So Ian now has a new title: “The Black Dragon!”

Surprisingly, the Marines quickly thought of a new title for Ian.

Three Admirals, Aokiji “Blue Pheasant”, Akainu “Red Dog”, and Kizaru “Yellow Monkey” are all named after animals, so as many Vice Admirals, like Doberman, Momonga “flying squirrel”, Onigumo “Demon Spider”, etc. It seems that they are using a lot of animals’ names. So up to now, Ian’s nickname was the “Blazing Blade” when he was a Pirate hunter, but now it has been replaced by this new one.

Ian didn’t look carefully at the last version of his bounty. In fact, the name of his new wanted poster has changed. He was only attracted by the amount, so he didn’t notice the change of his nickname. When the feather masked man suddenly mentioned it, he didn’t react.

After he came back to his senses, he carefully looked at the masked man and said, “What do you want?”

“We have another mission, which we plan to talk about with your Pirate Group!” The feather masked man said, “The Marines are willing to give up the pursuit of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, but only if you hand over that thing, and change the name of your pirate group!”

After hearing what the masked man said, Ian was agitated. He thought that the masked man would mention the Shichibukai’s invitation. As a result, he said nothing about this matter, just a simple renunciation!?

As for changing the name of his Pirate Group, Ian guessed that it was the reason why the Celestial Dragons were furious about this group, so they didn’t want this name to continue existing.

What Ian didn’t know was that in the crowd behind the Whitebeard, one person within suddenly felt a strong pulse after hearing the words of the masked man, and could not help but look at Ian from the rear…

“That’s your bottom line?” Ian asked coldly.

“Yes!” The agent said: “You should know very well that it’s not good for you to keep that thing!”

“Really?” Ian said with a smirk. After pretending to think for a while, Ian said with a serious tone, “Well, you have a point. I’ll go back, dig it out and destroy it!”

“Uh…” Hearing this, the agent could not help pondering. He didn’t expect Ian to say such a thing. For a moment, it was hard to answer.

However, the agent’s mission this time is just to tempt the dragon pirates. The Celestial Dragons had no patience to wait any longer, they can’t to throw out an invitation for a Shichibukai position in exchange for the identity chip without the approval of the marines, because the Fleet Admiral Sengoku suspected that there was any connection between the dragon hunter pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, he firmly opposed that a pirate who was involved with one of the Yonko would become a Shichibukai.

The world government had to consider the sentiments of the Marines, so they had no choice but to let the CP0 agents test the Dragon Hunter Pirates first.

“So, what conditions do you want to return that thing?” the feather masked man asked.

Ian thought about it, raised three fingers, and said: “First, I want a position within the Shichibukai, and this must be announced in a form of news! Second, the bounties offered to the members of my Pirate Group must also be canceled! Third, I want 20 billion!” (T/N: I think the author meant 2 not 20 because it seems to be too much! but I didn’t change it… and did they forget about Ain and Binz??)

“We can’t answer you now!” Although he was startled by Ian’s condition, the agent still said: “We need to go back and ask for instructions!”

After all, the CP0 are spies of the intelligence agency, not a full-time negotiator. Since Ian’s conditions were not within the scope of their authorization, he can only go back and ask for instructions. Ian understood this, so he didn’t speak, just nodded.

The feather masked man took his men and turned to leave. After their warship left, the Whitebeard looked at Ian with some surprise and said, “kid, do you really want to be a Shichibukai?”

“Yeah!” Ian nodded and said. “I need the Shichibukai’s identity to be free and win some time for development!” [This Chapter is for you Lazy Bum ]



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